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potc + @snarkysuggestion posts: part 1

This isn’t to bash Heiman in anyway, but, haven’t you noticed that people only take interest in him when he’s not his self?

Wendy for example: Though he was still being a total douche, he showed her his sweeter side. When he started showing a different side to him, then she took interest.

Jenny Simons: Only took interest in him when he acted insecure.

Heidi: Takes interest in him because he’s different. Before she couldn’t stand him.

(He has also shown to be likeable when he doesn’t act like his self in many other occasions.)

The thing is, when Eric acts different, that is when he gets girls to like him. If and when he becomes the old Cartman, it is unlikely Heidi will continue to like him. Though I am personally not a Heiman fan, it is sad to think he’s that unlikable. However, that’s one of the many traits that make him Cartman: he is meant to be unlikable.

anonymous asked:

Were u ever in love with Heidi? @Cartman

Nope. I never was.
I went into deep thought about this so many years ago. I forced myself to find something I liked in her, but in the end, I realized I only liked dick. I was merely following the feminist bandwagon then, and it was the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever done. I only pushed myself further into the closet and went through tough shit for it.
Kyle was really fucking jealous of her though, I didn’t get why. She wasn’t smart or funny. She was just a lying snake in the grass.
Heidi…I think she was in love with me at one point ever since she tried to fuck me when she was pregnant with Abel. I don’t know, I don’t give a shit, really. Her face and voice makes me wanna puke now.