theodore ted logan


Requested by anon:

“Hey what’s wrong Ted?” You asked him since he seemed pretty glum that past couple of days around you. 

“I don’t know, I just got to thinking recently… You’re a total babe but you’re also super smart. Everyone you’ve dated has been smarter than two of me. I figured you’d want a boyfriend that’s just as good as you.” He admitted to you and you couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him. He was so sweet to you and always try his best to be the best boyfriend ever. 

“Ted, I’m not with you because of your intelligence. You’re kind and caring, that’s more important to me. You’re a total sweetheart and hey, you got an A on your history project, you have to be pretty smart to do that.” 

“Huh, you’re about that. Dude, Bill and I are total history geniuses.” 


12th: “How in the world have you two idiots not manage to screw up the past, present, and future?” 
Ted: “I don’t know old dude, we don’t really think, we just do.” 


Requested by anon:

You were sitting outside, keeping to yourself waiting for your friends to come meet up with you as two boys came walking towards you. It was the infamous Bill and Ted duo, who were the biggest idiots in your school. Just as it looked like Bill was about to come and talk to you, he manged to trip over his own feet, falling face first onto the ground as you sat there and couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. 

“Nice going to Bill, you literally feel head over heels for Y/N. That’s the way to do it,” Ted remarked as Bill was still on the ground, looking rather pissed off at Ted. 

“Shut up Ted.”