theodore shepard

Headcanon 2.0

Theodore Shepard is paragon but his scars never go away even though Chakwas tells him positive thoughts help heal them. He’s got the best intentions for everyone around him but it’s his doubts and fears he lets no one see that crawl into the cracks of his scars and keep them from healing. To the outsider he’s the most honorable heartfelt man they know but nobody really sees the man inside thats yelling and pleading for someone to hear him and help him past these thoughts that keep his face scarred and different from the man he was before. Before everything went to hell.

[Across Systems Alliance and Citadel Space, those who tune in to news programs – Alliance News Network in particular – would hear reports like these pertaining to the death and mourning of Theodore Shepard occurring in late 2183.]

Rest In Peace - Theodore Ulysses Shepard (2154-2183)

The Alliance stands tall today because of people like Commander Shepard. From the attack on Mindoir, to the batarian attack on Elysium, to the Battle of the Citadel, Theodore has shown unfailing bravery and valiance in his career defending humanity and its allies. Battlespace would like to take a look back on his notable moments of his service.

He maintained a professional relationship with all of his crew aboard the Normandy, putting his work first before anything else. Though, some suggest jokingly that there was no one who interested him on the ship.

He left no man or woman to perish in his time on Feros, when the Thorian threatened to enthrall the entire colony. He swiftly put an end to Matriarch Benezia’s plans on Noveria, though some question his decision to free the Rachni Queen from her confines unattended.

He showed incredible restraint and tact in dealing with Urdnot Wrex and the tensions that came with Virmire, making sure everyone made it out of the confrontation alive. He ended Saren’s plans to clone krogan soldiers on Virmire, though it could not be helped that Gunnery-Chief Ashley Williams bravely gave her life to see him and his crew out of the bomb’s explosion.

In the Battle of the Citadel against Saren’s geth, Theodore chose to save the Council Flagship, Destiny Ascension, thereby saving the Council from certain death. The Alliance cost was heavy, but humanity’s selflessness was what tipped the balance and put humanity of the Citadel Council. Before Theodore set out on his journey to clean up the remaining geth, he recommended Councilor Anderson for the spot he has today.

Theodore Shepard will always be remembered by the Alliance, by humanity, and by all those in Council space for his selfless actions. We only wish him a restful eternity, his unfortunate reward wrought too early to be deserved.

This is Diana Allers, and we all wish Shepard the best wherever he is.

Headcanon time!

After Shepard awoke at the collector base and found out that Cerberus had implanted him with l5 implants he was terrified to use his biotics. He’d always been wary of them having grown up on a colony where biotics were few and far in between, but having that much power isn’t right, or normal. So he stopped with the biotics. He went to Miranda the first chance he got and demanded she give him the tech to outfit an infiltrator and learned on the fly, he learned an entirely new fighting style in mere weeks that had taken others years, not that he was the best at it but he could manage. But after the collectors, after seeing what the reapers could do when they arrived, once he was under Alliance lockdown he asked for access to a biotic training room and slowly taught himself control. Six months training and the arrival of the Reapers and he became the most powerful human vanguard ever known.