theodore roosevelt iii

Guys. If history repeats itself, Teddy Roosevelt was a nicer Richard III
  • He was a sickly youth born to one of the most prominent families in New York. Richard was born to the Duke and Duchess of York. Both had trouble breathing and sleeping at times, TR due to asthma and Richard due to severe scoliosis.
  • Both, under the guidance of their fathers, for whom they were named, underwent strenuous physical training in their tween years and overcame their physical weaknesses to become war heroes. 
  • Both rose to power after the murder of the previous leader.
  •  Both had wives who died suddenly shortly after the births of their first children. 
  • Both men had distant cousins who ultimately took their jobs as head of state, but who belonged to the opposing political faction. Teddy’s distant cousin, Franklin, married Teddy’s brother’s daughter, and Richard’s distant cousin, Richmond, married Richard’s brother’s daughter. (The brothers/daughters all had names starting with “E.”)
  •  Each man was closely associated with an animal, which he used as a political symbol- Richard a boar, Teddy a bull moose, and used these symbols to create new factions when breaking off with former political allies. 
  • Teddy said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” (Shakespeare’s) Richard said, “For I can smile, and murder whiles I smile.”
  •  Both were expert horsemen and made enemies by deflating the wealth and power of new-money barons. 
  • When a would-be assassin shot Roosevelt, the shooter “claimed that William McKinley had visited him in a dream and told him to avenge his assassination by killing Roosevelt.” Not kidding. That was his defense at his trial. There is a famous scene in Shakespeare’s Richard III in which the ghosts of those that Richard has murdered encourage Henry Tudor to be victorious in battle against Richard.