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Question in my head about Super Megaforce... (maybe contains spoiler)

1. First, last time we saw Tommy with Black Dino suit and we knew Tommy lost his Green power. Now, we saw him on set with his Green suit.

2. Second, we knew Turbo power was lost and he’s got new power, Blue Space Ranger. But we saw TJ last time on Forever Red with his Red Turbo suit. Now, we saw him on the set with his Blue Space suit (again?)

3. Third, last time we saw Pink Galaxy was Kendrix and now we saw Karone with Pink Galaxy suit. Are they both can pull Pink Quasar Saber and use it? ._.

4. Fourth, we knew Magna Defender was died and his power lost in Mike’s hand, but now we saw Magna Defender on set and there’s no Russell Lawrence (Mike Corbett) as cameo. Are Magna Defender lived again? ._.

I’m so curious! I hope they’ll explain all of mysteries! >.<