I forgot to post this. Ashahulu Randasor and Laurence Gardinier are Theodore’s parents (and also Adelein’s grandparents, whom she was born two hundred years after and never knew). 

In a short description of their biographies, Laurence was an emissary sent to speak with Queen Barenziah shortly before The Warp in the West. During a field job in the name of House Gardinier, Laurence disappeared and was never heard from again until the end of the Oblivion Crises when she finally sent a missive to Evermore confirming that she had purposefully left but her son Theodore shouldn’t be judged by her abandonment of the crown.

Ashahulu was an exiled Urshilaku hunter, cast from the Ashlander clan when he and the breton emissary had become intimate during her side research. The pair set their sights towards Solstheim and ended up merging with a clan of wayward Ashlanders called the Yanimimbaal. To compete with the Skaal hunters, Ashahulu convened with Hircine and made a deal without becoming a were-creature. He kept this absolutely private, however.

Asha was a very stoic and private person who spoke poetically in a soft voice. He was tall for a dunmer at 5′11″, especially compared to Laurence being 5′2″. In contrast Laurence is very warm, talkative, wears her emotions upon her sleeve, and naturally mothering. She’s quick to to cry but is generally a very cheerful, talkative person. When they became married and had a son, they gave him two names to decide whether or not be would most identify as a dunmer or breton. Ashishishe Randasor is Theodoreo’s Ashlander name, but he seldom remembers it.

Both of their lives were claimed in Red Year when the Yanimimbaal clan moved inland away from the growing Hircine influence. They did live to have full meaningful lives and a healthy, loving relationship. 

“...Ted... something occurred to me.”

Ted the Animator: “Eh? About what?”

Carl the Animator: “Your name.”

Ted the Animator: “…this is a setup for some elaborate awful pun, isn’t it.”

Carl the Animator: “No, no! See, like, you’re named Ted and all….”

Ted the Animator: “Yes. I am. And have been, ever since you first met me.” 

Carl the Animator: “Well… yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “Rumor has it it’ll be my name tomorrow, too.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, ok, I know… today I realized somethin’ about it, though. Somethin’ new.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s three letters long, what’s there to realize?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, doesn’t it mean your real name is Theodore?

Ted the Animator: “…you do realize Ted is short for a lot of names, right?”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, what?!

Ted the Animator: “Yeah. Just look it up.”

Carl the Animator: “I d–… wait, please tell me your name isn’t Edwina.”

Ted the Animator: “Fortunately, ‘tis not the case. ”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, that’s a big relief, at least.”

Ted the Animator: “Seriously though, why did you think I’d have to be named Theodore of all things?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s the only name that makes sense! I didn’t know society had chosen extra names to randomly also shorten into ‘Ted.’”

Ted the Animator: “Learn somethin’ new every day, huh?”

Carl the Animator: “Like, ‘Edmund’ and ‘Edward’ don’t even have a ‘T’ in them! That’s totally nickname cheating.”

Ted the Animator: “…out of curiosity, which name would you expect to be mine?”

Carl the Animator: “I dunno… but deep down, I’m still really hoping for Theodore. It would suit you.”

Ted the Animator: “I would hope not! As names go, it sounds quite pompous and stuffy… like an uncle that collects foreign soaps or something.”

Carl the Animator: “History has plenty of great people named Theodore! Like, there’s that dinosaur from the ‘90s movie with Whoopi Goldberg.”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, that’s the positive Theodore example you decided to go with?”

Carl the Animator: “Why not?”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, you think of Theodore Rex before you think of Theodore Roosevelt?!

Carl the Animator: “Look, if the 26th U.S. president had been an anthropomorphic talking dinosaur detective, he’d get much higher priority in my brain.”

  • Hermione: [To Draco, Blaise and Theo] Okay, I don't know when I became the mother to three lazy teenagers, but it stops today. You guys are cleaning the kitchen top to bottom.
  • Theo: Hey, I don't even live here.
  • Hermione: Yes or no, do you have clothes in my laundry right now?
  • Theo: I do. And some of it's wool, so dry flat if possible.

anonymous asked:

Were there any Presidents to be sworn in on anything other than a bible?

John Quincy Adams and Franklin Pierce took the oath on a book of laws to represent the Constitution (not sure why they didn’t just use a copy of the Constitution), Theodore Roosevelt didn’t take the oath on anything when he was sworn in following President McKinley’s assassination, and LBJ was sworn in using a Catholic missal because they couldn’t find a Bible on Air Force One when he took the oath in Dallas before flying back to Washington after JFK’s assassination.

Is it just me, or

does Jack and Crutchie not only dream of going to Santa Fe, leaving the illnesses and troubles behind, but also dream of literally becoming Theodore Roosevelt. If you look into Teddy’s early life, it seems to me that Crutchie captures the “sickly little boy” that Roosevelt was in his early boyhood, and Jack embodies the “Go west, young man, and find adventure” side of him.

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12 Days of Teen Wolf: Day 4 - favourite villain 

“I never lied about why I came to beacon hills,I’m here for a pack.

 I came for the Werecoyote.The one who’s first instinct is to kill. 

I came for the Banshee.The girl surrounded by death.

The Kitsune,The Beta with anger issues. 

I came for Void Stiles. 

That’s the pack I want. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve Scott.”

Theodore ‘Theo’ Raeken (season 5)