Give me Sixth year Slytherins helping Draco in subtle ways

Give me Pansy Parkinson starting rumors about other students to take attention from Draco, so people are too busy talking about other things to notice how sick he looks

Give me Blaise Zabini always doing his prefect rounds near Myrtle’s bathroom, to keep other Prefects away in case Draco’s in there

Give me Theodore Nott finishing Draco’s homework for him when Draco is too stressed/busy to do it himself

Give me Vincent Crabbe casting silencing charms on Draco’s bed at night, in case he forgets and wakes up screaming

Give me Gregory Goyle taking food from the Great Hall and giving it to Draco in the Room of Requirement when Draco is too busy to eat

Give me Slytherins who know not to ask what Draco’s task is, because they know he can’t tell. Give me Slytherins who don’t comment on Draco’s long silences.

Give me Slytherins subtly helping Draco in Sixth year


The Ones Who Heard Fan Casts ♥️✨

I have received a lot of questions about who my fan casts are for my story… so here they are! Each picture’s caption has the actor’s names. :) Most are canon though as you can see. I hope this clears some things up! They are not green and are all still relatively young. xx 💚✨💋

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Harry visiting the Malfoy-Nott-Parkinson-Zabini-Goyle-Bulstrode house for the first time not really believing Draco when he tells him they all live together. Getting the shock of his life when he steps through the fireplace and finds five people all facing him sitting in various threatening positions and Draco just swearing softly behind him knowing whats coming as they do this every time one of them brings someone back. 

11 Ted Bundy Facts

  • His favorite book as a child was Treasure Island.
  • He used Right Guard deodorant.
  • He was obsessed with keeping his apartment and then his cell clean.
  • While in prison, he read The Final Days (behind-the-scenes account of Richard Nixon’s dramatic last months as president) by Bob Woodward and The Women’s Room, a novel by Marilyn French.
  • He opposed the Vietnam War.
  • Ted spent the first 3 months of his life in a foundling home where he was left for adoption.
  • He had a scar on his scalp.
  • He was in favor of gun control.
  • Skiing was his favorite sport. He once fell on his ski and got a bloody nose, then slept in the backseat all the way home.
  • At the beginning of his relationship with Liz he attended traffic school because of his bad driving record.
  • He was once arrested for possible auto theft and burglary when he was around 18.