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“oh, God. he’s flirting with her again. be right back.” with theo x luna please? im just in love with this ship!

very sorry this took so long!! also ahh what’s the ship name for theo x luna? 

Theo’s used to Luna, really. Used to how she darts around from place to place, goes missing into the Forest more often than not and even though he worries sometimes, she’s far too intuitive to not call him out on it.

It’s Luna. She’s capable. It’s fine.

It’s what’s around her that he has a problem with. He’s never one for altercation but watching that random Ravenclaw with the dirty blond hair and the too broad grin makes the snakes in the pit of his stomach coil around themselves.

“What’s got you all bothered?” Blaise drawls as they leave Herbology. He’s covered in dirt and yet still manages to look ten times more regal than Theo could ever achieve.

Theo doesn’t bless him with an answer, instead keeping his eyes trained on Ravenclaw Boy With Messy Tie (last week it’d been Ravenclaw Boy With Too Short Trousers and before that, Ravenclaw Boy With Spilled Ink on Bag). The boy leans casually on the wall as Luna continues chatting and Theo groans.

Oh. God, he’s flirting with her again. Be right back.” Theo mumbles to Blaise, and he ignores the call of “who?” that carries after him as he darts away.

Ravenclaw Boy With Messy Tie laughs a little too loudly, his crew of friends smirking behind and Theo is torn between weirdly interjecting himself and just straight up hexing them all - it’s always hard to tell whether people are flirting with Luna, or setting up to take the mickey out of her.

He goes for the latter. The stinging hex flies by the group of boys ankles (Ha, Theo thinks, as he realizes Boy With Messy Tie still has his too short trousers on) and the yelps that they all give are satisfying.

Luna blinks bemusedly as he sidles up to her, both watching the group hop away as the stinging hexes continue. “Hello, Theo.”

“What’d he want?” Theo asks, fingering his wand lightly. Ravenclaw Boy sends him a glare, and Theo mock waves his wand a little threateningly.

“Oh, nothing important. I suppose the stinging hexes were a bit overboard.” Luna replies, and Theo feels his stomach plummet at the fact that Luna sees right through him. He’s not sure what else he expected.

She always does, as it is - far too perceptive for him to worm his way out of anything.

Her long blonde hair is pulled back in a plait, and Theo fights the urge to twirl the end of it around his fingers. “Sorry.” He replies shortly, even though he really isn’t.

Luna smiles up at him, quiet and sunny. “I know you’re not. But that’s alright. You were just looking out for a friend.”

His feet shuffle, and Theo bites his lips out of habit. Doesn’t know how to explain the jealousy in his chest and the way her quiet observations and fantastical stories always have a way of cutting him to the quick. He’s sure Luna knows anyways, as she seems to know everything that other people would be oblivious to.

If she’s not calling him out, well. There’s an obvious conclusion, and Theo supposes he’ll make do with that for the time being.

“Yeah,” he responds, lips quirking up, because it’s Luna and she always manages to make him a little more light-hearted, “Yeah, a friend.”

The Young Avengers and Jessica Jones

From Left to Right = Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), Hulkling (Teddy Altman), Speed (Tommy Shepherd), Jessica Jones, Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop), Stature (Cassie Lang), Patriot (Elijah Bradley) and Vision II

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This photograph of Roosevelt campaigning in Boston is by photographer Leslie Jones and comes from the collection of Boston Public Library via Digital Commonwealth.