theoctopie asked kinkyfluff:

Ahhhhh, your ZoTash is so cute! I love your 5anji stuff too! I…I’m not sure exactly how to request more, but, er, (v///v) more Zotash is good, please, ok, I don’t know what I’m doing. *covers face* (I’m just sitting here ‘ahhh’-ing at how cute it is.)

I’m always up to drawing one of my OTPs ^^ and I think I’ll leave the requests open indefinitely it gives me something to do during the day and helps me practice immensely!

FanFare Geek Fest 2014
Yoooooo!!! Long time no update

theoctopie and I shall be hosting a table at FanFare Geek Fest II. When? Saturday Nov 8th from 10am - 8pm. Where? 655 Dixon Rd, Toronto at the International Plaza Hotel (around the Anime North area). Tickets are $10 each. For those of you who attended ConBravo, you get $5 off admission.

So if you’re free and want to meet a couple of cool peeps, you know where to go!

New prints will be available and maybe I’ll open up commissions.

For more info, visit their website below

Con website