“Why do Islamic Theocracy's like Saudi Arabia and Islamic State cut the hands of off theives?!”

That’s why. That’s really it. Its as simple as that. The way you interpret it doesn’t matter, the context doesn’t matter, none of that matters when people are taking it LITERALLY. You cant change the way people think but you can change the texts. I could add what Muhammad did to thieves and what Sharia says but i really hope i don’t need to.


Political themes in the Avatar Universe

I should mention this wasn’t my idea but rather an updated version of some other post I saw a while back.

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  1. White and American are NOT synonyms.
  2. There is NO official language of the United States of America. So, remember that when you press “1” for English.
  3. English is NOT American, that’s why it’s called English… Like England. They were ENGLISH settlers. You worthless prats.
  4. European “settlers” colonized the Americas by force. It was England’s wayward folk who ended up in North America.
  5. White people were the original immigrants of the Americas (refer to #4 and #7).
  6. If we’re going to have an official language, it would have to be one of the thousands of languages of the Native peoples (misnomer “Indians”).
  7. Technically, it’s incorrect to say “America/American,” seeing as how there are TWO Americas. Conversely, White people are indigenous to NEITHER (refer to #4 and #5).
  8. Anyone who is a citizen of the United States of America, is an American citizen, or “an American.” Whether that person be Muslim, Christian, atheist, Jewish, gay, straight, Black, White, Chinese, Mexican, etc…
  9. There is no default or standard for being “American.” There is no particular way or mode of being.
  10. There is NO “state religion,” or official religion of the U.S. This is NOT a theocracy. Keep your religions to yourselves!

And finally, there is no “American culture.” There are Americans WITH culture (and these cultures vary greatly), but “we” don’t really have a culture, in my opinion… Unless you consider the ungraceful clashing and mixing of hundreds of different cultures, religions, and traditions a culture.

Consider the nature of what happens when we read a book - and I mean, of course, a work of literature, not an instruction manual or a textbook - in private, unsupervised, un-spied-on, alone. It isn’t like a lecture: it’s like a conversation. There’s a back-and-forthness about it. The book proposes, the reader questions, the book responds, the reader considers. We bring our own preconceptions and expectations, our own intellectual qualities, and our limitations, too, our own previous experiences of reading, our own temperament, our own hopes and fears, our own personality to the encounter.
—  Philip Pullman, The War on Words (2004)

Meet the 12-year-old Egyptian boy who can explain his country’s crisis in three minutes

"Atheists aren't oppresed lol"

I don’t know which white first-world dipshit motherfucker started this whole “atheists aren’t oppressed lol” fad on tumblr but it’s got to end right fucking now.

maybe atheists aren’t outright discriminated in your white first world countries, but there are countries where it is completely possible to be trialed for anything that can be considered “heresy” or “apostasy” and even tracked down and killed for running a website on atheism or similar topics.

Hell, most of your privileged countries are dominated by white christians, it’s socially acceptable to talk negatively of “non-believers”, to ignore this, is just part of the problem, just because we are out of the dark ages doesn’t mean religious dominance is not a big problem in our society.

If you can’t see beyond what happens on your own country, you shouldn’t even be talking about oppression to begin with.


Life Under A Theocracy Led by Confused “Christians.”

Indiana Governor Mike Pence claims he’s a Christian but his actions are the polar opposite of Jesus’ teachings. As Governor, Pence eliminated food stamps, closed healthcare clinics, and signed a law discriminating against LGBT residents. Pence is not alone, but rather represents the new face of the Christian right: a hollow shell of hatred and intolerance, wrapped in the name of a prophet who they have long ago abandoned.