KindaTV’s Tatiana MOUTHslany (aka @natvanlis) stars in CHINMILLA - a gripping retelling of #CarmillaS3 Act I!

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Legally Blonde AU. Adrien as Elle. Marinette as Emmett. Chloé as Warner, and Lila as Callahagn. Thoughts?

ooooooooooooooh my god ooooooooooooooooooooooh my god oh my god oh my god thats gonna be stellar af oh my god

  • Chloe, the bitchy-ass ex-girlfriend who breaks up with Adrien to move onto ‘bigger and better things’ aka Harvard Law School and then doesn’t believe that Adrien is smart enough for her bc he’s just a dumb blond or whatever (what a stupid six-piece mctrash boy warner was gosh) and then tries to take him back after he succeeds
  • Lila, the seemingly kind professor/lawyer man who takes Adrien under her wing and then tries to sleep with him and says that she only keeps him around as eye candy
  • Marinette, the sweet professor(?) girl who helps Adrien out in a new environment and believes in him when no one else wants to and supports him as he completely conquers Harvard Law
  • AND ADRIEN as the frat boy turned law student who only goes out for Harvard Law because someone (not naming names) said he couldn’t so he DID and he was GREAT and he used his extensive knowledge of fashion and cosmetics to CONQUER his first official case and solved a murder
  • Featuring:
    • Nino, Max, and Kim as supportive frat boys who don’t really get Adrien’s law school thing but love and support him and help him out as much as they can
    • Mylène as the salon girl who comes to Adrien in his time of beauty need and they spark up a friendship and then he helps her date the hot delivery boy of her dreams aka Ivan
    • Mme. Bustier as the lady convicted of murder

It’s beautiful and empowering and there’s a whole song dedicated to trying to figure out whether or not Theo is gay (he is and Mr Pigeon is his boyfriend)



Alex photographed by Joanne Davidson during War on Everyone’s London “premiere crawl” (09/29/16):

“War on Everyone Cinema Crawl…yes I rode in a white stretch limo with the fantastic Alexander Skarsgard, gorgeous Michael Pena and the amazing director John Michael McDonagh. .three cinemas, three introductions, drinking inbetween (well it is a crawl). what could possibly go wrong!! With Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Pena and director John Michael McDonagh. Sometimes my job is pretty awesome!.”

- joish81 instagram


“Every day I look in the paper; always someone getting gunned down. It’s too close to home because it doesn’t seem as though it’s getting any better. As much as we like to think we’re helping, I don’t know how much our series can really change the narrative of America.” The 40-year-old actor is discussing the significance of playing an African American with bulletproof skin in the age of #blacklivesmatter. It’s no coincidence that the latest hero wears a plain hoodie rather than a colorful cape; the show is also set in Harlem, often considered the heartland of blacks. In 1972, Luke Cage became the first black hero to get his own comic. Back then, he was classic blaxploitation: yellow jacket, chain belt, and steel tiara (its purpose is never explained). Now, he’s the first black hero with his own show. He is a warm-hearted symbol of black power, a public rebuke to those who judge by skin color. When we first meet him, he struggles to pay rent in menial jobs at his local barbershop and nightclub, but the death of an innocent loved one sees him find his inner hero, becoming a scourge of the district’s dealers and thugs. Luke Cage is available on Netflix NOW.

A Bulletproof Black Man is the Superhero America Needs, by Ben Child.

random assorted headcanons about Theo DuMedd:

  • he was seven years old before he learned that a “cocktail” is an alcoholic drink, not (just) an explosive
    • Serpentina Mongfish had the family knack for chemistry, but when she ran away with a hero, they muttered that they should have known - she was never exactly subtle with it
    • Theo fondly remember sitting on her lap while she demonstrated how to make a basic Molotov.

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