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Theo Katzman  -  Brooklyn


Music Appreciation - Theo Katzman

Alrighty! I hope you just watched this video! I love this song. And I definitely love the singer! That’s Theo Katzman, everybody!

He is, by far, the most musically talented super genius I have ever seen. No really, he doesn’t just sing his songs, he also writes them, and on his EP he played ALL the instruments. I really don’t know if there is something he can’t play.

Yes, he has an EP! Go check it out on iTunes! Pretty please?! =)

A big bonus for me is also the fact that this fine gentleman is a University of Michigan alum, my favorite university in the US! (no there is NO particular reason for that! *cough*STARKID*cough*)

Anyways, he’s a good buddy of Darren Criss, he also toured with him on the Listen Up tour, but seriously, Theo doesn’t need Darren at his side to freaking rock the building! I know I’m repeating myself, but he is AWESOME!

I would love for you to check out his other videos on youtube, there is a whole concert of him and Darren online. You will enjoy it, trust me, I did!

So YAY! Music man is awesome!


Part of Me (cover) - Darren Criss at Trevor Project’s TrevorLive (green room rehearsal) (by Darren Criss)