theo does art

@miraculous-kwami asked me to make my tags from their post about Theo a post so here you go! With added ideas because I don’t always put everything in my tags.

Imagine Adrien noticing how often Theo seems to be around and how he’s always doing a different job and, because he hasn’t helped the poor guy out with the whole Copycat fiasco, he takes pity on him. He looks around online and in the general area of Theo’s warehouse and finds out that Theo does sell his art, mainly intricate little sculptures, but also larger statues and even some paintings. So every month Adrien buys a couple (often with very slight changes to his appearance so it isn’t completely obvious who he is) and then gives them to his classmates.

Alya’s stoked about it because she recognises the craftsmanship as the same guy who made the Ladybug/Chat Noir statue in the park (also because Theo’s name is on everything…). Marinette’s also really impressed because 1) Adrien’s giving her stuff and 2) she really does think Theo is an amazing artist. So Adrien ends up giving a lot of the things he buys to Alya and Marinette because they seem to appreciate them the most. Alya’s favourite is unsurprisingly a mini replica of the Ladybug from the statue, but Marinette turned down Adrien’s offer to have one as well.

And in the end, Theo is confused but grateful to the mysterious buyer who comes by once a month and always pays slightly more than he’s actually asking for because he can finally quit one of his extra jobs.


late night hymns for the estranged holy child // issue three: (S)CRYING

the third issue of late night hymns is up for reading! issue three includes collage, poetry, and art around themes of sexuality, gender identity, and mental illness. you can read the other issues here, or purchase hard copies on my etsy..

this zine is available to read as a pdf here.


late night hymns for the estranged holy child

my first zine is up for reading on the web! i’ve put together 16 pages of art, poetry, and collage, most of which deals with being queer, trans, and mentally ill

you can read the zine as a pdf either as individual pages (5.5x8.5) here, or as full pages (11x8.5) here!