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You were shopping for clothes, since with all this supernatural-ness and the claws and the ripping and ruining of clothes. Neither you or your boyfriend had an clothes left. Unless you count the ones your wearing. So that morning you had set out on a mission and dragged your semi-evil boyfriend with you.

Theo absolutely hated going out for clothes, the waiting, the fitting, the bill. You were browsing through the clothes in the third store and Theo wasn’t having it. He was holding your hand bag and one smaller bag from a store where you bought some clothes. “What do you think?” You ask him, as you show him a top. “On you or on the floor?” He asks. you sign at his childish-ness. After about an hour of more browsing through the clothes you finally got to the fitting room part. He was waiting in front of the curtain of your stall, while you were changing, the first few pieces you put on, he did like, you decided you would try this dress that as soon as you looked into the mirror you saw was too short. You wanted to show Theo anyway. 

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Hamilton Soulmates AU

Pairings: Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr. (Canon past relationships, if you squint there’s some Madison/Jefferson

Aaron Burr knows two things about his soulmate. The first is that they are extremely opinionated: Flashes of anger not his own, half phrases of rhetoric on topics Aaron only had a passing interest in. The second was that his soulmate never seemed to sleep. A debt that Aaron pays for instead; staring bleary eyed and textbooks and newspapers. Even though he’s slept 12 hours every night it never makes a dent in the ever present exhaustion.

When he sleeps through his mock exams, Aaron decides that the first thing he does when they finally meet, he’s going to punch his soulmate. Hopefully hard enough to knock them out.

(the first thing he says to Alexander Hamilton is “talk less, smile more” and Aaron assumes the fissure of surprised disbelief in the back of his head is entirely unrelated. He’s wearing wrist braces on each arm to deal with his soulmates carpal tunnel. Alexander never seems to shut up.)

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She won't say Dad

“Who’s teaching her the word Bee?!” Aaron exclaimed, furrowing his eyebrows as Theodosia clapped her hands in glee. She was completely unaware of her father’s displeasure, instead finding his exclaim humorous and something to applaud.

“I wanted her first word to be Até– Theo! Her first word is bee! That’s absolutely unfair–”

“Darling,” Theo called from the kitchen, peeking her head out from the corner to stare at her husband with amusement, “She’s been watching TV. She hears the word ‘Bee’ more than she does Até.”

“And that’s a shame,” Aaron sighed, pulling his daughter into his lap and kissed her forehead while she babbled senselessly, waving her hands as she spoke. Burr adored her enthusiasm: it was something he prided himself on passing on.

“Maybe she’ll say Ina before Até,” Theo teased, strolling forward to stand beside Aaron as he affectionately tickled Theodosia’s stomach.

“No she will not! She will say Até, won’t you darling?” Aaron asked, grinning at the joyous laughter Theodosia gave and turned to his wife as she knelt down, sitting beside him and pulling their daughter out of his lap.

“Ahhh,” Theo cooed to her daughter.

“Bee!” Theodosia exclaimed, throwing her hands up to reach for her mother’s hair.

“Tay.” Theo finished, “Até.”

“Bee! Bee!”

“For revenge,” Burr said, leaning in to kiss his wife’s cheek before grinning down mischievously at his daughter, “we dress her up as a bee for every halloween.”

“Dastardly!” Theo laughed.

Pack Imagine~Mama-wolf

Requested by: Anon


Request: Can i get a pack mom imagine where Theo hurts Liam and she gets super mad and super protective over her baby that she goes and gives him a few words and threatens him glaring her red alpha eyes at him and she takes care of Liam like let’s him sit in her lap, kisses his cheek etc please x


A/N: A thousand times sorry for it being so late. I hope you like it. And sorry for it being so short I was out of inspiration.


Warnings: None


Words: 1.523


Pairing: Pack x Reader


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Y/N’s POV.

“Stiles, get your feet off my table,” I say. We are having a pack-film-night. “Yes, mom,” Stiles says and he puts his feet down. “Not funny,” I say. They are always teasing me that I always are so protective of everyone and that I act like a mom. I do not! I just don’t want people to sit with their feet on my table because I have to clean it. I walk to the kitchen and I grab the snacks I’ve made. I walk back to the living room and I put the snacks on the table. My mother didn’t want to buy any chips and snacks so I made snacks from veggies. “What happened to the chips?” Stiles asks. “Have you ever met my mother. She hates fast food,” I say. I grab the movies and before Stiles wants to say anything I put one of my snacks in his mouth. “I don’t have Star Wars and you were the one who said the film-night was at mine without my permission so could you please shut up?” I ask. Stiles grabs the plate with snacks and starts eating them. Scott chooses the film and we start watching it. Malia yells at the screen during the whole film. “No, don’t run that way dumb ass!” she yells. The man in the film doesn’t listen and he runs to the killer. “Why do they never listen?” Malia asks. “People in films are really stubborn,” Scott says and he starts to laugh. “Scott, stop teasing Malia,” I say. “I will, I will,” he says. I am so tired that I am falling asleep on the couch. But the others are falling asleep too. Except for Liam. He keeps watching the film. The worst is that after this film there are two more from the series. We’ve all watched it before Liam was here. I try to stay awake but it is so difficult. Suddenly Mason storms in my house and I am completely awake. So are the others. Stiles shoots up and falls from the couch. “I just saw Theo,” Mason says. “You woke me up for that! Theo is with his heartless sister who  pulled him into the ground with help from Kira,” Stiles says. “I swear I saw him,” Mason says. “I’m going to get blankets,” Kira says and she walks away but she doesn’t come that far. “Where are the blankets?” “Upstairs, the first door on the left,” I say and Kira walks away. “I am a thousand percent serious,” Mason says. “Mason, you’ve got a bright imagination,” Scott says. “Scott, it isn’t impossible to see Theo. We don’t know if he’s dead or alive,” I say. “I’ve got the blankets,” Kira says and she gives all of us a blanket. “Mason, come here. If Theo is in this town he won’t be so stupid to come here with us so you stay with us and we’ll look tomorrow,” I say and Mason sits next to me. I put the blanket over the both of us and I close my eyes.

I wake up from a sound. I think it is something falling down. I want to get up but Mason’s head lays on my lap. “Sorry, I wanted to eat something but I couldn’t get the fridge open so I tried to break it open and then I let a bowl fall but it was from plastic so it didn’t break,” Scott says. “You woke me up,” I say. “I said sorry. Here Nutella and a spoon,” Scott says and he gives me it. I open the Nutella and I start eating it. “Do you believe that Theo is back?” Scott asks. “I don’t know,” I say. “I know Mason wouldn’t just make it up but Theo is gone,” he says.  “He is probably just scared of what happened with Theo a few months ago. It wasn’t nothing. I just don’t believe he is back.” “We just need to keep our eyes open,” I say. “If he is back then he’ll show up fast. I just hope he is gone.” “I do too,” Scott says. “What is all that noise?” Kira asks. “Sorry, we were talking,” I say. “Way too loud,” Malia says. “Give me the Nutella,” Stiles says and he steals my Nutella and spoon. “Hey!” I say. “I am hungry,” he says. “So am I,” I say. “Well, you can’t get up because you have a Mason on your lap,” Stiles says. “Not fair!” I say. “Scott, we’re making breakfast,” Kira says and she pulls him to the kitchen. “But it isn’t even morning. It’s three o’clock,” Scott complains. “Come on!” Kira says and she pulls him away. Suddenly Stiles puts a little bit Nutella on Liam’s face and he grabs Liam’s hand. He puts the Nutella all over Liam’s face with Liam’s hand. “Don’t waste the Nutella!” I say. “Hey Liam!” Stiles yells. Liam sits up immediately and looks around really sleepy. “What?” he asks. “You have something on your face,” Stiles says. “Where?” Liam asks. Stiles points to Liam but not specifically to a spot on Liam’s face. Liam feels some Nutella and he wipes it away. “Is it gone?” he asks. “Well…,” Stiles says. “Stiles, stop teasing him! Liam, you can wash your face in the shower upstairs,” I say and Liam walks away. “Breakfast is ready!” Kira says and she and Scott put plates on the table. “Finally, I am so hungry!” Lydia says. “Huh? What?” Mason says when he opens his eyes. He sits up and looks around. Scott gives me my plate and I eat a bit of it. “What is that noise?” Liam asks when he comes back and I listen carefully. “Probably the dog of the neighbours,” I say. “I’ll talk to him,” Liam says and he stands up. “It’s a dog,” Stiles says. “They listen to werewolves,” Liam says and he walks away. “So what are we supposed to do now? It is too early for pretty much everything but we can’t go back to sleep,” Stiles says. “I have no idea,” I say. “We can do nothing,” Mason says. “But that is boring,” Scott says. “We could watch TV,” Lydia says. “I don’t know. We’ve done that enough,” Kira says. Suddenly I hear someone growling. “What was that?” I ask. “What was what?” Mason asks. “Scott, was that you?” I ask. “No, but I heard it too,” he says. “Heard what?” Malia asks. “Didn’t you hear it?” I ask the others. “Hear what?” Malia asks. “A growl,” Scott says. “Liam!” I say and I jump up. I run outside and look around. “Theo?” I ask. “Hello darling,” Theo says. I am totally stunned. He is back. I thought his sister killed him. I was so wrong. I thought we were safe. I was wrong. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “I am for him,” Theo says and he points at Liam. “Leave us alone,” I say. Meanwhile the others have all came out of the house and are standing behind Liam. Suddenly Theo shows his fangs and his eyes start to glow. His claws come out and he puts them in Liam’s chest. I let out a loud growl. I can feel my fangs grow, my eyes glow and my claws grow. I can feel this anger burning inside of me. “You need to leave us alone,” I growl dangerously. “Oh no, ‘mama-wolf’ is getting angry,” Theo says dramatically. “I am the ‘mama-wolf’ here and do you know what the mama-wolf does when someone harms their pups?” I ask growling and I take a step towards him. He takes a step backwards. I growl one more time and then I attack him. After a few punches, scratches and kicks, I throw him away. “Leave us alone!” I growl. I take a deep breath and I calm down a bit. My fangs, glowing eyes and claws go away and I walk towards Liam. I give him a kiss on the cheek and I hug him. I bring him inside and I put him down on the couch. “We just need to wait and your wounds will heal,” I say. I sit down on the couch and he puts his head on my lap. “Thank you, ‘mama-wolf’,” he says and I chuckle. I wipe the hair away out of his face. “You need to sleep the few hours you have,” I say and he closes his eyes.

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Pairing: Single Dad! Burr x Reader


“Theo we’ve got to go! You need to get to school!” Aaron cried to his daughter. The little seven year old bounded down the stairs, her pigtail flying behind her.

“I’m ready daddy!” she cried jumping in front of him, a big grin on her pretty face.

He smiled and opened the door for her to walk out of, and they both hopped into the car.

“Are you excited for your first day of school sweetheart?” he asked as they backed out of the driveway.


He gave her a bittersweet smile, knowing that she was on her way to growing up, and eventually she wouldn’t be his little girl anymore.

He wished that he could have some more kids someday, but unfortunately, his wife had died soon after Theo was born.

“Alright darling, we’re here!” Aaron told her as they parked the car. She unbuckled herself and jumped out of the car.

They walked hand and hand into the school, finding her new classroom.

When they walked in, Theo ran right over to see her friend Phillip Hamilton, and Aaron walked over to the teacher.

Miss Y/L/N.

“Excuse me miss, I’m Aaron Burr, Theodosia’s father,” he spoke.

“It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Burr,” she said turning around.

All of the sudden he lost all thought, and all control of his voice.

She was the most beautiful women he had seen in years. She had a great smile on her face, her eyes were twinkling.

“Oh yes, uhm, sorry I just wanted to introduce myself,” he coughed out.

“Great! Well I promise that your daughter will be in great hands. I can see that she’s already making friends. We will have a great year,”

“Thank you very much Miss Y/N.”

She nodded and walked away, going over to meet some of the other parents and the new students.

“Daddy I really like it here!” Theo cried, skipping over to him. “Miss Y/N is really nice too!”

“I know,” Aaron replied, a stupid grin on his face.

Theo gasped.

“You like her don’t you!” she whispered harshly.

Aaron looked down at her shocked.



Should I make this a series? 

hello lovelies !! i’m bee n i actually cannot wait to rp with u all !! so this intro is about my darling theo, beckham’s will come tomorrow cause i’m tired as heck n i’m a perfectionist so his intro gotta be perfect u know ?? anyway, all about my bab is below the cut !!

❝ is bill skarsgård in new orleans? oh, nevermind, it’s just teodor parker, the 21/26 year old triggered heretic. people call him charming and quick-thinking, but also callous and ruthless. he is katherine pierce and kai parker’s child. he’s hiding that he eloped with his wife because he knows their parents wouldn’t approve. ❞ [ ooc: bee | 19 | aest | she/her ]

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