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What if Theo was Chat Noir but basically everything else is the same so Marinette still has a crush on Adrien & both Adrien and Theo love Ladybug except you know Theo doesn't know Marinette in real life, and I would love if you would elaborate further on this?

  • Well the entire series is basically the same? But you know there are the differences.
  • Theo is a starving artist/superhero who also does odd jobs on the side, because being an adult in this economy? It sucks. Good luck finding a job with an art school degree. Too bad being a superhero doesn’t pay any money because he’s pretty good at that.
  • (He should seriously talk to the mayor about that, because his time is very valuable and taking down akumas isn’t as easy as he and Ladybug make it look)
  • Speaking of Ladybug…
  • Boy howdy does he like Ladybug. She’s beatiful, smart, strong, and she doesn’t take anything from anyone.
  • He is just loves her so much wow, and he really wants to get to know the real her, the one behind the mask. He wants to share everything about himself with her, but she doesn’t feel the same way. She doesn’t want to tell him who she is
  • And he gets that, but it still kinda hurts. So his big plan is to try to find her in real life
  • So part of the odd jobs that he does around town is trying to find Ladybug. Because you know, he figures that if he manages to find her it’ll prove just how much he loves her, because he’ll always know who she is, no matter what she’s wearing.
  • Very often he wonders what her civilian self is like. To be quite honest, he pictures her sitting in an apartment window high above the streets of Paris, and writing. He likes to think of her poring over a typewriter and creating masterpieces about her various adventures. His favorite part of the day dream is where he comes home from whatever work he had that day and kissing her. He likes thinking about kissing her.
  • On the other hand, while Marinette cares very deeply for her partner, she also thinks that he’s a hopeless romantic with a dumb ponytail. He regularly quotes Shakespeare at her for some reason and gushes over art and poetry. He’s a bit silly, (okay, a lot silly,) but she cares about him all the same
  • Her biggest thing is that she might have actually fallen for that poetry-spouting nerd if she hadn’t met Adrien Agreste first.
  • Sometimes she wonders what he’s like, but she usually just chalks him down as just Chat Noir. That’s all he is, and that’s all he needs to be. It’s kind of hard for her to think of Chat Noir as an actual person with an actual life instead of just her partner. But he must have some sort of outside life, just like her. He can’t live in that suit forever, after all
  • If they discover each other’s identities, I suppose there’d be an instant moment of shame and embarrassment. Not because they don’t like who they are, but because Theo is twenty something, and Marinette isn’t older than fifteen or sixteen.
  • Theo would be absolutely horrified that he’d been flirting with Ladybug and fantasizing about her when she’s barely even legal.
  • Marinette would be definitely weirded out, because all this time she assumed that her partner was her age and treating him like a teenager, but all this time he was an adult.
  • But they eventually get over the initial shock. Theo gets over his feelings for Marinette, and their relationship dynamic shifts from two kids with a weird romantic tension between them to a more evened out relationship(?) where Theo looks out for Marinette more. He comes to see her more as a little sister than anything, and she looks up to him like she would and older brother.
  • And they keep on saving Paris and Theo helps Marinette get the boy of her dreams and they all live happily ever after I guess