Being Theo Raeken’s girlfriend would include...

•Being the only one who can see through his cold exterior.
•Knowing exactly what you are getting into and still getting into because you know you can change him for the better.
•Always being covered in hickeys from steamy makeout sessions.
•Knowing how soft he can be by the movies he picks out.
•Still being friends with Scott and his pack because you have been for years.
•Knowing that you and your loved ones will always be safe from the dread doctors.
•Walking into school everyday with your arms aroud eachother and feeling the envious stares coming from all the girls in your year.
•Theo tracing letters and shapes into the small of your back which sends shivers through your whole body.
•Knowing exactly what makes him mad and how to calm him down.
•Being open about your pasts because you trust and love eachother enough to not be scared or nervous about anything with eachother.
•Theo getting anxious about letting you participate with supernatural things because he is worried about you getting hurt as you are only human.
•Loving eachother no matter what happens or who tries to split you up.

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“I can’t believe you just kidnapped me!” Theo’s eyes darted over Yuuzaki’s features. Sure, the guy kidnapped him basically, and suddenly dragged him into a random house, but he was attractive. His immediate thoughts were: Be still, my gay beating heart.

Theo should be stuck on the fact that this random guy kidnapped him, but clearly his thoughts were elsewhere. 

He observed Yuuzaki in a very obvious way. The first thing he noticed was the eye patch, and then he noticed Yuuzaki’s eye. Brown. Simply brown. Not a color to typically note or think is pretty, but they were striking. With the lazy, almost uninterested, gaze that Yuuzaki had- It was like he was trying to draw you in. A play “hard to get” sorta thing. Nearly as if he was looking uninterested on purpose.

“YOU tried to kill me afterwards. I think we’re even.” He responded to Theo finally, and was agitated with the random boy looking at him so intensely. “…I guess you’re right? Hey! Why do you have an eyepatch? You a pirate, yeah?” Theo immediately changed the topic despite the fact that Yuuzaki basically kidnapped him, and that Theo almost killed him.  

“We just met, and I’m already tired of you.”