Some Henry Springer and Theodor… Kirschtein-Bodt? Shite, I don’t actually know what Theo’s last name is, whoops.

Er, I actually doodled this back when Butterflychansan first brought up the whole Theo/Henry ship thing because I couldn’t get over the idea of Connie secretly having wavy hair and Henry just having this mop of unruly hair that he can never bother getting cut [Because he is Connie and Sasha’s son all the way to the core and just can’t be bothered with trivial things like being able to see through his fringe]. And then I thought about if he had this mop of hair AND inherited Sasha’s bedroom eyes and then my head exploded a little.

So I had to get it out of my system even though it was just this silly thing. But then Claudia posted this and it confirmed my suspicions about Connie’s hair and my head exploded a little again [along with my heart because, y'know, Springles].

And then Theo snuck into the picture to keep him company and I don’t know. Seeing as he’s in law school I figured he’d look a little more presentable. But also he is Jean’s son so he can’t help being a complete blushing loser around the boy he likes.

Also some Theory kids in the corner because chubby Theo, really.

Ah, this got long winded and silly and nonsensical and I’m sorry. Please don’t mind me and my unwarranted headcanons.


Writer needed to play this closeted romantic… She once told Henry they were “just a good story”, but now she’s married him and is attempting to live the dream. Will her husband survive long enough to let her get a taste of real happiness? (If you want to write for Teddy the widow we are open to the idea)

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