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1.) misty or clear?

Ummm clear?

2.) mountains or beach?

Beach fo sure, i’m afraid of hights so…

3.) music or books?

umm probably… Books? ‘Cus they like contain an entire new world and i love that..

4.) live to fight another day, or fight while you have the chance?

Live to fight another day… i guess?

5.) tranquility or chaos?


6.) future or past? what time would you travel to?

Well I am curious about the future and about the past, but i would probably choose the future. Just to see how it all turns out.

7.) worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

I dreamt that the cinema was like a rollercouster cart, that drove into the dark. And me and my dad was going to the “cinema” and he left me behind and webb by himself. And I thought that was so scary. It was god damnit! :/

8.) do you prefer movies that make you cry, or movies that make you laugh?

Movies that make me laugh.

9.) is it better to be arrogant (by other people’s definitions) but not care what others think, or to be nice, but let what everybody says affect you?

Better to be arrogant, at least you’re happy hem right?

10.) if you had to live in one fandom universe, what would it be?

The DW universe probably.

11.) something that pissed you off today?

My mom called me whiny just now. >:/