discursivelacerations  asked:

"humble girl moves as one within her life, leaving abusive, toxic mana-vampire in the wake of her lifted spirits and good health." if i have become toxic, how do i balance my poisons?

this was directed at a particular individual –but if your poisons need sorting, you can find that answer of balance from within –i don’t have the answer to that.

goatinahat  asked:

I ended up being so turned off by the new age movement. I've digested a lot of their information, and a lot of it does sound nice, and some of it I can understand, it's mostly the crowd that turns me off. Not sure why I'm sharing this with you, but here I am. :)

yeah, i feel you, but to each their own, y'know?
i’m really into psychedelia, and new age -as you call it- is just one expression of how people view spirituality, falling into the psychedelic movement of the 60s et al.. however, i’m very much into metaphysics and spirituality, mainly.. and new age is just one perspective.

i include many perspectives in my blog
because it’s a reflection of my self

–in how my mind prefers the dialectical process over a dialogue; including many perspectives and posing questions, synthesizing and starting anew;
what a glorious, never-ending, diabolical process!

the new age movement is fascinating; however, i’ve never been able to fully bite and latch onto such an ideology -if you excuse the metaphor- but i do appreciate some people i’ve met who are self-proclaimed New Age folk. 

that being said, people in movements that are all-inclusive will see a tendency of superficial understandings of deeper concepts in a movement, and have been turned off by people who are self-proclaimed somethings (of any ideology or movement) when they truly don’t know anything about said movement/cause.
for that reason, i don’t really like to take on labels
and just swim amidst multiple perspectives, instead. 

thanks for sharing, i’m glad you did! (: