Jim jones- Harlem


Post malone- White iverson


Jay Z- Do it again ( Put ya hands up)

For the pretty brownies with the baby hairs...

“Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”- Tupac Shakur

As i sit back and listen to this new D’ Angelo album i cant help but reminisce back to the first time i ever heard the song “Brown sugar”. I must of been in elementary school at the time. I remember so clearly being that crazy lil boy in my room singing “ I want some of yo brown sugaa, ohhhh!!!”.  Even though i couldn’t understand a bit of what was being said i could feel every word. Who knew that years later this song would make me fall so deeply in love with dark- skinned women even more than i already did. After Aisha with the baby hairs gave me my first kiss in the 3rd grade i knew it was the beginning of the end.

My love for the brownies has grown so much since then. I cant help it. I love everything about you. I love that your beautiful skin tone ranges from buttery caramel to silky chocolate. I love the kinks in your beautiful natural hair. I love how your so strong that even in todays society where the fairest skin is considered to be the ladder you still got them beat.  Even though you blow mines sometimes i love that your so unapologetic.I can understand babe. And that body! Oh, that body on you is so godly *Dej loaf voice*. I could write a whole book about all them curves on you.  Your body is a canvas. I even love your pretty toes when you get them done. Your not just a goddess your a god too. The fact that you descended from a queen in Africa makes me so proud to love you even more.

Lets not get it twisted. I love all women. But this one is specifically dedicated to all the chocolate deluxe’s of every culture roaming the earth. I appreciate each and every one of you . Love!

P.s  Shout out Aisha and Julisa. So many memories. Shoutout to D'angelo, Childish gambino, Tupac and Wu tang for the inspiration.

                                                                                      - TheOldUptown-


Vado- keep it goin

A letter to the jupiter ladies A.k.a Soul thots!

I will never understand women. To be quite honest i would'nt care to understand anyway. I came to the conclusion that all of ya’ll are just crazy and really do come from Jupiter, Simple! Before i get into my story i first have to share 3 very important reasons why i hate stupid chicks who make little stupid things “A thing”. 

Reason #1: When you make it very clear to said female friend that you are not sweating her and let her know she could have all the guys in the world but she still starts to feel a way. Why!

Reason #2: When you give said female friend all the space in the world. More space than the space in time you loved her in. More space than Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon. All because you don’t want to be too clingy for her sake yet she still finds something wrong with this. Why!

Reason #3: The last and final reason. When she starts to make reason 1 and 2 “ A thing” when you are very aware that even though we are dating and we chill and we fuck from time we are still considered to be “Homies”. 

Here’s my problem with that. Hoe,i know we still homies!!! You don’t have to remind me of that. I call/text you from time because as a “Homie” i care about your life just enough that i take some extra time off from my own hoes to make effort. I tell you shit like “ I aint trippin” or “i dont want to cock block" every time we’re out with friends because I’m warning you that
I’m about to mess with other chicks in your presence and as a ” Homie" I’m giving you a heads up. I give you all this space because i want you to feel exactly like the “Homies” i dont speak to often. I am not that guy you date and just treat like a friend after all that's said an done. I am in fact the complete opposite. I treat you like the friend. If its clear your not feeling me the way I’m feeling you i will fall back without hesitation. But don’t go treating me like the “Homie" that's going to cater to your hormonal,femeninistical, thirst trap egoistical bullshit. I am a man. I am the hunter gatherer. I am indeed the womanizer. There is no such thing as a manizer. And if you are one your just stupid. I am handsome and a great catch to. Now ladies please do not take this the wrong way, i love you all an i really don’t mean to come off so brash. But if you fall into this "Jupiter chick” mold i will be forced to show you i am not the one.  I cannot be the simp who just sits and waits for his chance.  I’m going to be the guy who knocks you off that high pedestal these other thirst-balls put you on. I am the anti-thirst christ and I’m not taking that shit anymore. If you a real live chick that doesn't fall into this category i have major respect for you. But you Soul thots could suck a dick. 

P.s Ms Erykah badu i love you but you the queen of  the soul thots and Beyonce to. Still love window seat though.

   - The New Uptown a.k.a Newy freeman b.k.a  Young soul thot theorist -