The New Professor

Marley headed into her Tuesday English class after an evening of writing a lot of chapters of books inspired off of the conversations she had with Finn this past weekend. She was in a pair of skinny jeans jeans and a black v neck with a maroon sweater. People could think she was dressing for too cold of weather with it being in the sixties but she always felt like her class rooms were too cold. So she always came with layers. Today just felt like any normal day in her Tuesday and Thursday senior English class. She sat down in her normal seat in the front row, right in front of the professors desk. 

She sat down her books and backpack and got comfortable. Marley took out her phone to check in Finn has texted her, they haven’t been talking as much the past couple days. But to be honest they both have really been busy so she understands but it still doesn’t stop her from missing him. It was five minutes past the time that the class started and everyone started wondering where the professor was. But Marley was yet to look up from her phone.