Time Travel was one of things Lucifer very, very rarely did.

It was too much trouble, really, and he had no reason to do it. Though, today, he was feeling particularly adventurous, and decided to visit New York. New York. As in, 1930s New York.

It was a spontaneous, out of the blue decision. Lucifer didn’t even know he could time travel in this… form, as he wasn’t technically an archangel. But, he managed it. Which was good, New York was proving to be a lovely change of scenery.

The only trouble was, he was stuck here for a while. Time travelling had taken a lot out of him, probably because of the whole not-really-an-archangel thing. It would take him a while to recover his strength.

On the other hand, though…

There was a lovely little red-head a little way away from where he had landed. Time to turn on the charm, hm? He walked over, taking care to check his appearance in a nearby window before he reached her, and when he did, he tapped her lightly on the shoulder.

“Hello, sweetheart, mind telling me where I am, exactly? I’m lost.”

Bringing Hope || @thenewchapterbegins

Aria took a deep breath, trying to calm herself as she paced up and down the familiar Manhattan street. She was on a mission, a mission to bring at least a little bit of hope to two of the people she loved most in the world, but she couldn’t be sure if she was timing this right. She was dangerously close to crossing her own timeline, an act that could potentially put them all in danger. However, in a moment she decided that it was worth it, and before she could second guess herself again she ran up to the door, knocking on it lightly.When the door opened, she smiled at the familiar face in front of her. “Hi,” she breathed,tears burning at the back of her eyes. She blinked, swallowed, and gave her grandmother another smile. “I…I’m Aria. Do you…do you know me yet?”


She didn’t understand why The Doctor didn’t want to visit New York with her or why he couldn’t even land the TARDIS in Manhattan for her, but she was quite happy to be exploring the incredible city. She walked down the crowded avenue, looking at the people, the stores, everything that made New York, New York. Across the street, she spotted a gorgeous red-head, her face seemed familiar somehow, before she knew it, her feet were leading her across the avenue, just a few steps behind the girl.