Neverending Comic Project (My Part)


So I did page 7 of “The Neverending Comic Project”. You can read the other pages on their Tumblr page, but I’m just uploading my stuff here. (It’s set to upload on their blog, too. I just hope it’s okay I’m posting it on my own first, lol…)
It probably won’t make sense unless you read it from page one though. :B

BUT ANYWAY I actually am EXTREMELY PLEASED with how this came out. My first time really working with a comic type format. I just really like my work for once. uwu ok

Kind of inspires me to want to start my own little comic thing and do all of the pages for it because this was REALLY FUN. <3


I couldn’t post the whole thing here (it’s cut into parts..)
… so here’s the full view.