What a mess. For whatever reason, Gluttony and Envy had gotten into a fight again– well, it had been more like Envy had bashed Gluttony’s head for whatever reason again, and they had started to rip each other apart once more. Oh, and who had to be the peacemaker? Exactly, yours truly. Getting Gluttony to calm down was– ironically– easier, two sharp words from Lust and he had stopped short, letting Envy go. The Jealous sin had been a tougher one, but there was nothing the Lascivious couldn’t accomplish.

However, after that little tussle between her siblings, Lust needed a break. She strolled out of their undercover apartment into the night for a walk.

– And she’d better not encounter anyone.

Contact | The Neutral Knife

Another typical night in Central. Her shift had ended, surveillance over some big fish called Raven. Father had said he would be one of the easiest people from the Military to be persuaded to work for the Homunculi, and that she should start with him. So that she would do. 

Now, the Sin was enjoying the cool night breeze. Those were her favourite moments– where she could simply look at the sky, see the stars… and feel… how, exactly? Ah, she didn’t care. It didn’t matter. Wanting some time for herself wasn’t a crime, was it?

But… tonight, she wasn’t alone that night. She knew there was someone not too far behind her– if she was being followed or it was just a random citizen doing the same she was doing, enjoying a walk at nighttime. For now, she didn’t do anything, just kept on walking. Clad in her coat, she could easily pass as a human herself.