Change Blindness

IMPORTANT!: Watch the video above before reading the rest of this post.

Don’t feel too bad, the majority of people miss it. The phenomenon occurring in the video above is called Change Blindness. It happens because although you were looking closely, you weren’t seeing.

Attention is required to identify changes. If your attention is distracted, then it’s very easy to miss large changes in your environment. This flaw in our vision is what countless illusions and magic tricks rely on; distractions that keep us from seeing what they’re really doing.

The limited resources of our vision allow us to focus in on certain aspects of our environment. However this leaves gaps which are filled in by our expectations. When you were focusing on the passes made by the team in white, you had no reason to expect a moonwalking gorilla to be passing by. Therefore, you missed it.


I created this blog about two weeks ago, and I figured it’s about time I said something about myself, and this blog. My name is Jamie, and I’m a second year Psychology student at Birmingham, England.

With this blog, I’m aiming to do 3 things. First, I want to expand my own knowledge of Psychology. Second, I want to show as many people as possible just how exciting and interesting the world of Psychology is. Third, I just want to have a damn good time researching and writing about all the crazy stuff discovered about the human brain.

I’ve had an unbelievable response so far to this blog, way more than I could have anticipated. Therefore, I’m desperate to keep it running as best as I can. However, during the next month or so, I’m going to be having difficulty just getting onto the internet, let alone finding the time to write up any posts. I’ll try my best, but I doubt there’ll be many posts this August. I will try to research as many interesting bits and pieces I can find though, so when I come back in September I’ll have a whole bunch of things to talk about.

Thank you so much for following me and liking my posts, as I said, this response has been amazing.

 - Jamie