“Here we are together, ah, but the best of friends must party. So let me sing this party song from the bottom of my hearty… “

The last chapter of Built for Two. I have truly been floored by the response to this story from all of you out there on AO3 and FF. Really. I never thought as many of you out there would read this story and, well, like it. Or talk about it with friends. Or ask me questions about it. Or even come up with your own theories on some of the things I’ve written. WHOA! I absolutely never expected any of that.

I strongly encourage you to listen to Ella Fitzgerald’s cover of “Begin the Beguine” which is the title of this final Built for Two chapter.

A few special thanks going into this:

@glaukopis - you history nerd with your 3 a.m. sounding board messages about the appropriate educational choices, church attendance, a love of meta, research, details, and an appreciation of a young Edie Windsor in a bikini out on the Hamptons

@thenerdychook - your hilarious comments have kept me going. There is nothing I have loved more than a pile of ERUWIFSNLVNDSFBGVJDFHKSDF in a comments section. Then I cackle I the corner. Everyone, please go read her work!

@delightfullyambiguous - we sin together. Hard. Textually. With a series of 26 letters, 10 digits and a plethora of symbols from the Microsoft Word roster. You have constantly encouraged me with the dulcet tones of a sweet “fuck you” or “you made me feel emotions” or “fuck off your latest update.” Typically, “fuck” has appeared in the message. 

I sent you that prompt for smut AND fluff - smuff. Sorry.

@theresebelivett - for writing lovely prompts. I honestly can’t describe how great they are. You inspired the “double creature feature” chapter - but not the foot massage part though. That’d be weird ;-)

@carolbelivet - thank you for also assisting with thirst and sin. You are a fellow inspiration and encouragement of so much. Someday, we will co-write that menopausal Carol and beatnik Therese crack!fic.


Well. That’s that.

uMMMM so ok a while ago I posted that “describe a character really badly and I’ll guess who they are” meme and then I GOT V BUSY AND HAD NO TIME TO RESPOND and now i just found all the responses in my inbox so here we go



hmmmmmmm this is much trickier. “great things” however is OBVIOUSLY BOOBS (there is literally nothing greater is there???? NOPE)

so this must be XENA

making it easy for me rentie huh hmmmmmmmmmm whats a character with an important hair-based storyline


thenerdychook-deactivated201411  asked:

I'm picking random ones.. 4, 16, 22, 24, and.. 43


4. ever been told its not you, its me?

nope actually? although ive heard the opposite a few times

16. thank back five months ago, were you single?


22. have you ever kissed three or more people in one night?

cant say that i have - although i was once involved in an impromptu “orgy” were i and several drunk friends took all our clothes off and rolled around giggling when i was 17

24. are you good at hiding your feelings?

ha nooo im like a fucking weathervane (except in “professional” settings where i can GET INTO ROLE though i still cant hide them completely)

43. have you ever regretted kissing someone?

my first kiss was with someone who was in love with me and i didnt love them back. later i regretted giving them hope :(

After recently hitting 2k i decided to show y’all some love, cause my blog would be nothing without you guys :)

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