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So,if there are so many of the kids that skate for Russia,is Minami's kid skating for Japan?Also,my favourite char are Mamoru and Noah.They're like the 'shy, but my parents are supreme eros' squad.Imagine them hanging out and being so cute you could almost see the sparks around them.Everyone else is just looking at them and blushing or fangirl/boying(without the little ones that just giggle).If that's not enough, add animals.Or imagine both showing eros to their crushes and thenBAM!blush attack.

i’m sure minami’s kid will skate surely for japan!! probably has a kid around milo’s age

mamoru and noah are indeed like this!! they don’t know how to be sexy themselves, they just are naturally without even noticing (but most of the time are just confused bunnies) 

I’m waiting for the day when noah will show his eros!!

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OH YES YOU HAVE FINALLLY MET PRINCESS SAILOR MOON. Any thoughts on her in the 4 minutes she spended blowin' shit up and being possesive and angry?

OKAY YOU ASKED FOR THOUGHTS YOU ARE GETTING THOUGHTS. (No spoilers please, I’m just going to talk for a little bit!) 

First of all, I love that this show makes it VERY CLEAR that Usagi and Serenity are completely different people. As far as I remember, the anime never really addressed this, and the two were functionally interchangeable. Here, they are distinct in looks and in personality. You can even see the moment when the switch happens: 

Usagi, her feathers ruffled, and then


Serenity takes over as soon as her possession of “Endymion” is threatened. She seems to have a single-minded focus of MIRACLE ROMANCE, while Usagi’s interests are slightly more varied (friends, food, cats, family, et cetera). And yet, her obsession doesn’t seem like love; it seems like control. She’s the dormant goddess of horrible all-consuming jealousy that was living in Usagi’s subconscious for millennia. 

Sailor Moon also becomes WAY more powerful when under Serenity’s influence, just throwing around balls of flame and creating bolts of energy like it’s just another Tuesday morning. But this massive amount of power comes at the expense of a loss of control. Serenity only wants this one thing, and is willing to risk a lot to get it. Usagi wants many things (the aforementioned friends, food, cats and family). Things that Serenity would perhaps sacrifice if she needed to. 

Where I am a little lost is where the MIRACLE ROMANCE is involved. Serenity and Endymion fell in love, and their reincarnated souls found each other again in the bodies of Usagi and Mamoru. So why is Serenity’s portrayal so different from Usagi’s? Maybe Serenity and Usagi DO share a personality, but they choose to focus on different goals. Usagi has a part of her that is dangerously uncompromising, but she pushes it to the side because she wants everyone to be happy. Serenity loves her friends and family, but the bitterness of two young lives cut short turned her mind from love to revenge. 

I’m just throwing around words. I don’t really know what’s going on, but hopefully the story will take me where I want to go. 

Astro Reacts | MoonBin Meets His Internet Friend IRL

Author’s Note: Gif isn’t mine of course! And here is another series. For those of you who love long things to read, these are for you because i always tend to write so much lol. hope you enjoy. ♥ -assstro

MoonBin | JinJin | MJ | Eunwoo | Rocky | Sanha

  • Binnie likes you for many reasons
  • At first he liked you for your taste in music and you’d talk on the regular
  • But ever since, he started really talking to you at any time, even late at night because he’s liked you for much more
  • All of you mattered to Moonbin for quite some time
  • Especially when you’d FaceTime him while you’re cooking and eating
  • “I wish I was there right now.”
  • “To be with me?”
  • “No,” he denies a bit, though not fully lying. “To eat the food.”
  • “Ahhh jinjja…”

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Ok but

You know that scene when Viktor talked about how he and Yuuri would get married after Yuuri wins the gold medal at GPF and the atmosphere instantly freezes like:

oh no he mentioned the gold medal


but then



and then they just all left JJ and his fianceé like that lmao

At the start I was skeptical about liking JJ but god bless he is so extra and I love him for it


  • Sun can see through illusions (popular headcanon due to him being based on the actual Wukong, who saw through illusions). He’ll probably be essential to helping Yang get out of this without too much punishment.
  • Also Penny. I don’t know why, but I feel like Penny can see through illusions.
  • ALSO, I have two ideas about Amber’s attacker. The first and most obvious theory is that Cinder attacked her, stole some of her power, etc.
  • But….
  • What if Cinder doesn’t have all of it? And what if that machine Amber is hooked up to is not just keeping her stable… it’s sapping her aura. And giving it to Penny.
  • Think about it, Penny is the only robot, the only synthetic being alive, that has a “created” aura. Imagine if it isn’t hers, it’s being stolen from Amber. Just a theory, and it’s probably wrong because Cinder is clearly the obvious attacker.
  • Also Penny has no idea of any of that, of course. Penny is good and innocent.
  • I suspect Pyrrha is going to be hurt. Badly. Either in the process of trying to save Amber and become a Maiden, or during the tournament.
  • She’s based on Achilles, so let’s say someone hits her in her weak spot. What’s her weak spot? Jaune.
  • Jaune is based on Joan of Arc, who died by being burned alive. Cinder wields fire. Do you see where I’m going with this?
  • So let’s say Jaune is standing in direct path of fire, there’s no visible way out, he’s gonna die and then
  • BAM. Pyrrha takes the hit, like she did for Nora in their fight, only this time the flames don’t just hit her shield. They burn all up her arm, across her face, just all over.
  • She hits the ground, in agony or unconscious.
  • Jaune rushes towards her, and his semblance just WHAM. Hits. And it’s incredible healing, wrapping Pyrrha up in gold light. She’s blinking, still achy or whatever, more surprised, and Jaune has tears in his eyes.
  • Nora and Ren are defending them as they get themselves together.
  • I don’t know what else happens.