Open Letter to Conrad Black and His Short Sighted Point of View Regarding the Jian Gomeshi Rape Life Style

Dear Mr. Black

I just finished reading your recent oped and its a pretty good read but I do want to make mention of the rushed ending regarding Mr. Gomeshi’s transgressions. Remember that when it comes to the statistics regarding sexual assault many go unreported. In general many crimes go unreported as a whole. Nevertheless let me tell you that the world is now post liberal nuances and Mr. Gomeshi is going to be crushed by the weight of public opinion. This is not going to be because people care that he is bisexual or a sadist. It is because the aspect of consent is very important. Many people indulge their carnal inclinations through adult conversation and clear understanding. Mr. Gomeshi however demonstrates a stunted and immature stance with respect to his identity. It is his ego that did him in. I’ll be brief. As of today the police has begun an investigation into the matter pertaining to Mr. Gomeshi’s relationship with these women and the allegations pertaining to the absence of consent. All the women are credible. It is to think that unlike a woman who has nothing to lose, all of the accusers speak about their concerns regarding their careers and the weight of embarrasement which inhibits their decision to sustain their claims. If anything the instigator who begun this process over a year ago is anything short of brave.  Statistically he is guilty and we can pretend to aspire to the ideals of fairness through the judicial due process which enable us to dismiss the credibility of not one, not two, but nine women thus far who have all relayed the systemic pattern of abuse in relation to Gomeshi. Lets not dismiss them. Many criminals go free. Through fear and intimidation of the witness. I know this is conjecture. But I can not accept that the CBC trivially would dismiss one of their golden gooses if their hands weren’t tied.  Jian Gomeshi behaved with the inexcusable petulance of a high school star quarterback who rapes a woman after a night out of heavy drinking, rejection and desperate attempts at salvaging his ego by imposing his will. Many men act like that. Many women are resigned to the misconception that men can’t help themselves. As if to consider that the vagina invokes an insatiable desire that prevents him from having any self control and consideration to the individuality of another human being. Sexual assault, in spite of its superficial quality regarding sex is far from anything other than violence and subjugation. Jian Gomeshi brought these claims upon himself.  If he is made out to be the poster child of the nice guy rapist in order to bring upon a world where women are treated with a higher standard of dignity and respect then let his former apologists crucify him. The CBC knew about this for years and didn’t even lift a finger to help the women who brought their cases forward. Today there are reports that interns from Carlton are being probed about their experiences with Gomeshi in relation to how he was perceived as a lecherous douche bag who ran his program like a tyrant. He may have hurt kids.  Don’t let your cynicism regarding the left and its agenda cloud sound judgement regarding what really is going on here. Don’t let your affinity with celebrity, Gender and wealth dismiss the claims. After all this isn’t anything like Sarah Thompson’s attempt to malign Rob Ford in order to promote her shallow and insincere agenda. Which isn’t to say women who have nothing to lose don’t have any credibility but rather that we are more apt to believe Jian Gomeshi’s guilt based on the circumstantial pre-tense to the whole matter. A sustained allegation that never went away, several witnesses, emails, messages, possible video, a recently initiated police investigation, general demographics indicating that claims by most women regarding their experience with sexual assault are in fact predominantly true. Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback, Sincerely, Daze