143 followers, you guys have no idea how much we appreciate you guys taking the time to follow and putting up with our reblogs! thank you so much! as a gift we are releasing THREE, YES THREE plot sneak peeks and we hope you enjoy them! sorry for the wait! first up we have wake village, texas. this small town may not look like much but the high school football team holds the key to making you pick a side. next up after that, is new york city. here at the american school of performing arts, you better bring your a game in order to beat the top dogs and get that scholarship, or support your friends that attend there in the bustling city. and lastly we have toronto. it may look normal but for some time it’s been housing those with special abilities, mutants. and it’s only a matter of time before you have to decide if you’re with, or against them. thank you so much for the support, and keep reblogging and following for more surprises!