10 questions.

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d-reame-r’s questions:

1. What’s your favourite tv show?                                                                 

2. What would you name your son/daughter?

3. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

4. Is you hair straight or curly?

5. If you’re a female, what colour is your favourite nail polish?

6. How many hours per day do you spend on tumblr?

7. What’s your favourite shop?

8. What kind of movies do you like?

9. Have you ever had your heart broken by someone?

10. Are most of your friends boys or girls?

1. House and Glee :)

2. umm I don’t know yet, but I like Sophia or Ana for a girl 

3. Australia, UK or France

4. It’s straight

5. Red or black

6. about 8-9 on school days

7. New Yorker, Lindex or House (they’re in Lithuania)

8. Comedies, romantic or horror movies

9. Not yet and I hope I won’t have :D

10. Most of them are girls

My questions: 

1. what’s your favourite season?

2. what’s your favourite song to listen on a sad/rainy day?

3. Do you have any siblings?

4. What’s your dream job?

5. Are you crushing on anyone?

6. What’s your favourite scent?

7. What’s your biggest fears?

8. Celebrity crushes?

9. Have you ever been in love with your best friend?

10. Are there any sports that you like?