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Right. New people. Hello. What do you want?

more MorMor headcanons :)
  • In bed, Jim is almost always dominant. He may not always top, but he is always in control of the actions Seb takes.
  • Sebastian hates the song about being taken away to the funny farm. For some odd reason, it scares him. However, Jim loves it, and hums it to annoy Sebastian. (On occasion, he’ll set it as Seb’s ringtone to scare the shit out of him.)
  • For food, Sebastian and Jim either eat out or do take-away. Jim likes pizza and Chinese, while Seb prefers sushi.
  • Sebastian is a fairly heavy sleeper, but is very sharp once awakened. Jim set up an experiment in which he set up five targets in Seb’s bedroom, and had him shoot at them after just being woken up. Sebastian, however pissed he was at being woken up, hit all five’s bullseyes.
  • When Sebastian has a nightmare about torture in India or Afghanistan, he usually wakes up screaming, and then starts sobbing. To calm down, he throws knives.
  • There was one time Sebastian had a nightmare while sleeping with Jim, and he woke Jim, who was livid. Sebastian then proceeded to lock himself in the bathroom for three days.
  • Jim is obsessed with Pixar movies. He likes The Incredibles the best. Sebastian doesn’t really like Pixar movies, but he liked the character Darla in Finding Nemo.
  • Both men like rough sex, but Sebastian also likes going slow and focusing on foreplay.
  • Jim’s favourite tattoo that Seb has is the revolver on his hip. He just thinks it’s fucking sexy.
  • Sebastian hates dogs. He fucking hates the little buggers, and is totally a cat person. On the other hand, Jim loves dogs, especially poodles, pomeranians and yellow labs.
  • Jim hates it when Sebastian smokes in bed, and once, after catching him, made him smoke an entire pack on an empty stomach. Sebastian was not amused. However, Jim was.