“I love you to the moon and back”

My version of cheesy heart-felt valentines nails!

I didn’t want anything red, or pink, or hearty, or girly and shmushy.
Or anything that you ALWAYS see for valentines day when it comes to nail art.
I wanted something different and I’m actually quite pleased with how these came out (for once!) - and I actually painted something for once rather than a pattern!

“I love you to the moon and back” is actually something related to my mum, we used to say it before bed every night when I was little after reading the book Guess How Much I Love You. If you have never read it, or you have children, then you definitely should. Like I said, I wanted something different and valentines day is about showing people you love them right? It doesn’t have to be your boyfriend, fiancé, husband etc.. it can be whoever you want it to be.

thenailphile  asked:

Hi :) I've just started up my nail blog today and wondered if you could give me a shout out to get some more followers to my blog! I love doing nails and hope that other people will love them too, maybe one day as much as yours haha! please take a look :) Thanks. x

We’d love to! 

Everyone check out thenailphile! She does her own nail art & its gorgeous! We followed her lovely blog :)

I tried to post this earlier and it didn’t work, so now this is embarrassing because England’s sorry-ass excuses of over-paid footballer’s lost.
We could’ve had it; we were just too lazy!!!!!

Such a shame because it was nice to see the fan’s getting along for once after the euro’s has been so violent, which I have most definitely hated and been ashamed of. As have many other England fans.
Let’s hope the teams left will show a great example to those that lost out and show them how they really should behave.


It’s so hard to put a bet on because you’re almost all on par with the points!

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