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Relationships between a 25 y/o and a teen are actually a lot more common than you think; Ive known at least 15 girls (who are now women) who when they were 13 dated a man at least as old as 25 and were even having sexual relations :/

just bc they’re common doesn’t mean they’re good

also 25/13 is rly yikes… you should get those pedos arrested wtf

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What do you think will be the focus of Season 13?

Who knows? I love this show, but it never seems to go the direction I think it will, or the direction that would make the most sense. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m certain that we’ll have to deal with Lucifer’s child. That doesn’t seem like one that can be wrapped up in one or two episodes. XOXO

I would rather be sleeping

It’s 6am and I don’t need to be up.
I don’t think I’ve shared much about myself so here goes…

My name is Mari. I have 2 bio kids, Haven (13) and Aliyah (9). I have one foster daughter (13) who is set to go back to her mom in July. I also do respite care for kids from my work who are back in their homes or placements.

I work in a therapeutic group home for kids aged 4-12. Mostly foster kids in state custody who blew out of their foster homes but there are some bio kids or adoptive kids that have had trauma in their life they need to work through.

I grew up in California. I was in foster care for a little over a year when I was a teen. I asked to be removed from my home because my parents were not making healthy choices. I lived with a nice family but they had no business fostering. My mom moved to Montana and got her shit together. I moved back with her and have been in Montana since.

I got pregnant with my son 6 months into being back with my mom. He was born 3 weeks after my 17th birthday. My small town school treated me poorly so I left halfway through my senior year and got my GED soon after. I had my daughter 4 years later. Soon after she was born, I left my kids’ dad. That’s been a long hard road for the last 10 years but we are finally in a good spot.

I spent the majority of my 20’s single, raising kids and working hard. My current status is “in a relationship” but we are taking it very slow and it’s just what I/we need.

My mom passed away 3 years ago from complications of the flu. I’m still deep in the trenches of grief. My dads presence in my life is spotty.

I love Netflix, Gilmore Girls, cats, cooking, camping, traveling and roller coasters.

I’ve been on Tumblr for a few years. I like to come here daily and mostly lurk. I enjoy this community more than my Facebook community most of the time.


“Who walk around wit $13 dollars”

50 OTP Things

I would love it if you guys sent me a number and a ship!

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?
2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?
3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?
4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?
5. Who usually has nightmares?
6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day?
7. Who sweats the small stuff?
8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pajamas?
9. Who makes the coffee (or tea)?
10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?
11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?
12. Who is smol/ Who is tol?
13. Who is considered the scaredy cat?
14. Who kills the spiders?
15. Who is scared of the dark?
16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?
17. Who works/ Who stays at home?
18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person?
19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?
20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?
21. Who has an obsession (over anything)?
22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?
23. Who asks who out on the first date?
24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener?
25. Who wears the other ones clothes?
26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?
27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?
28. Who is the book worm?
29. Who is the better cook?
30. Who likes long walks on the beach?
31. Who is more affectionate?
32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?
33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt?
34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?
35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?
36. Who is the social media addict?
37. Height difference or age difference?
38. Who likes to star gaze?
39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside?
40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?
41. Who cries during sad movies?
42. Who is the neat freak?
43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?
44. Who is active/ Who is lazy?
45. Who is more likely to get drunk?
46. Who has the longer food order?
47. Who has the more complex coffee order?
48. Who loses stuff?
49. Who is the driver/ Who is the passenger?
50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Me: *introduces friends to my fandoms*

Them: I don’t like it, show me something else


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Flirting "nerd-style"
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me:</b> look into my eyes<p/><b>my crush:</b> ... okay<p/><b>me:</b> as I suspected, your pupils dilated to 45%<p/><b>me:</b> thus you must be attracted to me<p/><b>my crush:</b> ...<p/><b>my crush:</b> you can't just-<p/><b>me:</b> I just did<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

stop saying everyone has to see 13 reasons why

stop saying a person is missing out if they don’t watch 13 reasons why

stop making fun of people who don’t watch 13 reasons why

stop glorifying and romanticizing 13 reasons why and making people feel guilty for not watching it when it’s one of the most triggering shows on netflix and millions of people are too busy suffering and dealing with their own trauma and depression to watch another person go through it as well

god, do i miss homestuck. 

 and i KNOW that’s standard fare, i know most of us are over it, but i still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s been a year already? because homestuck had been such a big part of my life for so long, and suddenly- it’s gone.

homestuck redefined fandom for me, and i know that there won’t ever be something quite like it again- the way we came together, the upd8 culture and the cons and the panels, the lyricstucks, the fansongs and animations and meetups and the way we were a family, of sorts, united by our love for this dumb webcomic that brought us together- there’s never going to be anything like that. homestuck was a cultural masterpiece, a revolution in and of itself, and i honestly don’t think anything can top it in terms of impact. 

 homestuck was just so big, so much, for so long, and it’s hard to believe that- it’s not anymore. and it’s hard to believe that everyone’s moved on from something that we loved so much, that shaped us so much, that brought us together like nothing else before. 

 and maybe there will be no more spin the faygo games at cons. maybe there will be no more lyricstucks or fansongs, no more bucket full of homestuck-style panels, no more rush to make upd8 art and cosplay new characters and update shipping charts with all new quadrants. maybe it really is over. but we’re all still here, whether we like it or not. 

we’d use to joke that “the ride never ends.” and it doesn’t, not really. because homestuck is something that sticks with you no matter what. so this is a love letter to my favorite story, the story that made me who i am. happy 4/13, everybody. thanks for eight fantastic years.

On the subject of rewritten fairytales– 

I once taught a fiction class where I assigned that as a topic. (This was a class of mostly students in middle school, for context.) And this one boy, who was probably 13 at the time, wrote a variation on Sleeping Beauty where the protagonist was a prince instead of a princess. 

And his parents knew the prophecy in a surprising amount of detail, and so once he was in, essentially, a magically induced coma, they knew that their son would only be saved by a True Love’s Kiss. 

But the trouble was, they never really were that close to their son, and so they had no idea who he was in love with. So they essentially round up every single woman in the Kingdom who their son has ever met and ask them all to kiss him. Alas, their son stays unconscious and no one’s kiss wakes him. 

At a loss, they ask his BFF (another prince from another Kingdom who was literally named Price Fabulon, pronounced “Fab-you-lon” like fabulous and Mulan pressed together, and I know this because he read his story out loud to the class) if their son might have been in love with someone they didn’t know about. 

Prince Fabulon then surprises everyone by kissing the unconscious prince himself, and it works! And then they get married and live happily ever after. 

And that was the literal best variation of that story I’ve ever read in my entire life. I hope wherever that boy is, he’s met his own prince somewhere. 

People Who Deserved Better in 13 Reasons Why

-Jeff Atkins
-Hannah Baker
-Zach Dempsey (what he did was wrong and inexcusable-but he has a kind heart and truly is a nice guy. He’s just surrounded by the wrong people.)
-Jeff Atkins
-Mrs. Baker (and Mr. Baker)
-Hannah Baker
-T o n y
-Jeff Atkins
-Clay Jensen tbh
-All the kids who needed counseling (because Mr. Porter was a fucking idiot)
-Hannah Baker
-J E F F A T K I N S

Until Next Time (m)

[4:38 AM] Jimin: film yourself for me

[4:38 AM] You: Ur kidding

[4:38 AM] Jimin: do it

[4:38 AM] Jimin: i know the day just started but do you know what i’m craving for breakfast?

[4:38 AM] Jimin: i want to get a taste of your heaven

Synopsis: Who would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader // Gaming!AU

Genre: Smut & a dash of humor

Word Count: 5k

Includes: sexting/phone sex, dirty talk

Trilogy: Until Next Time Maybe Next Time ↣ At Last

A/N: fuckboy-ish Jimin ahoy; re-upload since i’m trying to finish making a part two!

[10:22:05 PM] erectchim: um. who are you

[10:22:13 PM] seokjinsaga: has left the server.

It starts with a swarm of messages from unrecognizable usernames, one stranger flooding after another. You get a sudden impulse to turn back and explain to the other players that you made a typo in the server name, admitting it is all a mistake, but you freeze when your cursor hovers over the chat bar. All you have to do is exit the game but you choose not to and surprisingly, you hold no regrets.

[10:22:20 PM] erectchim: this is a private server

[10:22:29 PM] erectchim: how did you get in here?

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TV Shows

Week Ending May 22nd, 2017

  1. Supernatural +9
  2. Voltron: Legendary Defender +2
  3. Samurai Jack +4
  4. Steven Universe −1
  5. Supergirl +4
  6. Skam −4
  7. RuPaul’s Drag Race +8
  8. Billboard Music Awards
  9. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir −4
  10. Villainous
  11. Sense8 −3
  12. The 100 +1
  13. Once Upon a Time −2
  14. American Gods +6
  15. Riverdale −9
  16. Brooklyn Nine-Nine −4
  17. Doctor Who
  18. The Flash
  19. 13 Reasons Why −5
  20. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

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