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I’M SORRY FOR THIS BULLSHIT TBH. Cop!Jungkook kinky smut yehaw. @unpretty-writer, @jinhyong wanted to be tagged lol….thirsty af….bye.

Words: 2540

Over your purple lingerie, you pulled on Jungkook’s white button down, making sure to keep it low enough to expose your breasts through the lace and thin material of his shirt. Checking the mirror last minute, you adjusted the stockings hiked up to your thighs, and messed with your hair until you were pleased.

You could hear the front door close from your room, and quickly closed the bedroom door. Jungkook called out for you, completely unsuspecting of the way you were dressed.

“(Y/N)? Are you home?” Jungkook called, and you heard the sound of his heavy boots thumping up the stairs. You went over to the bed, sitting, waiting for him with your legs dangling off the mattress. He opened the door, pausing immediately at the sight of you.

There he was, in his uniform, handcuffs and all. His hair was slightly slicked back, bangs off of his forehead the way that you liked so much. All day you’d imagined what you’d do to Jungkook, what he’d do to you, and now you were here with an aching tightness that sent you rubbing your thighs together.

“Ah, officer Jeon.” You purred, pushing yourself to your feet. His mouth hung open, watching you slowly make your way over to him. “You’re late.”

“I’m here now, though. What’s this?” He chuckled, a deep low rumble that reverberated from his chest. It gave you chills, and you took fistfuls of his perfectly buttoned collar. “You know I love it when you call me officer Jeon.”

“Mm, do you, officer Jeon?” You perked up, continuing in a sultry tone as you ran your hands along his shoulders. “I’ve been waiting for you so long.”

“Oh yeah?” He questioned, quirking a brow. Nodding innocently, you took his hand and brought him over to the bed. Jungkook sat down on the edge of the mattress, and you lodged yourself between his legs. He reached for your ass, squeezing it tightly. “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me, baby?”

“All day, I did bad things while thinking about you…” You continued, a hint of a smile touching your lips. The way Jungkook look up at you with those lust filled eyes was driving you absolutely insane.

“Bad things..?” He trailed off, voice a mere breath as you leaned closer to his ear.

“Mm, officer Jeon…” You whispered. In response, all Jungkook could do was nod. “I touched myself thinking about you all day…”

He sucked in a breath, hands running up your body to pull you closer to him. “How many times did you touch yourself?” He questioned in a quiet voice, deep and lust filled, just as yours sounded.

“I lost count after 3.” You admitted in a small voice, still shamelessly. Pouting, you tore your face away from his to read his expression. A sly grin had grown on his face, and you knew he was very much enjoying this.

He feigned shock, eyebrows raising. “A serial offender? You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

Your chest tightened in excitement. Jungkook was doing exactly as you wanted. Heat was beginning to flood between your legs, and you pulled at his collar again. Your hands ran down his shoulders, to his hand. Gently, you placed your hand on your middle. Jungkook gasped softly at the wetness already there, pulling his fingers in a slow motion toward your clit. You shivered again, placing your lips on his neck.

“A really bad girl. Are you going to punish me, officer Jeon?”


Jungkook’s hand slapped against your ass cheek, before squeezing the tender skin and pulling you tighter against his body.

“Oh, of course I have to punish you. I can’t let a bad girl have me without enforcing some laws, right?” His lips nipped your ear lobe, squeezing so tightly to your ass your back arched The both of you were chest to chest, you leaning over while he sat up.


“That’s officer Jeon, (Y/N). Bad girls don’t get to call me by my first name.” He snapped, pushing you away. Jungkook pointed to the shirt on your body, languidly fingering the material.

“I want this off in the next 5 seconds, or else I’ll have to spank you more. You don’t want that, do you, baby?”

You shook your head firmly, hesitating under his eyes.

“What are you doing?” He taunted in an angry but bored voice. “Hurry up. 5, 4, 3-”

You were fumbling with the buttons as Jungkook called out the numbers. Once he hit 0, he stood up, gripping both of your shoulders.

“Not fast enough, huh? I told you I’ll spank you again.” He tore the shirt down your shoulders, throwing the now ripped material to the other side of the room. Jungkook pushed your back, leaning you over the side of the mattress. His hand rested against your ass, gently caressing it before pulling it away. Slap, slap, twice against you. They were so hard you had to hold onto the sheets to keep from flying forward.

“I-I’m sorry!” You whined when his hand slapped against you a third time. Jungkook calmed his hand, running it up your back as lightly as possible. You shivered under his touch, your behind throbbing painfully.

He ran a finger down your clothed slit, a moan bubbling from your chest. “Aren’t you sorry, baby? That’s what I like to hear.” He helped you stand up, before unbuttoning his pants. He pushed his pants and boxers down his hips farther, revealing his semi hard cock.

“If you’re really sorry, suck me off like you want too.”

Jungkook took a fistful of your hair, forcing you to your knee’s before him. “Y-yes…” You mumbled, running your hands up his legs.

He didn’t lighten his grip on your hair, tipping your head back to look up at him. “Yes what?”

“Yes sir..?”

“Good girl. Now suck.” He ordered, releasing your hair and watching as you gently stroked your hand up his shaft. He growled under his breath, bucking himself closer to your face. “Suck, baby.”

You ran your thumb over his head, the slick feeling of pre-cum rolling down had you opening your mouth for him. Your tongue softly licked over his head, collecting all the pre-cum. Jungkook’s breath came out differently at the first lick, but he leveled his breathing out once more as you took him into your mouth.

Pushing as far as you could take him, you pulled your head back, making sure your tongue was running along his shaft as well. He hissed in delight above you, hips pressing his cock deeper into your mouth.

“Good girl,” he amended you in a strained tone as your head bobbed up and down on his length. You continued like this for a long while, even adding your hand to the mix.

While you sucked him off, you stopped a few times to allow your tongue leverage to swipe along his length, over his head, giving you time to taste him how you wanted too. Jungkook was hissing your name, breath coming out in shallow bursts.

His fingers gently ran through your hair, holding your head in place as he pushed his hips forward. Jungkook began to face fuck you, murmuring not to move or he’d punish you again.

Jungkook throbbed inside of your mouth, and you kept as still as possible as he thrust inside of your mouth. You knew he’d soon be finishing inside of your mouth, and you were correct once he pulled out and came on your face. You had drool and cum running down your chin and the taste of him engraved inside of your mouth.

“That’s a good look, my cum all over your face.” He grinned, not allowing you to wipe it away. “I’m not done with you. I want to come inside of you as well.” He muttered haphazardly, helping you off the floor. Your knee’s ached slightly, but you didn’t care when Jungkook directed you toward the bed. He pulled the lacy garment off of your torso, discarding it on the floor near his feet.

Sitting atop the mattress, Jungkook spread your legs apart, reaching around the other half of your body to click something around your wrists.


“I thought I wasn’t a bad girl anymore? Don’t you want me to feel you?”

“Quiet,” he ordered you with a bite to his tone. “Unless you don’t want to feel me at all.”

You clamped your mouth shut, the restraints around your wrists slightly chafing against your skin if you moved even an inch. Jungkook grinned at you, holding up his fingers as he gently trailed them along the skin of your thigh.

“This’ll teach you not to be a bad girl, and to wait for me, right?” He hummed, fingers pressing against the wetness between your thighs. You nodded, breath hitching as Jungkook moved your ruined panties aside and pressed a finger against your entrance.

“And this will teach you that I’m in charge here, and you’re not, right?” He pushed his finger in a tad deeper, dipping into you before pulling out. You strained your hips forward to press into, but Jungkook didn’t let you.

“I want an answer while I’m being nice, (Y/N).”

“Yes!” You cried out, leaning your head into his shoulder. He sighed softly, tugging on your panties to get them off.

“You’ll be a good girl and let me fuck you until you’re screaming?”

“Jungkook plea-”

“Officer Jeon! I’m tired of telling you to call me that.” He snapped, tipping your chin to get enough skin exposure to sink his teeth into. Jungkook held your arm to keep you planted before him, using his free hand to slide two fingers inside of you, and soon a third. He easily slid them in and out, teeth and lips leaving bruises all along your body.

Your body quivered under him, breath quickly leaving your lungs as he pressed his fingers deeper and harder, curling and uncurling inside of you. The noises you made were loud, breathless and purely blissful to Jungkook. He loved the way you moaned his name weakly, and bit your lip to concentrate on the feeling of only him inside of you. When your face twisted in pleasure, Jungkook felt his chest bubble in pride and only wanted you to call out for him.

“Are you going to cum soon?” He asked, voice just as breathless as yours. You nodded against his shoulder, moving your hips with his fingers inside of you.

And then he pulled them out. Jungkook pressed a hand to his cock, pumping it a few times to ready himself. He leaned across the bed, reaching into the bedside dresser and freeing a condom. You watched Jungkook tear it open and easily roll it on, continuing to pump himself.

“Please un-cuff me.” You whimpered breathlessly, feeling Jungkook place himself at your entrance. “Jungkook, please, I want to feel you as well.”

“Baby,” Jungkook cooed gently, running a hand along your cheek. You expected him to feel guilt for having you cuffed so long, but a smile grew on his face, and he wrapped a hand around your throat. “How many times have I told you that it’s officer-fucking-Jeon?”

“Please-” you gasped at the tight grip Jungkook was suddenly using on your throat. He let you go to use just as tight of a grip on your hips, pulling your still tender ass farther off the bed. Your legs wrapped around his thighs, holding him. “Please, please! I’ll be a good girl! I told you I’ll be a good girl!”

Jungkook brushed his tip against your whole slit, making you whine harder and beg. He sighed, finally reaching around your body to unlock and take them off. “Fine…only because you look so pretty begging for me.”

When the cuffs were off, you ran your hands through his hair, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. Jungkook wasted no time in holding your hips again, pushing past your slit and inside of you.

“Mm, fuck.” He groaned, rocking his hips out and pushing in deeper each time he did it. You pressed your lips to his cheekbone, all the way to his lips. Jungkook immediately had his tongue riding into your mouth, placidly kissing you before pulling his cock out and ramming back inside. You stopped kissing him, mouth agape as no sound escaped. He hissed under his breath, jerking your legs up farther onto his torso.

“O-officer J-” You whined, unable to finish your sentence as he continued to rock in and out with such swift, smooth strokes. Jungkook’s eyes bore into yours as his chest heaved with each inhale and exhale, completely drinking you up as you swallowed him in such an easy way. You were captivated by the way Jungkook watched you, in an awed way, but with a look you’d never seen him give. Passion? You couldn’t tell. You were enjoying the way he felt too much.

Tipping your head back, you let out a low moan, ripping open the button down Jungkook wore. He pulled his arms away so you could get him out of it. You were thankful Jungkook always took off his protective gear worn underneath while at work, or else you’d both have a little trouble.

He picked up your thighs, pulling out of you fully to push you back onto the bed. Jungkook was kicking his shoes off and yanking down the rest of his clothes as he crawled over top of you.

“On your knee’s.” He instructed quickly, no hint of demanding demeanor anymore, because he was just as desperate to feel you as you were for him. You got onto all 4′s, steadying your body as Jungkook took hold of your hips.

Without hesitation he slammed back into you as deeply as he could, pulling you into his lap. One of Jungkook’s hands held your breast, the other firmly pressing against your clit and rubbing it in harsh circles. You cursed loudly, tipping your head back onto Jungkook’s shoulder. He was nipping, sucking, kissing your neck as much as he could while you circled your hips around his length. The both of you were groaning, muttering each other’s names under your breath as your core tightened under all the pleasure.

You were first to finish, coming on Jungkook as he worked himself out. He tweaked your nipples, pressing into you harder than before. You whined for him, over stimulation making your knee’s shake.

“J-just…” Jungkook panted under you, hot breath hitting your vibrantly colored shoulder. “I’m almost done…So close-”

And he was close, Jungkook came in two more strokes, tipping his head back toward the ceiling and groaning as he did. He let go of you, allowing you to get off of his lap before laying down next to you to catch his breath.

“You know…” You breathed, exhaling long and hard as you watched Jungkook sit up to go toward the bathroom. He paused, looking at you with a small smile on his lips.

“You ripped your good white shirt.”

“What?” He looked toward the door, where it was, and then back at you. A pout was suddenly capturing his lips and his brows raised. “I liked that shirt.”

 Ed doesn’t feel comfortable moving back into the mansion. Not yet. Oswald may have forgiven him in the heat of the moment, but what he did with Elijah’s corpse still nags at him. He can’t relax until Oswald’s father is laid to rest. He won’t let himself.

He does his research. He knows what day and time the trash was picked up, with Elijah snuggled between soggy noodles and overcooked rice. He narrows down which sections of the city dump were filled in on that day. He knows he’s in the right spot.

Now he just has to find that damn corpse! 

He feels something scurry around his gloved wrist and flings it away with a curse. He doesn’t know how much more of this he can take before he breaks. And after everything that’s happened, he doesn’t feel he has the right.

A comforting hand rests on his shoulders, “We don’t need to do this.”

He wants to snap and growl, but his voice is barely more than a sigh. “You shouldn’t even be here.”

“I already told you, if you insist on coming out here, then I’m coming with you. We don’t know what they have planned and I don’t intend to let them catch us off guard again.” The hand tightens on his shoulder. “We do everything together.”

There’s a moment of silence between them. If they weren’t surrounded by the smells of rotting meat and decay, it would feel almost reassuring. After a moment, Ed gives a quick nod and they part. He doesn’t want his pity. He doesn’t want to be forgiven. He just wants to find Elijah’s corpse, throw it back in it’s grave, and finally get a good night’s sleep.

It’s only a moment later when he sees a familiar shock of finely woven fabric sticking out above the filth. He’s about to call out his success when he realizes just how stupid that is. Argh! Will he ever learn?!

Yes, yes he can!

“Uhhh, why don’t we call it a day and head back? You really shouldn’t be on your feet this long. Recuperation statistics for penetrating wounds of the abdomen state that-”

“No need for that! I am more than willing to head back. Give me a hand, won’t you?”

Ed reaches out for his hand and helps him down from the pile he’s been exploring. If Ed can keep him moving in the opposite direction then he can come back later and deal with it himself. He should after all. It’s his fault they are in this mess. If he’d seen. If he’d realized! He’s supposed to be the genius and she did a number on them. Almost destroyed them completely.


After a little shuffling and patting the muck off of each other, they are on their way back to the car and Marconi’s old cabin. The one spot no one seems to know about, where they can lick their wounds, and plan their next move.

And plan they will. To take them all down. To destroy everyone who ever challenged them.

His only hesitance is that they’ve finally found a modicum of peace out in the cold woods. He knows he can protect him there. In the city, in Gotham, he feels like he failed the one man who ever loved him. They came for him and Ed not only didn’t stop it, he pulled the trigger.

How could he ever make amends? He just doesn’t know how to get there.

But this, today, was a start.

The Principal’s Office: Fast Cars and Beating Hearts

A continuation of my Rowaelin teachers fanfic. Sorry this took so long to get out, I struggled with a section of it but thank you to @pterodactylichexameter for the help! Enjoy reading about their lunch date! (also sorry for the cheesy title I couldn’t help myself)

P.S. that naughty teacher smut I promised is already half written and coming out soon don’t worry

Part 1 Part 3

The students in sixth period made sure to tell the rest of the grade that Ms. G. had been in a great mood during their class and had promised to make the test their easiest one yet.

Aelin had run to the bathroom immediately after her conversation with Principal Whi—No, she thought to herself, he asked me to call him Rowan. She mused over the name in her mind, and thought about it until she caught sight of herself in the bathroom mirror and scowled. Of course, she hadn’t had time for makeup this morning and her hair was a mess. It wasn’t in one of those cute messy buns that took a lot of time to make look effortless. It was in an actual messy bun, with strands at the back of her neck floating around as if they didn’t have a bun that they belonged in.

Aelin hurried to the students that had been sitting in her classroom for the first half of the period and managed to teach them the beginning of Chapter 55: “The Circulatory System.”

One of her favorite students stayed in the classroom a minute after the bell. “I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble with the principal this morning, Ms. G.”

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Hey this might be early, but I thought I would send it in anyway! My birthday is September 23rd and I would love some Everlark pregnancy smut please :)

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Happiest of birthdays! This special little morsel of Everlark perfection was crafted just for you by @jlalafics - Enjoy!

Lemonade (Birthday Drabble for 9/23)

Written by: @jlalafics

Summary: During a heatwave in District 12, Katniss and Peeta find a sweet way to cool off. Post-Mockingjay. Explicit content for mature audiences and the birthday celebrant.

Rated E


The creak-creak of the porch floor catches my attention immediately.

I look at the open door from the top of the stairs before making my way down. For the last five minutes, I’ve been searching the sweltering house for Katniss and the anxious movements outside seem to increase just as my feet hit the landing.

Katniss is in a mood, seems like she always is, as of late. However, the persistent heat wave that has invaded District 12 doesn’t help either. Peeking out of the open doorway, my gaze goes to the slow pacing of her labored gait, her front heavy with child…my child.

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"Are you bloody serious?" Newt said as he felt Thomas' lips linger on his neck. "You're trying to seduce me?!"

Can be found on AO3.

“Are you bloody serious?” Newt said as he felt Thomas’ lips linger on his neck. “You’re trying to seduce me?!”

“Thanks for noticing,” Thomas mumbled against his skin, not even stopping. There were teeth as well, scraping against the side of Newt’s neck, and seriously, what?! Thomas was bloody straight – straight like an arrow, maybe even more than that, so what the hell was going on?

“I’ve been trying to for these past few weeks,” another notion that made Newt gawk and he had a faint idea Thomas was trying to leave a hickey. “But unless I got physical, you never really noticed.”

“Of course I never noticed!” Newt squeaked when Thomas circled his arms around his torso and kept him close, like a teddy bear. His lips moved higher, behind Newt’s ear, and it sent shivers down Newt’s spine. “You’re bloody straight, what the hell-,”

“I’m bloody bi,” Thomas opposed, nibbling at Newt’s ear now. It made the blond whine a little. Then Thomas suddenly stopped and pulled away. “Wait, you seriously didn’t notice I was trying to hook up with you?”

“No?” Newt responded with a deep intake of breath. “You were like… talking normally and suddenly this? Jesus.”

“Cuz you didn’t react to any hint I dropped!” Thomas huffed, but then seemed to think about it. “Wait. You didn’t react because you’re not interested, is that it?”

“What?” Newt stared at him with wide eyes. He didn’t notice any hints, for fuck’s sake. If he did, they wouldn’t need to have this bloody conversation. “Fine, okay. First of all, what kind of hints you supposedly dropped? Because I have no bloody idea what you’re talking about.”

“At all?”

“No,” Newt uttered and forced down the disappointment when Thomas let go of his waist. He didn’t say stop, he just really wanted to understand how the hell did they even got to this stuff without his proper knowledge. He wasn’t that bad at noticing when somebody flirted, was he?

Or maybe he simply refused to give it deeper meaning before, because he thought Thomas was straight and off limits? Because that could have dulled his receptors a lot.

“Wow,” Thomas let out. “I never thought I’m so bad at flirting before.”


“I mean, I even invited you to a movie?” he offered and Newt did remember something like that happening.

“Oh, yeah, you did,” he agreed but then frowned. “With Aris and Minho. How’s that supposed to be a hint? Come with us to the cinema?”

“Point taken,” Thomas admitted with a sigh. “I took you out for lunch?”

“Because lesson got cancelled and we were both hungry,” Newt dismissed it immediately. “Hardly a hint.”

“You’re so stern,” Thomas drawled. “Fine, so maybe I wasn’t obvious enough. In that case please don’t take this as an assault because I really thought I made myself clear. If you do take it as an assault, then please don’t hit me and I swear I won’t do it again.”

“You’re a tit,” Newt stared at him in exasperation. “You could have just said you want to go out.”

“I kinda did, in a sense?” Thomas opposed and seemingly didn’t know what do with his hands, so Newt grabbed them and put them back on his waist, earning a curious look.

“In that case pretend I accepted, in a sense,” Newt told him simply. “But making out on a first day is a serious faux pas.”

“This is not a first date though,” Thomas pointed out. “In a sense.”

“Ha, you’re funny,” Newt poked his chest. “But ten points to Gryffindor for the neck. I like that.”

“I’m more of a Slytherin kind of person, but thank you,” Thomas smirked and pulled Newt back to him, so he could suck on the place he left off before, making Newt squirm. Then he stopped for a second and looked back to Newt’s eyes. “It’s okay then?”

“Well, throw in a nice dinner, and yeah, it’s okay,” Newt nodded and reached for Thomas’ face so he could hold him still. “And a kiss. I’m not a barbarian.”

“That’s amendable,” Thomas smirked and leaned in. “Ten points to Ravenclaw.”

“Well, that’s not a bad guess,” Newt snorted and then Thomas licked into his mouth, making him decide he could never assume things without a solid proof.