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ok headcanon for bucky's civvies: i think he wears a lot of beanies and warm scarves because he doesnt like being cold, and maybe some nicely ripped jeans and timberland boots?? and a flannel if youre feeling it?? or maybe just a warm sweater im feeling cozy buck vibes, you feel me?


COZY BUCK IS 1000% MY PRIORITY HE DEFINITELY HATES BEING COLD (also i wrote a long meta post somewhere about how hydra could’ve eliminated his shiver reflex to make the in/out of cryo process easier so he actually gets cold really easily like that headcanon has always stuck with me I GET SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT COZY BUCK IN LAYERS AND BEANIES)

modern magic aus
  • i really want us to get along and i invite you over to my apartment after i had spent hours hiding away all my strange plants and potions and fancy magical rocks and moving star charts and kick my cat familiar out for a day. Everything looks incredibly normal and non-magic and things are going great until i see u accidently touch a thing i forgot to put away THAT YOU ARE NOT TO MEANT TO TOUCH 
  • i get a cold and when im sick i really can’t be around non-magic people but u show up at my door and i try to shoo u away but u come in and see my apartment but tomy relief u think i’m just really into weird crap, but then my cat starts talking and u notice some of my furniture are walking around the house and u swore u saw that house plant wave at you
  • you’re always finding weird trinkets in your clothes such as colourful feathers, smooth rocks, glinting scales or peculiar miniature marble carvings and you don’t know where they’re coming from but they’re actually good luck charms that i slip into pockets 
  • whenever we touch im so nervous and i cant keep my magic in check and i slip up so whenever ur hand brushes mine for a brief moment you see spirits/ghosts or light bulb bursts or door slams open and i’m so sorry cause now you think i’m haunted or something
  • my kitchen’s a mess and inside a fridge is a mixture of drinks, food, potions and potion ingredients and u drink what you thought was some weird cordial and now you’re having a 24hr out of sense experience and you’re seeing and saying really delusional crap and i have to keep you here overnight so you don’t die
The Hetalia fandom is shit.

It really is. It’s one of the worst fandoms out there. 

Haikyuu!! fandom? So amazing.

Miraculous Ladybug fandom? Filled with so much love and warmth.

Merlin fandom? The fucking greatest.

But no, Hetalia is just this massive shitstorm of ship wars and cliques and just so much stupid, unnecessary drama. There’s very little warmth unless you are part of a clique. Almost every character is reduced to just one or two personality traits (ex. Poland) some of which were shown very little in the actual official material (POLAND)? There are still people who think it’s a good idea to put the characters into stories and art about recent horrible tragedies that happen in the world.

The fandom practically worships like 2 fic authors and maybe 5 or 6 artists and the rest of the people creating things are just fucked over into the shadows. Unless you have been creating stuff since the show started or you have this amazing artstyle and can pump out masses of fan art, you’re going to get nowhere. Hey, here’s this new writer who has amazing stories and plots and characterization! Nope you’d rather continue falling over yourselves at the feet of either someone who hasn’t updated in years or someone who keeps writing about the same exact thing, over and over. 

The amount of feedback creators (and especially writers) get on their work is just laughably pathetic. Creators need feedback to keep up their motivation and inspiration, but trying to get it from the Hetalia fandom is like trying to find a four-leaf clover. 

I’m not even going to delve into the 2Ps and the debacle that’s become of them. 

The slightest differing opinion can set off the coldest, most brutal, just downright terrifying swarm of anon hate. A friend of mine almost killed himself last year because of a single, tiny mistake he made. Everyone is just so petty, so sensitive, so nosy about everyone else’s business it’s no wonder a lot of the rest of the internet looks down on it. 

The Hetalia fandom could have been so great, spreading international love and connection, bonding people across continents and oceans, bringing humor to history. But somewhere, that went terribly wrong.

(There are some good parts to the Hetalia fandom. But the overwhelming majority is just utter shit.)


24 November 2014:  Sunset, Heckfield, Hampshire.  Went to this beautiful place to paint a sunset and wasn’t disappointed.   A low mist descended, which made everything feel so romantic.  The downside was that it got really cold - so I was pleased to get back to my car and turn the heater on full!   I altered the tree a bit when I got back to the studio - making it more impressionistic to fit in with the rest of the painting.


And here’s my Secret Santa gift for sweggscellent!  She said she wanted anything, so have two boys freezing their asses off making snow angels! :D  Merry Christmas!

Imagine Person A’s hands get cold really fast. Person B always has to hold them, warm them up, and always ends up kissing them. Person A feels spoiled rotten, and flustered after each time B kisses their hands. So, Person A always complains about their hands being cold, even when they’re not.