Mirrorbright, shines the moon, its glow as soft as an ember
When the moon is mirrorbright, take this time to remember
Those you have loved but are gone
Those who kept you so safe and warm
The mirrorbright moon lets you see
Those who have ceased to be
Mirrorbright shines the moon, as fires die to their embers
Those you loved are with you still—The moon will help you remember

why am i always motivated to draw gay shit when i’m drunk

Ok so two things… It’s supposed to snow this Sunday… eW! And this piece was initially supposed to be for the last day of fluff week (Snow Day), and I didn’t finish it until now. So have the gang, mainly Pidge and Lance (OTP reasons) taking a stroll through the snow. Lance is not amused…

before learning about the mcelroys I’d never been a huge fan of any real actual human beings before. 

Like, I love the stuff they make but I really just love them as creators even more than I love their creations, they could make/do anything and I’d like it just because I like them as people.