My fiancee and I were discussing the worst metal to use to make armor, and the obvious answers are lead and gold, but she cunningly suggested mercury. Which is a fair point, but then I wondered if solid mercury is any good. Googling told me that the melting point of mercury is -38° c (-37° f), so first you get it really fucking cold. At that point, it turns out that mercury has a tensile strength of 1900 mpa, compared to lead’s 18 and steel’s ~500-940 (depending upon the kind of steel).

Now, I know that tensile strength is not necessarily the best measure of a material’s ability to function as armor, but I’m a liberal arts major and didn’t care to actually do that much more research before going straight to, “EVIL ICE DEMONS IN MERCURY ARMOR. THE PCS CAN’T LOOT IT BECAUSE WHEN THEY PUT IT ON IT MELTS AND KILLS THEM.”

positives and negatives of the signs

Aries: Full of love, devotion, and passion. They are great friends and always make you feel loved and important. They have amazing energy that you can always feel radiating off of them. Will do anything for the ones they love and can be very protective. They have a childlike quality about them that makes them always fun and exciting to be around.  // Arguing with them is completely out of the question. They always insist that they are right and you are wrong. They don’t like to admit they are wrong and get really intense in arguments. Changing their mind or opinion is impossible. They are impatient and impulsive, often rushing into things without thinking.

Taurus: They are super sweet and kind. They have good hearts and are well-mannered people. They are extremely loyal, and will always be there for you no matter what. Super cuddly and affectionate, they give the best hugs. They will do anything to make you feel comfortable and safe. They have a good eye for beauty and aesthetics. // They are super stubborn and won’t admit that they were wrong or that they need to change. They hate change and want everything to always be the same. They don’t talk about their emotions enough, and it ends with them blowing up and distancing themselves. They can take out their anger on people at times, but again, are too stubborn to admit it.

Gemini: They are sweet and understanding, and great at listening and giving advice. They love to help others, and are great at solving your problems. They are intelligent, logical, and have great communication skills. They know how to talk their way through anything. They are very friendly and likable, and are great to be around. // They tend to hide their emotions and get really cold when they are brought up. They can get really irritated and upset with people easily. They are really private when you first meet them, and it can be hard to get deeper with them. The first impression or what you think they are like is almost always wrong, and they only show their true selves to people they deem worthy.

Cancer: They are compassionate and caring people. They are full of love and warmth. They are genuinely nice and sweet, and love to do things for others. They are great and loyal friends, and their relationships and family are their priorities. They are creative and can have amazing and deep conversations. They are very loving and will make you feel so loved and cared for. // They can be really closed off at first, because they are scared of getting hurt. They usually won’t be vulnerable or soft until you show them they can trust you and that you are worthy. They get really cold and distant if you hurt them, and it’s really hard for them to accept your apology or forgive you if you hurt them. If you hurt them once, that’s it. They are really passive aggressive and avoid confrontation and talking about their problems like it’s the plague.

Leo: They are exuberant and radiant. They are naturally funny and entertaining, even when they don’t mean to be. They are very generous and giving. They have impeccable fashion taste, and always look amazing. They are thoughtful and loving. They are so friendly and so genuinely themselves that it’s hard not to like them. They are very creative and good at what they do. They dedicate themselves to their passion, and it shows. // Once they are mad, there is no going back. They will yell and scream, and won’t talk to you for days, weeks, or months. They can be really self centered and stubborn at times. They are really suspicious of people, and ignore people they aren’t really friends with. They like to be completely in control of every situation.

Virgo: They are dedicated and faithful. They have goals and know just how to achieve them. They are focused and determined, always having their eye on the ball. They are considerate and helpful, and are always willing to drop what they are doing to help you. They are full of logic and reason. They work hard and always come out on the successful side. They are extremely reliable and you can always count on them. // They are extreme perfectionists and like to have things done their way. They are convinced that their way is the only way and that it is the best way for everything. They can get really cranky and can be really negative.

Libra: They are kind and gentle, always wanting to keep the peace and harmony. They have a way with words that makes you feel heard and important, but also solves the issue at hand. They know how to solve problems and are very intelligent. They have a love for everything beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. They are fair and just, and see both sides of every situation. Romance is their forte, and they are masters of flirting and relationships. // They are people pleasers, and have problems saying no. This leads to them stretching themselves out too thin and getting really stressed and upset. They are known for being indecisive, not knowing what they want and being too focused on all the good things of every option to make a decision. They can be very materialistic and a bit superficial at times.

Scorpio: They are intense and passionate, and have incredible focus. Once they have their eye on something, they don’t stop until they get it. They don’t back down and are very strong willed. They are very intuitive and seem to always know what you are feeling or thinking. They are empathetic and caring, and will always be there for you. They love with their whole heart, and are faithful and devoted to their loved ones. They can be very protective, and have no problem defending their loved ones. // They are reserved, secretive, and untrusting. You can know them for years and still not know much about them. They are known to get jealous and possessive easily. They can also be too serious and take everything as an offense. They believe everyone and everything is out to get them, and stick to the safe routes of most things.

Sagittarius: They are full of light and optimism. They always see the best sides of everything and know how to see the bright side of any situation. They love life and live it to the fullest. They are enthusiastic and full of energy. They mean exactly what they say and are very truthful. They love to know the deeper meaning to things and to talk about the meaning of life and deeper subjects. They are adventurous and always make everything fun and interesting. There is never a dull moment with them. // They can be quite careless and reckless, especially with their words. They are very blunt, but sometimes to a fault. They don’t think much before doing something, and don’t like to face the consequences. Their interests can change very quickly, and they have problems with consistency.

Capricorn: They are patient and wise. They are very practical people, who apply intelligence and logic everything. They are hard working and ambitious and always get things done. You can always depend on and trust them. They are very caring and committed and will never leave your side. They are affectionate and love cuddling and PDA. They are very loving people, and will show you just how much you mean to them. You don’t ever have to doubt or second guess them, because you know they are always constant and would never bail on you. // They are extremely realistic, but they can also be very negative and pessimistic. They can be moody, going from happy and jovial one minute to grumpy and caustic the next. They are very detached from their feelings, and emotions don’t come easily to them.

Aquarius: A true humanitarian. They try and make their world and living space a better and more positive influence. They are extremely creative and naturally funny. They are intellectual and like to have deep conversations. They are very independent, but also friendly and great to be around. They care deeply for their friends and are always willing to help people out. They are effortless and natural. They are very lovable and people admire them for their originality. // They are unpredictable and they hate staying in one spot for too long. They are either fully into something or totally against it. There is never an inbetween with them. They can be emotionally detached and distant a lot of the time. You can never change their mind or opinion on something, and they will always think they are right.

Pisces: They are sensitive, gentle, and full of compassion and heart. They love to help others, even if it’s out of their way. They will do anything for others, and are very selfless. They are highly intuitive and always follow their heart. They are full of abstract and original thoughts, and their imagination is amazing. The way their mind works is absolutely original and unique. They value emotions and sensitivity, and aren’t afraid to be who they are. // They can be very fussy when things don’t work out their way or the way they expected it to. They are very idealistic, and because of that, their expectations aren’t always met. They can take their emotions to the extreme and be a bit dramatic when upset. They like to avoid the consequences of their actions and avoid confrontation.


Summer ☀️

  • Draco constantly complaining about the heat and getting sunburnt
  • Harry making sure there’s always enough of Draco’s favourite ice cream in the freezer
  • Harry walking around the house shirtless
  • Draco *loving* the fact that Harry is shirtless all the time
  • taking cooling showers together
  • sitting in their garden and talking for hours while the sun goes down
  • falling asleep under the stars in their hammock
  • lingering kisses in the rain
  • ridiculously dancing in the rain
  • toweling each other dry afterwards and not making it to the bedroom

Autumn 🍁

  • Draco loving the feel of Harry’s cosy sweaters against his cheek as he snuggles up to him on the couch
  • Draco wrinkling up his nose every time Harry gets himself a Pumpkin Spice Latte (“Honestly, Potter, how can you drink that? It’s dreadful!”)
  • Harry getting Draco all kinds of cute fluffy socks because Draco always gets really cold feet
  • hiking (never again!)
  • flying over the countryside
  • sauntering through the farmer’s market
  • having chocolate fondue for dinner (and then each other)
  • watching scary movies
  • Draco not grasping the concept of ‘movies’ just yet and freaking out every single time
  • trying out some Sheet Masks Ginny brought over (Harry: Note to self, no Sheet Masks after watching a scary movie; apologise to neighbours with fruit basket)
  • having Teddy over for a sleepover and building a fort

Winter ⛄️

  • merciless snowball fights
  • building snowmen with Teddy
  • warm Butterbeer in front of the fireplace
  • making love in front of the fireplace until they’re too exhausted to move and fall asleep there
  • taking hot bubble baths together
  • Harry’s head in Draco’s lap while Draco reads to him
  • staying in bed all day and forgetting not caring about the time
  • Harry making Draco’s favourite chestnut soup
  • Harry getting the biggest Christmas tree that can possibly fit in their house
  • Draco hanging up a bunch of mistletoe around the house and insisting they kiss every time they stand under one

Spring 🌷

  • Draco spending most of his day gardening
  • Harry lying in the hammock and watching Draco with a fond smile (because he loves to see Draco amidst all those flowers and also because Draco has banned Harry from touching said flowers ever again. “Merlin, Potter, you’re drowning my hydrangeas!”)
  • holding each other on the evening of May 1st and talking until the sun comes up
  • Seeker games as often as possible (winner gets to decide what new position they’re going to try in the shower afterwards)
  • having a picnic in their garden
  • Harry playfully wrestling Draco down and rolling around in the grass
  • Harry smiling when Teddy spends hours making a flower crown and then puts it on Draco’s head
  • Harry insisting the flower crown stays on later when they’re alone
  • weird Forest Nymph role playing
  • waking up wrapped around each other and feeling the cool morning breeze on their skin
Signs that the venus signs have fallen out of love

Aries Venus: Seems uninterested in everything that you like/say and can try to pick a fight every chance they got 

Taurus Venus: Can stop being affectionate, stop doing sweet and romantic things. Can start to be cold towards you 

Gemini Venus: Won’t make as much as an effort to talk to you. Not ask about your day or how you are and will shut you out

Cancer Venus: Stops talking to you about their family, friends and things that they care about. Can go to someone else for support 

Leo Venus: Stops taking initiative (in talking, asking questions, asking to meet up) completely and stops noticeably caring 

Virgo Venus: Can distance themselves from you, slowly stop talking to you and stop making suggestions to make your life easier 

Libra Venus: Could resort to ignoring you, avoid actually saying that they don’t want you anymore and drop subtle hints that they want out

Scorpio Venus: Can get really cold and play mind games with you and stops being affectionate/comforting 

Sagittarius Venus: Can be rather straightforward, might act out a bit and disturb the relationship or just leave

Capricorn Venus: Could seem like they couldn’t be bothered with anything but still tries to stay, can get annoyed easily 

Aquarius Venus: Stops asking for your opinion or valuing it, can stop wanting to be around you then will probably leave voluntarily 

Pisces Venus: Can get passive aggressively bitter and mean towards you, could try to ruin the relationship

voltron characters and how they sleep

lance: like sleeping beauty, straight as a rod, face turned up, hands folded perfectly so he doesnt ruin his nightly face mask. He silently snores but will deny it. the first time hunk ever saw him sleep, he swore it was like watching the sleeping beauty scene from th emovie, he even swore that lance was sparkling… but that might have just been his imagination. He also is one heavy sleeper, nothing can wake him up, unless you slap him. But lance is generally an easrly riser, always the first one up unless of course pidge just never went to bed. This is due to the fact that he had to get up really early in his house hold to get all the chores done

keith: he sleeps all curled up ina smol ball with his hand under his pillow, he’s got a knife under there…just in case. He is a very loud snorer, also a very light sleeper, the slightest sound will wake him up… except for his own loud ass snoring. Usually the second or thrid one up in the morning, generally greeted with lance’s face waking him up because “god mullet head, its 10:30 already get up!” 2 words BED HEAD keith has the worst bed head known to anyone, his hair is sticking up all over the place and it’s basically untamable until he showers.

Shiro: he just collapses in his bed, sprawled out like a damn starfish. The poor dude is fucking exhausted from running this choatic space family. jyst let the poor guy sleep. He is also a really loud snorer and a hella heavy sleeper. usually he doesnt even get the chance to crawl under the covers, he just flops onto the bed and is out. Shiro often shifts in his sleep and has nightmares, bc of the whole “champion” ordeal, it really gets to him. He is usually the 2nd one up in the morning and has some nice bonding moments with lance

pidge:  they dont sleep at all, like they’re up 24/7 in the science lab thingy. Sometimes they’ll fall alseep and Lance will find them early in the morning and bring them to bed. Pidge knows this but doesn’t say anything, neither does lance. And if Lance doesn’t physically take them to bed, pidge will just stay up, they run on coffee and science. Sometimes Lance will stay with them early in the morning just so they have company, pidge will never admit it but they enjoy it. But when they do happen to sleep, its for like 4 hours and they too are sprawled out

coran:  sleeps in the weirdest positions. you can find him upside down, curled in a ball. for quiznaks sake Allura once found him standing up dead asleep. He doesnt snore.. too loud and he doesnt drool either. But he’s a sleepwalker/singer/talker. He just basically does everything asleep. Allura has gotten used to is, but it freaks the fuck out of pidge and lance at like 3am in the morning when they’re up and suddenly coran pops out from no where. The paladins are slowly trying to get used to it. 

Hunk:  he lays on his side all curled up, like ahuge soft teddy bear. Suprising to most, hunk doesnt snore at all. Always the ;last one to get up but no one scolds him bc how can you be mad at an angel. Hunk does drool in his sleep, its actually kind of nasty. Lance found that out the hard way when hunk fell asleep on him in the garrison and found a pool of drool on his shoulder. Hunk aften tosses and moves around in his sleep, always trying to find the most comfy position. He also sleeps under a nest of blankets and pillows, he gets really cold in his sleep

allura: she sleeps like a literal princess cause she is one. She’s flawless while asleep and awake. She is the loudest snorer and drools as well. She doesn’t fall asleep easily but when she does shes out. but like pidge, she doesnt sleep very much, maybe like 4-6 hours. and sometimes allura doesnt sleep for a solid 36 hours. its not good for her but some days when she’s really tired she and lance will have a spa day to relax and take the edge off.

"I wonder what I said..."

Okay, so, my rogue recently bought an ice short sword. Whilst in a battle, though, she stabbed a fire-being thing, which negated both the power of the monster and my sword. So, Minster shatters. Yay! Sword shatters. Not yay.

Me: “Well that was a waste of gold.”
“DM: “The hilt is still getting really, really cold in your hand.”
Me: “Huh, I should probably put it down.”
DM: “It’s starting to burn your hand with cold, so maybe.”

So she puts down the hilt, and the little gem in it starts to crack and shatter and out pops a tiny ice elemental, which we ended up giving water and stuff to grow it to a bigger size while trying to talk to it.

The necromancer tries to use an ice spell to make friends.

Me: “Are you trying to steal the elemental?!”
Necro: “Yeah, kinda.”
Me: “I paid for that sword, if that elemental is going to make friends with anyone, it’ll be me!”
Necro: “Awww, but-”
ME: “You have your zombies, now go away!”

Everyone else gives up on communication with it, but I paid for that fuckin’ sword, I’m not giving up yet.

DM: “The elemental continues to look at you, making gust sounds and whistling.”
Me: “Uh, I’ll start whistling back! Let’s hope I don’t accidentally offend it.”
DM: “Roll bluff.”
Me: “21”
DM: “It makes a high pitched whistle at you and begins moving forward.”
Me: “Lets see how this one backfires. I whistle some more. I probably insulted its mother by accident or something.”
DM: It gets to you and touches the base of your pants, melts and the water begins traveling up your body.“
Me: "UM, Ice elemental I am flattered but taken! Oh fuck did I seduce the elemental? My girlfriend is gonna be so pissed.”

DM:“It goes up your body to your chain shirt, and freezes again, giving you another point of armor and a resistance to cold.”

Me: “Oh. That’s cool! Now I can make ice puns.”
Everyone Else: “Oh shit, no, not more puns.”

And I’m guessing I’ll never find out what was said in that conversation with the ice elemental.

Chris Evans dating someone younger would include

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

  • not giving a single skittle about what other people think of you 
  • he actually likes being older than you
  • it gives him more reasons to be overprotective
  • he likes being the “experienced” one 
  • giving you cute lil nicknames
  • always calling you “little one” just to annoy you
  • “shut up, old man”
  • him mostly being the big spoon
  • but when he’s feeling sad and anxious, you don’t really mind spooning him
  • “when i was your age….”
  • him laughing because you’re so cute when you’re mad
  • he adores kissing your hands
  • and in winter, when your hands get really cold, he likes to take them in his hot ones, rub them together and give them little kisses
  • always being there when you’re feeling down
  • him being interested in your hobbies and attentively listening to you when you’re talking about the things you love
  • forehead kisses
  • him being ever-so-gently with you
  • because you’re his “china doll”
  • whenever you’re feeling sad about negative comments on your relationship
  • he always takes your hand, pulls you in for a dance as he softly sings “how deep is your love” by bee gees
  • “they all should let us be, we belong to you and me”
  • eskimo kisses
  • when you’re asleep, he loves staying up to look at you and admire your exceptional beauty
  • caressing your skin softly with his fingers
  • thanking universe that he’s alive the same time as you
  • pulling you close to him
  • breathing in your scent
  • “god, i’m so lucky”
Warm Enough

So excited I had a few moments to bang this out for you today!
Enjoy! xoxo-Sarah

Request: Could you do a Sherlock × reader, where you don’t wear enough layers for some reason, and your get really cold, and Sherlock notices?

It was cold down by the water’s edge, colder than you’d anticipated. Although, even if someone had told you how chilly you would be, it’s not like Sherlock or John gave you much of a chance to dress for the elements. They were both up and dashing out of the flat as soon as they’d gotten Lestrade’s call, leaving you time only to grab your car keys and throw on a light jacket as you hurried after them.

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Humans Are Weird

What if aliens don’t have different seasons on their planets? What if Humans are the only ones? Imagine the first aliens who come to Earth coming at the end of winter, then it starts getting hotter out and they think the world is ending.


“Human-Sarah, we must leave this place!” Klo'sa yelled. “Come with me on my ship, you’ll be safe there!”

“Huh? Why? What happened?” Sarah replied nervously as she started to pack.

“Your planets sun must’ve gotten bigger or come closer. Your planets climate has changed!”

Sarah stopped packing her bags and, after a couple moments of silence, doubled over laughing. She grabbed Klo'sa by one of his large claws and pulled him by the couch, gesturing for him to sit down. Xe was visibly anxious, but followed the Human’s orders.

“Look, my planet isn’t like your planet,” Sarah explained. “Mine changes the climate all the time. That’s why we have seasons; fall, winter, spring, and summer. Right now, it’s the beginning of spring, when it rains a lot and starts to get warmer out. You came here during the winter, when it snows and can get really cold, depending on where you live. Fall is the opposite of spring, and summer is the opposite of winter, basically.”

“So… This is normal?”


“This is truly a death planet…”

Mystery RP Starters
  • " This place has been abandoned for years. I wonder why? "
  • " Did you hear something. "
  • " SHH! There's someone in here. We're not alone. "
  • " Is it just me, or did it just get really cold suddenly? "
  • " We're either going to die or get arrested for trespassing. "
  • " Why did the train just stop? "
  • " Who turned out the lights?! "
  • " Something. Is grabbing. My leg. "
  • " Where did that scream come from?! "
  • " We're going to die, we're going to die... "
  • " You're acting kinda funny. I don't like that look you're giving me... "
  • " There was a body. Where did the body go?! "
  • " I-Is that a dead body?! "
  • " How did he/she/they die? "
  • " Why did you kill him/her/them? "
  • " So you were a witness. Tell me, what did you see? "
  • " Is that blood?! "
  • " My head feels weird... I-It's all going dark. "
  • " What do you mean, there's someone beside me? We're the only ones here. "
  • " This doesn't make sense. "
  • " I think we're being lied to. "

anonymous asked:

HC for Zen, Jumin, and Saeyoung getting caught in heavy rain with mc who just dances in the rain cuz they're already soaked might as well enjoy the moment right?

Aww, this was sweet! Hope you like them! 


  • You two were out shopping when it started pouring
  • He fumbles in his bag and takes out an umbrella
  • But you step out from under its covering and start running up the empty sidewalk
  • He watches, awestruck for a few moments, as you spin around and start dancing
  • His heart fluttered watching you so carefree
  • He couldn’t help but lower his umbrella and join you
  • You two are dancing and he starts singing
  • He’s so caught up in the moment that he spins you around and dips you
  • There is a moment where everything just freezes and you hear nothing but the rain thundering against the pavement and your heart thundering against your chest
  • Zen leans down and kisses you right then and there
  • He pulls you back up and you two share a laugh
  • He ruffles your soaked hair a bit before taking your hand
  • “Let’s go get dried off before you get sick, hmm?”


  • You two were waiting for Driver Kim to come pick you up from somewhere
  • Neither one of you expected the heavy downpour
  • Before Jumin can make a move to cover you, you’re dashing away from him, spinning happily in the open rush of water
  • He’s calling out to you at first with some soft scolding, since he was so worried you’d get sick
  • Of course, you couldn’t hear him over the storm
  • But then he watched you for a few moments longer and how you just danced
  • You just seemed so carefree in that moment
  • Still, he doesn’t want you more soaked than you already are
  • He shrugs off his jacket and goes over to you, throwing it over the both of you
  • You pout a little, claiming you were just having some fun
  • He just smiles before pressing a light kiss to your lips
  • He leans forward by your ear, and you’re preparing to hear something sweet and romantic
  • But instead…
  • “Make sure you take extra Vitamin C tonight. It would be upsetting if I couldn’t see you for a few days.”
  • You just have to laugh before you two duck for cover in a nearby building


  • You two were taking a casual stroll in the park
  • And since neither of you bothered to check the weather, the heavy rain caught you by surprise
  • You take cover in an empty gazebo
  • Saeyoung breaks out into the song from The Sound of Music, “You are 16 going on 17”
  • And of course, you join along and recreate the dance on the benches
  • But the rain starts coming down harder and you can’t resist
  • You run out into the downpour and start dancing there
  • Despite the cold wind biting at his damp skin, warmth spreads from his chest to his fingertips 
  • You just look so bright
  • He just rushes after you, and you think you he’s going to drag you back under the gazebo
  • But instead, he cups your face and crashes his lips against yours
  • He pulls away, blushing a bit, “I–er–always wanted to do that.”
  • You stay out there a little longer, and by the time you get home you both are already sniffling
  • You two get a really bad cold, and Saeran is ticked that he has to take care of everything around the house now

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Signs that the venus signs have fallen out of love

Aries Venus: Seems uninterested in everything that you like/say and can try to pick a fight every chance they got

Taurus Venus: Can stop being affectionate, stop doing sweet and romantic things. Can start to be cold towards you

Gemini Venus: Won’t make as much as an effort to talk to you. Not ask about your day or how you are and will shut you out

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The Common Room Floor (Smut)

Request from @queentiffanyyy: Hi, love ur works btw! Could you do an imagine where the reader and Draco decide not to go home for the holidays because of their parents. And it gets really cold at Hogwarts, so they stay warm together on a fur rug by a fireplace, which leads to smut? Thanks xoxo

Thank you! This was so fun to write, I love it! Hope you enjoy :)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Unsurprisingly, you and Draco were the only Slytherins that stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas. Christmas with your parents sounded more like a death sentence and Draco’s parents would more than likely ignore him the whole time anyway - why suffer when you can just stay in each other’s company? You sent an owl to your parents a week before the end of term and waited on a reply that never came; they were pissed. You didn’t care. 

Staying in the Slytherin dungeons alone came with plenty of drawbacks: the eerie loneliness of the desolate bedroom quarters scared you stiff and it was unbelievably cold; in the dungeons, the only source of heat was the large marble fireplace in the common room. You lay in bed, you teeth chattering and you breath haltering before sighing. “Fuck sake.” You mumble, pulling yourself out of bed to fumble your way to the common room. You kneel down next to the fireplace, pulling out your wand to create a fire. Immediately, the warmth began to radiate throughout your body.

You leant back against the sofa that faced the fireplace, not daring to inch any further away. Your fingers traced the soft rug beneath your body, your fingertips actually managing to gain back feeling. You fell into a trance, watching the flames of the fire dancing, so entrancing that you didn’t even realise you were all of a sudden not alone. You jumped, feeling strong, cold arms wrap around your shoulders. You look to your side, smiling when you lock eyes with Draco. “Sorry for scaring you, love.” He gestures, removing his arms from around your shoulders. Your shrug. “It’s okay, you’re freezing though.” 

Draco frowns. “Came here to warm up, which I’m guessing you did too.” You nod your head, reaching out your hand to intertwine with his. Yours were basically back to normal temperature, making Draco sigh with pleasure as you began to warm his hands up. “You really are freezing.” You mention, scooting over closer to him to snuggle up to his strong frame in a small attempt to make the situation any better. You rest your head on his shoulder, his chest rising and falling with every breath. It was so quiet and for the first time in forever the two of you were fully alone - you could seriously get used to this. 

You watch the orange glow of the flames cast shadows upon his face as his lips grow into a grin. “I know what will make us warmer.” He begins, turning his head to lean closer and kiss you. You kiss him back, knowing full well he’s horny. “It’s so fucking freezing and you think we’ll be getting naked?” You question, breaking the kiss for a few seconds. “We just have to generate more heat.” He replies, cupping your face as he leans back over to kiss you. “What if someone walks in?” You ask, breaking away again. “No one’s so bored that they’re going to be wondering the castle at 3am, Y/N.” Draco replies flustered. You roll your eyes, kissing Draco back as he leans in again.

Draco’s hands explore your body, somehow managing to remove the two jumpers and t-shirt you were wearing so that you were completely naked on the top. The cold air bit at your skin but it only matched the goosebumps that were arising because of Draco’s touch. You removed his jumper and shirts as well, revealing his muscular torso from all of the years of playing Quidditch. You leant back, laying down on the fluffy rug with Draco hovering on top of you. He pulled down your pyjama bottoms and underwear, taking off his green checkered pyjama trousers as well. Draco pauses for a few seconds, his face hovering over yours a few centimetres away. You leaned up, sealing the distance with a kiss. 

The only source of lighting in the room was the fire, which cast a heavenly contour upon Draco’s structure. “You’re so perfect.” You admired in between the kiss. Draco chuckled. “The prince is far less beautiful than the princess.” You pecked his lips, “I don’t think princes typically fuck princesses in broom cupboards.” You justified. Draco’s lips brushed yours as he replied. “You’d be surprised.” Your hands which rested on Draco’s back felt his muscles relax as he lowered himself into you, the two of you immediately feeling pleasure. A gasp escapes your lips, your initial reaction being you wrapping your arms around his chest. Draco was right - the endorphins that were flooding your body were in fact making you hot and sweaty. 

“Fuck,” You managed to utter out. His hair fell in his face and the fire’s shadows flickered over every contour on his face. Beads of sweat had began to collect on his forehead and cheeks - you couldn’t help but lean up and kiss him. “You’re so perfect.” He whispered, beginning to go faster. You gasped, keeping up with the pleasure that came flooding alongside the faster pace. Draco felt so good; a slight knot in your stomach was beginning to form and you knew you were close. “I-I’m close.” You justified, causing Draco to pick up the pace even more. The two of you groaned louder - so loud, in fact, you were sure someone would hear. In a matter of seconds, you unwound with Draco, both collapsing in a sweaty heap. “You were right.” You began in between pants. “I’m toasty warm now.” Draco chuckled, sitting up. “You can stay with me tonight.” 

You woke up the next morning, Draco was already sat up, pulling on a shirt. You sit up as well, placing a gentle kiss on his porcelain shoulder. He turns around, smiling before kissing you. “Come on, we have to go to breakfast.” You return to your own room, pulling on a jumper and jeans before joining Draco in walking to breakfast. 

The two of you were tucking in quite nicely to a bowl of Rice Crispies before Dumbledore stood up, making an announcement to all thirteen of you that were eating exempt the teachers. “Good morning, students. I wish you all a pleasant day, but first I have a few things to say. First, due to the cold conditions, we have made the decision to make the castle warmer, including the dungeons.” You turn to Draco, smiling. “And secondly, I have been asked to remind you all that walls are not soundproof; teachers that are on duty can hear everything, even in the dungeons.” You feel your eyes widen and your cheeks fill with blood as Dumbledore quickly averts his gaze to you and Draco. “Shit,” You hear Draco whisper before continuing. “At least we warmed up though.” 

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are you a clothing thief? I definitely am, especially with oversized sweaters and hoodies.

I only really take jackets because I get cold really easy. To be honest @welcome-to-the-joangle is the real clothing thief. They are almost always wearing at least one item of my clothing.

The Marauders and Clothes


  • Remus Has approximately 100 sweaters
  • He still only wears the same 5 over and over
  • He owns even more pairs of socks
  • No two pairs are the same
  • There a socks with pinapples and socks with little marajuana leaves and ones with idk the poop emoji or some shit
  • And he somehow never loses them
  • No one knows how he does it but he has never lost a single sock in his life (Sirius actually likes to joke that Remus is infact the Sock Goblin and considered Remus borrowing his socks that one time as sufficiant proof to support this theory). what even.


  • So. Many. Crop tops.
  • Most of them have been made from Remus’ old sweaters or James’ old (and new) quidditch jerseys and even a few of Peters band shirts (They are always the comfiest fabric and are really good to sleep in like wow)
  • So everyone at hogwarts knows about Sirius and croptops but what they don’t know is he has the most extensive and impressive underwear collection that you have never seen
  • He has ones with puppies and ones with snitches and probably some lacey panties in there somewhere
  • His favourite is the boxers he has that have david bowies face plasters across the back
  • No one knows when, where or how he found them
  • Honestly they dont dare ask


  • Right so I have said he has owned alot of quidditch jerseys in the past right? you have no idea the true extent of this
  • James Potter has a favourite quidditch team
  • He also owns every single players jersey from that team (Except Tim’s. That guy’s a dick)
  • James also has about 10 of the exact same gryffindor jersey because for some reason they keep going missing (It’s definitely because Lily likes how comfy they are to sleep in and Sirius needs more crop tops)
  • James also likes to collect neckties/bowties
  • He learnt about them first in muggle studies and he just thought it was really neat how you can get all sorts of fancy ones and novelty ones and all that
  • For Christmas one year Lily somehow charmed one for him to have little dancing snitches on it (Peter got him one that had a bunch of little deers on it the bean)


  • I mentioned the band tshirts yea?
  • Peter is obsessed with seriously so so many bands
  • However no one in the entire universe has actually ever heard of all of these ‘amazing bands’ that he never stops raving about
  • Yea he’s that hipster kid that has all these tshirts with references that literally no one understand and Remus most people think they probably made up
  • He also has the largest supply of beanies
  • Everytime he leaves the castle he seems to come back with a new one (or five)
  • He has ones with little patterns and ones with pom poms and fluffy interior (his ears get really cold okay?) and they’re all just so adorable
  • In sixth year Sirius knit him a tiny little beanie “So that your ears arn’t cold on full moons anymore” for his birthday