then again when his stomach grumbles it's time to FEED IT!!!

Bts reaction to: “Them having some time off after a long time” ❀

Warnings: fluff, slight angst, cliche ahead, stressed out and tired bts

Im not good at this I’m sorry if it’s bad


    This man has been working day at night, BTS is having a comeback and writing songs is not that easy by itself. Add practices,interviews and photoshoots in the mix and the result is a barely standing Namjoon collapsing into the spot right next to you. You felt bad for him but there was just about nothing you could do. You felt him move lightly in his spot, he turns over and with barely open eyes he mumbles something about having the afternoon off tomorrow. You knew exactly what to do.

    The day started with an empty space next to yours, then a loud bang and a whole lot of cursing and running, you started laughing when you saw Namjoon poking his head through the door to check if he woke you up, he muttered another cuss word under his berth then, saying sorry and good morning he gave a quick peck and darted out.

    The afternoon came, and you heard the door open, a groan came from the huge mass of human on the couch, you giggled lightly and went over to him. You patted his hair and then started rubbing his back, sighs of relief were leaving his lips and then a grumble left his stomach. You got up pulling him with you. You both sat down at the table, let me tell you, the food on that table got this man up and running. Afterwards you decided to put a movie and cuddle because he’s barely been around and you’ve missed him. The night came to find both of you sleeping on the couch, it was along day afterall.


    After pulling all those allnighters, barely having time to breath let alone eat, it finally happened, a day off.

    The first part of the day was spent cuddling in bed, after much protest from jin You got up with him refusing to get up. He could be such a kid. You skipped into the kitchen to make some breakfast, if you can call eating at 12:20pm breakfast. You made some pancakes, cut up some fruit and placed it nicely on a plate, after you were satisfied with its looks, you took it to him.

The second you stepped in the room, he poked his head from under the blanket, ‘is that food’. He looked at you like you just saved his life, ‘This is why i love you’, he said as he stuffed a big bite of pancake in his mouth. Ather he was done you asked if you could go for a walk, he agreed and you went in the bathroom to get ready.

When you come out you saw jin with his head against the top of your makeup table, ‘are you asleep again’, you said with a giggle. He glared at you and then said ‘I look like death’, you didn’t even notice how much of a mess he looked, his hair sticking out in every direction, it was honestly cute. You grabbed a hair brush and started fixing his blonde hair, once it was all done, you kissed his cheek, ‘Worldwide handsome’, you said with a smile.


Yoongi was feed up, ‘No time to eat, no time to sleep, 12 hours of practice every fucking day, and to top it all work all night at the studio, I’m done y/n, fucking done’. You felt so bad, it’s been ages since you’ve seen him this frustrated, this was his day off but he was behind on this song him and Namjoon have been working on, he couldn’t figure out the lyrics and snapped. ‘Babe, breath, Sit down is you day off. Just lay down, relax, clear your head, It’ll do you good, promise.’ He plopped in the couch and sighed, then stretched his arm, signaling for you to go to him. You complied snugglin close to him, ‘I’ve missed you so much’, you were kinda surprised, yoongi has never been the affectionate type,  you looked up at him and he gave you that adorable gummy smile of his. You missed him too no doubt, he started playing with your hair as you snuggled even closer, if that was possible. All of the sudden, you got up, Yoongi didn’t say anything, he just followed you with curious eyes, too tired to actually follow you. After a few minutes you come back out with a small smile on your face, pulling on his forcing him to get up and follow you. He trailed behind you, back hugging you, more like making you carry him. You made it to your bedroom and the your bathroom. A smile appears on his face when he sees the bubble bath you had prepared. ‘When was the last time we took a bath together, baby?’, you asked him playing with his shirt. You both undressed and slowly got in.  Your back was against his bare chest, his arms tightly around your waist, you missed his presence so much, and he missed yours, maybe even more than you did his.


You woke up to a pair or arms wrapped around you tightly, legs tangled together and your boyfriends addicting scent. Refusing to open your eyes, thinking this was a dream, you turned around hugging him back. Light snores left his lips and it was just so cute, you open your eyes slowly and my god were you just amazed at how ethereal you boyfriend was, a small giggle left your lips as you nuzzled closer, practically fangirling over him.  It had been such a long time since you woke up with him next to you, and you missed it a lot. ‘Babe, can’t breath’, his said in his morning voice, which let me tell you, it did things. You mumbled a small sorry and pulled back, just to be attacked by him. He was on top of you tickling you, as a punishment for waking him up.’This is what you get’, you were both laughing like crazy, and after you begging him to stop he finally did. He was now on top of you, looking at you with eyes full of adoration and a soft smile of his lips. Getting lower to capture your lips one, two, three times, he then later down and his face was now on the crook of your neck.’I missed you’.

Both your stomachs started growling, wrecking the tender moment between the two of you. He jumps off bed first and when you were about to get off too, he offered you a piggyback ride. You cooked for him, as he back hugged you, kissing your shoulders gently, humming random songs, complimenting you now and then.  It was just perfect, after you ate you decided to take Mickey for a walk. Talking about nothing and everything, laughing, holding hands, you knew you loved him but today he reminded you just how much you did.


Jimin is a cute little mochi and when he’s asleep he’s even cuter when he’s asleep. You saw him steering so you faked asleep. He turned so he was fully facing you now, he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, he was drawing circles on your back and then he put his forehead against yours, ‘You have no idea how much I missed you princess’, you were dying, a smile slipped your lips and your cover was blown, why is he so amazing. He groaned and started complaining about how much of a trick you were and somewhere along those words he muttered something about you being grateful you’re adorable because he would kick cute butt otherwise. You chuckled and kissed him then got up to make some breakfast, wanting it to be quick you made some cereal and then back to bed, you put a movie on the back, and spent the time snuggling, and making out, movie completely forgotten. In the afternoon you two went for some pizza and then for a walk on the beach. You guys lost track of time talking about what you missed, the comeback really stresses him out and I love seeing him smiling so carelessly. The night ended with a ice-cream and sitting on a bench in a secret spot you two are always went two. He kissed you told you he loved you. You were happy and so was he. Together.


Taehyung is way to cute when he sleeps, his mother slightly open, pouty lips, you could just look at him forever. It had been such a long time since you’ve been woken up from his light snores, you started tracing his features, playing with his messy hair, giggling lightly you pecked his lips and started to slowly get up. ‘Got bored of me already’, he smiled at you and pulled you back to bed. ‘Don’t leave yet you creep’, you whined at the nickname and snuggled in the crook of his neck,’y/n why are you so snuggly, I missed you so much, even your creepy side’. You pinched him and he yelped, whining afterwards. ‘If I make you breakfast will you stop calling me a creep, you big baby?”. He nodded but still had a pout on his face, you laughed and then pecked his lips. Why is he so soft. You started cooking and he sat on the chair behind you, looking at you. ‘Who’s the creep now’, he stood up and back hugged you, ‘can’t help it, your backside is such a nice view’, he said as he smacked grabbed your butt. ‘Perv’, he laughed and kissed you shoulder. You ate breakfast rather quickly, then decided to go grab some coffee. Holding hands, quick pecks, and a lot of laughter. A date was something you two haven’t had in ages. It was perfect,  he was perfect, and a bit of a moron and you almost pushed him off a bridge once or twice but he was your moron. Maybe a dead moron if he smacks your but in public one more time.


He was so tired. The kid works way too hard, and you loved how passionate he was but you just missed him. He wasn’t around much. Waking up alone, coming home from work to an empty house, eating dinner on the couch with a movie that you won’t even remember what it was about in a few moments. It was frustrating. You were selfish, and you knew it but you couldn’t help yourself. Seeing couples holding hands, sharing kisses, everything made you jealous. That’s what you were ranting about at your best friend over the phone, when you heard someone scratch their throat at the doorway. You look up and Jungkook was looking at you with a hurt expression. ‘So what do you want to eat for dinner?’, It broke my heart. ‘ Listen Jungkook, I didn’t mean any of that, I love you and I knew what I was getting into when I started dating you’. He brushed you off with an ‘I know’ and continued eating. You slept with your backs facing and it was devastating. Trying to approach him you slightly pressed your back against his just for him to pull away. You cried silently, your boyfriend had one day off and you decided to be a shitty girlfriend that exact day. With those thoughts you fell asleep.  

Waking up the next morning to and empty spot next to you, the world practically crashed into you. You dragged your feet downstairs and walked into the kitchen, Jungkook was sitting at the table,  phone in his hand. He looked up and then got up, walked right past you, then you felt his arms around your waist. ‘I’m sorry’, he mumbled against your neck. ‘Look I’m busy with the comeback and I my career is one of the most important things in my life, but y/n so are you. Tell me if you feel I’m not treating you right,  please. I love you.’

You two spent the day out. Went to your favorite coffee shop, ate some pastries with names neither of you can’t say, went shopping, and came home. You sat on the couch, his head was on your lap, you talked about so much, yet it wasn’t enough. It never was with him.

He held you tight at night, you missed the feelings he gave you. No matter how tough things were, you loved him, and so did he.

MONSTA X Bodyguard Minhyuk ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’

anon asked: Love your writing and I’m a big fan! I would love to request an expansion on Monsta x Minhyuk as your bodyguard. Pretty please with a cherry on top. I’m honestly addicted to your writing.

A/N: Hee hee! You’re so sweet, thank you! I really hope you like this. <3 WARNING: Mild Violence

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


Minhyuk was leaning against you again, practically molding himself into your side. Honestly the man had no concept of personal space.

“C’mon,” he whined taking your arm and wrapping it around his shoulders. “There’s no one here.”

“I know, but I have work to do.” Your voice held mild reproach but let him stay nonetheless.

“How often do we get to be alone when it’s not in your quarters?” Turning his head he began placing small kisses up your neck.

“Minhyuk! Someone could come in any second.”

Reaching your lips he gave you lingering kiss. Not too deep, but savoring the moment, then he pulled away. “Sorry I can’t help it. It’s hard to be with you all day and not touch you.”

You understood. As your guard Minhyuk was constantly at your side but the two of you had to maintain a professional working relationship. It wasn’t like there weren’t rumors about what was going on, the staff was so small it was impossible to stop them from spreading. But suspecting and seeing were two different things. So during the day one of you might tease with a glance or a touch but for the most part behaved. Which was why when night came it felt like the two of you were starving for each other.

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From Husk to Whole

Request: “Looking after Credence while he gets better (like after the events of the movie where he gets blown up?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: lots of sadness?? And fluff! lil bit of smut at the end too ay lmao

Day One

His body shifted in the light, fingers fleeting into dark wisps before settling back into their natural form. He was there, but at a particular angle he appeared as more of a shadow, a ghost you could barely see. Your knees buckled at the sight, a shaking hand reaching for him. You should have felt his skin, should have been able to grasp the pale flesh and just touch him. But your fingers slipped through, with a surprised gasp his skin broke away to ashes that danced in the air. He was alive. You could see his lips moving, muttering in his deep sleep, unable to form real words. You collapsed onto the ground, forehead falling against the mattress as sorrowful sobs tore through you violently. Your Credence was there, he was alive, but he wasn’t whole. Maybe he never would be again.


Day Four

You never failed to visit him, although you didn’t know whether you could call it visiting, since you spent every waking hour by his side. Every time the clock struck at the hour, the chime bouncing off the silent walls, you checked if you could touch him. All you wanted to do was feel him under your fingers, press a kiss to his cheek. But his flesh never ceased to turn away from you, shying from the affection.

“You have to eat (Y/n).” Newt wore a grim expression, picking up yet another plate full of untouched food that had gone cold.

“I’ll eat when he wakes.” You replied robotically, not taking your gaze off the sleeping figure.

“What if he doesn’t wake up?” Newt grimaced at the words, but he had to push you. He couldn’t stand to see you this way anymore, becoming a husk, mirroring the boy who lay unmoving apart from shallow breaths.

“He will.” You fought against the stinging in your eyes. “He has to.”

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BTS REACTS TO: getting their pregnant girlfriend their craving but finds them asleep!

“Hi can I get a bts scenario of them bringing their pregnant girlfriend her late night food craving and coming back to find her asleep ChubbyBunny anon”

-Admin Aylee <3

Seokjin would be an absolute cutie and wouldn’t object at all to going and getting you whatever weird combination you were craving in your pregnant state even after waking him in the depths of the night. He would go however far he had to in order to retrieve the exact brand you wanted and wouldn’t have a single complaint about it. He would step back into your bedroom with light feet, hoping that you had fallen asleep while he was out and luckily you had so he would place the food on the desk in your bedroom ready for you to snack on when you awoke. He would slip back into bed as if nothing had happened, holding you close and smiling to himself at your warm soft scent as he drifted into a deep sleep. 

Yoongi would certainly be grouchy if you woke him up to go and buy you food to satisfy your craving but you were lucky that most nights he wasn’t in bed until late due to working on his music. When you called him and he was only in the studio he wouldn’t mind going and buying anything for you since it gave him a reason to let himself go home to you so he would agree quickly to your pleas and get off without moaning at all. When he walked into your room with an arm full of snacks to a sleeping heap in the bed on the other hand, then he would be ready to moan at you. Knowing that you need the sleep he would leave you be and join you in bed quickly but don’t expect to hear the end of it the next day when he moodily grumbles about wasting his time since he didn’t even get to finish his song and even talk to you.

Hoseok would be silent as you woke him up, seemingly annoyed but in reality its just because he is still tired, in his mind he is just remembering the brands you like and wondering how much he should get you. He would get ready slowly and leave as quietly as possible to try and let you sleep again. He would be back quickly however since as soon as he woke up completely from the sharpness of the cool night air he would rush to get back to his love and child. Even though he would be out for only a little time you would have fallen back to sleep clutching your swollen stomach. He would laugh a little to himself and think that you looked adorable, his laughing may or may not wake you up but you wouldn’t mind anyway, just gesture him to join you and he would.

I feel like Namjoon would be fully prepared for your cravings with the ingredients already in the kitchen waiting to be microwaved or just plated up. When you woke him up he would be a little irritated but when you asked him to go get you your food he would understand that it was because of the baby that you had to wake him. He would give you a lazy grin as he walked out of your bedroom, dragging his feet slightly in his tired state. Once he had finished preparing your ,luckily simple, craving he would walk back into your room feeling extremely accomplished until he saw you laying asleep again, then being the god of destruction that he is he would drop the plate in his shock and wake you up. At least then you could eat what he made?

Jimin being the caring guy that he is would be 100% fine with you waking him up at anytime within the night to go and get you food for your pregnancy cravings. He would yawn and hug you close first asking you what you were craving this time with a kiss to the forehead. As soon as he found out what you wanted he would set off, thinking solely on the fact that his jagi needed something so thats what his jagi would get so he would only be out for a small amount of time. When he got back and saw your sleeping figure he would worry about you having not ate so he would quietly tap you on the shoulder and whisper to try and wake you up so you can quickly eat for you and your child before sleeping again.

Papa Taehyung would be ready to feed you and your baby’s cravings 24/7 with a box filled with your favourite snacks sitting inside a drawer in the cupboard across from your bed so there wouldn’t be much time for you to fall back to sleep after asking him to get you something but if in anyway possible you did he would tickle your sides a little to force you to stir so you can eat. He would always make sure to keep your cravings box overflowing with goodies so whatever you wanted was there, after all you would be the mother of his child.

It would be hard to wake Jungkook once he had been overtaken by sleep, snoring slightly and holding you tightly in a warm snuggled grip. You would poke his face, tickle him and peck his neck with your lips with no prevail. He would only awake when you started to whisper his name in his ear with persistency that would worry him slightly. He wouldn’t be happy that you were waking him but would get up to get you whatever you wanted anyway, going at a sleepily slow pace. he would get a little moody with you when he saw you curled up in bed sleeping once again while he stood tired and freezing holding your food but seeing your swollen stomach get in the way as you tried to reshift positions he would sigh and join you in bed, trying to help you get comfortable before sleeping himself.

죄라 (4)

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: Angst

Summary: “How do you antifreeze?” “How?” “Steal her blanket”

Author’s Note: Spoiler; it is a little bit of a pun fest, and I refuse to apologise for it. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

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Ay Yi Yi!

Crack Fic – Dean Winchester & Reader with a touch of Sam

Warnings: language, straight up crazy

Word Count: 1,905

A/N: I wrote this for my own Crack Challenge because inspiration hit and I thought why the hay not? So, enjoy my crazy after 11pm brain’s ramblings. And here is what a thrown together crack fic would look like, for all of those who may be wondering ;) I used Prompt #13: What do you mean we have to join a mariachi band?

There are still more prompts left! Send in an ask, lovelies!

Tags are way down below - let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)

“So get this,” Sam and I said in unison as we walked into the library.

“Dude,” I said with a smile.

“Nice,” Sam replied. We high fived and then turned back to an eye-rolling Dean. “We made a break on the case,” Sam continued, excitement evident in his voice, “which means I need to run to the store.” He clapped a hand on my shoulder, “Nice work, Y/N. I’ll be back soon.” Sam took off towards the Bunker door, leaving me with Dean and his beer.

“Care to fill me in?” Dean asked, taking a swig from the bottle.

I sat down across from him and rested my elbows on the table so I could settle my head in my hands, “So long story short…we’re joining a mariachi band.”

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anonymous asked:

I love your MirrorAU! Could you write Qui-gon seeing Obi-wan struggling and instead of trying to get him to Fall, he tries to help him cope? I'd just really love to see Jedi!Obi-wan with Sith!Qui-gon, and Obi-wan not Fall.

“…Where are we going?” Qui-Gon glanced over his shoulder at the Jedi standing in the cockpit doors, Obi-Wan looking drawn and a bit pale as he stared out at the space passing by the ship. He’d been asleep when Qui-Gon had carried him to the ship in the temple hanger but had clearly woken some time between then and now.

‘Alright, he’s speaking again…’ The other man stood from the chair and moved to the other man, cupping his narrow face in a broad hand. “Somewhere you might feel better.”

The other was visibly confused but to tired to argue even as Qui-Gon tucked an arm around his shoulders and drew him against Qui-Gon’s broad chest.

“Somewhere?” He questioned against the ridiculous expensive silk of the Sith’s tunic.

“Its clear that…the temple was making you…ill.” Qui-Gon started slowly, almost haltingly as if he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Thought everyone wanted me to fall…” Obi-Wan questioned as he fisted his hands into the silk.

“Fall, not break. That was breaking you.” Qui-Gon teased long copper hair strands with his fingers, feeling the silky texture. “I was not seeking a mindless puppet.” He grumbled.

Obi-Wan blinked. That almost sounded like the Sith cared.

“…So were are we going?”

“My summer home. Its on one of Serenno’s moons, a gift from my former master.”

Obi-Wan blinked at that, shifting against the warm chest he had become familiar with. Some dying part of him wondered if this was how his Qui-Gon would have felt to be close to, this warm and nice smelling.

The rest of him just tiredly leaned against this Qui-Gon. “And the other sith lords just agreed to let you take me away…?”

“You are mine.” The arms were now wrapped possessively around the copper haired. “They have no say.”

“Ah…” Obi-Wan had nothing to say to that.


Obi-Wan slept an entire day and an entire night cycle.

Qui-Gon contemplated waking him, watching the Jedi sleep in the middle of the bed, curled up on his side with his knees pulled up to his stomach. In the end he decided against it and had let him as the day of Serenno’s moon passed by slowly with rain falling outside the home.

He filled his day with checking on the house, sparring, having his own meals and hearing about the local towns before he joined his Jedi in bed, pulling the slighter body against his. He had been about to drop of to sleep himself when Obi-Wan had shifted and curled around him, burying his sleeping self against the sith in quiet, sleeping need.

‘I’m getting soft.’ Qui-Gon grunted as he adjusted his hold ever so slightly for boths comfort.

He woke alone in bed, to the sound of the fresher.

He’d loath to admit it even to himself but he was relieved when Obi-Wan followed him around for the start of the day before sliding away and going outside to the gardens, actually doing something after eating.

He kept a discreet eye on the Jedi from a window, watching him sit at a pond and feed the fish in it pellets, sun warming the others exposed freckled skin.

Now things could go back to normal with no one else around.

It also brought Qui-Gon to a revelation.

He didn’t want this Obi-Wan to fall.

He still wanted to keep him for sure, wanted to own him as he always wanted to own his own universe Obi-Wan. But he no longer wanted green eyes to turn yellow.

“This is not good.” He grumbled before mentally calculating if he could get away with claiming he wanted to keep a Jedi ‘pet’.

Yes…that would convince some.

A power display. Holding Obi-Wan as his ‘pet’. Qui-Gon smirked a bit to himself and looked back out to see Obi-Wan roll his leggings up before dipping his feet in the pond, smiling a bit at the fish nibbling at his toes.

“…No one should shine that brightly in the Force.” The Sith grumbled to himself.

anonymous asked:

pidge gets sick and lance insists on being her Devoted Nurse™ whether she wants/needs him to or not (and she'll never admit how much she actually enjoys being fussed over).

i’ve never written sick fic before and i also haven’t been really sick in a while, so i guess there’s a first time for everything. this one’s got a dose (hehe) of pining too. vaguely takes place during…season four, i guess

also it ran away from me and is ~4300 words, so enjoy!!

Pidge should’ve known something was wrong the moment she stood up. Her head spun, and the floor seemed to tilt beneath her while her vision adjusted. She rested one hand on the desk and pressed the other to her forehead, and when the dizzy spell faded she took one step, and then another, walking carefully because of the sudden weakness in her limbs, the way her legs threatened to buckle beneath her.

Behind her, the Green Lion growled, and Pidge didn’t need their loosely telepathic bond to know it was a rebuke. But instead of acknowledging it, she left the hangar, intent on drinking water to soothe her scratchy throat.

It figured that she would have seasonal allergies even in space.

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Slow Fade (2)

Overview: Being forced out of the only life you want comes with its hardships, but hiding it from the two people you care about the most proves to be the most challenging situation you’ll face.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Reader

Warnings: mild language

Word Count: 1,285

A/N: This was my first time writing Bobby, and I quite enjoyed it. 

Beta’d by my sole sister @wheresthekillswitch: “I can almost see his hopeful look”

and my writing soulmate @hannahindie: “WHAT IS HAPPENING”


The ride back was quieter than most, for which I was grateful. Sam was nursing a dislocated shoulder that Dean had popped back into place for him, and Dean was… well, Dean. Focused on the road, rock music blaring, giving me weighted glances in the rearview mirror every couple of minutes. Not that I saw, because I kept my eyes firmly glued to the window. But I could feel them.

When the tires finally rotate to a halt on the gravel drive, I’m out of the Impala and on the way towards the front door before Dean and Sam are even unbuckled. I crest the last step and raise a hand to the doorknob, my whole body giving a slight sway with the motion. Everything suddenly feels very empty.

Food. Need food. I wonder if Bobby found my secret stash-

The door flies open, and I almost fall into the now empty space in front of me. A steadying, calloused hand on my shoulder stops the forward motion, and I look up to see a miskept beard and well earned wrinkles.

“Hey, Bobby,” I say with a weak smile.

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Sunday Cravings

A pregnant Karen’s cravings cause an odd request for her new neighbor; based on this post; ao3

It was early on a Sunday when Karen was sitting at her small kitchen table, one hand smoothing over her cute four-month pregnant belly, reading a magazine as she waited for her muffins to be done baking.  She had her little radio on low, just for some background noise, and quietly hummed along as the smell of fresh blueberry muffins wafted from her oven.  

Outside her apartment door, there seemed to be more foot traffic than normal for a Sunday morning. The sound of heavy footfalls on the stairs, both coming and going, was seemingly constant.  The door of the vacant apartment across the hall was consistently being opened and closed.  Finally, the realization hits her – a new neighbor.  

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Negan’s Lost and Found part 4

Summary:  A little chat a little fun.  You don’t have to read the first three, because it’s basically porn with very little plot 

Words: 3000

Warnings:  Kink, mild dub/con, NSFW, Smut

@idonthavehusbandsihavelovers   @marauderice, @megandrawsspace, @kellyn1604, @negansmutweek, @negans-network

When you awoke the first thing you noticed was the throbbing pain in your neck.  Other parts of your body were sore too, but you had over extended your neck when offering it to Negan and now it felt like all the muscles were pulled.

               Negan. It wasn’t a dream.  Your eyes pop open and sure enough you’re not in Alexandria any longer.  A sheet is covering you, but it looks like you’re alone in the bed.  You move to sit up, but your arm is over your head and won’t come down.  Glancing towards it you see there is a handcuff around your wrist, the other side is attached to the headboard.  You hold the sheet to your chest and scoot backwards, bringing your knees to your chest.

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HELLO MY LOVELY READERS! And that one patient anon! I can’t believe it took me weeks to finish this fic, but I still hope you enjoy it! :-D This is seriously a very underrated relationship, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to throw my stick into the fire. :-D Thank you for waiting!

Paul Blofis, with his salt and pepper hair, his easy smile and nicely pressed collared shirts, was a terrible househusband. Or at least that was what Sally often said. With his inability to cook, clean, repair and do all those parental things, he most definitely agreed. 

On the weekdays, Paul’s teaching job was usually normal enough for him to get home at exactly 6 o’clock sharp. If everything was going well with her publisher, Sally would also be home by that time, and the smell of nice homely dinners would get Paul’s stomach grumbling and happy. Unfortunately for him, this particular day wasn’t going to fit in with the rest.

As soon as Paul hung his coat soundlessly at the door, it was not Sally’s cooking that greeted him by the hallway, but rather a harsh but soft moan. His heart thumped in his chest. Could that be a robber? No, it couldn’t be. All the windows in the apartment were shut tighter than the safe in the upstairs bedroom, and the lock of the front door didn’t seem tampered with. Blinking as his eyebrows soared to his receding hairline and his pulse gnawed at his hyper-tension prone veins, he swiftly turned around as another moan made him jump. He needed to be quiet. If this was some dangerous criminal… surprise was his only weapon. At least, that’s what he always heard on those night time survival shows on Discovery Channel. 

He grabbed the house keys and stuck one of the jagged edges out of his fist (like how all those self-defense lessons had taught him) and made sure his feet were planted firmly on the ground. Paul tried to survey the area but came up with little blobs of black. His eyes were already terrible even with glasses, but in the dim darkness, they were impossible! Instead, he opted to flick the light switch open at lightning speed. Once the living room was illuminated–

Percy?” He choked, dropping his bags in horror. Not even the audible crack of his laptop brought him out of the panicked frenzy he was slowly falling into. “PERCY?“ 

“Hey Paul,” Percy said nonchalantly.  To Paul’s horror, it was a horrible mash of words because HIS SIDE WAS BLEEDING AND THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE AND THE COUCH IS STAINED AND IS MY STEP SON DYING? Paul liked to believe that he thought that instead of shouting it out loud.   

“Oh dear, oh dear,” he mumbled. What was he supposed to do? Being a teacher, he was well trained in first-aid, but he wasn’t sure if his experience covered gaping wounds and monster venom. His eyes glanced over Percy’s supine form on the sofa before he felt his throat close up. “Oh dear, ohdearohdear.“ 

“Paul?” Percy called out, wincing as he tried to reach out to his panicked stepfather. “Paul? Earth to Paul?“ 

“Oh dear—What do I do?” Immediately, Paul  ran to the kitchen to grab an armful of paper towels to mop up Percy’s blood— “Oh dear, this is blood. Oh dear. This is bad. Do I call your mother? Should I do that? Will Sally think this is my fault? How about 911? Aren’t you supposed to be in college? DO I TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? WHERE IS ANNABETH?

On his hands and knees, Paul’s attention was focused on trying to keep his step son from dying and trying to wipe up the brown stains from the rug.


Paul, still in his terrible haze, remembered something about stopping the bleeding with a tourniquet. With this knowledge, he undid his belt and began to wag it around Percy’s body, which was draped over the couch. With his lunch coming up and his palms sweating, he realised that in order to tie a tourniquet, he would have to haul Percy up and remove his shirt to catch a glimpse of the wound. He didn’t think he was ready for that.


“Oh dear, oh dear,” he repeated again. His voice was becoming an octave higher after each dear, and it would’ve been hilarious if “PERCY WHAT DO I DO? Do I remove your shirt? Do I cut something? OH DEAR I’VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO STITCH– 


Paul grabbed his phone and began dialing 911 but dropped it when he saw bloody fingerprints grace the screen. 




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Rick Sanchez/Reader: Lost Connections

CW: NSFW. Fem Reader. Mutual Masturbation via webcam. 

I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days and wanted to get it out. 

Friday night. You were horny, half-drunk and alone. The swinging dick that usually served as a booty call had ghosted, which left you to take care of matters yourself. 

After surfing aimlessly through various porn sites, none of which appealed to you - though you did manage to find an awkward parody of a cartoon involving a guy who burped a lot screwing some chick covered in blue body paint - you decided what you really required was a little personal interaction. So you set up your webcam, angled in such a way that your face wasn’t in view, and navigated to Chatroullette.

Humming to yourself, your fingers making small circles around your clit, you hit ‘Connect’ and waited to be paired. The first person didn’t seem to have a working cam, their feed being entirely black, and the second one was wearing a bunny mask. No thanks. 

When you hit ‘Connect’ a third time, however, you paused. Your new chat partner didn’t appear to have any technological deficiencies nor obsessions with creepy head gear - but what he did have was a fucking giant cock. It was indecently large, thick, and you could see a nest of blue-gray pubes poking out from the zipper of a pair of brown slacks. Mouth slightly agape, you watched as he stroked himself, his hand moving lethargically. He wasn’t in a hurry, his languid pulls flowing up and down the shaft, making you lick your lips. The head was swollen, slightly red, and the whole thing glistened, slick with lube. 

And then he spoke.

F-fuck - you just gonna watch, baby? I-I thought this thing was - was a two way street?”

You whimpered - “Ohmygod” - his words having sent a spike of desire down your spine and straight into your cunt. Jesus that voice was delicious, obscene, and it made you feel dirty, hungry for more. He could probably make you cum with that alone, you thought, just his grumbled speech on the other end of a phone line and you’d be screaming, begging for him to fuck you.

“C’cmoooon, baby. Don’t - don’t make me skip to the next asshole. I-I can see your hand in your panties playing with that pussy. T-take ‘em off for me. Show me more.”

Nodding though he couldn’t see your face, you shifted your hips, sliding the waistband of your panties down and off your thighs. You heard him approve your decision “T-there we go. Gooood girl” - and then you were wriggling, positioning yourself so he could have a better view. 

“Oh fuck yes yes yes - that - th-that’s fucking perfect. Don’t move.”

His hand had picked up some speed, the wet sounds he made as he fucked himself only increasing the sweet heat between your legs. You ran two fingers over your slick folds, affording him a generous view of the moisture within, and it earned you a rumbling moan.

Shit that’s - that’s so fucking hot. Can - can you fuck yourself for me? I-I wanna see those fingers sliding in and out of that - that wet pussy.”

You did as instructed, your cunt clamping down on your hand as soon as you entered. With a whine you started to fuck yourself, your hips bucking as you watched him time his strokes to your movements. Finally, you had to ask.

“What’s your name?”

He chuckled a, low, guttural sound, before responding.

“Why? Y-you wanna know what to scream when - when you cum?”

Your voice was shaky, the tension increasing, making it hard to concentrate on anything other than the view of his cock and what he was doing to you.

Yes! I - I want to know, please. P-please tell me.”

He laughed again, but relented.

“I-it’s Rick, baby. My - my name is Rick. Now I-I better hear you say - hear it from your pretty little mouth when you cum for me. G-got it?”

Throwing your head back you whined as you pushed yourself closer to climax.

Rick! Yes - yes - I’ll say it!”

That earned you another grumbling moan, his hand beginning to lose its rhythm as he neared his own release.

You could feel your orgasm beginning to crest and, not wanting to disappoint him, you let him know. 

Ri-Rick I’m gonna cum - I’m gonna cum - can I? Please Rick let me cum.”

His breath was ragged, uneven, his hand moving in quick jerks, you could see his hips rolling. 

Fuck! Fuck yes baby, cum for me. L-let me hear you - nnnnf - shit - y-you’re gonna make me cum, too - goddamnit!

You heard a final, lurid groan and then saw his hand stall as long, strings of cum shot out over his bare stomach. That was the last push you needed, and then your release hit, making your thighs shake and close around your arm, your back arch. His name spilled from your lips again and again as you waited for that bright, blinding sensation to pass and leave you sated. 

Once you’d caught your breath, you glanced down at your screen. Rick hadn’t moved much. You thought he might have fallen asleep, but then he shifted, wiping at his skin to clean up the mess he’d made. While you’d never asked anyone for a personal contact before, this time you couldn’t help yourself.

“Do you - do you think I could get your email address or something? Maybe a phone number? I’d really like to do that again.”

But Rick just laughed as he stood to tuck himself away.

“I-I already have your location, baby. I’ll see you tomorrow night, be ready for me. Don’t worry, y-you won’t have to fuck yourself this time.”

And then the screen went black.

Unknown x MC: My Turn To See The Sky

Vanderwood gathered Saeyoung’s bags under his arms stuffing them into the trunk of the car. Grumbling about irresponsibility and laziness, he slammed the trunk closed locking the back with a button on his keys.

“Luciel! Get in here! It’s time to…goddamn it,” he tripped on some device Saeyoung made for you,“why can’t you pick this shit up…it’s time to go!” Vanderwood plucked things off the floor tossing them into their rightful places; out of his damn way.

Saeyoung ignored him resting his hand on your hip and holding his head up with the other. His thumb drew tiny circles as he gazed into your eyes.

“I won’t take long,” his voice was low, almost whispering his promise.

“You swear?” You stick your pinky out to him.

“The Defender of Justice God 707 never breaks a promise!! Especially one from a damsel such as you!!” He reluctantly left your hip to interlock your pinkies.

You pushed him on his back to tower above him. You stared indignantly into his golden eyes. His hands returned to your hips grinning like a fool.

“You better not,” you leaned down to kiss his cheek,“ or I’ll build a death ray and blow space away.”

“Ah! You would do that?”

“Only if you lied.”

“You’re so cool!”


“Okay…then…I’ll come back as fast as I can!” He pulls you down in a kiss that felt like he was afraid you’d float away.

“I’ll be rig-”

“When you lovebirds are fucking done canoodling all over those sheets I just washed, there’s a mission that needs doing and your little lady friend over there,” Vanderwood gestured to you, “can’t come. So let’s go.” He pulled out a cigarette, turned on his heel, and left the room grumbling about a shit lighter that couldn’t do its job.

“Gotta go, babe,” Saeyoung got up and blew a dramatic kiss at the door to you.


It had been a week since Saeyoung left. Every day felt longer than the last waiting for him. You grew anxious only calming yourself down by making his favorite food, shopping for things he’d like, or calling Yoosung. Saeyoung couldn’t answer his phone so texting when he couldn’t call was out of the question. Zen had even come over twice, once with Yoosung, to give you company.

Robocat rolled into and out of every room meowing about battery life. You lift the cat to replace its batteries and hear a click at the door. You nearly jumped out of your skin.

“Saeyoung!” The large metal doors parted revealing him and all his glory. You were thrilled running up to him with open arms and calling his name.

“Ah, I missed you so much,” you peppered his neck with kisses holding him as close as possible.

“I missed you too, babe,” his voice was slightly lower than you thought, but you didn’t ask questions about his missions.

“Are you hungry?” Your smile was vibrant as you pulled back, still holding his hands, to look into his eyes. They were a funkier gold…almost yellow.

‘Must be tired from the mission. He always said they were exhausting for one reason or another,’ you dismissed the thought.

“Yea. What is there to eat?” He looked around the room scanning for something.

“You don’t want any HBC?”

“Yea, of course I do,” he seemed unsure stuttering through his replies,“ but first,” he lifted you up into his arms carrying you into his bedroom, “I’ve been apart from you too long, wouldn’t you agree?” He locked the door behind him lowering the lights.

“Ah, Saeyoung,” he threw his jacket to the floor unbuttoning his shirt and tossing them elsewhere, “what about Vanderwood? He’ll hear us.” You noticed his body was muscular like before but somehow slimmer. Had to be lighting…

“Vanderwood is not a problem. Don’t worry about it, babe,” he climbed on top of you in bed sitting in your lap. He grabbed you pulling you into a deep hungry kiss. His lips seemed dead set on consuming your own until you opened your mouth. He controlled the kiss shoving his tongue in as soon as he saw an opening. The kiss made you dizzy as your core flared up pooling with need.

“S-Sae-,” you tried to say his name to ask him to slow down, but he cut you off.

“No, call me Master,” he parted the kiss to look you in the eye. “Say it.”


“Good girl,” he threw you on your back, “now take your shirt off for me.” His voice was ragged watching you peel out of your shirt. “That too,” he plucked your bra strap, “show me all of you.” You unhook your bra in the front tossing it onto the floor with your shirt.

He paused for a moment to admire your chest watching you breathe. The silence was too long but immediately cut short as he came down you biting your neck and tugging on your ear lobe. He bit into your skin sucking hungrily like he wanted to pull the blood out. He licked the developing bruises in long strokes savoring the sweet flavor of sex on your flesh.

He moved down to your chest kissing your breast while squeezing the other. His teeth latched onto a nipple grinding and tugging fiercely. He alternated sucking and biting while his other hand pinched and squeezed your breast. Gawd, he wanted to sap you dry. 

“M-Mast-Master,” he was relentless. Your body shook craving Saeyoung terribly. You wanted-no- you needed him to fuck you.

He left his hand on your breast as his tongue trailed down to your navel. He nibbled on your stomach dragging his nails down your abdomen to your trembling legs. He sat up once more admiring the expression on your face.

You were beautiful. He could smell how much you wanted him inside you. The way you fidgeted your legs trying to close them or your hands that had no mind but to travel along the sheets looking for a purpose or the teeth that dug into your bottom lip practically begging him to bury himself inside you. He couldn’t. A meal like you took time and he couldn’t just…finish so early. It was tempting, but watching you writhe under his control, in his arms, motivated him to take his time. He was harder than he had been in years ignited by your moans, but he’d enjoy you.

“Hold them there,” Saeyoung lifted your legs up, pushing them over your head. He growled releasing the grip he had behind your knee. He waited until your hands were firmly clasped around the bend of your leg before he dove in. That wait is too long. He parted your dripping core licking excessively long stripes until the tip of his tongue flicked your clit. You trembled with each one as the knot in your gut tightened so much you almost couldn’t hold your legs anymore.

He licked away until his licks became bites tugging at the puffy lips. You were sweet everywhere. He was enjoying himself too much. When you rocked or jumped, he pushed you forward again continuing to devour you.

“Don’t drop them,” he growled between feedings.

“Yes, Mas-Master,” his lips were covered in your essence. His tongue had explored as far as it could. He wanted to hear you scream. Not just whimper. He wanted you to beg and tremble beneath you; to take you to a paradise you wouldn’t recover from nor replicate.

“Release.” He watched you let go of your legs tired and breathing heavily. He wasn’t done. Far from it. He slipped off the bed.

“We done, Saeyoung?” You turned your head to look at him. He had pulled his pants off with his underwear and threw them into a crumpled heap. “Saeyoung…,” he looked a little…longer than before. You squint your eyes trying to see him.

“I thought,” he grabbed your hips roughly pulling you to the edge of the bed, “I told you,” he turned your body towards him standing between your legs, “to call me ‘Master’?” He hands had no intention of being gentle.

His eyes were bright even in the dark stained with mischief and lust. His gaze was fierce and hungry prepared to devour your will with a single command. Was this….was this Saeyoung?

“Saeyo-,” his eyes hardened.

“Fine.” He flipped you over on your stomach. He pinned your arms to your back holding your wrists in one hand. Confused you started to question him only to be cut short by a swift harsh smack on your ass. He struck with no consideration to the definition of pain in a merciless onslaught. Each smack followed the next before the pain subsided. He watched your ass jiggle with each spank pleased with the yelp that seemed to please him more than he expected.

After what felt like forever, his hand stopped.

“Repeat after me, babe,” his tone was gruff, almost hoarse, “I’m sorry, Master.”

“I-I’m s-sorry, Master,” your ass burned intensely as you replied to him without hesitation.

“See,” he released your wrist to flip you on your back, “being an obedient girl isn’t so hard.” He grinned. It wasn’t a sweet grin or a tender loving grin. There wasn’t a hint of love. It was raw unadulterated lust and control.
‘What happened on that mission…,’ before you could dig into that thought, Saeyoung tore something and lowered it to his waist below your vision.

“There,” he leaned over your body placing one hand on the bed and the other on his cock, “now we can play.”

He was merciless slamming himself in. Your back immediately arched off the bed pushing a moan to a puff of air. He was so much deeper than you expected and he fit perfectly.

He moved immediately gripping the bed and thrusting quickly. Your heat swallowed him convulsing around his cock gripping him like you never wanted him out. He was in ecstasy. He groaned pumping in harder. He wanted to brand the feeling of him inside you on every inch he could. You would remember him.

He lifted you up off the bed holding you by your legs with your arms locked around his neck. You bounced off him riding along this length using the momentum of him thrusting.
Your mind was swimming in deep pleasure unsure if you could hold out much longer. Trembling and moaning, you had never felt this way with Saeyoung. He was hitting every spot perfectly every single time, but you ached for more.

He turned to a wall slamming your back against it. He wanted to taste the hunger on your lips. He dug his nails into your ass as you laced your legs behind his back. He ground into you against the wall locking his lips with your own. Your tongue and his was in a fierce tug of war exploring the inside of each other’s mouths.

“Master,” you tried to part from his kiss,“ I’m…I’m close,” he pulled you off the wall and set you on the floor.

“All fours. Now.” His voice was loud and harsh demanding you move. Your core ached without him forcing you to act immediately. “Good girl.” He reentered you placing his hand on your back.

He pushed your face to the floor wrapping his rough hands around your hips. He wasted no time to fuck you. He pounded into you, very close to cumming himself, savoring every scream. The angle allowed him to hit a spot you hadn’t known existed. It felt so good you were losing your mind screaming so loud.

His nails pierced your skin as his mind raced. He wanted to come inside you. He longed for it. To watch the cum spill out of your quivering heat. To see you beg him for more breathless and splattered in his semen. He had to. He couldn’t. He had to mark you more.

He pulled out pulling off the condom and came on your back. The cum streamed down your spine to your neck from your ass. You shuddered trying to catch your breath.

He finished and sat back on his heels staring at your ass in the air and your cum dripping down your thighs. He wanted to fuck you again and again and again. His cock missed being inside you, but you couldn’t handle that and he knew it.

“M-Master,” you shakily pushed yourself up to flop on your back, “are we done?”

“Yes,” he moved to lay beside you pulling you against his chest. You focused on breathing to the rhythm of his heart. He closed his eyes resting beside you.

The serene expression on his face was a stark contrast from the ferocity you had just faced. You lifted your hand to stroke his hair running your fingers through what you knew to be red locks. You closed your eyes resting against him and his fast beating heart.

Every muscle in your body ached. You tried to sit up slowly stretching your body and its sores. You looked around the floor for the man who ravaged you. He was fully clothed in front of the bedroom door with his back to you.

“Where you going, Defender of Justice?” His grip on the knob tightened. He knew you couldn’t do anything. He knew it wouldn’t matter if you knew. You’d tell Saeyoung and his brother would know he stained his love. He’d know.

But he wanted him to know.

He turned around boring his bright blue eyes into your bare bodies. Chills slithered down your spine staring at the stranger who looked so much like Saeyoung.

“Who are you…?” He laughed.

“I’m the memory my brother forgot,” his smile was wrought with malevolence and sadness,“ my name is Unknown.”

Night Security at a Zoo

by reddit user SeasideConflux

This was a really well-written story that had an extremely terrifying concept. 

“Damned, dirty apes,” Ronnie cursed into the radio.

“What’s going on out there?” I asked, giving his quote a chuckle. I could hear the shrieking of the baboons in the background. The storm came down worse than the pretty weather girl said on the television earlier that night. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The wind gusts blew through the zoo accompanied by torrents of cold, thick rain. She said it was supposed to become a drizzle in the next couples hours yet it was intensifying.

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anonymous asked:

Possible ideas for the sick s/o series: [Ignis] in addition to routine temperature checks and giving meds and lots of affection, he makes his s/o’s favorite chicken noodle soup and they’re so happy they forget they’re sick (which makes him happy); [Noctis] stays in bed with his s/o offering comfort and cuddles (win-win for him XD); [Prompto] in a panic, constantly fetching all the things he thinks his s/o needs (necessary and non-necessary stuff) when all they want is his presence. :)

“Let Me Take Care of You” Series ~ Click HERE for part 1 (Gladio)

What lovely ideas for each of the guys! 😊

For Ignis’ edition, I decided to take a little riff on the chicken noodle soup idea.

I couldn’t resist letting the chef do his thing in the kitchen. 

I mean, his s/o is feeling sick - why wouldn’t he utilize his culinary gift to heal them?

Song: “Eyes” by Rogue Wave


When dealing with a stuffy nose, most people would reccomend turning on a humidifier to help loosten the sinuses and relieve facial pressure.

Ignis’ s/o found that hovering above the steam swirling from a hot bowl of his homemade chicken noodle soup was almost the same thing.

Her nose felt like it had been stuffed with cotton, closing up in such a way that her once pleasant sounding voice now mimicked that of a 90 year old man, garbling and grumbling as though she’d swallowed gravel.

It had only taken Ignis one moment to hear her low toned growl mumble “coffee?” as she shoved a fresh mug towards him that morning to decide that the poor girl wouldn’t be going anywhere with such a nasty head cold.

Sure, she’d tried to refuse and whine about all of the work she was missing, about the report that wouldn’t be turned in on time, about the mandatory meeting she’d be absent from, but are you really going to tell Ignis Scientia, the most responsible and hardworking man in Eos, that he’s wrong when he thinks you’re too ill to take the day off?

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