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Hey, if you're still taking promts, could you maybe turn this meme into a supercat fic? Person A: I'm off to that meeting / Person B: Forget something? / Person A: Yes! *kisses Person B* / Person B: I meant your pen [whispers] but thank you

(I have only seen the one where it’s with the boss and since that’s been going around as the new supercat thing, I figured it would work)

Bent over the coffee table, staring at spreads and making notes, Kara was hard at work. Cat had asked her to figure out what seemed off about it and now she was digging through every word, every straight edge angle of the pictures, and every note that Cat had already made in order to try and make her boss satisfied with the layout. She jotted down notes with her red pen, the one she always used when editing anything.

Cat walked into the office, having just come back from a meeting with some builders to clean up the latest of the evil ex-employee messes. Thankfully it was yet another one that Supergirl had been around to take care of. She walked past Kara on her couch and went to her desk, opening her laptop and fingers starting to click on the keys.

Kara looked up, somehow having not heard her boss walk back into the room. “Ms. Grant, how is the construction coming along? Were they able to get the Supergirl sized hole in the conference room fixed yet?”

Cat looked up at Kara over her laptop, glasses gripping tight just below the bridge of her nose. There was no more pretending between them; Kara had finally come clean. But when at work, Cat had promised to pretend she didn’t know that the city’s superhero was on her payroll. “Yes, thankfully. Just a few more holes to plug with spackle and tomorrow a fresh coat of paint will make the whole mess vanish.”

Kara smiled and nodded. “Good. You know, I’m sure Supergirl would be more than happy to pay for it if you asked.”

Cat sighed. “I already told you, Kara, Supergirl has saved my life enough times that she doesn’t deserve to get slapped with the bill. Besides, I started a Superhero damage insurance fund for CatCo.”

Kara couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “Maybe you should offer that to people who subscribe to The Tribune for a year.” She was kidding but Kara’s face fell from the laugh when she saw the wheels turning in her boss’s head. “Ms. Grant I was totally kidding.”

Cat shrugged then looked down at the clock. “It’s five o’clock, by the way.”

Kara looked at her watch and sighed. “Damn it, I’m late for the meeting.” When Cat raised her eyebrow, Kara shrugged. “Nothing important. Just my side job.” She stood, packing up her things and bringing the layout over to Cat. “I found a few other errors but I’m not sure if I figured out what was bugging you. I could take another look at it tomorrow if you would like.”

Cat waived her hand dismissively. “No, no. I’m just being a pain. I’m sure you did a perfect job as always.” She took the layout and shoved it into her bag. “I’ll just take them home and give them one last look before Olsen can have them back.”

Kara smiled. “Okay, well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” She rounded the couch and stopped when she heard Cat clearing her throat. “Yes?”

Cat pulled off her glasses, eyes quickly shifting to the coffee table and back. “Forget something?”

Kara’s eyes went wide. “Oh, yes!” She walked over to Cat and leaned down, kissing her forehead. “I’ll call you when I’m home from my extra curricular activities.”

Cat blushed and quickly glanced outside of her office, relieved to see no one there. “I meant your pen.” She then looked up at Kara and smiled, whispering, “But thank you.”

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Lololol hey dork! It's me again. I never imagined that you would spasm over the keyboard like that after I gave my honest compliments lol. It makes me happy to read that YOU'RE happy. Totally worth staying up a little extra at ass-o-clock in the morning. Also, the Prompto-thing is cute! (The one where Gladio snatches his phone to say that Prompto was screaming their name) Do you have any more shenanigans with a reader whose friends with the chocobros?

you need a special name because every single time i see you i get so excited like omg i love you so much and i hope you love me too you fool omg dfjshakjh i get so excited bless your soul

Chocobros With Their ChocoTagAlong

  • Gladio is a bed in himself because 1) he needs someone to hold to and 2) he is a bed in itself he is so big like holy shit
  • Ignis will watch in slight annoyance from far away as everyone leaves their dishes and never returns to help
  • bonus points with Specs if you help with the dishes
  • Noctis gets morning wood and calls it his light stick
  • Reader beat the living shit out of Noctis for asking them to take care of it for him
  • Then also teased the shit out of him for it
  • “Does the princely night stick glow???”
  • Cue Prompto and Gladio snorting and howling in laughter
  • Ignis cracks a smile and silently pushes up his glasses while peering towards Reader because hahha smart one kid
  • One time Prompto brought up being a Dragonkin
  • Reader slapped him upside the head
  • The one time Prompto was in the back seat he got so flustered because Gladio kept talking about Chocobros
  • and it made Noctis tease his best friend about fetishes
  • Never again.
  • Everyone thinks that Prompto is into chocobos sexually now
  • Even Ignis doesnt play around with that shit
  • If they have rides for the next few days, Prompto can only depend on Reader to be his new best friend
  • They still tease him
  • When they get to Altissa, Noctis threatens to fight Weskom
  • And the old man just stares him down like “BO I”
  • Reader was just cackling
  • once upon a time
  • in the back of the Regalia
  • Ignis reached across Reader and slapped the LIVING SHIT OUTTA GLADIO FOR FLIRTING WITH READER
  • W O O O O O  DAMN
  • it was fucking halarious
  • Like oh damn down goes the big man
  • im cackling it rhymes
  • Gladio sat there in straight up horror and just stared at ignis like ‘you did not just disrespect my beautiful cheek bones you annoying little twink’
  • and we all know Iggy
  • He just raises his eyebrows like ‘what you gonna do you lil ho’
  • Gladio shut up real quick after that
  • Reader makes Iggy’s coffee now because he trusts nobody but them in that back seat
  • Noctis is butt hurt over it
  • “It was the only job I was allowed to do”
  • “Noctis your coffee tastes like actual shit”
  • He didnt talk to them for like three days
  • more like three hours because eventually they had a super cool link in battle
  • i am kidding i cant continue this right now im actually crying in laughter.
  • but this is a series now kids

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I don't know if you're still in the writing mood but here's a prompt if you're up for it: clark non-explicitly asking bruce out in the middle of conversations and never being taken seriously

(AN: I’m sorry this took a little longer, I’ve been working more days lately and there is a couple days between me writing the beginning of this and the end if things seem a little wonky. I hope you like it either way)

“He has to know right? I mean, it’s Batman.”

“Let it go, Bear.” Hal said not looking up from his magazine. The two were supposed to be on monitor duty, but the Lantern normal took this time to relax and maybe catch up on some sleep if he was partnered with someone reliable and there were very few more reliable than Flash. Except apparently when there was drama afoot.

“I can’t just let it go.” Barry sighed but reluctantly turned back to the monitors, far used to his friend’s routine. Between Justice League missions and Green Lantern duties, he couldn’t really complain if the guy fell asleep while working. Much. “It’s like watching someone slip on something in slow motion. It’s too late to warn them and you know it’s going to end in disaster.”

Hal snorted but didn’t object to the hyperbole. Of course Batman had to see it, they all had. It had been going on for months. Hell, maybe even years considering the two had known each other for far longer than the rest of them had.

Then again, he thought, glancing up towards where Batman and Superman were huddled over the plans for the Watchtower renovations. The guy does have the emotionally intelligence of a potato.

Supes was standing shoulder to shoulder with the Bat, a proximity that seemed only to be reserved for him, Diana and his forty friggin kids. The aforementioned Bat’s shoulders weren’t as tense as they normally were. If it was anyone else, Hal would have just narrowed it down to the years of familiarity they had on the rest of them, but the Lantern had only seen that particular extent of relaxation around the other man’s fifty-seven bat kids. Hal shook his head, turning back to his magazine and taking his own advice, letting it go.

“We need to fix the water pressure in the en-suite showers, but that can wait.” Bruce said, lens covered eyes scanning the plans as Clark nodded along. “It’s the satellite that needs immediate attention.”

“Did you see that new restaurant by the Planet earlier?” Clark asked as his friend lapsed into brief silence, most likely doing calculations in his head.

“I did. That meteor shower on Monday caused more damage than J’onn and I anticipated. Some of the panels will need to be replaced.”
“Well that’s probably because I needed to destroy an asteroid to make it a meteor shower. We should go there for lunch tomorrow instead of the diner.”

“Rosanne would stop giving you that free cheesecake if she found out we skipped out on the usual place. I can get new panels, but it might take a couple days.”

“I can loop around the planet a couple times every day until we get them. And okay, that’s fair.” Clark chuckled, thinking of the older waitress that normally took his and Bruce’s order whenever the former was in Metropolis. “Well how about we go there for dinner?” He suggested albeit hopefully.

“Can’t. Charity dinner. One that you’re covering.” Bruce hummed without missing a beat. “That’s impractical even for you, Superman. There might be a way I can get them as early as tonight, might have to involve Malone though.”

“Oh. Right, day job.” His shoulder’s sagged only the slightest bit and he raised a half amused eyebrow. “Malone has those kind of connections?”

“You’d be surprised. I’ll make the arrangements for after the dinner later. If I can get them, you’re going to have to do the heavy lifting.”

“Yeah, I can do that, B.”

He has to know. Dick thought watching Bruce and Clark crowd the monitor (Batcomputer as Nightwing had mentally dubbed it) looking over the results of the tests Bruce had ran on a strange metallic object that Clark had ‘ran into’ during one of his most recent battles. Clark’s hand rested on the top of the computer chair as he leaned forward for a ‘better look at the screen’, invading Bruce’s personal space. Rather than objecting to the proximity, B didn’t even seem to notice it. Which Dick knew was bullshit since his father figure was aware of almost everything in his environment. He was sure Clark was aware of this as well.

It was a familiar routine, one that Dick could trace back to his Robin days, when Clark and Bruce first began their uneasy truce that surcame to years of true friendship. Of course, back then he hadn’t been totally aware that Superman had been flirting with his guardian. Not until Jason had taken up the Robin mantle at least. He shook his head. At this point he wasn’t sure if Bruce was toying with the other man or if this had actually managed to evade the Batman’s noticed. Which he seriously doubted. The pattern was always the same; they did some actual work for a few hours, standing or working closer to each other than strictly necessary, then Clark would bring up a movie he was thinking about seeing (this week was the new King Kong movie, go figure) or a concert or restaurant he wanted to go check out and would casually invite Bruce along, only for it to go over the Bat’s head.

The worst part was, Dick knew Bruce was interested. He knew Bruce better than the older man knew himself sometimes. They all saw the softness in his eyes when it came to Clark, the inside jokes, the way the Man of Steel could just ‘pop by’ without getting the whole ‘my city’ speech (most of the time) anymore. So it baffled the eldest child a little. He didn’t know why he toyed with the other man like that. Maybe he decided he would lose interest, maybe he had somehow convinced himself that he was somehow a danger to the indestructible man like he had most people in his life. Maybe he convinced himself that relationships themselves were too dangerous, too distracting from his work.

Maybe, Dick thought as he watched Bruce’s lips twitch a little at some corny joke Clark had made before falling back into their neutral scowl. He thinks he’s the one being toyed with.

He shook his head and headed upstairs for something to eat, ruffling Damian’s hair as he passed him on the stairs.

“Try not to be as hopeless as them when you get older, okay?” He muttered, smirking at the confused look he got as he walked away.

Clark yawned and stretched, pushing up his glasses to rub at his eyes. Alien or not, staring at his computer screen for six straight hours had done nothing good to his eyes, or his back for that matter.

“So, even Superman gets uncomfortable in cheap office chairs.” He looked up in brief panic before his brain registered the voice. The shadows of the empty bullpen seemed to naturally surround Bruce, even when his Batsuit was traded for a nice Armani one. His lips were quirked in a small, amused smile as he approached his desk as he had many times before. “The job of an investigative journalist is never done I see.”

“Unfortunately not.” Clark chuckled, leaning back in the chair to better look up at him better. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Wayne?” He asked with a bit of a teasing grin. Bruce said nothing, just studying his face with those calculating blue eyes in a way that always made Clark want to squirm. Of course, if he did, that mean Bruce won. It became a game at some point, though he couldn’t say when, one he was almost sure he wouldn’t win. There was no winning with the Bat. He had even resigned to stop his advances, forfeit the game. He was content with being friends, that would be enough for him.

Of course with Bruce, it wasn’t that simple. Because, like most things with the Bat, the moment Clark thought he was out, Bruce changed the rules. The billionaire leaned down and pressed his lips against the reporter’s, who responded to the long dreamt about kiss immediately, cradling the back of his head, afraid it would end just as suddenly. When Bruce did pull away, he was smirking.

“Come on, you owe me dinner.”

Cayleigh Elise's Spoopy Fun Starters (Edited)
  • “What the fuck was that!?”
  • “Why? Why does any mythical creature do anything weird?”
  • “That was lame. Very relevant. But still very lame.”
  • “Welcome, brethren. I have found my fellow screamers.”
  • “That's South America to your right, and that's uh…R'lyeh there on your left.”
  • “They're dead. You realize that? This is technically necrophilia.”
  • “I'm gonna go hide under a blanket with some chocolate and have some fun there.”
  • “I don't know why I clapped.”
  • “Caves are kind of like the Earth's assholes, and who knows what's hiding inside of them?”
  • “The lesson here? Uh, don't be a little asshole!”
  • “That's not a real baby! Run!”
  • “Forewarning, it's gonna get gross.”
  • “I hope you aren't eating. If you are, you might wanna put down your food.”
  • “Get your head out of the gutter! Not that kind of doll!”
  • “You think that if I come face to face with eyeless, noseless, drooling Magoo back there, I'm gonna care who the fuck put it there!?”
  • “You heard me right. Someone thought of this.”
  • “Oh, I look so pretty right now.”
  • “You must be a robot. And if that's the case, I await your inevitable takeover. Please don't delete me.”
  • “That was a joke for all you people who think I'm a narcissistic asshole.”
  • “I don't think this is going anywhere good.”
  • “If that isn't fucked up, I don't know that I wanna be on this earth anymore!”
  • “Carry scissors. Just don't run with them, for the love of all things DUH!”
  • “How much bigger? This much bigger. Like, Jurassic Park bigger…Like, liopleurodon bigger.”
  • “It's not your mama, but you can keep crying for her if you want.”
  • “People like that are kind of horror stories in and of themselves.”
  • “This may be the most cringe-inducing three minutes of your day.”
  • “Just a friendly reminder that even when you're trying to treat yo' self, death is always around the corner.”
  • “I will be on vacation, not scaring the shit out of myself.”
  • “Is anyone else a little…itchy?”
  • “I'm just gonna say, I would have already quit at this point. Too much prep work for me.”
  • “I'm gonna go with the Ouija Board Rule and say it's probs a bad idea to burn it.”
  • “Just say no to Satan, kids!”
  • “I guess the dead brother truly was…a holey man.”
  • “Not like in a sexual way. More like in a ‘I'm gonna suffocate you by sitting on you,’ kind of way.”
  • “Turn on the lights. Dance your anxiety away, and…Be fabulous!”
  • “If you got that reference, you're probably as old as me. Or older…Sorry.”
  • “I've got enough nope in my life without a demon death wish, thank you very much!”
  • “There is a dead centipede on the ground, and I'm gonna cry.”
  • “And that is what we shall call her! The Bloop!”
  • “No seriously, they did. They called it The Bloop.”
  • “Dammit, there goes plan B. I was totally gonna make a shrine to a creepy possessed doll.”
  • “Cool. I've always wanted to suffocate and freeze alone in the vacuum of space.”
  • “If I saw that coming towards me, I'm sorry, I'm probably gonna shit my pants.”
  • “No. They're not wondering that at all. They're being eaten.”
  • “Yeah, I'd say that's kind of a jerk move to subject people to a possible death via possessed doll.”
  • “I feel like this is a thought all mothers have with their children.”
  • “Am I right, or am I right? Sometimes you're just right!”
  • “I will refrain from elaborating further, because my goal is not to make you throw up.”
  • “And you just had to touch the pretty little light!”
  • “Let's just say that if you saw a body shot of her on Tinder, you would be swiping right.”
  • “If that doesn't scream serene, I don't know what does!”
  • “Just because she's left you alone, doesn't mean she's not dangerous.”
  • “Surely that just makes her exotic.”
  • “I'm sorry. I just realized how stupid I am.”
  • “Surprise! I hate babies!”
  • “Imagine that in your windpipe. Yikes, and ouch, and also…That's what she said.”
  • “I hear some chanting in there…”
  • “…Not my ideal way to go out.”
  • “This sounds like a demonic, less fun version of an invisible petting zoo.”
  • “Are you comfortable yet? Good.”
  • “Okay. Really starting to think we should put the house up for sale, guys.”
  • “No one knows, you dingus. He disappeared.”
  • “Why!? She's going to eat you!”

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Ah! you're drawing? I would enjoy seeing how far you've progressed in this training }:)

Have you even seen how much I’ve improved since I last drew yo-

Y-y…. Oh… No….

O-ok. OKAY. I know it LOOKS like I was tracing b-but I just was…. I was…

Oh, who am I kidding? I totally traced that…

I know my art looks like hot garbage… Alphys’s art…

Is just so much better! She gives me tips… but I know I’m never going to be as good as her… Her art is so professional! I swear, she doesn’t like showing it to people, but it always super blows my mind! Even if she says “it’s just a five second doodle”, or “it isn’t very good”… I bet she thinks my art is trash!

But even so…

It would be so much worse to give up! Gotta stay determined and just keep trying my hardest! I’ll keep improving, Asgore!

You're Beautiful (Halloween Prompt #4)

A/N: Yeeyyy @killeralex16 sent me a long and detailed prompt in our chat, featuring SQUISHY BOKUTO so I wrote this fic omg it’s also thanks to her that I’m doing Halloween prompts. Hope you like it!

Prompt: It’s time to go to a costume party, and Person A and Person B want to match for the contest being held! But they can’t reach a decision on who is going to be stuck in the “sexy” version of the costumes they’ve picked out. 

–SFW with brief mention of sex~

Word Count: 1420

I’m on my way! Make sure you’re ready, this is gonna be one epic night!

Kuroo shrugged when Bokuto didn’t reply to his message. It even said he read it, but he didn’t answer? He wondered what had happened to Bokuto’s excitement. 

Until a while ago, both of them had been totally riled up for the Halloween Party they planned to attend together. It was even weeks ago when they had agreed to dress up as a sexy duo cop team, with handcuffs and everything. Flirt with all guys at the party but especially with each other, and then have the best closure by having the hottest sex ever with one of them restrained with the cuffs. How exciting?! 

However, Bokuto had stopped showing his side of excitement a couple of days ago, and even now he didn’t reply. Oh well, Kuroo was on his way to pick him up so he was soon going to find out why he was acting this way.

“I’m here to pick up Bo-chan,” Kuroo told Akaashi, Bokuto’s roommate, who simply nodded and stepped aside to let him in their apartment. 

“He’s in his room,” Akaashi said, and Kuroo took a quick glance around the apartment, taking notice of all the Halloween attributes and especially of the snacks that lay scattered across the room. Candy wrappers and empty potato chips bags were everywhere, and Kuroo cocked his head. 

He then entered the Bokuto’s room without warning, and Bokuto who stood in front of his mirror let out a surprised shriek and jumped around to face him, quickly pulling down the top part of his costume.

“K-Kuroo!” he said, blushing and pulling more at the fabric of his costume.

“I told you I was coming didn’t I? But I see you’re wearing it, you look wonderful!” Kuroo said with a smile, and he took a step towards him, but Bokuto backed against his mirror and shook his head.

“It’s a disaster Kuroo! I meant to tell you but…” Bokuto shamefully lifted the top of his costume a little, and Kuroo quickly covered his mouth with his hand to smother a spontaneous laugh that threatened to come out. The pants looked to be tighter than when they had fit them a couple of weeks ago. Bokuto’s chubby tummy hung over it and..

“Pfffhahaaha! You gained weight! That’s adorable!” Kuroo failed at holding back his laughter, and Bokuto blushed even more and shut his eyes.

“Don’t laugh at me! It’s not adorable! I g-got so excited by all the Halloween specials, all those theme snacks and oh those new Dorritos flavours are amazing and then Akaashi also bought a lot of sweets to hand out to the kids for Trick or Treat and I ate them too and omg? This happened!” Bokuto patted his chubby tummy and he pouted. 

“The pants fit barely and I look so fat in uniform now. I’m sorry I messed up our sexy cop- idea… I was too embarrassed to tell you too,” Bokuto sighed, and Kuroo stopped laughing. His poor boyfriend really looked upset, even when Kuroo obviously didn’t mind at all. 

“Bokuto…” Kuroo inhaled and forced himself to put on his serious face. He then stepped towards the sulking guy, reached for his own cuffs and… click

In a swift motion, he had turned Bokuto around, twisted his arms behind his back and secured his hands with the handcuffs.

“You are under arrest,” Kuroo said, and he threw the sputtering guy onto his messy bed. 

“W-wha-why huh?! For eating too much?!” Bokuto tried to roll to the side, but Kuroo climbed onto the bed as well, shoved away a tiny pile of empty candy wrappers and then grabbed Bokuto’s legs. He dragged him towards him and climbed on top of his squirming body, straddling his waist and smirking down at him.

“Nope, for being a drepressed ass about it,” Kuroo replied, and he positioned both hands on Bokuto’s tummy and squeezed the squishy flesh a little.

“Eyaha! T-then what do you want me to do?! Say I’m a beautiful chub?!” Bokuto giggled, and he squeaked when Kuroo dug his fingers a little bit rougher into the flesh of his tummy.

“Good idea. And mean it,” Kuroo said, and he proceeded to tickle the hell out of his chubby boyfriend.

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  • Yeah sure he’s a tutor
  • But you know who he’s a tutor for?
  • Not you
  • Which upsets him so much
  • Technically he hasn’t even “met” you yet
  • But he wants to so badly
  • Because you’re???? So cute my god just glancing at you makes his face redden and his smile brighter
  • He knew you were just as sweet as you looked, too
  • He’s seen every single time when someone drops their stuff and you race to help them out
  • You’re nice and you cute and he’s just??? So head over heals
  • But he’s also really rEALLY SHY
  • There has definitely been times where you might’ve totally caught him staring
  • And he just
  • Fumbles
  • Looks back at his student
  • Pretends nothing was happening at all
  • With a bright tomato red face ofc
  • And whatever he’s saying to his students makes NO SENSE EITHER
  • “Mr. Minghao I have no idea what you’re talking about I checked this problem already and I know for a fact I got it right why are you talking about it again??”
  • His students totally know about his major crush on you too
  • Like it’s really obvious and those kids are not stupid
  • “Mr. Minghao please stop staring at the love of your life for a second and help me with this problem please.”
  • He’s just like
  • “L-Love of my-??? You shut it, kid!”
  • And he just ruffles the kid’s hair in revenge before helping with the problem
  • He’s a real cutie plz he’s so cute and cutie’s with kids are automatically 10000000x cuter
  • You know this ofc
  • You know about Minghao’s cuteness
  • I mean???? It’s the talk of the library let’s be real
  • Sadly you’ve never had a reason to start up a conversation with him
  • You’d really like to, though
  • He seems like a very interesting person
  • The chance finally came for the both of you one day, however
  • All of the spots in the library were taken up
  • The only place to sit was either at a table full of rowdy kids who were just there to mess around
  • Or at Minghao’s table across from him and his student
  • Ofc you chose Minghao’s table??? Pretty obvious
  • So you strode up to the two with a smile plastered across your incredibly adorable face
  • Which, in turn, made Minghao freeze like??? Why are you coming over here oh my god no wait I’m not ready w A I T
  • “May I sit here? I promise I’ll try not to be a bother!”
  • Poor Minghao just gapes at you like a fish out of water
  • It’s his student who has to tell you that you can sit
  • “Absolutely!! And no need to worry, Mr. Minghao is pleased to have you here~”
  • The poor kid gets a hand slapped over his mouth
  • “Ahahaha! You’re such a kidder! Work on your homework, Sunyoul.”
  • He looks up at you
  • Well, kinda
  • More like he looks over at the librarians with large beads of sweat just pouring down his face
  • “Y-Yes! Please, take a seat! I-uh-We’ll try to keep our voices down s-so you can work in p-peace.”
  • Fucking stuttering god he just can’t form words how does one talk???? This is too hard
  • You smile at his cute reaction and sit down in the chair across from Minghao’s
  • After this you kinda??? Just end up continuing to sit with the two every day
  • Well, Minghao is always there
  • It’s usually Sunyoul that’s with you two as well, but sometimes it’ll be a little girl named Yuju or a little boy named Yoongi
  • Yuju REALLY wanted you and Minghao to get married and adopt her
  • Yoongi was a little bit possessive over Minghao
  • “He’s my tutor! Go find your own!”
  • Yoongi was adorable
  • Sunyoul was who was almost always there, though
  • The little kid was just the embodiment of sunshine you swear up and down
  • He was such a little gentleman???? What a cutie omg
  • Minghao totally gets jealous by the amount of attention you give the small kid
  • It was hilarious
  • So anyways
  • One day you walk into the library
  • It was a totally normal day
  • Except that next to Minghao there wasn’t any small kid
  • And that the poor guy was nERVOUS AS HELL IS WAS SUPER OBVIOUS
  • “What’s wrong, Minghao?”
  • He looks so scared so of coURSE you’re worried
  • But instead of getting any sort of answer from him you just get an incredibly surprised look in return
  • “I just- uh- well I’m- you see- uhhh…”
  • You could almost see the gears in his head just crashing
  • Finally, after a few moments of repair, he reaches his decision
  • The boy looks up at you with sudden determination
  • “H-How do you feel about f-frozen yogurt??”
  • Which is quite a weird question to ask and Minghao is just beating himself up so much oh jeez
  • “I love frozen yogurt! …Why?”
  • The inside of him is just screaming “FUCK”
  • While the outside of him is just sweating his own personal ocean
  • “I was wondering… if.. maybe.. I could… take you there?? Instead of… staying here??”
  • Smooth
  • Finally understanding what he means, you giggle
  • And grab his hand
  • Which almost makes him have a heart attack btw don’t dO THAT TO THIS POOR KID
  • “I would love to.”
  • And ever since that day Minghao has been lowkey really glad that Yuju got sick
  • Though did she really get sick???
  • Who knows

Seventeen Library AU Masterlist

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i just read your post about shan having freckles, and he being red it's totally possible, so... please make some headcanon out of this! btw i love all of your headcanons!! love ya o(≧◇≦)o

oh my god, anon, thank you so much!! ( /)w(\✿) im really happy you like my headcanons and that you find it possible for guan shan to have freckles!! i feel like you probably shouldn’t have enabled me on this, because as it turns out i have quite a lot of feelings about it…………um. anyway, i hope you’ll enjoy this and thank you so much for asking!! (usual warnings: fluff, some vague mentions of sexual stuff, still long as hell someone pls stop me)

  • as a kid, guan shan had a lot of freckles scattered all over his face and body
  • he inherited them from his mom, and he always found them beautiful on her, but the other kids used to make fun of him because he had so many and he became a bit self conscious
  • he still is sometimes, but as he grew up the freckles started to fade in a lot of places, especially on his face, and he learned not to particularly care about what other people said about them
  • now he only has them on his shoulder, back, and thighs, and they reappear on his face and other parts of his body only when he stays under the sun for a lot of time
  • the first time he tian sees guan shan shirtless he doesn’t even notice the freckles, mostly because he is too busy staring at his abs *coughs*
  • it’s jian yi who points them out the next time guan shan takes his shirt off during p.e., and he gets very excited, taking guan shan by the shoulders and insisting on wanting to count them
  • meanwhile he tian is on the side having a Moment because apparently guan shan with freckles is a thing now and he has to restrain himself not to just go there and touch him

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bigbang/bts/seventeen reaction to when you're in a secret relationship and another member is flirting with you?


Daesung: would not sit around and let that happen OH HELL NO he’d like shout at them from across the room that they’re shameless and basically try to embarrass them out of it

G-Dragon: ok this kid knows he’s got you wrapped around his finger, it’s not like he’d totally ignore what’s happening. He’d probably creep up and change the subject just to be sure, though

Seungri: this kid… i swear to god he’d completely forget that you two are a secret and just straight up shout “stop flirting with my girlfriend, you ass” and you’d just kind of stand there stupefied like “holy shit he did nOT”

Taeyang: He’d have a pretty level head if something like this were to happen, he’d pull the other member aside and be like “listen, you can’t flirt with them, they’re off limits sorry” and be super careful to keep your secret safe

TOP: He’d call you over immediately. As soon as he sees the other member’s eyes get twinkly he’d physically drag you away if he had to he just doesn’t want there to be a conflict about it


J-Hope: He’d get SO MAD honestly but he’d keep it in he wouldn’t want your relationship to get between him and another member especially because you’re not supposed to be in a relationship, but he’d talk to you about it and you’d reassure him it’s all ok, you’re no one but his

Jimin: swoops right in, leaning against the nearest doorway like “HEY GUYS what’s up what’s the scoop what have I missed? Oh, did I just see you flirting with Y/N? Wow, you’re so straightforward, too bad she’s not single.” but he’d never admit he was the reason you weren’t single he’s sneaky

Jin: would get a little squirmy. he’d be pretty confident that you weren’t being sucked in by someone else’s charms, but he’d have a heart to heart with the other member like “listen, she’s not interested… she… uh… she’s celibate?” he’d make any excuse but I feel like they’d figure it out right then and there and he’d force them to never tell a SOUL

Jungkook: He’d be way too apprehensive to do anything about it in the moment, he’d gaze at a distance just to keep tabs but he’d try to bombard you with texts so you look distracted and disinterested in the hopes that member would kind of give up or get the “hint”

Rap Monster: he’d walk by casually and just kind of mutter in the other member’s ear “you’re not allowed to date. just a reminder.” leader steppin up.

Suga: he’d be f u m i n g. but subtly. fuming only so much that if you caught a glimpse of him from out the corner of your eye you’d know you had to shut down that flirting REAL QUICK

Taehyung: i think he’d be really chill if something like this happened. he’d just kind of laugh to himself because he 100% trusts you and thinks it’s pretty funny they think they can pick you up


S.Coups: He’d jog over just to “assess the situation.” but he’s spying on you. 100% spying on you. He’d get like Jeonghan or someone to go spy on you for him if he had to.

Jeonghan: texts the other member something vaguely threatening. “i hope you like your eyebrows. stop flirting with Y/N.”

Joshua: panics a lil bit. he’d get your attention from wherever he saw you by waving his arms and once he got you over he’d kind of worriedly ask you if you knew the other member was flirting and he’d get all red and worried it’d be unreasonably cute

Woozi: his ears will turn super super red and he’ll say something snarky from where he’s fuming and the other member would be SO CONFUSED but he’d keep it all together until you were alone with him and he’d rant about it to you about how he hates sneaking around with you and just wants to go public already

Hoshi: has zero problem butting into the situation. comes right on up next to you and puts his arm around your waist out of habit and your eyes get really wide and he quickly turns it into a hug like “long time no see!” and his heart would be pounding really hard but it would be a nice save


DK: Comes up and asks the other member “Oh, you like Y/N?” and just waits for them to get flustered and leave b/c they don’t want to admit to both you and another member. he’s got some good strategy, he came prepared

Wonwoo: I don’t think he’d notice really, but if another member came up and asked if he though you’d go for him, he’d shut that down really fast. and with a lot of stuttering.

Mingyu: makes puppy noises until everyone is annoyed with him and leaves and you glare at him bc “that was childish” but he doesn’t care not one bit

Minghao: doesn’t say anything. but later that night at the dorm don’t be surprised if Wonwoo comes complaining to you the next day because his toothpaste was replaced with sand a pickle juice. hmmmmm…..

Seungkwan: comes up and starts flirting with you instead. no shame. no one has to know you’re dating, necessarily…

Vernon: he’d be caught so off guard, like he never thought he’d have to deal with something like this ever, he’d be rooted to the spot staring at you, but once you noticed, you’d come over to him and ask what’s up and he’d tell you that the other member is flirting but you’d say “I know, i told him I wasn’t interested” and he’d let out this sigh of relief, like wow i have the greatest girlfriend 

Dino: takes the other member aside and straight up says, “Y/N is my girlfriend, and I don’t want anyone else to know, but you need to stop flirting with her.” and the other member would be a lil shellshocked but respectful like wow what a mature, chill kid

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Oh, no! Now I need to know how gamkar would work with your tyrian!Karkat AU. (P.S. Your brain amazes me. You are an inspiration for me. ILU in the hopefully not creepy way. Also, you're hella cute. Okay, going now. Bye.)

Ohhhh NO THE OTP. 8I  ANON WHY (thank you btw that is very sweet of you to say. <3)

okay like

  • Karkat has this weird collection of oddities like the psychic with the four horns and the freakishly STRONG guy and all their friends and basically their whole clade, one of every color to help him figure stuff out about the planet and how to take care of it
  • then this guy keeps shooting faygo bottles out into the ocean like it isn’t even a thing
  • Karkat shows up on the beach and the kid is a dopey idiot with facepaint, who asks him if he’s there to try to kill him.
  • Karkat says no, he’s just here because there’s shit in his ocean, the fuck is you?
  • Gamzee’s like hey cool best friend man you got shiny ears, you should try a pie did i tell you i make pie?
  • Karkat growls at him and tells him not to throw any more bottles and leaves again.
  • two nights later there’s another bottle right through his window and he comes storming up onto the beach and Gamzee’s like hey best friend i prayed you’d show up and my modus made a miracle HERE YOU ARE does this mean you want pie this time
  • Turns out he’s that one weird guy the kid with the broken back and super-powerful communing skills is always doing horrible online raps with
  • Takes him back to the palace b/c he’s totally starving ‘and your lusus can visit you there because it’s out in the water’
  • takes him off sopor because everyone knows that shit is nasty and you shouldn’t eat it.
  • honk HONK honk HONK
  • shooooooooooooooshshooooshshooshshoooooooosh
  • pap pap pap pap 
  • and that’s what happened the end.
As Long As You're Happy (End)

“Oh! Did I tell you that Sasuke was having a kid?”

Hinata laughed, whole-heartedly. She looked over at her friend with watery eyes. “That’s funny.”

“Uh… No, seriously.”

Lilac eyes blinked rapidly. “Seriously?”

There was a nod. “Who would have thought, right? Sasuke Uchiha.”

Hinata suddenly felt sick. Really sick. “Wow, I bet the b-baby is going to be so pretty,” she mused softly.

“Totally. Have you seen the Uchiha Family?”

Hinata laughed. It was the only thing she could do to stop herself from doing something stupid like crying.


Sasuke scratched his cheek. “It’s true.”

Hinata’s smile didn’t break. “Aren’t you happy?”

The Uchiha crossed his arms. “I - am,” he told her. It was weird. He knew her happiness was just as fake as the smile that was plastered on her face.

He knew how her real smile looked.

And she knew he was far from ‘happy’ because she knew how that looked. He was terrified.

“Well, congrats.”

He coughed awkwardly and closed his eyes. She watched dark brows knot before he asked, “Wish me luck?”

Something that she thought he didn’t believe in. He told her that he didn’t believe in many things though.

Hinata reached over and rest her hand on his. “Good luck, Sasuke.” That was honest. This wasn’t something that was going away.

“Heh, thanks.”

Hinata pulled back and smiled. “I bet it will be pretty.”

“If it takes after me then he or she will be beautiful.”

She laughed sincerely. “Hopefully it won’t be a girl and get your nose.”

Sasuke frowned. “What’s wrong with my nose?”

Hinata raised defensive hands. “Ne, nothing! It’s p-prefect.”

He gave a curt nod. Then things got quiet and reality set in. “I - I could have waited.” She sighed and nodded. “We’re moving.”


He shrugged lazily. “She thinks we need more room.” He looked away. “Tomorrow. Everything is pretty much finished.”

“Oh?” She managed. “Up town?”

“About three cities away,” he corrected. “Its for the best.”

Hinata didn’t want to agree but…he was right. He was always right. She stood. “W-well… I should head home, Sasuke.”

Onyx eyes watched her closely. Thick curtains of navy hid her face. “Hina-“

“I’m fine.” She squeaked. She shouldn’t be like this. They shouldn’t be dealing with old wounds. “I’m fi-” he pulled her into his chest. Breathing seemed to be the least of their worries.

Hinata buried her face into the smooth fabric. He apologized again and again. She couldn’t hear them anymore. Maybe this was the closure they both needed or maybe it was the knife that would open up everything time had healed.

She didn’t know. He didn’t know. It didn’t honestly matter because this would be her last time being in his arms.

For her? It was painful.

Him? He had been numb long ago.

“I want you to be happy,” she whispered. “That’s all I ever wanted.”

“I want the same for you, Hina.”

She pulled away and wiped her face. “As long - as long as you’re happy… I’m happy. I am happy.”

“Stupid,” he accused. It was the first and last time they saw each other’s real face under the mask.

And they never looked so bittersweet.


The End.