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Just Garnet Moments

  • All the times she picks up steven. That one time she picks him up and puts him on top of her fro then walks away
  • “But I think you’re just mad cause you’re single” *finger wag* (ICONIC)
  • When she’s so eager to show off to bismuth she’s the first to rush in to spar, how she can’t stop smiling the whole time 
  • “i’ll show you how its done” *cracks knuckles* *goes stiff as a board, faceplants and immediately passes out*
  • When she does the 3 eye blink and tongue out at baby steven to try and make him laugh, something we can assume would usually work, then “my power means nothing to a child”
  • HER CLOSENESS WITH STEVEN….how shes the first to really see his potential and give him a chance, how she feels safe enough to be vulnerable around him and admit when she feels scared or weak….she loves and trusts him so much
  • shes so hyped about steven learning to fuse shes SO HAPPY….when she makes the special sign for stevonnie. that was so cute 

sometimes having a best friend who has seen you through your many phases sucks (and yes keith is laughing at him)

i headcanon that lance was “emo” but the most emo he could get was fall out boy but he still always talked about how he hated preps and would take the iconic “2008 myspace scene boy selfies”

a collection of my fave skam s1 moments
  • the first ~alone~ scene between eva and jonas !! so precious god bless
  • jonas playing ‘im yours’ for isak even tho “it’s a gay song” 
  • isak walking in on eva and jonas making out, leaving and singing lonely my child
  • isak high at the dinner table 

  • eva pushing jonas out of bed when her mum got home
  • the girls laughing at chris’ phone call to ‘the beer man’ so pure and beautiful
  • sana flipping off and throwing a drink at ingrid and her gang<333
  • noora ripping william to absolutely SHREDS in the school yard truly Mesmerising
  • “what are you talking about” “my integrity” “you dont have any next subject”
  • isak comforting eva after He broke up her and jonas 
  • the iconic use of the iconic mmm whatcha say sing but not the iconic m whatcha say line
  • noora singing justin bieber to eva in the gayest scene of our time
  • “its a suppression tactic, i saw it on suits once”
  • iben throwing a girl power christmas party after dumping chris honestly a woman after my own heart
  • sana carrying vilde to evas after she passed out
  • vilde throwing up on sana😭
  • “i think i killed williams baby tonight” 
  • eva completely fucking obliterating that pancake ily 
  • “blackouts are gods way of telling u mot to worry about anything vilde” 
  • “you still want me on your bus?” “what are you talking about youre our bus boss” AMD THAT LITTLE SMILE THATS SO GAY 
  • “youre not answering my messages” “no power. for two weeks straight” 
  • “WE will not be having a baby” (chris) i love the girl squad So Much 
  • as someone who has always had a strange relationship w food/eating vilde and noora’s chat after the doctors appointment and their relationship in general just means So Much to me 
  • eva not realising the boys were high as heck on the cabin trip ily bby g pls never change 
  • evas smile💕 (this got so gay psml) 
  • “if [take me to church] came on, id kiss you” “and did it” “no they just played this kygo shit” 
  • eva telling jonas how she felt when he said all that shit to her 
  •  jonas wiping evas tears away w his thumb im fucking Gone 
  • ingrid saying merry christmas to eva!!!! 
  • noora and eva finding the gay porn on isaks phone isak u fuckin rookie

favorite roadhog things pt. 1:

  • “taking the point. property of  r o a d h o g.”
  • the way he laughs when mercy power boosts him
  • (”what is your name anyway?”) *annoyed* “MAKO.”
  • “i’m gonna make you squeal.”
  • the jingly sound his hook chain makes when he walks
  • idk there’s probably more i’ll reblog thsi when i think of some
    • u can add stuff too if u wanna

mom: i’m so glad you’re not into weird japanese cartoons and those diabolic things


im going hiking with my friend and his cousin and we’re at his cousins house rn and their grandma, this little old vietnamese lady, comes up to me and grabs my cheeks and starts talking vietnamese and i have no idea what she’s saying but everyone is laughing and my friend says something back in vietnamese and i’m just like o.o when she’s done she pats my cheek and walks away and my friend is like ‘she said you’re beautiful and wanted to know what you were and i said you were native american and she said you looked like one of those princesses in the paintings’ and i was like 'i love grandma’

So I was showing my best friend my new icon, and his response was, “You know who he looks like?” and I was like, “NO, WHO??” and he was like, “I’ll give you a minute…” so I stared at the photo, having no clue who he meant, and I glance over at his phone to see that he’s pulled up pics of MARVIN MARTIAN I’m fucking DEAD



WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I can’t unsee it

Justin was hanging out with all his old friends, Chaz, Ryan, Christian, Ect. You were in the kitchen making them all some snacks before you watched a movie, you walked out of the kitchen and into the living room when you heard Chaz ask, “so does she give you good head?” They all laughed as Justin laughed hard and nodded “I be like.. *gif* and she be doing her thing.” For some reason you started to laugh as well but also got awkward with the topic,“well I guess you can say Justin ruins my innocent act.” You giggle as the guys look back at you and bust out laughing.

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4 jimon

4. Awkward kiss 

“Hey, what would you say is like, our best kiss. The most epic one. The crème de la crème of kisses we’ve shared. With each other of course,” Simon asked Jace, from his place on Jace’s lap.

Jace looked down at him, frowning. “Uh, I don’t know, Simon. Why?”

Simon shrugs. “I was just thinking how like, every iconic couple has an iconic kiss, you know? Spiderman and Mary Jane, Noah and Allie, Lady and the Tramp. Like, what do we have?”

“I liked our first kiss,” Jace says, “Our first kiss was pretty iconic.”

Simon wrinkles his nose. “Are you kidding me? I tackled you to the bed, we made out for like five seconds and then my glasses slid off and hit you in the nose. You laughed at me for a solid ten minutes. That was not iconic.”

“It was cute, though,” Jace says, smiling fondly down at Simon.

“It was not cute, it was embarrassing. Actually, it would be a lot more cute if you would refrain from telling it to everybody we meet.” Simon frowns up at him.

Jace shrugs, “They gotta know how much of dork you are, don’t you think? Plus, I think it only made me fall in love with you more.”

Simon suddenly scrambles to sit up. “Jace! You can’t just say stuff like that, oh my god!”

“What?” Jace asks, teasing, “That I love you? Because I love you so much, to the moon and back, more than I love-“

“Stop it!” Simon laughed, gently shoving at his shoulder.

Jace looked at him with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “Make me,” he says, and Simon doesn’t hesitate to do so.

When they pull away, Jace smiles softly at him. “What about that one? That one was pretty iconic.”

Simon pulls a face. “Not quite there yet. Let’s try again.” And with that, he presses his lips to Jace’s again.

Sweet Transvestite

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 787
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex.  Almost Porn without Plot.
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @lucifer-in-leatherPrompt: Rocky Horror Picture Show / Quote: “You’ve been a naughty girl”

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Dirty Tag-Yoongi

You’re a famous youtuber and you decide to do Dirty Would You Rather with your boyfriend.

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“Hello my little love bugs!” You shouted while waving at your camera. You heard a chuckle and you turned the camera around to face your boyfriend, Yoongi. 

“Is something funny?” You asked

“Love bugs? That sounds so nasty.” He laughed out as you rolled your eyes and turned the camera back to you. 

“As you can see, we are outside right now and it’s dark as hell but Yoongi was out here working so I came to be annoying.” 

“When are you not annoying?”

 Your eyes went wide as you snapped your head towards him, “Fuck off duchebag.” You laughed while throwing a piece of ice from your cup at him.

“Since I’m so annoying I’ll just go inside.” You mumbled before getting up and trying to walk off.

“Stop jagiya! Stay here and do your little game.” He said as he grabbed your hand to stop you. 

“You guys.. I think something maybe wrong with my boyfriend.. He is acting extremely nice and affectionate today.” 

“Nope! Nevermind. You ruined it. Go inside.” He said coldly as he let go of your hand. 

“No no no! I’m sorry babe!” You yelled as you fell onto his lap and smothered his face with kisses. 

“Come on lets do this game babe.” He said, as you both stood up. 

You held the camera and pointed it at him. “Are you ready?” 

“I think I should be asking you that babe.” He winked and bit his lip. 

“You’re stupid.” You laughed, “Okay first question!”

“If we played “sexual truth or dare” with other couples, would you rather watch me have sex with someone, or would you prefer having sex with someone?’’ You asked. 

“I’d rather have sex with you and have other people watch us.”

“That wasn’t the question!” You argued

“That’s the best answer you’re going to get out of me. Why in the hell would I fuck someone else when I have you? And you know damn well you’re not having sex with anyone else but me.” He said and laughed. 

Your teeth started chattering due to the unexpected cold breeze that washed over you. 

“Go get your tri-pod babe. Let me hold you.” 

“I’m okay babe!’’

“You’re literally shivering, go get the tri-pod before my illness wears off and I don’t want to hold you anymore.” He grunted

You switched the camera back on and stood in front of Yoongi. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and leaned his head on top of yours. 

You looked down at your phone to get another question, “Would you rather watch porn with me, or read “50 Shades of Grey” out loud, while touching me?” You asked while giggling.

“The fuck would I want to read that boring ass book for? Like seriously, if you can read a book out loud while touching your girl… something is wrong with you. I’d rather just touch you but I guess we can watch porn together.” He rolled his eyes. 

“What kind of porn would we watch?” 

“Our own.” He whispered in your ear and bit it sightly. 

“Babe! Stop!” You squirmed and he laughed at you.

“Okay next question!  Would you rather have sex in the morning, or at night?” 

He clicked his tongue, “Aish… can’t I have it at all times? Morning, noon, and night?”

It was your turn to roll your eyes. “Lets do truth or dare!” You suggested

“Okay jagi.” He said as he kissed your hair and tightened his arms around you.

“Truth or Dare?”


 “I dare you to spank your partner.” 

“What’ll be different about it this time? I always do it.” 

You blushed and he chuckled. 

“This game is for newbies. I’m always touching or smacking your ass. I have a question for you jagi.”

“Okay go ahead.” You said as you put your phone in your pocket.

“What’s my favorite way to kiss?”

You smiled and giggled, trying to keep a straight face, “You like to grab me and pull me to you but you like it when I grab you too. Tongue, lots of tongue. Lip biting is a must and you like it when I pull your hair.” 

“Can you give me a demonstration?” 

You turned around to face him and pulled him to you by his hoodie. He dipped his head and licked his bottom lip, biting it slightly. You went to pull him down to meet your lips– 

“Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed watching this very dirty game. Until til next time, it’s ya girl Y/n, keep it classy and keep it sassy!”


“So this is Tumblr.” I tap on the small blue icon on my phone, while Bucky watches intensely.
“What is on Tumblr?” He asks curiously, and I hold in laughter.
“Mostly a lot of OTP’s, shipping, and cats.” I try to come up with the most accurate description, but nothing can prepare you for Tumblr.
“What’s an OTP?” He continues questioning everything, ever so innocently.
“One true pairing, when you ship something.” I explain as simply as possible, hoping he can keep up.
“Where the hell do you ship an OTP to?!?” He exclaims in a panic, and I can’t help but to laugh.
“A ship is what you call your one true pairing, which is when you want two people to be in a relationship.” I tell him slowly, putting down my phone. “And if those two people actually get together, it’s a canon.”
“This is all way too confusing, you Tumblrs might as well be pirates.” He scoffs, crossing his arms. “Talking about ships and canons…”


Hidden Block - Icons of Mishaps

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