then with this he becomes tsundere

I thought more about what a Mint Eye MC would be like while I was working this weekend, and with…


  • You’d have to constantly lowkey be trying to keep track of what Yoosung has said about Rika to not let on that you DO know her. You mess up at one point, and that’s when Seven catches on about something being up.
  • You’re actually pleased about being compared to Rika, and see it as the ultimate compliment. Once you start falling in love with Yoosung, you find yourself…. jealous…??? And want to become Rika. Bad endings have you staging a coup with Saeran and becoming the Queen of Mint Eye.
  • These bad endings are averted through Seven’s involvement. Panicked and confused about your situation, he starts convincing Yoosung that this Isn’t Okay. Yoosung starts realizing something is up, and Yoosung discovers the truth about Mint Eye in tandem with Seven.
  • In the fallout with whatever happens with that, Yoosung struggles to help you figure out what your personality actually is, because you’re so used to becoming what everyone else wants you to be. He achieves this by getting you addicted to LOLOL.
  • Please imagine an ex cultist as a LOLOL addict.
  • Please imagine an ex cultist being taught about DPS.
  • Please imagine an ex cultisy becoming BFFs with Yoosung’s nerdy guild.
  • (Seven can come too)
  • (so can saeran i guess.)


  • fffffuuuccccccKKKKKK 
  • So Rika has the bomb in the apartment to a.) Destroy the evidence of Mint Eye and b.) Kill you so you can’t spill the beans about her plan. You are both aware of this and entirely okay with this, which makes Seven’s job of removing the bomb VERY DIFFICULT.
  • Like this man has to knock you out to keep you from begging and/or BODILY FIGHTING HIM when he comes over.
  • You awaken tied up in Seven’s apartment. He can’t even be tsundere. Its the opposite - he is desperately trying to get through to YOU, since you’re a brainwashed cultist and damn does he kinda both empathize with your situation and miss joking with you. 
  • You do too, deep down, and when the critical moment comes when Seven confronts Rika, you sneak along for the ride - and you intervene on Seven’s behalf. Violently. 
  • this really upsets saeran
  • he feels SO BETRAYED
  • seven has to deal with fixing two cult kids, one who his rendered near catatonic with guilt of hurting their savior and one who is practically feral with rage. 
  • poor, poor man.


  • This is so messed up that Vanderwood can’t even be angry, they’re just like
  • fuck man
  • what the fuck
  • This entire situation has them eternally making squinty eyes.
  • they end up assigned to watching you while Seven tries to sort all this shit out, so they end up bringing over a bunch of movies and sit you, tied up, on the couch and force you to watch them.
  • Slowly, very slowly, you end up fascinated with what’s on the screen, and Vanderwood learns pieces of your backstory through the comments you make.
  • Your dad was one of Rika’s earliest supporters, and brought you up as a fanatic. Your mom died young. You have a sister that you barely remember and who you consider to be a heretic. You don’t know a lot about the world and YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY SCI FI OR FANTASY WTF
  • You fall asleep on their shoulder after binging the entirety of LotR and Vanderwood feels themselves falling, man. 
  • you’re just so cute when you’re not trying to bite people.

Asuma Kousuke - Sparkle vol.28

Some of the contents in his interview:

1. He’s a very energetic kid, plays all kinds of sports and outdoor activities,like baseball, swimming, fishing, catching insects etc.

2. His family own a golden retriever, so since he’s an only child, the dog was like his younger brother.

3. During second year in high school, he grew interested in men’s fashion and one day his friend convinced him to try auditioning after looking at an advertisement on a magazine (that’s how he got into his current agency).

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恋人 vs 二次元 (Koibito vs Nijigen)

Milky Chain has announced a new drama CD series in the works! The theme of this series is you/your lover being fixated on two-dimensional characters, and your lover/or you trying to seduce you/them out of that fixation. ( • v • ) Basically, either you (the MC) is an otaku, or your boyfriend is one.

Synopses after the cut!

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Yuuei Highschool Host Club AU

I just really need this ok

Midoriya Izuku was luck enough to get a scholarship at Yuuei thanks to his relations with All Might. They weren’t really well off so education at those kinds of school are not really within his access. But All Might has given him a chance to go do just that and he’s been studying day and night to get his good grades and become a successful hero. Until, he well got lured lost in the room of a certain host club and broke a vase worth 8M yen. He has then been enslaved worked as a host for the club to pay off the broken vase.

The hosts are the following:

1. Bakugou Katsuki (Bad Boy Tsundere Type) - You will just love Bakugou. Actually, everyone will just kinda love him. Or hate him with a burning passion. There is no in between. He might seem furious but inside his heart is actually a more furious and raged man but beneath all that is actually a boy who is tsundere for you. You may find yourself being careful around him but the longer you linger, the more you catch on to his tsundere charms and then, you are stuck forever. He is actually also very smart, despite his love for profane words. He also won UA’s hero tournament and has been holding the title for  2 years. Also self-proclaimed leader of the host club.

2. Todoroki Shouto (Hot & Cold Type) - Todoroki Shouto is unpredictable if anything. Sometimes, he has the warmest of smiles that get you all jittery and on other days, he has the coldest of stares that will leave you shaking. His capricious nature gets people more interested in him. The reason why Todoroki acts as such is said to be one of the 7 mysteries of Yuuei among others. He is also the son of the top  Hero, Endeavor, although he does not like to talk about it. Never talk to him about Endeavor unless you want to see his cold stares but if you want to see them, then be my guest. But mind you, there are repercussions.

3. Iida Tenya (Serious & Earnest Type) - Iida Tenya is a good choice for first timers at the host club. He is sensible and easy to converse with, although, he sometimes get out of hand with his speeches talking. A true gentleman, this one. He won’t ever push you or make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes though, the more cunning and devious girls end up teasing him with matters of the heart until he gets beet red and inexplicably flustered. But that is, in its own right, a sight to behold. Most people visit him for that awkward blush.

4. Kirishima Eijirou (Upbeat & Friendly Type) - Kirishima Eijirou is also one that is well recommended for starters. He knows your cues and knows how to read people unlike Iida. Plus, he’s a natural mood maker so if you want light conversation and a good time, he’s the one. He’s also a good listener so if you are having troubles, he’ll gladly lend you an ear and try to give you advice. Has an obsession with ‘manly’ things and there is 101% chance that if you show him something manly, he will become a helpless puppy.

5. Shouji Mezou (Gentle & Kind Type) - Do not let Shouji Mezou’s rough and intimidating exterior fool you. He is actually the kindest of souls. Even as they call him Tentacles because of his quirk, he actually the most gentle of group. Mezou is also a good listener but unlike Kirishima, he rarely gives out advice, if he actually ever does. So if it is him, then you can go pour your heart out.

6. Kaminari Denki (Flirty & Dorky Type) - Kaminari Denki is a natural flirt. He knows your daily pick up lines and the like. You could say he knows how to make you feel the sparks between the two of you. But if you don’t laugh at his jokes or react the way he expects you too, he panics real bad. Most of his visitors actually go just want to go see him flail and be confused because it is actually what makes him cute. Sadly, he does not know about this. His fans will protect that secret to their graves.

7. Midoriya Izuku (Pure & Perfect Type) - Izuku is an idea son man. He is humble and understanding. He can converse with you with pretty much any topic but talk to him about heroes and his eyes glisten like the waters of the sea and his smile, oh god, his smile will dispel all the impurities in your heart. He is a cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. He also will try to help you with 200% of things. Just don’t take advantage of his kindness because that might earn you the wrath of the other guys in the host club *cough* Bakugou *cough* Todoroki *cough*.

scenes and stuff:

But imagine Deku buying ‘commoner coffee’ and Bakugou being angry like “wtf is this shit deku?! i swear” but Deku is saved by Kirishima who fools Bakugou into drinking it as a form of ‘challenge’.

But also imagine Kacchan being hella confused because Deku is cute, CUTE. And Kacchan protecting Deku from one of his less saner fangirls and Deku thanking kacchan but Kacchan refusing the thank you because it is his responsibility, yada yada. But is secretly happy about it.

Kirishima watching in the distance and feeling both happy and sad because Bakugou is rarely ever truly happy but Bakugou is happy because of someone else. Kirishima who has been keeping his feelings with Bakugou at bay until Deku came. Just jealous Kirishima.

And also Deku having to wake up Todoroki, who is terrifying when woken by someone else, because he fell asleep at the host club room. And oh god, Todoroki pulls Deku’s hand when Deku called on him causing Deku to go fall in Todoroki’s chest.

Iida and Izuku reviewing together in the library and accidentally touching each other’s hand while trying to get something because both were too engrossed in studying that they didn’t have time to look.

Club treasurer Tsuyu and secretary Uraraka because someone or in this case some two need to watch the guys in the host club and make sure Izuku is safe and kept pure.

Also, Uraraka making all the guys float when girls begin hording at them in hallways. And Tsuyu retrieving them all with her trusty frog tongue.

Also, Uraraka and Tsuyu always being together and helping each other out that they actually fall in love with each other but the other party thinks they are in love with Izuku so Uraraka and Tsuyu try to set each other up with Izuku when they should just be admitting their love for each other.

BTS reaction when your best friend is a guy

Jin: *would make sure your best friend knows his limit, you have his approval (still very cautious tho)*

“As long as you know that there’s a line between a loyal friend and a horndog, we’re okay!”

Originally posted by choazy

Suga: *acts like he doesn’t care, but is actually a jealous little tsundere glaring from afar (yes, tsundere is japanese)* 

“I’ve got my eye on you, kid..

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

J-Hope: *soon becomes best friends… with your best friend..*

“What do you mean? I am your hope!”

Originally posted by holy-yoongi

Rap monster: *daddy af protective, jealous daddy af*

“Now listen here, you little shit! I don’t care how long you’ve known her! Go put your dick in someone else’s hole!”

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

Jimin: *would awkwardly third-wheel when you guys hangout*

“…so where are we going now guys..?”

Originally posted by thebyeolbitch

V: *will get really dramatic*

“But Jagi! wHy DOn’T yoU LoVE mEH!”

“I do love you!”


Originally posted by rappertae

Jungkook: *kinky daddy af*

“Be a good girl and keep your hands to yourself or you’re getting punished”

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anonymous asked:

OMG OK. How would UF bros and SF Pap react to S/Os grandma just basically making him into her honorary grandson. Like, she'll knit little scarfs for him and bake cookies for S/O and the Skele when they visit and she'll just be a precious bean to the edgy boy and she'll always give him hugs and all that good stuff.

Here’s some fluff to brighten your moods from that last ask :) 



Red is completely freaked out and just why???? Out of all the other grandsons in her family, while choose him??? He’s a confused bean. Of course he wears the scarves and eat the cookies, but he’s such a tsundere about it, not to your grandma, but to you. He does like the scarves though, he has a favorite one that’s red with bones stitched onto them. Even if he may not show it, he loves your grandma more than any other of your family members.


Fell is edgy as fuck, but that doesn’t he’s not respectful. He treats her like a queen and for once, he sets his pride down even for her. Fell loves that she treats him with affection, but like Red, he gets very tsundere when she does. He’ll eat her cookies while joking that there’s probably poison in them and whenever you two visit, he’ll always wear one of the scarves she knits. You grandma is one of the very few people in his life that he genuinely loves. 



AHHH Rus ADORES your grandma. He never had a mother and she becomes a great substitute. He’s always helping her around by reaching for stuff on the top counter, cleaning her house for her, helping her bake, taking her on walks, stuff like that. Whenever he has money to spare, he’ll buy her nice little gifts to make her happy.  Rus will gladly wear any clothes that she knits for him, even if it’s considered ugly and people make fun of him for wearing it. He knows that it was made from love and aside from you, it feels nice to have that love close to him. You two always set aside a free day to visit your grandma once a week.  

anonymous asked:

In your opinion, what are the jikook moments that you think most obvious? like, the ones that make you think 'ah, yes, they are real' the most?

It didn’t happen like that for me , it’s not like I saw a moment and was like ah yeah that’s it; they’re 100% together, end of story , but more like from watching the progress / stages of their relationship , especially from jungkook’s side watching him acknowledging his feeling for jimin and even becoming more open about it, when he was really shy around him , pushing him away when he was younger ,but in reality it was just because he was confused  , as he was still figuring out who he is, yet trying to show that he cares about jimin by keeping his “tsundere” image with him,  satellite-jeon  talked about this part in the best way possible and said everything there’s to say, so i’m not going to talk too much about it.  so now i think jungkook knows how he feels about jimin , and has accepted it . He even changed his ideal type so that it fits jimin when,like when jimin couldn’t do aegyo and looked well just weird when he did it jungkook’s ideal type was : someone who “can’t do aegyo” but later on when jimin became totally okay with doing aegyo and even did it without being asked jungkook changed his ideal type to someone “ who does aegyo” , kookminworld on youtube pointed this thing out . there is also the thing they did when they were sorry for my language eye-f***ing through the front cam/ mirror freshipping noticed it , it’s in this vid  , as you can see jimin looked more and more turned on each sec while looking at jungkook , there’re so many more moments like these that are meant to be just between the two of them …. 

there is also this recent analysis about jimin staying in jungkook’s hotel room and hiding when taehyung came to do vlive with him , it’s deleted now because the peopel who made it aka “kookminworld” were afraid that dispatch might find it and cause some huge scandal or something  it’s from this vlive , jimin and jungkook were basically together in jungkook’s hotel room with the lights turned off with jungkook wearing nothing , with some loud music playing , and jimin not wearing his hoodie, i wonder what they’ve been doing hmmm, also jungkook kept saying “oh my make up is smeared all over my face” and looked nervous as hell during that whole live , wandering around the room searching for anything suspicious , and taking forever to open the door at the  beginnning! then after opening it , he was still not wearing the robe , then what was he doing that took that long ? and the bathroom light which was originally turned off but later when jungkook is sitting you can see it turned on … and jimin’s voice saying “ oh you scared me”  to jungkook at the beginning and taehyung not reacting at all … as if he was used to this whole thing by now . don’t even get me started with the unconscious tongue in cheek thing jungkook does , or when he stares at jimin for several seconds without remembering to blink ..

there’is a lot more to say but this is already longer than it should be , so i’ll just stop here :) i t’ve also talked about this here

Just wanna say smth deep ;; one-sided love is really… Sad. And by one-sided I mean when in relationship, but one person do everything for another person, but this person do nothing in return.

I think here’s the problem in afterdeath fanfiction, bc almost everyone write how protective and loving Reaper’s to Geno but Geno reject him always;; even when previously it was told they’re married/dating. I think a lot of people use the “tsundere-ssnes” on Geno too much. Its psychology, when you do something for someone you just can’t help but FEEL like you want to have something in return. And when you’re not getting it, you think everyone’s selfish, you close your doors and drift away from the social, becoming selfish yourself, you leave your pieces in other people and you will never have them back.

Friendly reminder: Do you remember how in AfterTale Geno even offered Gaster a talk because he thought Gaster needed a friendly talk? So, its canon that Geno’s not covered in spikes. He can see people’s struggles really well and Reaper IS struggling with trauma. Why would he offer help to someone who tried to kill him but not for someone he love? Think about it.

“When your tears roll down your pillow like a river, I’ll be there for you…

…But you gotta be there for me too”
Nier: Automata Charas in a nutshell tbh
  • 2B: Beauty, grace, can & will kick your YoRHa-troubling ass into space.// "Emotions are Prohibited blah blah" says the girl with angsty feels she thinks she's so good at hiding.//Will not tolerate any BS if it interrupts the mission.//s/n: Girl can work a pretty bow, damn.
  • 9S: "Notice me, pls, 2B-senpai." 💘//Ladies call him "Nines" (spoiler: he wishes)//King of complaining//protect curious child at all costs//HE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR 2B SENPAI!!//give this tough soldier a cookie pls//s/n: bathing is N[I]CE 👌
  • A2: gives little fcks//"stfu!"//not in it to win it but to SLAY//the 'other' 2B//don't tell her what to do//BEAUTIFUL BUT HURTIN' 💔//low-key tsundere//s/n: knows how to cut hair.
  • Pascal: Best uncle 👍 // "I love you, you love me, machines & androids can be a happy, peaceful family~"
  • Operator 210: Time for scheduled update, not to hear 9S's whiny-ass complaints//"One 'yeah' is enough u lil brat"//she deserved better 👈
  • Machines: "BECOME AS GODS!"//Playing dress up//existential Crisis// "Pisseth off!"
  • Adam: literally born yesterday//dresses like a Sensei//quotes philosophical bs.

Headcanons .005: Dating Zuko Would Include (REQUESTED BY: Anon!)

Character: Prince Zuko

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

BEFORE DATING: Crushing / Friendship

⋆  Zuko is really flustered whenever he’s around you.

⋆  He’s a Kuudere regularly, but around you he’s a Dandere/Tsundere.

⋆  Totally didn’t just get caught staring at you.

⋆  LITERALLY: “It’s not like I like you or anything.”

⋆  Calls you an idiot and regrets it immediately.

⋆  Rarely says sorry but he will.

⋆  Will spar with you; let’s you kick his ass. 

⋆  … But really that’s just what he says. You really did kick his ass and he’s not admitting it.

⋆  Protective but NOT possessive.

⋆  Probably demiromantic.

⋆  When you two finally become like best friends, he respects the hell out of you.

⋆  Doesn’t realize he likes you until he catches himself staring.


⋆  And then it’s just like…. BAM. He has a crush.

DURING DATING: Romantic / Regular

⋆  Likes kissing your head and cheeks.

⋆  Teasing all the time.


⋆  Literally hates it when Iroh makes fun of you two.

⋆  Secretly doesn’t and his glad that he makes him feel embarrassed because then he knows that Iroh supports you two.

Would literally die for you.

⋆  Hums songs to you.

⋆  Worries about you all the time.

⋆  Thinks about you all day and it interferes with his productivity.

⋆  Azula makes fun of you two harsher than Iroh ever could.

⋆  Makes you laugh a lot because he loves your laugh?? Like damn, is that an Angel’s singing voice or are you losing your shit?

⋆  Does whatever he can to make you feel happy, safe, and protected.


⋆  Not really into PDA.

⋆  He isn’t into cuddling but he will sometimes??

⋆  Hugs from behind. A lot.


⋆  Dom. 

⋆  Isn’t kinky, but sex isn’t 100% vanilla either.

⋆  Really flustered during sex.

⋆  Rough sex is his forte, but he won’t hurt you unless you’re into it.

⋆  Not a sadist, unlike Azula lmao.

RFA+S - worst fights with MC
  • There was this one time they all played Super Smash Bros on the Wii U.
  • It was pretty intense.
  • Yoosung kept screeching that he kept missing grabs because he wasn’t used to using a Wii-mote.  But that annoyed everybody because he was still fighting pretty well.
  • They gave Jumin a Gamecube controller because he kept using the Wii-mote and nunchuk wrong.  But that didn’t really help his game.
  • MC was doing okay on the Wii U screen.
  • Zen kept losing track of himself and running off of the stage.  "Self-KOs are not the same as selfies, Zen.“ "Shut up!”
  • Saeyoung would fight pretty well, until a Pokeball spawned.  Then he would just run for it screaming that he wanted to be the very best.
  • Saeran wasn’t that into it, but he had a lot of fun collecting items.  Got the Dragoon every time.  Always shot it at Saeyoung.
  • Jaehee sort of struggled with everything but countering.  She was good at that.
  • But it wasn’t a timed fight; it was stock.
  • The worst.
  • They played that round for hours.
  • …Except Zen; he died pretty early on.


OKAY, so RFA’s worst fights with MC.

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radec23  asked:

(Hey! Hope you did well on your exams :) ) The elgang has fallen in love with the reader at first sight. The reader doesn't know this. How would they deal with this? (Needs more fluff to even out the angst )

(We hope we did well too, haha!)

Elsword just sort of awkwardly mopes around, trips over himself when around you, and stammers a lot.  You think this is his normal personality until Elesis corrects you.

Aisha becomes even more tsundere than normal.  Expect a closed off, slightly snappish Aisha to be the norm around you.

Rena waits, making sure it’s love, then starts flirting to see if you like her back.

Raven is actually quite scared.  He never thought he’d love anyone after Seris, but here you are.  He’ll be quite awkward around you for a long, long time.

Eve walks right up to you and tells you how she feels.  Unfortunately, she does this the day after you meet.  This may or may not go down well.  Probably not.

Chung is flustered, awkward, and bad at flirting.  This is a deadly combination.

Ara does her best to flirt with you, but she’s sort of bad at it, never having had a chance to practice.

Elesis succeeds in flirting with you.  Unfortunately, her flirting consists mostly of puns and bad pick-up lines.  Hope you like that sort of thing…

Add is a flustered awkward bean who will leave little gifts in stalker-ish places for you.  It’s great and all, but really, how does he know when you run out of shampoo and what brand to buy?!

Lu walks up to you and bluntly asks if you’ll be the next consort to the demon empress.  Take that as you will.

Ciel wallows in indecisive agony for weeks before Lu steps in.  See above.

Rose also wallows in indecisive agony, but Zero manages to goad her into a confession after a month or so.  She stammers and blushes her way through it.

Ain pretends to not have feelings for you.  Mmmmm boiii stop lying, you know you’re in love.  He accepts it after a looooong while, but by then, is it too late?

Presenting naj Dante

I don’t remember well his bio, I never wrote it down but I know he’s a bug catcher, he does it for the biology class, also his own pleasure. He’s a nerd, and a loner, he doesn’t have friends, mostly because people think he is weird uuuh he has a perfectionist problem I mean he wants to be one but he can’t manage to become one because of his weirdness

He’s a tsundere :3

So yea little naj Dante bio, I’ll post more when I remember what else there is of him

Dante: me
Nerd & jock: @blogthegreatrouge

1p + 2p Nordics Headcanons (Iceland)

(Let’s do this TV Trope style, because I am brain dead right now.)

1p!Iceland: “Without you with him, the world will turn into nothing but barren ice.”

Originally posted by surepure

  • A Tsun-Yan-Dere (or is it Yan-Tsun-Dere?).
    • Usually, he is a tsundere (minus the violent and loud part). Like, if someone confronts him about his crush on you, he’d be a blushing mess and acting defensive. But as soon as competition steps in, he switches into yandere mode.
    • As soon as he switches to his yandere personality, he suddenly becomes emotionless. He really does live up to his name, because he turns ice cold when he sees a potential rival. He becomes quiet. He does talk, but only when spoken to. Even then, his responses would be short and blunt, and maybe even rude.
    • His main focus now is you and this “friend” of yours.
    • Also, he has a tendency to snap at you, and it’s harder to calm him down, because he is a combination of a tsundere and a yandere
    • He’ll hurt you, but it’s usually by accident. He doesn’t mean to harm you in any way.
  • Doesn’t stalk you, unless a similar situation like the one above happens. Just to make sure nothing happens between you, and that you are safe. 
  • Pictures. Lots of pictures of you in his room, his phone, and you’ll even see a picture of you in his pockets or something.
  • Calculative Yandere
    • He isn’t big or strong enough to kill anyone, even in a one-on-one fight. Nor does he also know how to use any orthodox weapon, so he mostly has to depend on his wit to find a “shortcut”.
    • Is actually really clever. He’ll make his murders look accidental, natural, or maybe no one will even know if they are dead or not.
    • If he has went through every idea he has to have and you still aren’t his, then you just have no choice but to see the monster in him. This is about the only time you’ll ever see him snap, because he is pretty patient, and he is willing to take the longer way for you to love him.
  • He will definitely be cautious of letting you near any of the Nordics, especially Norway and Denmark. Although he wouldn’t go as far as killing them. He’ll just do everything it takes to make sure you lose interest in them or the other way around.


  • If he isn’t supposed to be a yandere/yangire here, then I will lose my mind.
  • I see him being somewhat similar to 2p!Luciano, so my headcanons might be similar to his.
  • Possessive Yandere:
    • Thinks he owns you and even treats you like an object (at times).
    • Won’t let you leave the house, and if he does, it’s probably because he’ll be there with you, whether you know it or not
    • The constant reminder that you are his and his alone
    • Will kill you, if he has no other option
    • Impulsive. He doesn’t plan ahead when he murders, so he’s likely to get caught.
  • Sickly Sweet Yandere:
    • Sweet when he’s normal. Very creepy depending on what’s happening. I mean, you don’t act cute and innocent to your crush when they clearly saw you murder someone.
  • Sadistic Yandere
    • That yandere who is fine with him hurting you, but gets mad when other people touch you
    • Wants you to completely be defenseless and submissive
  • Signature weapon: Sickle(?)
  • Stalks you a lot, and maybe a bit too much. Like, just a liittle bit too much, because he needs to sleep.
  • Very unpredictable. He can be abusive and sadistic one moment, the next, he is like any other boyfriend who worries about their girlfriend’s safety in the most normal way he can. The sudden switch makes you worry sometimes, because you’ll never know when he will hurt you.

(For a long time, I have finally posted something that is actually an ask.)

Picture isn’t mine.

anonymous asked:

Fell Sans and swapfell Papyrus when they get a crush on someone who's always on their bus and then they keep taking so they can try and talk to their crush?

Since I headcanon that both of them can teleport I’m not sure why they’d take the bus in the first place, but let’s go with them not having energy enough to teleport sometimes and then it turns into a regular thing

UF!Sans: The first time he sees you is when he’s on his way home from work. He’s grumpy and tired and slumped against a window. When he sees you he’s just gonna stare and try and be discreet. You’re doing something on your phone and you look so cute all concentrated like that. So then a few days go by and he decides to take the bus home again, (it’s ‘cause he’s tired not because he wants to see you or anything shut up) and he’ll see you again. And again, and again. By now he kinda knows your stops and habits in a weird low-key stalker way.

And then, because the bus is very crowded one day, you sit next to him. And he’s blushing and facing the window and basically a tsundere mess the whole time. This can go on for WEEKS. But then one day he’ll crack a joke to you. And if you’re up for it he’ll hold a conversation. And then when that becomes a regular thing he’ll ask for your phone number. He’s taking the whole thing super slow.

SF!Papyrus: He’s with Sans the first time he sees you. Since he’s very tall and scary looking, especially with a loud person like Sans with him, chances are you’re gonna glance over a couple times and he’s gonna notice it. Every time he takes that bus he’s going to look for you, casually. Eventually he’ll sit next to you. Talk about traffic or something similar, just to get a sense of your personality. And then comes the flirting. First it’s just small remarks and compliments and then he slowly eases into more heavy stuff and a few pickup lines. You’re gonna leave the damn bus blushing when he’s done with you.

Villain!Deku thoughts and headcanons:

Quirkless, his strengths and selling points are his hero otaku knowledge, wits and strategies against heroes. Maybe some information gathering quirk would be great for him tho.

His goal isn’t to become hero, but to collect and provide information on heroes. A fan boy gone mad, you could say.

Since he is quirkless and physically not very capable, he has some bodyguards to protect him. Villain!Iida and villain!Uraraka maybe? Or some other people from Villain Alliance if we presume Deku works for them. Dabi maybe.  

Admires heroes and All Might above all, but instead of wanting to be like them, he just wants to see them in action, thus causes trouble wherever he goes.

After the doctor told him he could never be a hero, his hero admiration went up a notch. Since he could never be like them he just wanted to know everything about them. Went villain because All For One spotted Deku and his knowledge before All Might found him. The first to tell Deku he can actually be something and becomes the mentor he never had. 

Never forgets what Bakugo did to him and holds serious grudge. Takes the name Deku for similar reasons as in canon. “Deku who never gives up.” Also it’s great when the bullied takes on the mean nickname and starts to carry it proudly. 

Likes to target and kidnap Bakugo for fun. Doesn’t want to kill him or end his hero career, just to mess up with him. And by mess up I mean, break his bones every once in a while (AndAnrgyFuckHimAngryFuckHimHard). Bakugo develods Princess Peach syndrome and occasionally lets himself to be captured. He’s tsundere about it tho. 

Just imagine Deku and All Might facing off in this verse. Just imagine.

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RFA reacting to MC absolutely loving dogs/having dogs?

•totally gets a puppy with MC when they move in together
•a human puppy with a real puppy
•also he’s eventually a vet so he probably sends pictures of doggos all the time

•hes definitely glad its not cats
•gets MC a pupper as a present
•probably a big dog like a German Shepherd or Husky (even if they have a dog already)
•the dog becomes basically their first child

•isn’t overly fond of animals in general but warms up to the idea of getting a dog
•nothing too big though
•probably would get like a beagle or something
•spoiled doggo

Jumin -
•oh boy
•doesn’t really like dogs,but loves MC. So he deals with the whole dog thing. Maybe even buying a dog for MC (purebred probably)
•starts liking dogs but is really tsundere about it
•good dog parent

• he’s never owned a pet
• he’s always wanted a cat but he likes dogs too! (probably would get both)
•wants a shibe
•makes memes about the dog oh god someone stop him

Neji Plays an Otome Game

Read time: 6 mins. | Pairing: NejiTen

“So let me get this straight.” Hyuuga Neji wore an unmistakably dark expression as he surveyed his bedridden female teammate of ten years. “On yesterday’s mission, you fell down unconscious from a height of twenty feet, broke your arm, suffered a low-grade fever, and was told by Tsunade-sama to limit your activities.” His anger grew amidst his litany of Tenten’s recent misadventure. “Yet you want us to fetch your handheld game so you can play.”

“T-That’s right,” she croaked, barely unable to get up from the mattress without slamming her sling on the bedpost. “I don’t want to miss a chat message from Prince today.”

Neji recalled her telling him a week ago that it was the name of a character in the video game she was playing. “You’re getting addicted to that otome game, Tenten.”

She averted her eyes from her friends. “I-It’s just that if I miss a day’s chat, I’d have to pay ryo to play that part again…”

Rock Lee wore a mediative smile. “See? Tenten’s just being careful about her expenses!”

“…and I’ve already spent this week’s food budget on unlocking more story chapters.”

A panicking Lee barely stopped the Hyuuga in time from hurling Tenten’s device outside the window. 

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Hi, how would RFA gang + minor trio deal with a short MC (like 5' and just tiny in general) that doesn't like being called cute, people patting their head, or being used as an arm rest, but would just barely make an exception for the person they're interested in/in a relationship with? Bonus if MC is just slightly older than them or is as old as Jumin and V. PS: Love the Professor Layton emoji's

Grouping these requests together, because what’s better than a short, older tsundere~? (PS i love this MC plz feel free 2 ask for them again)


  • “Ugh, if you have to send your selfies to someone, just send them to me so you don’t bother anyone else.”
  • because you HATE the fact that 707 lords the fact that ~he knows what you loooook liiiike~ over everyone, you send the group a picture to take him down a peg and
  • man
  • He really can’t read you though, but that’s because you’re grumpy and incredibly hard to interpret. Even though you say you call him an unrepentant narcissist, you save every one of his pictures, and hold your phone to your chest whenever he says something nice to you.
  • Your form of encouraging him is mainly telling him that he is, objectively - it’s not anything about your personal opinion, it’s just objective - a good actor, and anyone saying otherwise is a moron.
  • that makes him feel weirdly good, particularly since - despite what you say - you’re always on his side and encouraging him in your own way.
  • he can’t help but call you cute and his princess which just
  • annoys you
  • but he also not doing it sarcastically which makes you feel weirdly nice but
  • hE DEFINITELY does that thing where he puts his hand on the top of your head because you’re SO SHORT
  • and SO ANGRY
  • and he can just put his palm on your forehead as you try to get at him because he’s super buff and you’re just a tiny, ineffectual steamroller
  • “i DO TAXES”
  • ok Zen admittedly does tease you a lot b/c he thinks its funny but once he realizes that there is some actual baggage due to your height he lays off and actually starts specifically complimenting you on your intelligence, skill, and professional abilities
  • which takes you off guard and you really
  • really
  • like it.
  • (at one point, he does the hand-comparison thing with you - you and him putting your hands up against each other to see how big his is in comparison to yours - and he grins so widely and damn does your heart go pitter-patter)
  •  whenever you have a talk or something important to do he is ALWAYS THERE IN THE FRONT ROW
  • (one day, one of your colleagues makes a short joke about you on stage and he’s like…. ready to fite someone)
  • He says to you later that he knows you can take care of yourself but he also wanted to deck that guy
  • (it’s time for doki-dokis from you SHIT)


  • you find it extremely difficult to be properly tsundere around Yoosung because he is just this adorable little chick of a person
  • like
  • just thinking about getting annoyed at him makes you feel weird
  • and as soon as you see his dumb cute face in his avatar you just kind of deflate and calm down.
  • (seriously Yoosung becomes your chill-out medicine whenever you hear his voice on the phone babbling about something ridiculous you’re like)
  • (okay)
  • (things aren’t so bad, Yoosung exists)
  • you do say exactly what you’re thinking regarding his grades tho - like yoosung, quit gaming and study christ
  • “you need to take school seriously”
  • “this is me, as a professor, telling you to shape up”
  • “………iii…. am an intelligent, competent scholar who is well respected in my field, yes?” you say to the shocked chatroom, who had, from your picture, thought you couldn’t even be 20.
  • well first of all yoosung, DON’T YOU THINK I’D RECOGNIZE U IF I TAUGHT YOU
  • (and also in the interests of not making it weird, you A.) don’t teach at his school and B.) are actually a very young, newly appointed professor)
  • but that does mean you have your Shit together, and you start getting on Yoosung about his academics. when he gets bad quiz grades, you offer to tutor him, because hot diggity are you smart
  • the two of you stay Just Friends for a pretty long time because Yoosung kinda really needs to grow up a bit like
  • you are around Jumin’s age but the life experience gap is still pretty extreme
  • but he starts to really, really admire you and how - even though you’re often gruff with him - you always believe in him and how he can do better
  • makes him want to really become an adult.
  • He starts working himself out. He takes his studies seriously, he relies on other people for less, he does his own taxes and becomes a much better cook…
  • you and everyone else are kinda shocked by the change tbh.
  • One time, when he’s with you, he looks down at you and stares for awhile and you’re like
  • oh fuck here we go
  • he’s going to be like “wowwwww i can’t believe you’re so MATURE when you look so CUTE and SMALL” because he’s done it before aND SO HAS EVERYONE ELSE
  • (you can’t get mad at him but it BOTHERS YOU)
  • but when you ask him what he’s thinking, he just shakes his head a little and says, “Do you think I look good next to you?”
  • “I’ve been trying really hard - do you think I can ever catch up and be a good match for you?”
  • “I want to be a mature guy you can feel comfortable relying on…”
  • (ahhhh????/??!?!?????)
  • (you’ve clawed your way to the top and here is this sweet mild person wanting u to rely on them?? that’s ODDLY ENDEARING??)
  • anyway yoosung tries 2 be a cool dude for the tiny, angry professor he loves and you are embarrassed


  • you actually have a pretty good working relationship with Jaehee because she is far too mature to join in with the other’s blatant disrespect of your height
  • you actually have a very ‘office ladies’ like friendship where you complain about the dumb people in your respective lives
  • “oh my god so this fellow professor i know did the DUMBEST FUCKING THING, i s2g if he didn’t have tenure”
  • “another cat project… another cat project….”
  • you frequently tell Jaehee to knock ‘em dead and she’s not sure if you mean that literally or not.
  • knowing u it’s probably both
  • Anyway Jaehee doesn’t really see much of your tsundere side directed at her, until she actually meets you in person.
  • the first time she sees you - really sees you - she is
  • struck
  • dead.
  • seriously it’s like - the same feelings she gets about Zen? she gets about you, because not only did you come from low beginnings and claw yourself up with your blatant determination despite what others said about you (which she finds inspiring), you’re also so adorable
  • cute features, tiny body, omg… omg…. o m g…………
  • omg jaehee, the serious office lady, is SWEATING
  • but she knows that she needs to keep her freakin’ mouth shut unless she wants to die
  • (also you are extremely smart like you went to school and worked at the same time and you just got ur doctorate like um excuse me could you chill)
  • but she can’t contain it totally.
  • One day, she’s out shopping with you and she sees a cute, frilly dress in the window that would look so…. cute on you… and she stops and stares at it.
  • You look at her, clearly baffled because - Jaehee. Is that… your style…?
  • and she’s like no omg i just think it would look good on you
  • i mean
  • oh no
  • and your eyebrows go up but Jaehee has the benefit of the doubt by now so you don’t blow up.
  • …….and the next time you guys go out together
  • you are wearing that dress she liked
  • and jaehee faints.
  • (she can die happy)
  • pictures of you start to join the altar of Zen she has in her apartment

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