then with this he becomes tsundere


I’m loving how MC-chan is finally breaking out of her shell, but also, Eisuke’s inability to resist her and her wishes~ 😘

+V.I.P Room 5th Event: One Sexy Night (Eisuke Ichinomiya)+

Gruvia is canon.


The Fairy Tail fandom is in a sensitive place right now. Some people are happy, some are disappointed, and others are somewhere in the middle. That is the case with the Gruvia scene as well, since many of us expected something more. However, the thing that most people agree on is that Gruvia is indeed canon. Lets take a look at the breakdown.

We see a drunk Juvia attempting to take off her clothes, in a manor very reminiscent of Gray stripping. As we all know, Juvia adopted this habit while they were living together back in the Avatar arc. Gray’s reaction to her stripping now strongly contrasts his reaction back then. He used to have NO reaction. But since it was confirmed Gray does have feelings for Juvia back in chapter 499, his reaction to her showing her body off now is very profound. We first see Gray blushing while exclaiming that she needs to stop this act. Adding fuel to the fire, Gildarts visibly ogles the increasingly naked Juvia. Gray was not having that. Not. One. Bit.

Then Gray continues to physically drag Juvia somewhere else privately, criticizing her for publicly stripping.  It’s ironic because Juvia has scolded Gray for stripping in the past on numerous occasions, but now the shoe is on the other foot. Gray has taken on Juvia’s previous role, acting protective, and embarrassed, implying that Gray’s feelings are mirroring Juvia’s once again.Gray also dragged Juvia off, just as Juvia had once done to him when she wanted to be alone with him before the GMG. Back on topic, Juvia apologizes to Gray, as he inspects her body, which leads into a conversation about their respective scars. This is important because, since the beginning of Fairy Tail, Mashima-sensei has highlighted how significant scars are when it comes to Gray. Not only that, but these scars are proof of how far the two are willing to go for one another. A symbol of their love for each other. 

Gray asks if Juvia can have Wendy remove the scar, but Juvia doesn’t mind it and points out the fact that he still has his, too. Gray immediately retorts back saying it’s different because he’s a man and she’s a woman. Scrambling to justify himself, Gray mentions Juvia’s body, and is cut off by her questioning him.

Gray is now the one ogling her body with a huge blush as she sits in a seductive pose staring up at him. Unable to come up with a good response, he embarrassingly states that she is his. Still having elements of a tsundere, Gray tries to play the situation off while being heavily flustered. Despite this, Juvia understands him and becomes love struck. In the Japanese raw, Gray says “ore no mono da”, which is translated as “you belong to me” or “you are mine”. However it’s a line that only implies the subject, so when taking context into consideration, Gray could also be saying that Juvia’s body is his as well. Meaning Gray is actually asking for/suggesting sex. That’s a big deal for a character like him.

Regardless of translation, Gray is into Juvia, and they have most likely been in a relationship for quite some time considering this is a year after the war. Gray wouldn’t be saying something so blatantly sexual to her if they weren’t already together, and Gray is also so comfortable stating something this openly to her. He would not have waited a year to answer her, so either the answer we have all been waiting for was off paneled (which still makes no sense), or it was chapter 499 as a whole. 

In Mashima-sensei’s mind, 499 was an answer. Gray stated that Juvia wasn’t a friend, that he wanted to protect her no matter what, and Juvia said Gray’s words made her happy. Juvia understood at that point that their feelings were mutual. 453 was just the same. Gray was grateful to her for always being by his side, and asked her to wait until after the war for his answer. She smiled knowingly there, aware even then what Gray meant, and what his answer would be.

Smooth Gray smooth

In addition, in the Harvest Festival art book, Mashima-sensei commented under the Gruvia postcard, which was labeled autumn of romantic love, that he went on the attack with this specific drawing, and he drew it when the main story was about Gruvia. Coupled with the most recent twitter sketches, including the one which showed an intimate moment between a blushy Gray and Juvia, their foreheads touching and both smiling happily, showcases that he had already given us the answer long ago.

Also, after Wendy overheard Gray’s words to Juvia, she had the exact same, flustered reaction to what Gray said, as she did when she overheard Levy mention a “baby” to Gajeel. Thus, Mashima-sensei is implying that Gray and Juvia are also in an adult relationship. Lucy had been narrating about other couples, and what had happened in the year. She states that Gray and Juvia have also gotten close/along, which parallels Gajeel and Levy (who are explicitly canon with the same “getting along” line). In official English translations in anime and manga, the phrase “getting along well” often is used as a comment on a couples romantic relationship.Their relationship over the year timeskip has likely been slowly progressing in a private but known manner. When talking about relationships, it is clear Lucy sees Gray and Juvia as a couple.

Another common concern that has been raised, is about Gray going out on a hundred year quest. Bear in mind, the 100 year quest is not a quest that lasts for a hundred years. It is a quest that has been available for a hundred years and not been completed, which indicates the difficulty of the quest. It was something Gildarts could not do alone. However, we have five incredibly powerful mages embarking on the quest. We see Juvia in the guild interacting with her fellow guild mates without concern. This indicates a secure status in their relationship.

Not to mention, Mashima-sensei clearly wanted to end the series on Team Natsu for nostalgic reasons. A couple does not always have to go on a mission together. 

In conclusion, it is possible we might receive extra content in the future, as Mashima-sensei tweeted that he was still working on further FT-related projects. Also, canon is not defined by babies and marriage alone. Canon is defined by whatever is official in the story. And it is official that Gray and Juvia share mutual feelings, Gray himself states in this very chapter that Juvia is his. 

Yuuei Highschool Host Club AU

I just really need this ok

Midoriya Izuku was luck enough to get a scholarship at Yuuei thanks to his relations with All Might. They weren’t really well off so education at those kinds of school are not really within his access. But All Might has given him a chance to go do just that and he’s been studying day and night to get his good grades and become a successful hero. Until, he well got lured lost in the room of a certain host club and broke a vase worth 8M yen. He has then been enslaved worked as a host for the club to pay off the broken vase.

The hosts are the following:

1. Bakugou Katsuki (Bad Boy Tsundere Type) - You will just love Bakugou. Actually, everyone will just kinda love him. Or hate him with a burning passion. There is no in between. He might seem furious but inside his heart is actually a more furious and raged man but beneath all that is actually a boy who is tsundere for you. You may find yourself being careful around him but the longer you linger, the more you catch on to his tsundere charms and then, you are stuck forever. He is actually also very smart, despite his love for profane words. He also won UA’s hero tournament and has been holding the title for  2 years. Also self-proclaimed leader of the host club.

2. Todoroki Shouto (Hot & Cold Type) - Todoroki Shouto is unpredictable if anything. Sometimes, he has the warmest of smiles that get you all jittery and on other days, he has the coldest of stares that will leave you shaking. His capricious nature gets people more interested in him. The reason why Todoroki acts as such is said to be one of the 7 mysteries of Yuuei among others. He is also the son of the top  Hero, Endeavor, although he does not like to talk about it. Never talk to him about Endeavor unless you want to see his cold stares but if you want to see them, then be my guest. But mind you, there are repercussions.

3. Iida Tenya (Serious & Earnest Type) - Iida Tenya is a good choice for first timers at the host club. He is sensible and easy to converse with, although, he sometimes get out of hand with his speeches talking. A true gentleman, this one. He won’t ever push you or make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes though, the more cunning and devious girls end up teasing him with matters of the heart until he gets beet red and inexplicably flustered. But that is, in its own right, a sight to behold. Most people visit him for that awkward blush.

4. Kirishima Eijirou (Upbeat & Friendly Type) - Kirishima Eijirou is also one that is well recommended for starters. He knows your cues and knows how to read people unlike Iida. Plus, he’s a natural mood maker so if you want light conversation and a good time, he’s the one. He’s also a good listener so if you are having troubles, he’ll gladly lend you an ear and try to give you advice. Has an obsession with ‘manly’ things and there is 101% chance that if you show him something manly, he will become a helpless puppy.

5. Shouji Mezou (Gentle & Kind Type) - Do not let Shouji Mezou’s rough and intimidating exterior fool you. He is actually the kindest of souls. Even as they call him Tentacles because of his quirk, he actually the most gentle of group. Mezou is also a good listener but unlike Kirishima, he rarely gives out advice, if he actually ever does. So if it is him, then you can go pour your heart out.

6. Kaminari Denki (Flirty & Dorky Type) - Kaminari Denki is a natural flirt. He knows your daily pick up lines and the like. You could say he knows how to make you feel the sparks between the two of you. But if you don’t laugh at his jokes or react the way he expects you too, he panics real bad. Most of his visitors actually go just want to go see him flail and be confused because it is actually what makes him cute. Sadly, he does not know about this. His fans will protect that secret to their graves.

7. Midoriya Izuku (Pure & Perfect Type) - Izuku is an idea son man. He is humble and understanding. He can converse with you with pretty much any topic but talk to him about heroes and his eyes glisten like the waters of the sea and his smile, oh god, his smile will dispel all the impurities in your heart. He is a cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. He also will try to help you with 200% of things. Just don’t take advantage of his kindness because that might earn you the wrath of the other guys in the host club *cough* Bakugou *cough* Todoroki *cough*.

scenes and stuff:

But imagine Deku buying ‘commoner coffee’ and Bakugou being angry like “wtf is this shit deku?! i swear” but Deku is saved by Kirishima who fools Bakugou into drinking it as a form of ‘challenge’.

But also imagine Kacchan being hella confused because Deku is cute, CUTE. And Kacchan protecting Deku from one of his less saner fangirls and Deku thanking kacchan but Kacchan refusing the thank you because it is his responsibility, yada yada. But is secretly happy about it.

Kirishima watching in the distance and feeling both happy and sad because Bakugou is rarely ever truly happy but Bakugou is happy because of someone else. Kirishima who has been keeping his feelings with Bakugou at bay until Deku came. Just jealous Kirishima.

And also Deku having to wake up Todoroki, who is terrifying when woken by someone else, because he fell asleep at the host club room. And oh god, Todoroki pulls Deku’s hand when Deku called on him causing Deku to go fall in Todoroki’s chest.

Iida and Izuku reviewing together in the library and accidentally touching each other’s hand while trying to get something because both were too engrossed in studying that they didn’t have time to look.

Club treasurer Tsuyu and secretary Uraraka because someone or in this case some two need to watch the guys in the host club and make sure Izuku is safe and kept pure.

Also, Uraraka making all the guys float when girls begin hording at them in hallways. And Tsuyu retrieving them all with her trusty frog tongue.

Also, Uraraka and Tsuyu always being together and helping each other out that they actually fall in love with each other but the other party thinks they are in love with Izuku so Uraraka and Tsuyu try to set each other up with Izuku when they should just be admitting their love for each other.

Villain!Deku thoughts and headcanons:

Quirkless, his strengths and selling points are his hero otaku knowledge, wits and strategies against heroes. Maybe some information gathering quirk would be great for him tho.

His goal isn’t to become hero, but to collect and provide information on heroes. A fan boy gone mad, you could say.

Since he is quirkless and physically not very capable, he has some bodyguards to protect him. Villain!Iida and villain!Uraraka maybe? Or some other people from Villain Alliance if we presume Deku works for them. Dabi maybe.  

Admires heroes and All Might above all, but instead of wanting to be like them, he just wants to see them in action, thus causes trouble wherever he goes.

After the doctor told him he could never be a hero, his hero admiration went up a notch. Since he could never be like them he just wanted to know everything about them. Went villain because All For One spotted Deku and his knowledge before All Might found him. The first to tell Deku he can actually be something and becomes the mentor he never had. 

Never forgets what Bakugo did to him and holds serious grudge. Takes the name Deku for similar reasons as in canon. “Deku who never gives up.” Also it’s great when the bullied takes on the mean nickname and starts to carry it proudly. 

Likes to target and kidnap Bakugo for fun. Doesn’t want to kill him or end his hero career, just to mess up with him. And by mess up I mean, break his bones every once in a while (AndAnrgyFuckHimAngryFuckHimHard). Bakugo develods Princess Peach syndrome and occasionally lets himself to be captured. He’s tsundere about it tho. 

Just imagine Deku and All Might facing off in this verse. Just imagine.


“How are we even together when you despise me so badly?”

“I approached you first because I hated you so much. Look where it got us~

“We’re lovers because of it.”

“How are we even separated when you hold me so dearly?”

Hey! You left me first because you loved me too much. Look where it got us.

“We’re rivals because of it.”

It was supposed to be a sketch but then it just.., yeah, Garrison and Voltron Klance. 

So to summarize it, back in one of the days at the Garrison, Keith was approached by this Cuban guy who has calling him his rival, which he’s been aware of for quite some time and so, he just went along with it  but somehow, they end up getting closer over time and got into a love-hate relationship. You could call them the competitive s o u l m a t e s who are kinda always (playfully) bickering and fighting but becomes lovey-dovey along the line. Keith is certainly a tsundere at times

When the Kerberos mission failure was announced, Keith was kicked out of the Garrison.., well, for the same reason he was in canon but then he didn’t contact Lance at all after that, which left them to be driven apart. Despite being left behind, Lance was still really worried about his partner although while looking for Shiro, Keith hoped that Lance would forget him, hate him even.

Later on, during Voltron, Lance and Keith are absolutely at each other’s throats all the time because of their confusing feelings and relationship status at that point and they are both avoiding to engage an awkward conversation that may lead up to everyone else learning about the history between them and the downfall of Voltron due to stupid emotions. 

Are they still together? Are they good or on bad terms? No one knows since they are the only ones aware of their (past) relationship and they don’t seem to bring it up into a proper conversation anytime soon because they have always been the kind to snap at even the pettiest thing coming out of each other’s mouth especially Lance, to the point they accidentally hurt one another’s feelings sometimes when it wasn’t supposed to and so, they’re stuck in that vicious cycle that only seems to repeat itself. 

~I’m not even going to bother with grammatical errors at this point~English is not my native language~It’s 11 p.m. XD~I’m no good but there you go~ GOODNIGHT

                                                                                         -Bleu ;)


Asuma Kousuke - Sparkle vol.28

Some of the contents in his interview:

1. He’s a very energetic kid, plays all kinds of sports and outdoor activities,like baseball, swimming, fishing, catching insects etc.

2. His family own a golden retriever, so since he’s an only child, the dog was like his younger brother.

3. During second year in high school, he grew interested in men’s fashion and one day his friend convinced him to try auditioning after looking at an advertisement on a magazine (that’s how he got into his current agency).

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anonymous asked:

Manga artists Munakata and Mikoto and their feuding assistants Fushimi and Yata.

Yessss I like this. So imagine they are both super popular manga artists who are always jostling for the top seller spot, like one week Munakata is top and next Mikoto is and it’s this huge rivalry even between their fans. Somehow the two of them are always being compared even though they have completely different styles and genres, like Mikoto writes an action-packed shounen jump style fighting manga and Munakata writes a popular shoujo romance (if he has a weakness in his drawing style it’s that it looks more like one of those old-school style shoujo series were everyone has very shiny eyes and he overuses the sparkle screentones. The story is so gripping that he has a ton of readers anyway). The two of them also happen to rent the same studio and live in the same apartment which means they are constantly running into each other and having to interact, to say nothing of various events and interviews. Munakata likes to make pointed comments about the complexity of his story and how he has the next 1000 chapters planned out, all of his interviews involve him dropping hints so subtle that there are tons of forums just filled with people trying to decode his words. Mikoto meanwhile when asked what’s going to happen next in his manga will just shrug and be like ‘dunno’ because he makes shit up as he goes along and it’s fine.

The two of them do have several assistants of course – Mikoto needs assistants, otherwise he’d never have time for sleeping on the couch when he’s got a deadline (OMG Mikoto totally has the Miura/Togashi style ‘one chapter and then TIME FOR A SIX MONTH HIATUS’ thing going on because he’s tired and needs a break. Munakata has released a chapter every week save holidays for years and never taken even so much as week off). Yata is a young aspiring manga artist who looks up to Mikoto a lot, like he owns every volume of Mikoto’s first less popular series which was canceled halfway through and never finished. Fushimi is also an aspiring artist, the two of them meet in middle school and make like their own manga called 'Small World’ which they only share with the two of them. They both manage to get hired to be Mikoto’s assistants but Fushimi quickly finds himself having issues, Mikoto’s art style is very detailed and full of action lines and meticulously choreographed fight scenes and Fushimi’s art style leans towards clean and static, less action lines and more gorgeously arranged single panels and expressions. Plus on top of that Yata’s stopped having time to work on their manga and only talks about Mikoto’s instead and how lucky they are to get to work on it. Finally when Munakata offers Fushimi a job Fushimi takes it, breaking things off with Yata and destroying their art supplies in front of him (“There go your Prismacolors, Misaki”).

So not only is there a rivalry going on between Munakata and Mikoto but Yata and Fushimi are at odds too, and of course they always run into each other because they work in adjoining studios. Sometimes they’ll run into each other while bringing the new pages to the publisher and they both argue over whose new chapter is the best, Fushimi’s always mocking Yata for only being able to draw boneheaded manga about friendship and heroes while Yata thinks Fushimi can only work on frilly girls’ manga even though he maybe has been known to read it on the side sometimes just once okay his mom likes it shut up. Ooh and imagine both Munakata and Mikoto working Yata and Fushimi’s issues into their comics, like one of the girls in Munakata’s comic betrays her best friend because she’s afraid of losing her and tries to make the friend hate her but really she’s very lonely and feeling forgotten. Meanwhile one of the heroes in Mikoto’s manga is betrayed by his partner and wants to hate him but can’t stop wanting to know why he left and desperately wants him to come back. Fushimi and Yata continue to work on the pages completely unaware of the fact that Munakata and Mikoto are writing about them and meanwhile the fans are loving it and shipping it and writing letters begging for the two friends to reconcile. Munakata makes Fushimi read the letters to him, Yata reads Mikoto’s letters because Mikoto doesn’t have time for that he has sleeping to do.


Mmmmmm k, but collage AU were Black hat wears eyeliner and edgy band t-shirts and thinks fedoras are still cool, and dr.flug who is a nervous collage reck and is a Lil pudgy (freshman 15!) And strives to get good grades and somehow they end up as room mates. Think of the possibilities!
-punk! Dementia who lives in a close by dorm and throws huge parties and when black hat and dr.flug walk over to tell them to be quiet, they somehow get sucked into these crazy parties
-black hat saving dr.flug from bullies and being like ‘I didn’t mean to do that, reflexes lol’ ‘not saving you, nope’ and dr.flug is just kind of awe struck and forever follows black hat around and puts up with his snarkyness b/c he can see right through that tsundere edge lord and knows he actually cares
-black hat going into business management and dr.flug going into engineering and black hat promising to hire dr.flug once his business gets started and then them working together to formulate the business all the while it becoming an ‘ours’ business even though black hat won’t admit it

Welp, That’s all I’ve got at the moment! (Yea, BH has a Lil tail, I need it man, fight me :p )

EXO scenario [Idol]: When You Change Your Hair Colour For A MV


Originally posted by iyeolie

He’s probably the one to joke about it, tease you to make you feel more comfortable with the colour. I’m pretty sure out of all the members he knows what it’s like. Ahem the mullet, with red stripes. 


Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

He’s taken aback when you first enter the door with the new colour, after explaining he understands- but of course he won’t stop looking at it until he got used to it. 


Originally posted by lawlliets

Chen is one of your biggest fans so he was well aware that your comeback was coming up soon- so when you walked through that door he tried keeping a straight face however couldn’t stop staring at the new look. Slowly he found it more and more appealing. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

D.O. :

Originally posted by jonginssoo

He didn’t really care, but would give slight glances at you when you weren’t paying attention. Overall it was the cutest thing he’s ever seen. 

You: Does it look funny?

Him: Not a chance, you look more than great. 


Originally posted by blondejongin

Kai is a victim of sudden hair changes, he’s been harshly affected by choices the company has made for his hair. He didn’t want you to feel the way he did by any means so he became your number 1 fan. Moral support! 


Originally posted by squynhty

The unicorn is very supportive no matter what. Whatever you look like he’ll be there to support ya’. Though if you have times where you’re not liking the style Lay will be there to cheer you up. “Awh, but I love this look on you baobei.” “Good luck for the comeback! Don’t overwork yourself.”

-Once the MV comes out -

Originally posted by glamourpcy

It becomes his ringtone, he streams it. Tells his members about it- #1stan right here.


Originally posted by r-velvets

He never really thought about the chances of if you didn’t like the hair because of how good you looked. Sehun was very teasing over it. Deep down he thought it was very beautiful, and wasn’t surprised you pulled the colour off. So generally speaking- Sehun thought you looked so great the slightest negativity didn’t come across his mind- making him a shy sassy kitty. (Tsundere much.)

-Once the MV comes out-

Originally posted by luedeer

*lowkey fangirls* 


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$ SuDaddy approves $ 

Instead of focusing on the new look, he‘s excited for the MV and when it comes out he poorly attempts at learn the moves. 


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Minseok was very sweet and kind over the new change, the guy would be sitting down and staring at you but when you asked why he’d just smile.

You: What?

Him: You’re beautiful.

A/N: Hope you liked the post, if you didn’t feel free to leave a request they’re open! || I inculded some “when the MV comes out” because why not. || Also if i made any typos please message me of the sort. My editor is on a hiatus 😅💕

Camp Camp things that are now 100% canon thanks to campbook:

Neil is a homestuck

Space Kid and Gwen are mother and son

Space Kid is an orphan

Nikki loves memes

Preston is allergic to memes

Everyone is gay

Nerris loves Critical Role

Dolph finds James Willems “offensive”

Preston and Max are bffs (best boyfriends forever)

Harrison and Neil kissed

Nurf’s fingers are Too Big for He Gotdamn Keyboard

David is now scared of memes

Max is slowly becoming trash for musicals like his bf

Max is JD, Preston is Veronica, Dead Girl Walking duet

Nikki is trying to impress Ered 100% of the time

Neil doesn’t understand how grammar works

Ered has a snapchat

Gwen acts like she doesn’t care about the kids, but she really does. Like a non-romantic tsundere

David is always asking questions



Lol i Don’t even Know

This Isn’t Grammatically Correct

Excitement !!!!!!

Honestly I have NO idea WHY I made this. ANYWAY,,

恋人 vs 二次元 (Koibito vs Nijigen)

Milky Chain has announced a new drama CD series in the works! The theme of this series is you/your lover being fixated on two-dimensional characters, and your lover/or you trying to seduce you/them out of that fixation. ( • v • ) Basically, either you (the MC) is an otaku, or your boyfriend is one.

Synopses after the cut!

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Headcanons for being best friends with Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari

•You are their designated armrest, headrest, teddy bear etc.

•Need a hug of encouragement ? You’re there.

•Need a cuddle ? You’re the one for the job.

•Basically just one a human teddy bear ? Yeah that’s you too.

•Even Bakugou, the most obnoxious and non-affectionate guy ever, doesn’t mind hugs from you and if he’s really upset he will go to you for a hug.

•Basically their little sister.

•Love you too pieces, again even Bakugou.

•Over-protective as hell, will basically stare down any guy that looks at you weirdly or wrong. Of course you are capable of protecting yourself. But still……..just in case.

•Once Mineta tried to touch your ass. Actually got chucke out of a window by Kirishima, electrocuted by Kaminari and blown up by Bakugou.

•Was in hospital for a week.

•You sent him an apology card and he never tried anything on you again.

•Their own personal cheer squad whenever they fight, do matches or train. Your cheering encourages them way too much and they end up getting over excited to the point that they go overboard.

•More people in hospital.

•You received a temporary ban on cheering for them.

•So instead you made banners with their names on it.

•There are mini Pikachu’s on Kaminari’s, rocks and strawberries on Kirishima’s and of course explosions on Katsuki’s.

•Aizawa’s face was red from the amount of face-palming.

•Has now considered early retirement.

•You guys all have matching jackets which you, Kirishima and Kaminari insisted on buying.

•Forcing Bakugou into one was a painful experience and something none of you want to relive.

•You guys looked adorable though.

•Spend weekends training together and the occasional hour after school.

•Unfortunately you can’t lift more weights than them but sometimes rival their strength.

•Heh but you’re faster, a skill that is necessary when sharing food with grumpy, hungry teenage boys. Otherwise you’d starve.

•Oh and when it comes down to that last slice of pizza.


•You have been banned from many restaurants because of this.

•Takeaway as become a regular thing as a consequence.

•Kirishima is totally the sweetheart, kind protective one of the group. But of course he can get angry………really angry……’s scaryyyy.

•Bakugou is such a tsundere but can be really protective and has your best interest at heart, most of the time.

•Kaminari is the one that does pranks and plans evil schemes with you. You both get into a lot of trouble. Still really fun and kind. The “bad” influence. Even though he’s a human Pikachu in terms of power and cinnamon roll-ness.

•You’re the glue of the group.

•You sort out the fights, make sure they’re all emotionally stable and try to keep you altogether, because everyone is getting really busy as they grow up.

•You’re all really focused on training me becoming heroes. But you try to make time for everyone to hang out as be normal teens for a bit, even if it’s just an hour.

•You’re parents at fort were sceptical of the boys and worried that they would influence you (too late for that heh blame Kaminari for all the pranks.)

•Eventually warm up too them and they’re allowed to come over whenever.

•For some weird reason they trust those three with you completely.

•Actually feel a lot safer knowing that they’re there with you and during training.

•Haha whenever they come over to study you usually all end up falling asleep on top of each other.

•Half the time you’re annoying each other, playing video games or mucking about. Some time is sent studying though.

•Can’t be failing these classes.

•Aizawa is meannnnn. (Still a cinnamon roll tho.)

•Kirishima is a human pillow.

•Your head will end up on his stomach, Kaminari will have his on your’s and Bakugou will have his head on either yours or Kirshima’s legs.

•Screensaver is a picture of you four training in the park.

•Bakugou looks missed af, explosions covering his hands and a ticked off expression on his face.

•Kirishima and Kaminari are smiling.

•Kirishima is pulling a funny face, red hair going wild in every direction and his pointy teeth exposed.

•Kaminari is just smiling with his arm around Kirishima’s shoulders and Bakugou’s.

•The you’re just as the front, pulling a stupid face and smiling brightly.

Nier: Automata Charas in a nutshell tbh
  • 2B: Beauty, grace, can & will kick your YoRHa-troubling ass into space.// "Emotions are Prohibited blah blah" says the girl with angsty feels she thinks she's so good at hiding.//Will not tolerate any BS if it interrupts the mission.//s/n: Girl can work a pretty bow, damn.
  • 9S: "Notice me, pls, 2B-senpai." 💘//Ladies call him "Nines" (spoiler: he wishes)//King of complaining//protect curious child at all costs//HE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR 2B SENPAI!!//give this tough soldier a cookie pls//s/n: bathing is N[I]CE 👌
  • A2: gives little fcks//"stfu!"//not in it to win it but to SLAY//the 'other' 2B//don't tell her what to do//BEAUTIFUL BUT HURTIN' 💔//low-key tsundere//s/n: knows how to cut hair.
  • Pascal: Best uncle 👍 // "I love you, you love me, machines & androids can be a happy, peaceful family~"
  • Operator 210: Time for scheduled update, not to hear 9S's whiny-ass complaints//"One 'yeah' is enough u lil brat"//she deserved better 👈
  • Machines: "BECOME AS GODS!"//Playing dress up//existential Crisis// "Pisseth off!"
  • Adam: literally born yesterday//dresses like a Sensei//quotes philosophical bs.

I thought more about what a Mint Eye MC would be like while I was working this weekend, and with…


  • You’d have to constantly lowkey be trying to keep track of what Yoosung has said about Rika to not let on that you DO know her. You mess up at one point, and that’s when Seven catches on about something being up.
  • You’re actually pleased about being compared to Rika, and see it as the ultimate compliment. Once you start falling in love with Yoosung, you find yourself…. jealous…??? And want to become Rika. Bad endings have you staging a coup with Saeran and becoming the Queen of Mint Eye.
  • These bad endings are averted through Seven’s involvement. Panicked and confused about your situation, he starts convincing Yoosung that this Isn’t Okay. Yoosung starts realizing something is up, and Yoosung discovers the truth about Mint Eye in tandem with Seven.
  • In the fallout with whatever happens with that, Yoosung struggles to help you figure out what your personality actually is, because you’re so used to becoming what everyone else wants you to be. He achieves this by getting you addicted to LOLOL.
  • Please imagine an ex cultist as a LOLOL addict.
  • Please imagine an ex cultist being taught about DPS.
  • Please imagine an ex cultisy becoming BFFs with Yoosung’s nerdy guild.
  • (Seven can come too)
  • (so can saeran i guess.)


  • fffffuuuccccccKKKKKK 
  • So Rika has the bomb in the apartment to a.) Destroy the evidence of Mint Eye and b.) Kill you so you can’t spill the beans about her plan. You are both aware of this and entirely okay with this, which makes Seven’s job of removing the bomb VERY DIFFICULT.
  • Like this man has to knock you out to keep you from begging and/or BODILY FIGHTING HIM when he comes over.
  • You awaken tied up in Seven’s apartment. He can’t even be tsundere. Its the opposite - he is desperately trying to get through to YOU, since you’re a brainwashed cultist and damn does he kinda both empathize with your situation and miss joking with you. 
  • You do too, deep down, and when the critical moment comes when Seven confronts Rika, you sneak along for the ride - and you intervene on Seven’s behalf. Violently. 
  • this really upsets saeran
  • he feels SO BETRAYED
  • seven has to deal with fixing two cult kids, one who his rendered near catatonic with guilt of hurting their savior and one who is practically feral with rage. 
  • poor, poor man.


  • This is so messed up that Vanderwood can’t even be angry, they’re just like
  • fuck man
  • what the fuck
  • This entire situation has them eternally making squinty eyes.
  • they end up assigned to watching you while Seven tries to sort all this shit out, so they end up bringing over a bunch of movies and sit you, tied up, on the couch and force you to watch them.
  • Slowly, very slowly, you end up fascinated with what’s on the screen, and Vanderwood learns pieces of your backstory through the comments you make.
  • Your dad was one of Rika’s earliest supporters, and brought you up as a fanatic. Your mom died young. You have a sister that you barely remember and who you consider to be a heretic. You don’t know a lot about the world and YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY SCI FI OR FANTASY WTF
  • You fall asleep on their shoulder after binging the entirety of LotR and Vanderwood feels themselves falling, man. 
  • you’re just so cute when you’re not trying to bite people.

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Can we get some random Italy, Romano, and Spain yandere hcs please?


-Adorable but scary

-Very sweet when you first meet him

-Once he gains a crush on you, he will become the clingiest piece of shit

-Will go everywhere with you

-If you don’t want him with you, he will either guilt you into taking him or stalk you

-You won’t even realize he is yandere until you’re locked in his basement

-Will try to be normal and cheery around you, but it doesn’t take much for him to snap

-Once he does snap, he will kidnap you and go on a killing spree

-He can be as cruel as his 2p, he just hides it well

-Always wants you smiling, if not, he will “Fix” you


-Tsundere and yandere mix to form a terrifying person (Good luck)

-Indecisive about everything and hard to read

-Wants you near him but also doesn’t, expects you to be able to read his emotions and act how he wants you to. If not, things can get violent.

-“Stop touching me.” *S/O sighs and goes to leave room.* “Did I fucking say you could leave? Sit the fuck down idiot.” *S/O sits down and he puts an arm over their shoulders.*

-He is in charge in this relationship. Any attention from you will be revoked, He initiates everything, not you.

-Really whiny, will expect you to pretty much drop your entire life to move in and cater to him.

-Swings wildly between being an unresponsive stump and a flirting machine. There is no in-between.

-Is really romantic though, buys chocolates, flowers, jewelry, flirts non-stop.

-This guy is LOADED and will buy you anything your heart desires.

-Has connections *cough*mafia*cough*, you will be staying with him whether you like it or not.


-Friendly and clingy

-Honestly, as a yandere, his empire/pirate side comes out


-Believes that he can win you over with charm at first

-Isn’t afraid to be forceful with you

-Feels like he owns you

-Is confident in himself and doesn’t really get jealous, although he will protect his property fiercely if need be

-You know the ax he swings around in that one episode, yeah, that’s what he fights with

-Crazy strength and speed, he was a bullfighter after all. (Dat ass)

-Although he is very controlling, he makes sure to spoil his little pet

My Thoughts On SanPu

Well, with all the recent talks about Pudding and SanPu I could not resist on writing my person opinion on the matter. I don’t know how good it is but I really just wanted to get somethings off my chest.

If you ship SanPu and are sensitive on the matter then I suggest you skip this post. This post is not intended for SanPu fans, I am not trying to change any one elses mind and I do not ship that pairing. The last thing I want to do is start a shipping war and annoy SanPu fans. Shipping is suppose to be fun anyways. Right?

Please note that I am a SaNami shipper too and that this post (were I tried my best on being as neutral as possible) might end up being biased. Please also note I am just one SaNami shipper and this post is in no way a reflexion on anyone else’s opinion but my own. Of course you are free to ship whatever you want and I would not have it any other way.

Now then, now that that is out of the way,lets begin…

Let me start of by saying I do not think SanPu will happen. I do not think Sanji will promise to come back for her and I certainly do not think he will get married this arc. I am not worried by the recent chapters the fanbase has labeled as “SanPu” and am not bothered one bit over it.I am writing this post just to say what I think is going on in the story and give my ideas on what I think Puddings future might be. 

Now, the most recent chapters of OP have developed a new-ish ship to the OP fanbase with Pudding becoming a funny Tsundere for Sanji.

This action being a big change for Pudding and comes as a result of Sanjis compliment to her third eye(something no one had ever done).

Of course this is all great if you ship the two but I just cant help but feel like a HUGE section of the story is being forgotten or ignored when discussing SanPu. That is of course Pudding being evil

.After 844 and Sanjis rejection of Luffy and Nami and seeing the enraged army he starts to worry over his friends.

 He is depressed when he meets up with Pudding and when Pudding tells him they need to talk he decides to open himself up and says to Pudding how he is treated by his family. He is amazed at how kind she is. He notices her tears( something he is particularly weak to) and decides to give into the marriage.

Later of course we find out Sanji only agreed to the marriage to save Luffy and his friend.

but lets not forget just how much he tried to force himself into dedicating himself to Pudding.

He tells himself he doesn’t want to hurt her and so he pushes himself into “love cook” mode. He doesn’t love her yet he has no choice and wants to be happy in his life (now that he will have to be with his evil family and leave his friends behind). He is making the best out of a bad situation and even tries to make her a bento in hopes she feels better. Of course he ends up making one for his crew (the people he really cares about) but he is still trying his best. Unfortunately for him, this happens…

The last ray of hope Sanji had is taken away. Sanji is then mocked, humiliated, insulted and made to cry. 

We find out Pudding also shot Reiju and mocked Sanjis swollen face. She showed no sympathy whatsoever for Sanji’s past(even when she went through a similar thing) and made fun of him for it.

Like I said before, Sanji was not in love with Pudding. Sanji might get heart eyes for every pretty girl he sees but that does not mean he is in love. He got heart eyed over seeing Puddings picture the first time 

yet he kept on saying he wont marry her repeatedly afterwords.

Yet, in 850-851 he was reminded just how little hope he had. The Vinsmokes would be killed and he had no were to go.

Thankfully Luffy was there for him and gave him back hope (by knocking some sense back into him). Luffy gets Sanji to admit he wants to return to the sunny and gets him to say he wants to save his family because even though they are the worst, Sanji doesn’t have it in himself to let his family die (highlighting once again Sanji’s kindness).

It is extremely important to note that It was only after Luffy’s talked with Sanji that the rain stopped falling and he was reunited with his real family (at least a part of them). 

It was also then that Sanji somewhat made up with Nami.^^

That rain stopping is important because it symbolizes Sanjis suffering is now over and makes it clear that it will be his time to shine. While it rained Sanji suffered Puddings cruelty and found out about his hopeless situation.The moment the rain stopped falling for Sanji was the moment things turned around for him. It was after this point Sanji made Pudding cry using his kindness (which was similar to him crying). Karma hit Pudding then.

It was also after that moment were Judge, the person responsible for Sanji suffering as a kid and in WCI, also began to cry (also like Sanji) and show just how pathetic he really is.

His “superior” kids didn’t help him and didn’t even care about being killed.His plan of making the perfect soldiers was a failure and it was only the one he saw as a “failure” who ended up saving him.

 It was only after the rain where Sanji showed just how amazing, kind and useful he could be.

You see, I don’t think Puddings crush on Sanji as Oda developing anything he intends on making canon. I think Pudding is suffering from the same thing Judge suffered and might still suffer. Karma.

Pudding might be helping Sanji right now and might have turned into the sweet and cute girl she pretended to be but that does not take away from her earlier actions.

Lets not forget that after Sanji saved the Vinsmokes they also helped him out and saved his friends. 

That is just an example of Sanji’s kindness gaining him friends and turning enemies into allies.Something that’s not exactly new. It happened with Gin,Duval,Marine G5, and recently with Violet.

Regardless, Sanji still doesn’t consider himself a Vinsmokes and has his revenge here.

Judge’s face is the face of someone with regrets. It was the”failure” the”good for nothing” that saved them after all.

This is exactly what I think is happening with Pudding. I don’t think her tragic backstory is there to excuse her behavior. I knew she was not as evil as she acted since her flashback of Lola but, yet again. that was the chapter she said this to Luffy and Nami.

She wasn’t always good. It was Sanjis kindness that turned her into a kind girl. Her flashback doesn’t change anything. If judge ends up having a tragic backstory ( like I believe he will) then that will also not excuse his actions and Sanji wont suddenly decide on becoming a Vinsmoke if that happens. It could be as sad and as close to Sanjis past as possible but that wont change anything.

Honestly, I can see Oda giving Judge the same eyebrows Sanji has and a backstory similar to him as well. That doesn’t matter. Sanji’s true father will always be Zeff and Pudding wont end up with him either.

What will Pudings role be from now on?

Well, she is a member of the three eyed tribe so she might show up and help the SH’s once her third eye awakens (I still think Gin will show up) but until then I see her finding a fiance. Sanji might not be as tough with Pudding as he was to Judge (since he is a  gentlemen) but I really think he will reject her at the end(maybe for dorobo neko Nami ^^) .

I think their last interaction in this arc will be like what Pudding said when she first met Sanji’s crew and Sanji will say something like this.(Sanji of course is just being a gentlemen and turning her down gently).

Something Pudding and everyone else took as a rejection.She went on to say

 Pudding was acting when she said all of this but I can definitely see her having a similar reaction now that she has become a kind girl.

In fact, there is something else I would like like to add, after Pudding expresses her disappointment in not marrying Sanji she has this to say

She talks about her future fiance in a very suspicious way. I believe this is foreshadowing since I see her leaving WCI after this arc. 

Of course I could be wrong and Oda might decide on SanPu. It is really up to him. Still, I do not see that being the case. I feel like this is enough tho (lol). I don’t think I need to touch on Pudding joining the crew or Sanji getting married this arc but I might leave that for another day. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this.^^

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In your opinion, what are the jikook moments that you think most obvious? like, the ones that make you think 'ah, yes, they are real' the most?

It didn’t happen like that for me , it’s not like I saw a moment and was like ah yeah that’s it; they’re 100% together, end of story , but more like from watching the progress / stages of their relationship , especially from jungkook’s side watching him acknowledging his feeling for jimin and even becoming more open about it, when he was really shy around him , pushing him away when he was younger ,but in reality it was just because he was confused  , as he was still figuring out who he is, yet trying to show that he cares about jimin by keeping his “tsundere” image with him,  satellite-jeon  talked about this part in the best way possible and said everything there’s to say, so i’m not going to talk too much about it.  so now i think jungkook knows how he feels about jimin , and has accepted it . He even changed his ideal type so that it fits jimin when,like when jimin couldn’t do aegyo and looked well just weird when he did it jungkook’s ideal type was : someone who “can’t do aegyo” but later on when jimin became totally okay with doing aegyo and even did it without being asked jungkook changed his ideal type to someone “ who does aegyo” , kookminworld on youtube pointed this thing out . there is also the thing they did when they were sorry for my language eye-f***ing through the front cam/ mirror freshipping noticed it , it’s in this vid  , as you can see jimin looked more and more turned on each sec while looking at jungkook , there’re so many more moments like these that are meant to be just between the two of them …. 

there is also this recent analysis about jimin staying in jungkook’s hotel room and hiding when taehyung came to do vlive with him , it’s deleted now because the peopel who made it aka “kookminworld” were afraid that dispatch might find it and cause some huge scandal or something  it’s from this vlive , jimin and jungkook were basically together in jungkook’s hotel room with the lights turned off with jungkook wearing nothing , with some loud music playing , and jimin not wearing his hoodie, i wonder what they’ve been doing hmmm, also jungkook kept saying “oh my make up is smeared all over my face” and looked nervous as hell during that whole live , wandering around the room searching for anything suspicious , and taking forever to open the door at the  beginnning! then after opening it , he was still not wearing the robe , then what was he doing that took that long ? and the bathroom light which was originally turned off but later when jungkook is sitting you can see it turned on … and jimin’s voice saying “ oh you scared me”  to jungkook at the beginning and taehyung not reacting at all … as if he was used to this whole thing by now . don’t even get me started with the unconscious tongue in cheek thing jungkook does , or when he stares at jimin for several seconds without remembering to blink ..

there’is a lot more to say but this is already longer than it should be , so i’ll just stop here :) i t’ve also talked about this here

I feel pretty good about every each shipping. I think that all of them are cute until somebody make porn from it. It could work with adults shipping tho, but not with kids, jeez. Anyway I tolerate and respect all of them. That’s what I tkink about shippings in general.

To talk about CampCamp shippings

It seems like moste of campers are about 10 years old. Kids of that age (mostly boys) react on kisses, hugs ect. like “EWWWW, NASTY!!!” So I can’t clearly imagine how would it works… But still, as I said, I don’t hate any of them! So there are some doodles with your OTPs)


Obviously it’s shipping based on hatred and mutual hostility, but is makes it even hotter (as for me, heh).
Preston is alpha in that relationship (because reasons XD). He likes to do something overwhelmingly cute to Max, especially in public, that makes him blush very much. Ofcourse they fighting very often…


It’s more relaxed relationship without fighting and resentment.
Max is alpha in there. He isn’t that kind of boy, who do or say something cute to its second half. So most of time Max behaves like Neil is his bitch, but when they left alone Max suddenly changes and become a bit softer towards Neil.
*cough* tsundere  *cough,cough*

BTS reaction when your best friend is a guy

Jin: *would make sure your best friend knows his limit, you have his approval (still very cautious tho)*

“As long as you know that there’s a line between a loyal friend and a horndog, we’re okay!”

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Suga: *acts like he doesn’t care, but is actually a jealous little tsundere glaring from afar (yes, tsundere is japanese)* 

“I’ve got my eye on you, kid..

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J-Hope: *soon becomes best friends… with your best friend..*

“What do you mean? I am your hope!”

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Rap monster: *daddy af protective, jealous daddy af*

“Now listen here, you little shit! I don’t care how long you’ve known her! Go put your dick in someone else’s hole!”

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Jimin: *would awkwardly third-wheel when you guys hangout*

“…so where are we going now guys..?”

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V: *will get really dramatic*

“But Jagi! wHy DOn’T yoU LoVE mEH!”

“I do love you!”


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Jungkook: *kinky daddy af*

“Be a good girl and keep your hands to yourself or you’re getting punished”

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SnK Chapter 95 Poll Results

The chapter 95 poll closed with 1,069 responses. Thank you to everyone for participating. Let’s do this!

(1,019 Responses)

75% of respondents had a  favorable reaction for “Liars”. Less than 1% expressed extreme dissatisfaction.

I actually loved this chapter! I was kinda meh on the Marley arc at first, but this completely changed my feelings on it!! Seeing everything from the Warriors’ perspective is a refreshing change of pace.

Bertolt is the God of Destruction, RBA deserved better, Magath is actually a nice guy, poor Porco has a terrible name and deserves more love

This is the first chapter in the Marley arc I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was always looking forward to getting the Warriors’ perspective, but the way in which it’s been done has been terrible pacing wise, if definitely interesting story-wise; consequently I’ve had mixed feelings about the recent chapters. But this one managed to really make me feel for the characters and their tragic, terrible circumstances for the first time in awhile.

Good chapter in terms of lore although kinda meh in terms of story development

I liked the chapter, and the Marley thing we are going through, but I would still like to return to the walls

Not the strongest chapter, feels the same kind of “recap-y” that 63 did, but still a solid outing. I’m convinced we’re staying in Marley as the main location for the final arc of the series, with the main cast’s appearance kicking events into overdrive.


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