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Do you think UI might fight kaneki in the future ? Do you think UI could live to his hype in battle ?

Oh, definitely. Ui’s conflict with Kaneki is something that has been building for a long time.

Spurred on mostly by the combined fear and jealousy he felt towards Haise, for being Arima’s favorite and also for being a person who could turn into an out of control ghoul at any time, that as canon has shown us at those times only Arima could stop him.

This is further complicated by the recent revelation that Ui actually does regret the way that he treated Sasaki. Before this point Ui only ever saw Sasaki as somebody dangerous who was going to get promoted and surpass him, but after this point he realizes that all this time Sasaki was just trying to fill the distance between them that Ui himself created because of his complicated feelings towards Sasaki. 

As to whether or not Ui could stand a chance against him, he definitely could. Of all the characters in the manga who could threaten Kaneki after Kaneki literally made a point of killing the strongest character in the manga Arima, I can only realistically see the two special classes who have been built up as equivalent strengths to Arima posing a threat to him (that being Juuzou and Ui, the next reaper and the hope of the Arima squad respectively). Canon also backs this up, of all the veteran special classes the only character able to hold Owl off for a few minutes before Arima came, and live was Ui Koori.

In the Rueshima arc we see him effortlessly holding off Tsukiyama, Naki, and Irimi all at once without breaking a sweat, and also while picking off other ghouls that are running away.

All of the other characters were beaten and exhausted by this point, and even had their quinques broken but Ui defended himself and kept attacking relentlessly without breaking a sweat until the other ghouls basically just fleed. I do believe he has the physical capability to be a threat to Haise. The question is though, if he mentally would be able to fight with as much confidence as he did beforehand.

HEADCANON: When Maui finally visits Moana on Motonui and she introduces her family, it turns out Chief Tui is a huge fan. Imagine meeting THE guy who brought his favorite thing EVER into existence. He can’t stop gushing to Maui how great the Coconut is–all of it’s uses and how it provides everything they could possibly need in one neat little package. How did you KNOW he enthuses to an awkwardly shifting Maui–to make the Coconut so so so great???? And Maui’s just standing there half wanting to soak in the attention as usual and say cuz he’s a genius but seriously he’s never seen someone so obsessed with the Coconut before that it feels kinda weird. The other half of him just wants to admit the truth and say “dude I didn’t plan that it just happened,” all while Moana is trying to hold back laughter. She’s had to listen to her Dad talking/singing about the stupid coconut for 16 years and it’s all his fault.

do you ever just look at something you used to do, and stopped because of your illness.

and you just sit there and wonder “do i want to do that again? could i? how would that go with what- who- i am now?”

its just depressing, because i realized alot of my hobbies ive given up either because of my illness, or because ive gotten too busy and too exhausted to do them, because of my illness.

i want to try again, but i dont feel like putting in the effort for something that might not work out.

sometimes my illness doesnt take away my ability to do something, just my motivation to try.


Stiles x Reader

“Stiles Lydia says we need to stop the bus.” You sighed down the phone.


“Yeah well I tried that and coach said no.” Stiles I could stop it.


“I could stop it.” You offered and he made an inhuman noise caught between a shrieked no and a desperate plea.


“Just give me a minute ok… do not use your powers!” He yelped and hung up.


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Sometimes, people will come to our lives and completely change everything. They will come and they will stay. For a day, a week, a month, even for years. They will make us feel so important, so happy, so inspired, so full of life as if we’re sleeping on the clouds everyday. As if they are our favorite cup of tea. And yet, we’ll wake up one day and we’ll feel different. Like something is wrong. And then that moment will happen, that moment wherein some circumstances will cause them to leave us and we’ll have absolutely no control over it. That even if we have done all efforts for them to stay, nothing could ever stop them from leaving us. And we’ll go back to where we started, like a child who’s still learning how to walk. Because the only thing we could do is to watch them from afar, as they try to live a life without us, and we’ll just have to try our hardest to try and live a new life without them in it. 

summers are slow and i’ve got a bad habit of making disasters out of people who try to love me and i don’t like to think about it but i know now that this is all that happened between us.

it’s no secret that being together was more bad habit than love but i’m still pretending that i wasn’t the cause of our ruin and i don’t quite know how to stop.

my therapist tells me to stop pretending i ever had control but i’ve never told her about biting back (about biting first).

i don’t know if we could have made it, all i know is that we didn’t. all i know is that whatever we tried to build burnt down and my hands smell like gasoline.

sometimes i pretend you were soft before you met me, that i got under your skin and made a monster of you.

other times, i pretend i didn’t.

—  i’ve told this story so many ways that i’ve pretended to forget // sarah kate o.

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iI just can't stop thinking about Harry taking that picture of Louis while watching him play quietly, it's just a really lovely thought you know?

Remember how Harry said that Louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like? I feel like he does that a lot and Louis just lets him because it’s his Harry you know? This boy who is relaxing in the corner of the couch they used to sit in when they first came around to visit Louis’ family. Back in the days when their love was brand new, when each shared look made them blush and giggle and every careful kiss would feel like fire burning inside because of its intensity. This boy who couldn’t stop looking at Louis because he was just the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he told Louis just that as often as he could, not caring for a second about who was listening, too consumed with his love for Louis. And Louis just let him fall madly in love with him because he was falling just as hard too. And now this beautiful boy who had turned into the most amazing man still stood by his side through all their good days and the bad ones too, because like Harry used to say ‘there is really no other way than loving you madly every day’. So here they were, Louis strumming his guitar softly by the window, allowing his thoughts and words to flow freely while humming quietly. Working on a song about the boy with the sparkling green eyes who was looking at him like he had hung the moon and the stars all at once. While Harry was enjoying the view through the camera lens, trying to figure out what song Louis was writing, knowing full well he would never be able to because like Louis always said ‘patience Harold. You know it will be worth the wait’. And he knew.. So for now he was just enjoying the moment, allowing himself to just look. And to love. Just like he was planning to do for as long as Louis would let him x

SD and the grabby handed stranger

Yesterday at Starbucks, I got exactly two feet in from the door before someone leaned over and grabbed my service dog by the face. And they didn’t let go, like this was a solid, two hand grab holding Molly by the FACE, fingers hooked into her collar.
It stopped the barista, ten feet from us, yet the lady who refused to let go of Mol -even with her backing up and shaking her head- somehow thought that she juuust had to get that last coo in.

Don’t… Do this… Ever? I just about slapped her, she wouldn’t let go of my Service dog. I was abrupt, rude, and frightening. Molly could have been hurt, and she was definitely spooked -which prevented her from doing her job, which put me at risk.

These dogs are not public property. They are very, very private property. You should never feel you have the right to touch them - even if you ask, and are allowed that very brief honour, you should do so knowing how reluctantly I grant permission. That I always - with no exceptions- feel pressured into doing so.

Yesterday I was going to the park after popping into Starbucks to get a drink, so Molly was able to shake it off pretty quickly with some play. But on a regular day it would have crippled us, I would have had to go home and abandon my plans for the rest of the day.

To reiterate: servicedogs , not public property. My safety is my right. Don’t touch my private property. Don’t touch my dog.

Okay, TBH Dirk Gently has the most awesome depictions of friendship and people in general I’ve ever seen, and here’s why -
They show us that Bart kills people and doesn’t care, by movie/tv law she should “logically” be the bad guy, and ditto for Ken. But they’re not. They’re both super cute and sweet (*cough* and totally shippable *cough*), but that doesn’t stop Bart from killing, she doesn’t end the series a reformed person. She’s just better.

Amanda is the character who could easily be pitiable, her whole struggle is battling her disease. But she gets rid of her scary hallucinations in a couple episodes, and her real development is that she learns that just because someone is family, doesn’t make them worth your time and just because someone isn’t traditionally nice or because they’re not an angel on your shoulder doesn’t mean they won’t look out for you or that you can’t make your own choices. The Rowdy Three are the cutest lil shits too. Not just with Amanda, but they are overprotective and close - not family, again. In DGHDA, ohana doesn’t mean jack. It’s the people you choose who’re important.

Farah, Dirk and Todd are also such great characters. None of them are perfect, and you could even say, as with Bart and Ken, that they’re objectively bad. But they’re all still standing, and they all feel real. It’s a testament to the actors and the writing that these characters, despite being very flawed, are likeable. They are sweet, they are funny, they are the sort of people we would love to know in real life. This is why I love Dirk Gently, because it can show how important friendships are and how unimportant what you’ve done in the past is to that, and I think that this will forever hold a place in my heart for that.

Donald Trump rushed off stage by Secret Service.  I’m calling this a bullshit stunt.

Alleged protester taken out by police.  Trump then returned and said “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never be stopped. Never, ever.”

I’m calling bullshit on this.  This was staged so Trump can come out and say he can’t be stopped and to make Hillary supporters look bad.  If anyone has ever been to a campaign event where the candidate is guarded by Secret Service, then you know how tight security is.  You have to be searched and go through metal detectors. There is no way someone who was a real threat could have gotten in.  This was a Trump stunt for attention.  I’m calling shenanigans on this one.

“I started using the gym as my stress reliever, and I did not think that I could ever be fit. I really was just content with who I was and I never felt uncomfortable – I just always thought that was who I was,” Kardashian said during a Live Chin Up Movement panel. “

This only gives me more reason to not like her and her sisters. Why lie tho Khloe, you lying about how you really got that body says you aren’t confident. I hate that they know they have a huge influence on young girls and don’t use it correctly, and let me be clear I’m not at all knocking her for getting work done. If it makes you happy got for it, but please don’t lie to everyone and pretend like you were in the gym and then have the audacity to give advice and tips on his to get this body you didn’t work for. So many young people struggle with loving themselves and unfortunately they look up to the wrong people. People Magazine is trash for this. Please stop living for them in 2017!


Okay, first of all, until episode 8, I haven’t seen the fanfiction or any headcannon yet for Yuri On Ice in general. Just yesterday, I opened it up and what I found?


Motherfrickin People made Chris as a sex predator!

Okay okay. I am not trying to shaming you guys cuz I too have my own Kink. But the growing in a tag of ‘Chris is a sex predator’ is making me really uncomfortable. Yes, He’s touchy

(I even named that pic as Chris Stop.jpg) but honestly, we haven’t seen him touching Yuuri ever since. Not to mentioned Victor’s eyes didn’t smile

and Jealous could be used here, Chris understand and also keep his distance from Yuuri after that. And that’s it.

Agh Sorry if this doesn’t made any sense but I just need to talk about this. Maybe It’s just me who think this is becoming a problem.

First Time Watching the Gay Pilot

So I finally got around to watching the Sherlock Pilot for the first time last night (on the eve of their anniversary, hngg)! 

It fucked with me so bad that I had to make a list of the actual irl commentary I made:

-Wow this is probably the greatest title sequence ive ever seen

-Bby lestrade my boy

-Mike Stamford the real mvp

-Why the fuck are they at a fancy restaurant

-This music tho

-Damn he’s young

-This is so gay


-Mrs Hudson owns a fuckin bakery?

-Wow what a gay flat

-Hudders ships it in every universe

-Such gay ambiance

-There’s 5 suicides now?

-Could they have made this more gay

-“oh god yes” sounds gayer every time I hear it

-cab rides are a blessing

-who is this Donovan

-why is Sherlock wearing the biohazard suit thing

-such a young, smol, softe bean

-john Watson please stop looking at sherl like that in public

-wow that’s the gayest thing ive ever seen


-You bet your ass john Watson is wired

-He’s wearing jeans?!!?!

-No John I promise Sherlock isn’t the killer




-You bet your ass there’s a fire in the fireplace

-Straight men who just met don’t walk within 3 centimeters of each other dear god

-Haha gay

-Angelo the real mvp


-You know I really never thought things could be any gayer but here we are

-“I wasn’t asking you out” my ass

-John Watson stop sounding so dejected, Sherlock holmes fucking loves you


-Oh this shit is good


-How the fuck did jeff hope haul sherl’s ass up 2 flights of stairs

-O no is this gonna be sexual again like with magnussen

-O shit please don’t rape him


-His gay eyes

-His gay hair

-Wow I love the princess bride

-Please stop licking your teeth


-“good ole doctor Watson” In fucking deed

-do not dry swallow that shit

-john fucking Watson to the rescue

-oh dear god he has his blood on him

-“dreadful business. Dreadful.” I’LL TELL YOU WHATS FUCKING DREADFUL. TFP. THAT’S WHAT.

-John watson’s gay eyes

-“I’ll sleep fine tonight” hmm what’s this weird lump doing in my throat

-“and only a fool argues with his doctor” im sorry, is this gay or is this gay?

-john Hamish Watson did you just purse your lips

-martin freeman and benedict cumberbatch shouldn’t be allowed to smile at the same time while standing so close to each other


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how would the chocobros react to seeing their and their s/o's baby all grown up who time traveled back to save their parents from dying? like the bros know it's their baby but are confused bc there's the baby version of them and the grown version existing in the same time. maybe some angst and cute family fluff? ❤

Ohoho I see we have a Fire Emblem fan in the house ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (or I could just be way off base here and now I look dumb ok I’ll stop now)

Ever since I played that game I’m not gunna lie, that trope has become delicious. (Delicious? Should I have used that word there? Does that make me weird? ok I’ll stop again thnx)

Okay, first: I took some liberties. I set this during the game’s timeline, so their hypothetical child isn’t born yet. Second, as I was writing this, I began with Noctis (because I always begin with Noctis lololol) and it got to be so long that I thought it would be a bit much to include all the bros. So, with that said, I’ll only be posting him atm. However, if you guys want this done with the other three then do let me know! Otherwise, I’ll probably stop it here. Sorry about that!

Now on to the writing!


{1,494 words}


When you meet her it’s at Hammerhead, just after you step outside of the diner, following behind the guys. You got the phone call from Prompto.

Noctis is awake. And he’ll be here soon.

When the guys finally part from the circle they had created, full of laughter and smiles, you see the man you had fallen in love with so long ago, and all you can think is that, he’s here. He’s here and awake and alive and you can’t contain the tears that are spilling from your eyes no matter how many times you wipe them away.

Noctis,” you choke out as you step forward, unstable as a newborn calf. The bright fluorescent stadium lights ensconcing Hammerhead illuminate him in a harsh glow. You see his unkempt and overgrown hair hang low in front of his eyes. You see the dirt on his rugged face, layered with facial hair you had never known him to have. You see the way his jawline has filled out, his eyes have sunken in, and what the burden of ten years has done with the boy you once knew.

It’s turned him into a king.

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Conor Maynard Imagine - Wedding Date

Weddings were something you always used to enjoy. Seeing people who were in love tying the knot was one of the few things that could ever make you cry. However, as time passed and you grew older, they stopped being so joyful anymore.

Eventually, your friends started to attend such events with their significant others, and being the only one who didn’t bring anybody really dawn on you. Insecurities rose almost overnight: were you not good enough to get a boyfriend who could take you to weddings? Were you not good enough to get a boyfriend at all?

You sounded so desperate to yourself, you felt so small yourself, that you eventually stopped saying yes to any kind of wedding invitation. That was, of course, until you received that one card.

“I’m not going” you said, shaking your head as you paced back and forth your living room “All my childhood friends will be there and I’m just…there’s no chance I’m going” you said more to yourself than out loud, as Conor’s curious eyes followed your trails from your sofa.

“Y/N, she’s your best friend” he said “It’s okay if you bring no date, since when did you need a man to make a presence?”

And he was right, yeah, he was. Yet you couldn’t stop thinking about what your friends would think, what their mothers would think. Insecurities from your teenage years overcame you again, and you weren’t willing to let that happen.

You threw the wedding invitation towards Conor as the light bulb above your head suddenly started shining “You’re going with me” you suddenly said, more as an obligation than an invitation, as you pointed at him with your finger.

“What?” Conor chuckled “I mean, sure but are you really that desperate?” He laughed.

You rolled your eyes as you sat down next to him “Con, you’re my best friend and I really need to make a good impression to them” you told him. When he looked at you, you pouted and gave him those puppy eyes he was so weak for.

He looked away, playful “Don’t look at me like that, I already said yes” he smiled “But you realize we’ll have to pretend we are dating, right?”

“Yeah” you said, trying to hide the fact that you were blushing to death “I mean, it’s just for a night. We’ll be alright”

But the truth was, even though you thought you could pretend to be dating Conor just for a few hours, you definitely couldn’t.

Conor had been your best friend for about two years, and it didn’t take you long to fall for him. It wasn’t his eyes, nor his looks. It wasn’t even the way his voice made you daydream when he sang. It was how he treated you, how special and happy he made you feel. When you realized you were in too deep, you mentally cursed at yourself for falling for an international popstar. You knew you were in for a dangerous ride, and yet you couldn’t stop yourself from wanting to be more than a friend to him as each day passed.

Now, as you looked at your reflection in the mirror, a long pale dress hugging your curves slightly, yet adding a swift classic aura to it, you weren’t so sure you could actually act like a girlfriend to him anymore. At first it sounded like a good idea, then it hit you that couples actually kiss and hold each other. And would you be able to kiss Conor without hurting yourself even more? The answer was no. No way in hell you would come out alive and kicking.

One, you had never been in a relationship before. And two, it was Conor freaking Maynard. You let out a rather deep, long held sigh just seconds before you heard your doorbell ringing “Get yourself together, Y/N” you whispered as you adjusted your dress one more time “It’s just Conor”

You opened the door slowly, as if you didn’t want your night to start. When it was fully opened, you were finally able to take a good look at Conor. He looked handsome, indeed. Really, really handsome. He was wearing a dark blue suit and a grey tie, and his hair looked strangely good that afternoon. You mentally sighed again.

“You look beautiful” he said, giving you a small kiss on top of your head as he placed a hand on your hip to make his way inside the apartment “Uber will be here in 5”

“Right” you said, trying to hide the obvious fact that you were shaking with nervousness “You look…attractive” you said awkwardly, making him laugh.

“Hey, loosen up a little” he smirked “Tell me you want to pin me up against a wall or something. We are supposed to be dating, remember?”

You smiled cheekily, feeling now relieved and more confident as you knew Conor was so into the part “I do remember” you said, as you got dangerously close to him. You eyed him, your stare too playful for him to suppress a smile.

You pulled yourself inside his embrace, as his arms immediately went around your torso “Just try not to kiss me too much tonight” you teased him, and you swore you could hear the sexual tension between you two.

He chuckled slightly “I mean, I’ve held myself together for two years, I can do 12 more hours” he smiled, then it hit you what he had actually said. Holding himself? What was that supposed to mean?

But before you could ask, his phone vibrated with a text “Ride’s here” he said, taking your hand in his as you took your purse “Ready to have some fun?”

The wedding reception was indeed beautiful. Flowers from all kind of colors and shapes could be seen literally everywhere, from chairs to the ceiling, from door handles to towel holders. Seeing your friends again didn’t make you feel as bad as you had thought it would, mainly because you had Conor by your side.

His arm never left your waist, and he sneaked a few kisses on top of your head every now and then. He was taking the fake-boyfriend role very seriously, and at some points you found yourself not being able to distinguish reality from part-playing.

The truth was, you could get used to it. You could get used to Conor having his arms around you all the time, his touch always warming up your skin. Always making sure you were alright.

“Are you having fun?” You asked him, once you finally sat down around the restaurant table, once the ceremony was over. He had been chatting with some of your childhood friends, and they really seemed to get along. You had told them that you didn’t want the world to find out you were dating Conor Maynard, and that’s why you had kept it secret, even from them. They believed it.

“Actually, yeah” he said “I haven’t been to a wedding since I was like, what…8?” He laughed “It’s all about the company” he smiled, looking sweetly at you.

You blushed and looked away rapidly “It’s all about your fake girlfriend, huh?” You dared to ask, your eyes still not focused on his.

“Kind of” he said, and you could basically hear his smirk “I’ll have to run from the press next Saturday” he said with a small chuckle, almost in a whisper.

You looked confusedly at him. Next Saturday? Why in the world would he need to run from paparazzi for? “What do you mean?” You asked him, your heart racing for some weird reason.

“Tinder date” he said, not looking at you. His eyes were apparently fixed on all the couples holding each other and dancing on the dance floor “I mean, I’m supposed to be dating you”

Suddenly, you felt your heart shrink. How could you have been so stupid and actually believe that you had a chance? You mentally slapped yourself for even considering that option. You knew that wedding was going to end up breaking your heart, but you didn’t expect it to be so soon.

“Oh” you managed to let out “Yeah, you better avoid them then” you said casually, yet coldly.

Conor, on the other side, wasn’t feeling very well either. He was having fun, he was even enjoying the part where he pretended to be the cute boyfriend who would stick by your side forever. What the hell was wrong with him? When you asked him for his plans on Saturday, he found it difficult to admit he was going on a date with another girl. But…why? It felt so wrong to him, even though it was just another average Tinder date. He felt as if he was betraying you, cheating on you.

Suddenly, he didn’t want to go anymore. He took a good look at your face while you were looking away, eyes lost in the crowd. Since when did you look so beautiful? Because of course you were beautiful, but since when did he even think of you as…more? He shook his head. He was probably confused, yeah.

The sun eventually set, and you found yourselves having a few drinks outside in the moonlight. Almost everyone had left, but you weren’t one to leave a party when there was still alcohol left. And you needed it so very much at that moment.

Ever since Conor’s confession, you had struggled to look at him, let alone keep acting like everything was okay. He stood awkwardly besides you as well, hands on his pockets, waiting for a chance to talk to you. But you always curved him, trying to avoid the impossible.

Because you didn’t want him to know you were jealous, heartbroken. Because after all, you just were his pathetic best friend, whose job was to put on a smile every time he brought girls home and pretend it was all alright.

But moments don’t last forever, and eventually you felt a cold hand on the small of your back “Hey” Conor’s unmistakable whisper sent chills down your spine “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

You turned around, facing him for the first time in two hours. Yet you couldn’t keep eye contact for more than a second “Is everything alright?” He asked you, putting both of his hands back inside his pockets again.

“Sure” you lied, not to convincingly, much to your desperation.

Conor smiled lightly “Sure you’re not, you mean” he said. When he got no response from you, he used his hand to lift your chin so he could take a good look at those eyes. The eyes that had captured him since the very first time he saw them “It’s because of my date on Saturday” he stated, and you immediately knew you were blushing.

“That’s stupid” you lied again “You can go out with whoever you want, why would I be mad about it?” But you didn’t even believe yourself.

You were standing there, in the middle of a beautiful garden, surrounded by people you didn’t really want to be with, in front of someone who was supposed to be your best friend, but you didn’t know anymore.

You looked up at the sky, trying to hold back the tears. Still you could feel Conor’s eyes burning your skin “Y/N” he said, his voice giving you goosebumps on your arms again “Look at me”

His hand travelled to your waist, a gesture he always did when he wanted to get your attention “Y/N” he said again, softer this time “Look at me, princess”

You looked at him this time, unable to resist his sweetness, and feeling stupid again as you did so. Music started playing in the background. There you were, falling for someone who didn’t love you back once more, and falling in even harder, because things were not pathetic enough already.

Conor smiled “May I have this dance?” He asked you, completely out of the blue. You couldn’t suppress a small chuckle as you took his hand and let him guide you to the crowd. You were expecting to have the most awkward and heartbreaking conversation of your life but there you were, dancing with him as if nothing had happened.

You looked around, your mind momentarily dozing off as you looked at the garden around you. It was a truly beautiful night. The music was soft and mellow, and the suave breeze that hit your skin contrasted with the warmth you were feeling from being so close to Conor.

His arms were on your waist, as yours rested around his neck. You noticed that he was looking directly at you again, despite the fact that you were trying so hard not to lock eyes with him. But you weren’t made of stone “What are you looking at?” You laughed, as your eyes finally met Conor’s expecting ones.

“You” he said, matter-o-factly. You rolled your eyes playfully, making him smile as well “Alright, alright” he said, bringing your bodies closer and swinging a little bit more to the music. You could smell his strong cologne from his collar, and you suddenly felt the urge to close your eyes and just fall asleep on his welcoming chest.

“I was just thinking about how beautiful you looked tonight” he confessed, and you thought you had seen him blushing a little. You definitely went red.

“Don’t be silly” you said, but you couldn’t help but smile. You looked down at the small gap between your bodies.

“Hey, it’s true” he said, kissing your temple “I mean, you look beautiful every other day, but today you look especially gorgeous”

You tried to relax, but your heart was beating faster and faster “You don’t need to compliment me, Con. I wasn’t mad at you or anything”

“Then why didn’t you even look at me?”

You shrugged “Doesn’t matter”

“It matters to me” he said, lifting your chin again with his hand. But this time, his fingers remained pressed against your skin, holding your head up as he gazed into your deep eyes “I’m stupid, aren’t I?” He whispered.

You gave him a confused look “Why’d you think that?”

He sighed “Because all this time, I’ve had the girl I loved the most in front of my eyes, and I haven’t realized it until today” he said. Your heart stopped, then started beating faster and faster again as you felt yourself leaning closer to his lips.

When you were just a few millimeters away from his kiss, you paused “How…how can I believe you now, Conor?”

He said nothing. Instead, he cupped your face with his caring hand as you felt his lips on yours. You were taken aback for a moment before you felt his tongue moving inside your mouth, asking for an entrance that you happily conceded. Your hand immediately travelled to the collar of his shirt, then to the back of his head. His fingers on your waist were gently pushing your body closer against his, but you were already getting closer by yourself.

It wasn’t until you pulled away for air that you realized that not only had you been making out with someone in public, but that someone also happened to be your best friend. You licked your lips “I… I believe you now” you said, making him laugh out loud.

“I mean, I just couldn’t get enough from being your fake boyfriend” he smiled “I needed the whole package”

You laughed, happy to see that, for once, your feelings were mutual. You closed the gap between you again, pecking his lips shortly this time. When you pulled away, his eyes were still closed, and his lips were puckered.

“You idiot” you laughed, kissing him again. He smiled into your lips.

“I honestly could get used to this” he said.

You smiled “You better do”

You ever think about how during the showcase fire, there were probably people video taping the fire on their phones? 

Someone could have a filmed file of Tadashi running into the building and the building exploding. There are probably clips of it on youtube (or whatever youtube is called in this universe). 

And don’t even get me started on the local news who probably got these phone clips sent to them for the reports. The newspaper articles are bad enough, but imagine Cass turning on the TV in the cafe that next day and seeing the reports of the fire and how Tadashi ran inside right before it exploded. She must have had the TV off all day. 

And then there’s Hiro. If he felt up to use his computer that next day, I imagine the first thing he’d see upon opening his internet browser would be the reports of the previous nights’ events. ‘Institute Fire Leaves Two Dead’ or ‘Local Fire at SFIT.’ Seeing those headlines would just put Hiro right back into bed. 

Could you just imagine Hiro seeing one of the phone clips (obviously not finishing it) and thinking, “Why were they filming this? Why didn’t they try to help? Why were they just standing there watching all of this happen?” 

His brother’s name makes breaking news, but not the way it should have. 

Drum Major (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #16)

For @john-watsons-potato, who requested a high school marching band AU. And while I didn’t work in the pairing you wanted (sorry!!), this idea took hold and would not let go, and since I think we could all use something fluffy today, I couldn’t stop myself.

So basically, I’m going to have to write a sequel focusing on the pairing you wanted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, while I was never in band myself, my brother was, 98% of my friends were, all of my high school boyfriends were, and I spent more time doing band-related things than I ever wanted to. I’ve taken some departures from my own knowledge, but we’ll chalk it up to the fact that I was a choir kid.

ExR, Modern AU, high school AU, developing relationship. Predominantly fluff.

Enjolras rapped on the music stand. “Everybody settle down,” he called, which was hardly necessary, since pretty much everyone had fallen silent as soon as he stood up. Everyone, that is, except Bossuet and Grantaire, who were using Grantaire’s xylophone mallets as swords. “Ahem,” Enjolras said, a hint of irritation in his voice, and Grantaire and Bossuet looked up at him, Grantaire grinning, Bossuet sheepish. “Now that everyone’s decided to pay attention…”

“Who died and made you drum major?” Grantaire asked, still grinning.

“Funny you should ask,” Enjolras said, giving him a nasty look. “I’ve convened this meeting of section leaders exactly for that purpose. I know we all have places to be after school, so I’ll make this quick. Since Mabeuf is graduating, we need to elect a new drum major before we get into summer practice. And based on the bylaws approved by the entire marching band–”

“–who was harassed into doing so by Enjolras, who also wrote said bylaws,” Grantaire said under his breath while Joly and Bossuet snickered.

Enjolras raised his voice to talk above Grantaire. “–Based on the bylaws, the section leaders must nominate candidates who will be vetted by Director Valjean before being voted on by the full band.” He glanced around the room as if daring anyone else to talk back to him. “Needless to say, I would like to announce my candidacy.”

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Starset  {Sentence Starters} 

  • “I cannot stop this sickness taking over.”
  • “Who are you to change this world?”
  • “Save me if I become my demons.”  
  • “Can you tell me how to feel?”
  • “I know you’re watching. I can feel you out there.”  
  • “I have seen an empire falling.”
  • “They think I’m crazy, but they don’t know the feeling.”
  • “But nothing could ever stop us.”
  • “I know, this is the point of no return.”
  • “What if you had the power to affect monumental change?”
  • “No one needs to hear your words.”
  • “We can change our fate. We can change the future.”  
  • “Could you come and change me?”
  • “They wanna break me and wash away my colors.”
  • “Can you tell me what is real?”
  • “You make everything okay. You take all of the pain away.”  
  • “Would you let fear consume or would you overcome?”
  • “Make me fall. Make me bleed.”
  • “If it means the death of me, I won’t let go.”
  • “I need your help, I can’t fight this forever.”
  • “How could you just walk away and leave me here?”
  • “I found in you what was lost in me.”
  • “There’s nothing left, but I’m not leaving.”