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ok, but like, you guys are not just conspiracists with no input in the community other than "Johnlock was and will be canon". You guys, TJLC, you EDUCATE. Do you understand that? Do you know how much I have learned about literature devices, the victorian era, Oscar Wilde and literature in general, psychology, marketing, for fuck's sake, even music, since I joined the fandom? I have been in other fandoms over the years, but you take the price when it comes to actual education. Thank you so much!

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Aw, Nonny! This is a very kind thing for you to say! On behalf of the community, you’re welcome! <3


Be open, be genuine, be honest with people. That’s what I’ve always built this channel on and hopefully it’s still there and hopefully you still believe me when I say that… thank you and that I love what I do and I appreciate everyone who’s here, and I’m not just saying it because I think that that’s what you want to hear.


Prompt: Kaldur with a s/o who’s scared of the ocean/water

Requested by: ANON

           You’re dozing in and out of sleep. You’re lying on a towel, protected by an Umbrella. The air is warm, and the breeze coming off the Ocean keeps you from getting too hot. When a hand slides up your back, you glance back at your boyfriend and smile. You stretch, before sitting up. “Have fun?”

           Kaldur smiles at you, “I had an excellent time. Tula says hello.”

           You smile, “She should have come up with you.”

           “She had to attend to the queen. Her Majesty is due any day now.”

           You nod, before pulling on your cover up, “It’s such a nice day.”

           Kaldur nods, “It’s lovely. Thank you for coming with me.”

           You glance at the Ocean, “I didn’t really go with you.” You sigh, “I hate being scared of things. Especially something so irrational.”

           Kaldur pulls you into his lap, “It is not irrational. The Ocean hold many scary things, and it should be respected. The water has power behind it. And if you decide to venture in at some point, I will be your escort.”

           “Not my protector.”

           He smiles, “You are more than capable of protecting yourself, but I will face everything with you.” You just smile, and kiss your boyfriend.   

So, since @queergirlwriting doesn’t currently have asks open(which obviously is more than fine) I’ll just leave this here so you can still see it.
I was really anxious and being pulled into my depression last night, and aside from the few minutes of Sanvers that we got, the episode kind of made it worse? But then, I stayed up later than usual and read your fix it fics, and I actually felt a little bit better. So, I want to say thank you, J. Your fics help in so many ways, and I feel like saying thank you isn’t nearly enough. Especially when you’re always so busy and doing so many things, and even staying up until 3am just to write fics for us. I really appreciate that I came across your blog, because nights like last night (and even days like today) I don’t know what I’d do without that little bit of happiness to make me feel a little better, and I’m thankful that I know you. I hope you’re taking it as easy as possible today, and taking care of yourself.

BTS Reaction To You Being Mad At Them

Anon asked: Can you do a reaction to when you get mad at them and start ignoring them for days including theirs texts and calls

Sure thing anon! I’m just going to be a preachy mother here for a second and say that ignoring someone when you’re mad at them 1000% doesn’t fix anything. Communication is key to resolving conflicts, especially in relationships. Anyway, thank you so much for the request. -Spice

Rap monster:

Namjoon would be slightly irritated that you were ignoring him, but he wouldn’t stop relentlessly messaging you and calling you until you finally decided to answer him. Whatever he did to make you mad, he wanted you to at least let him apologize. How else was he suppose to grow and develop as a person if you didn’t tell him what he did wrong in the first place?

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He would be upset when you wouldn’t return his messages or calls, so he would probably resort to showing up at your residence to try and patch things up. Seokjin couldn’t stand for you to be mad for more than a day or two, and would try to make up for what he did to make you mad.

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Similar to Namjoon, Yoongi would be pretty angry himself that you weren’t talking to him. He viewed you not talking to him as a childish way to prove your point, so out of pride he probably would stop messaging you too for a few days. When you still didn’t contact him, he’d give in and go to your place to discuss the problem in person. 

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The first day that you were upset with him he would already be sad that you weren’t speaking to him. Hoseok likely wouldn’t let several days go by before he would be knocking on your door begging for you to talk to him. He hated the fact that you were mad at him, and wanted to find a way to fix it. 

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He would also be devastated that you weren’t talking to him, but he was getting frustrated since you weren’t explaining what he did wrong. Regardless, Taehyung would try his best to get you to respond to him.  If all else failed, he’d show up at your door with a bouquet of flowers and an apology.

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Jimin would be like Yoongi in that he would get really angry at you for behaving this way. The lack of communication to him was extremely immature, and he wouldn’t have much patience for it. He would go up to you and demand that you talked about how you felt instead of just bottling it up and keeping him in the dark. As harsh as he may sound, Jimin only does it because he is concerned.

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While irritated by your behavior, Jungkook would mainly just be concerned about your well being. He would probably overthink and assume that there was something bigger going on in your life that was making you act this way. He’d show up at your doorstep pleading for you to tell him what was wrong.

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i have reached an incredibly unbelievable follower milestone and i just want to say that when i started this crazy little blog- as a place to flail and dump all my x-files related thoughts- i never in my wildest dreams imagined it would become what it has.

thank you for following me. thank you for being here, thank you for interacting, and thank you for helping me make this place one of kindness and fun.

i love each and every one of you so much.

thank you.

Cutie at the Drive Thru | kim seokjin

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Pairing: jin x reader (ft. a cameo from the rest of bts)
Genre: one-shot, college!au, fluff
Length: 2.5k
Warnings: some strong language
Summary: It was a Saturday night and you were called into work at the cafe until close. So far, you regretted taking this shift, but working drive thru may have its perks.

A/N: When you guys read this, you’ll probably be able to see how much I hated working in a food place! Haha, all my built-up frustrations here… but I hope you enjoy this little fluffy scenario.

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There are some ships you can warm up to, and some you just can't get into at all.

It doesn’t mean the ships are any less valid or important. They just aren’t for you. So I don’t judge when someone says they don’t ship my ship. Chances are I don’t ship one of theirs, and that won’t change simply by reading more fanfiction or viewing more art. Some ships either click or don’t. Others take some warming up until they click. I usually give a ship a chance before I decide which category it falls under. Sometimes you warm up to ones you wouldn’t expect.

Anyone care to share the ships they’ve warmed up or just can’t get into?

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Don't know if you take requests or suggestions, but how about a cold but cuddled in Kallus surrounded by Zeb and many many pillows and blankets?

Ahhh normally i don’t but when it’s Kalluzeb how can i say no ;v;? (I switched it up cuz i’m a weenie.. but here’s Kallus cuddling up with zeb after getting rescued cuz i want moreee ;A;!) 

Bonus(Tiny Kallus and Senor Muttonchops ;v; <3):

Sweet dreams, my lil prince!

Thank you for thinking of me though, anon <33!

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i live for how none of your sims look the same and yet i can still tell when a sim is made by you bc you have such a specific sim style and it's just so gr8 like teach me how pls & thanks !! 💕

OMG TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow u can rlly tell my sims apart??? thats crazy!!!! ive gotten asks before saying my sims all look the same tbh!!!!! so thank u a lot♥♥ i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!! but um all my sims have eyes the smallest they can get and big chins!!!!!! also wide shoulders and thick arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i usually give them all tummies lmao

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can you do bts reacting to their s/o having offensive humour (like filthyfrank) and not knowing when to stop? (lmao my humour is so bad, causes some awkward situations) Thank you~

Lmao! Yes! I’m sorry this is late, but my laptop is acting weird. When i saw this I got so excited, so I hope you enjoy.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To You Not Being Able To Control Your Offensive Humor

Jin: When he first met you, he was surprised at how filthy your jokes were. He didn’t understand how someone like you could say such things. He’d find them funny sometimes, but lately it’s been getting out of control. When you would say something provocative in a sexual way at the wrong time he’d be pissed. Expect a whole night of him telling you how wrong you were and that sometimes you need to learn how to control what you say.

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Yoongi: Your humor and the way you presented it was one of the reasons why he was attracted to you. When you’d reply with one of those jokes, he’d start cracking up. If you were to do it in a professional environment, he’d be shocked. For example, at a dinner and they ask about your favorite scene in a certain movie (Forrest Gump) and you say something offensive, he’d spit his drink out in surprise. “Baby!” You’d just shrug your shoulders and he’d chuckle quietly, letting you know that maybe this wasn’t the best way to make a first impression.

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Jimin: This smol bean would be cringing every time you made a joke that was distasteful. When you’d do it in a situation where it was not the time or place, he’d be a little upset and flustered. he would pull you to the side to let you know that today, right now is not the time for your jokes and he’d want you to tone it down a bit.

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Hoseok: He too would love that this was a part of your personality because it balances your relationship out. When your jokes would come out at the wrong time, he would be flustered and stuttering over his words. He’d have to take a breather because this was too much for him. he’d apologize to whomever you guys were talking to and would pull you away. “Ahh why would you say that to them?” After they were out of sight he would laugh a little and shake his head.

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Namjoon: Every time you’d come out with your jokes, he’d be chuckling but would feel bad afterwards. The jokes you would often repeat were offensive and sexist. When the jokes come out in a event where everything you say or do is watched, he’d scold you in private. “Yah,” he’d say,but chuckle a little. “These people are always going to be watching what you say so you have to be careful.” Overall, he wouldn’t mind as long as you didn’t do it in places where it could affect his image.

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Jungkook: He would love your humor because in some ways he can relate to you in that aspect. When it came to serious situations he wouldn’t know what to do. At first he’d chuckle, because he thought it was funny, but considering the situation, he’d chuck it up and tell you that it wasn’t very nice to say. He too would apologize and keep it pushing.

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Taehyung: This boy, when he first met you, he didn’t know someone could have such jokes like the ones you have. Tae can be serious at times so when you said an inappropriate joke at the wrong time, he’d chuckle in embarrassment. He’d cover his face and sigh thinking, ‘Why does she have to be this way?’ After the event he would talk to you and let you know that not everybody is going to be okay with your humor so maybe you should wait for another time.

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Send in more requests y’all. I do anything and everything so don’t be afraid to ask. Some I may not do because the context isn’t clear.

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Hellow! I was wondering if you could picture how the boys would react if after a heated argument with Miiko, she tells Guardienne that if she wants to walk away no one is retaining you (to provoke Guardienne only) but Guardienne takes it seriously and heads to the forest and on her way outside she meets the boy and he asks her where she's going like that and Guardienne tells them "Remember when I came here? You said you didn't want me to stay here eternally well today is your lucky day." LUV U


(I think I’m back.)


  • Nooo, no no! He will not allow.
  • But he has no idea how to express to you the protest.
  • Secretly he fights with a wild desire to grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eye and say that he was wrong about you and he doesn’t want you to leave.
  • But he just stared at you and trying to…make a joke?
  • Like, “lmao, Gardy, do you really think this is my lucky day? My lucky day is when you never climb crazy ideas"
  • Then he just grabs you by the wrist (gently, surprisingly) and leads back to headquarters, muttering under his breath, you and Miko are still hysterical.


  • Lol nope. Whatever you say he will find a denial.
  • He will hate himself for that in the beginning of your acquaintance, he behaved rudely.
  • But damn, with the past nothing can be done: if you want an apology - you will get them.
  • He will even promise you that he’ll talk to Miko that she was so rude to you.
  • He’ll just try to hug you and sincerely apologize.
  • If you let him, it will be the most gentle hug  have ever received from him. 
  • If not, he is crushed, but he will make you return.


  • He will be calmer Ezarel and Nevra.
  • He just gently take your face, forcing you to look straight in the eye and say that he really regretted their actions.
  • You might think that he doesn’t care, but you will feel the tremors in his hands and his intense eyes.
  • You’re still going to leave? Okay, he’ll go with you.
  • Nope, you’re not going to convince him otherwise, he doesn’t want to put you in danger.
  • In the end he just hugs you and you slowly go back to headquarters.
  • Valkyon is just a master of consolations, that’s the whole secret.

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Haikyuu!! Pairings Soulmate AU Headcanons

Headcanons about some of the pairings from Haikyuu!! when they are in a soulmate AU. In this one, they have the first words the others say to them tattooed on their body. If there is a pairing you would like to see headcanons like this for, you’re welcome to request it!

These could be considered continuations of headcanons I did previously that were about when the pairings first met. I used them for inspiration to write these ones. You can find those here.

Thank you for this request!

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Hi!! Can you do a BTS reaction where the boys are single dads and their child gets lost, and it's the reader who finds them and stays with them until they come back to find their child? Does that make sense ? 😂

Hello! Don’t worry, we understood what you were saying! Thank you so much for your request, sorry it took awhile for us to respond!

(We couldn’t resist making these scenarios kind of long, they were so cute! Hope you don’t mind!)

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

BTS Reacts To To You Finding Their Lost Kid

Jungkook: You’d be wandering through the mall, looking for a new dress for your friends wedding. With the dress in the bag, you started to walk to the exit, when all of a sudden there’s a small poke on your leg. “E-excuse me, can you help me find my daddy?” “Oh! Well, um, I can try! When did you get lost?” The little boy would be looking up at you with tears in his eyes. “W-well, I told him I had to go to the bathroom, but when I came out, I didn’t know where daddy went.” You give him a friendly smile and grab ahold of his hand so you wouldn’t lose him through the mall. “Why don’t we go check the shoe store? That’s the closest thing to the bathroom. Don’t worry! We’ll find him!” With your words, the little boy cheers up. Reaching the store, you walk inside only for your ears to be filled with a little squeal from the little boy. “Daddy!” Your hand is let go as the little boy runs up to his dad, who picks him up and swings him around. “Hey there little bud! I’m sorry, I wandered off! I just thought that I should get a new pair of timberlands while we’re here!” You watch the cute scene with a big smile in your face. Jungkook notices that someone else came in with his son and walks up to you. “Thank you so much for helping my son. I really should have waited for him to come out of the bathroom.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Oh it’s fine! He was very friendly! You’re doing a great job with him. I’m Y/N, by the way.” You stick out your hand and he places his out as well. You notice how big his hands are compared to yours. Probably compared to anyone’s. “I’m Jungkook! It’s nice to meet you Y/N!” There’s a small silence before he speaks up again. “So…what’s a beautiful girl like you doing here alone?” You’re eyes widen in surprise at the sudden change in this man, before you blush. “Oh I was just getting a dress. My friend is getting married next week and I’ve been putting it off for awhile.” “Well, i’m sure it’ll look beautiful on you. Thank you again for bringing my son back!” Just as he was starting to walk away, you spoke up. “If you aren’t busy next week…would you maybe want to come with me? I don’t have a date and I’d really like to get to know you and your son more. If you don’t mind of course! Oh my gosh unless you’re seeing someone then just ignore everything I’ve said-” “I’m not seeing anyone. I’d love to accompany you!” You both exchange numbers before Jungkook heads off. With a silly grin on your face, you watch the man and his son leave, you can’t help but thank your procrastinating self for putting off getting a dress.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jimin:  Jimin and his little boy would be walking around the amusement park, enjoying the sights and sounds of others riding the roller coasters. The sights would always take him back to when he came here with his family. Soon, the boy would tug on his dad’s hand. “Daddy! Can we get cotton candy!?” Giving his signature smile down at him, he nods his head. “Sure! What’s an amusement park without some cotton candy!” He tells the little boy to wait for him, setting him up on the bench before making his way over to the stand. When he has the sugary treat in his hand and turns around, his boy is nowhere to be found. Jimin goes into a state of panic, and starts to run around the park in search of his precious little boy. He soon spots him holding onto the hand of a beautiful girl, who is searching the crowd of faces; most likely for him. Sighing in relief, Jimin runs up to you, giving you a grateful smile while pulling the boy into a hug. “Thank god you’re safe! And thank you so much! I take my eyes off of this little guy for one minute and he runs off on an adventure!” The smile you give him makes him stop and stare in awe at how bright it is. “It’s no problem at all! He’s a really sweet kid, I’m glad you two are reunited.” You look down at the kid and speak to him. “And maybe next time you go on an adventure you can bring your dad along, yeah?” “Okay!” The boy responds enthusiastically. “Daddy! Can she come with us for the day! We can all go on an adventure together!” Jimin looks at you, and after getting an eager nod, he looks back down at his son. “Why not?” The boy squeals in excitement as the three of you make your way back around the park. “I’m Jimin, by the way.” “I’m Y/N! It’s been a pleasure meeting you!” “Oh the pleasure’s all mine, Y/N.” with a wink sent your way, you make your way back to the cotton candy stand, after realizing that Jimin had dropped the treat in his rush to find his son. Even after giving the sugary treat to the little boy, he couldn’t help but think that the sweetest thing he’s gotten today was the chance to spend the day (and hopefully more to come) with you.

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Taehyung: Taehyung would take his kid to the toy store. He would say to his son that it’s time to get a new toy to play with, but really Taehyung would get so excited by all the cool new gadgets and gizmos. Minutes after walking into the store, he’d get distracted and wander off in search of a cool new toy. With Taehyung distracted, the kid would go off on his own, mesmerized by the sounds and colors off all the toys. Soon he’d bump into you. “Oh! Hi there! Are you lost? Where’s your parents?” You would ask him, he’d respond with a little giggle, saying that it’s only his daddy. “He was somewhere over there! But I wanted to look at all the toys!” You’d smile at his own carefree little smile. “It is a cool place isn’t it? But we should get you back to your daddy, he must be worried. Plus, you won’t be able to get a new toy without him!” The kid would look up at you with an exaggerated face of horror at the chance of not getting a new toy. He’d grab your hand and tug on it. “Let’s go! C'mon hurryyy!” With a small laugh you’d follow him, but only to be stopped by a man. “Oh thank god! There you are! You scared me! I didn’t know where you went!” You assumed this was the father as he ran up and hugged the little kid. Realizing that you were there, he stood up and greeted you with a sheepish smile. “I’m so sorry! I got so distracted by all the toys I kind of just wandered off on my own…” You laugh, shaking your head. “It’s alright! He wasn’t any trouble at all! He’s very sweet, I’m just glad that you found him in this massive place.” He’d laugh in response, and you stare at him. He has the same carefree smile and nature as the child. Thinking that all is good, you start to walk off, only to be stopped by the father. “Wait! Um…seeing that you helped me and, I think you would be able to help me keep track of this little guy…would you maybe want to look at the toys…together? I-I mean only if you want! It’s just that you’re so pretty and you seem cool and I don’t want to bother you-” “I’d love to! I wouldn’t mind spending more time with you. You seem pretty cool, seeing that you’re in this place anyways.” You both laugh, the kid pulling you both off into the direction of the toy cars. “I’m Taehyung, by the way.” “I’m Y/N. it’s nice to meet you!” “Likewise! And thanks for staying with us. But now I’m worried that the toys won’t be the only thing distracting me.” He sends you a wink and follows his kid. And with a blush and a shy smile on your face, you follow him; never more grateful for shiny cars and robots than in that moment.

Originally posted by jeonthegreat

Hoseok: He’d be walking through the streets, on his way to the carnival in town. His big hand would be grasped by his little girl’s smaller one, so they wouldn’t be separated. All of a sudden, Hoseok would be pushed aside as a sudden rush of the crowd pushed the two apart. Realizing that he is no longer holding hands with his daughter, he panics. He starts yelling her name, yelling out for her. He stops and looks in all directions, paying no mind to the rude looks the passersby’s are giving him. Just as he was about to go into full panic mode and break down, he spots her. But the thing that interests him the most is the hand she’s holding onto. A very beautiful woman. The crowd is pushing them up against a local shop, and he sees you looking around for someone. Realizing that you’re probably looking for him, he makes his way over to you two. Reaching you, he speaks first. “I am so sorry! We got lost in the crowd together and I got so worried! Thank you so much for finding her! I’m sorry for interrupting your day.” You shake your head and laugh. He noticed how bright your smile is and zoned out before realizing that you’re answering him. “Oh it’s really no trouble at all! She’s very cute! She’s like a real life princess!” The little girl smiles shyly and nudges her foot against the ground before looking up at Hoseok. “Daddy, why don’t we bring her along!” “Well…that’s okay with me. We’re headed to the carnival, if you want to tag along. Seeing as you did save my child from the crowd.” “Oh I’d love to! I was just on my way there! But It’ll be more fun to spend the day with someone else! Especially in the presence of a princess!” Again, she laughs, and the little girl grabs both your hands and pulls you down the crowded street once again. Hoseok looks over and smiles gratefully at you, glad that you were the one that found his little princess. And maybe, he thinks, maybe…you could become his queen.

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Namjoon:  He would be at the bookstore with his little boy. Namjoon had run out of books to read and decided that he would go get a new one. But, he would get so into the book he was reading that he’d forget about his kid. Scared, the boy would run around looking for his dad. That’s where he’d run into you. You would be flustered at first, seeing this little crying boy run into you and cling to your legs. “Hey, what’s wrong? It’s okay, I’ll help you. What’s wrong?” “M-my daddy! I c-can’t find h-him!” He’d burst into a fresh wave of tears. Thinking that it could calm him down, you’d gently grab hold of his hand and tug him to the kids section. You’d pull him to sit on a chair and you’d sit in front of him. You’d start reading a cute little picture book, making each character have a different voice and make a big deal about showing him the pictures. Soon, the little boy had stopped crying and was paying close attention to the book. Meanwhile, Namjoon had realized that he had lost his kid and started to search the bookstore. When he reached the kid section of the bookstore, he’d spot you two. But instead of coming up and pulling his kid with him; he stops and watches. Thinking that you have a beautiful voice and how adorable you two look. Especially with all the characters voices. Namjoon would smile watching the little scene. When you’d reach the end of the book, and his little boy would smile and laugh clapping his little hands, he would approach you. Standing up, you smile at him. “I’m going to guess this is your little boy?” “Yes. I’m so sorry you had to watch him. I hope he wasn’t any trouble.” “It wasn’t any at all! I enjoyed reading to him! Just make sure he doesn’t run off again!” “Oh trust me! I’ve got my eye on the little sneak!” He’d feel a tug on his hand and look down at his boy. “Daddy! The pretty lady read me a story! Can we read another one? Pleeease?” He’d look to you, and once you nodded your head with a smile, he’d respond. “Alright little man. But only one more.” With an excited clap of his hands, he’d sit back down and wait patiently for you too read another story. Namjoon would stand, leaning against the bookshelf and watching you too. Watching his little boy smile and listen intently to the story, as well as the way your face would change with every character; he thought that he could get used to this.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Yoongi:  “Daad! Hurry up! I want to go play with the duckies!” A smile spreads across Yoongi’s face as his adorable little girl tugs on his hand with all her might as an attempt to rush him, which ultimately ends up failing. “The duckies aren’t going anywhere, sweetheart.” Yoongi and his daughter make their way to the gorgeous lake that sparkles throughout the day. Next to that is the giant, pink weeping willow tree that provides shade to Yoongi’s favorite bench. He plops down and lets out a long sigh. “Ah, your dad is getting old.” He says, rubbing his back. “Daddy, you’ve always been like that.” She says. Yoongi lets out a chuckle, nodding to himself with pride for teaching his daughter how to be so clever. She prances her way to the edge of the lake with her bag of seeds in her tiny hands. “Alright, now, you know the rules.” Yoongi says in his nagging voice. She lets out a long sigh, “Be nice and gentle to the duckies, don’t go into the water, and don’t wander off…” She says in a monotone voice, mocking her father. ‘Yah, don’t give me that. Now you have no excuse if you break the rules.” She ignores what her father says, and turns her attention to the lake, where ducks are now making their way towards her. The sight of Yoongi’s little girl, with her big eyes and giant grin on her face, brought happiness and warmth to his heart. He smiles, admiring his love.  They stayed like this for awhile. Without realizing, however, Yoongi had dozed off in his seat. He opened his eyes to see his daughter was nowhere in sight. Yoongi begins to panic. His heart starts racing as he leaps out of the bench, looking left and right and calling her name. He looks all over the park. The lake, the jungle gym, even the bathrooms. She wasn’t there. Eventually, Yoongi made his way to the swings. And there she was, swaying back and forth in the air with a huge smile across her face. The sound of her giggles never brought Yoongi as much comfort as they did right now. He moves close to her, “Thank god you’re okay! You know not to wander off like that!” He begins to nag once again, out of breath. “You could’ve been hurt…” Yoongi’s voice trails off when he sees you helping her off the swing. “I’m assuming you’re her dad, then.” You say, smiling at him. “Sorry daddy! You fell asleep and I got bored! I waited with the pretty lady for you to wake up!” You blush. “Sorry to worry you! She was wandering all by herself, so I decided to wait with her and keep her safe.” Yoongi smiles and nods, thanking you. The three of you start to take a walk around the park as Yoongi expresses his gratitude towards you for keeping his daughter safe. The conversation is filled with shy smiles, blushes, and quiet giggles until she tugs on yours and Yoongi’s hands. “Up! Up!” She says, bouncing up and down. Yoongi looks at you, almost as if to say You don’t have to. But you smile and grab her hand anyways, giggling as the two of you swing her into the air. Yoongi’s heart flutters, and you pretend not to notice as he looks at you with adoring eyes. He’ll never let his daughter hear this, but maybe breaking the rules isn’t always a bad thing.

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Seokjin: Jin and his little boy would be wandering through a festival. The little boy’s eyes would be filled with fascination and wonders. Jin’s would be as well, as he had never been to a festival this big. He would be so amazed by all the sights and sounds, as well as all the food stands, that’d he’d wandered off. The little boy, trying to stay calm he approached a nearby food stand. It was a cute little stand filled with baked goods. You, the one in charge of it, would see the little boy coming. You’d put on a friendly smile and stepped out from behind the stand. “Hi there little guy! What can I do for you?” “I-I can’t find my daddy. Do y-you think that I can wait here?” “Of course! Would you like a sweet treat while you wait? I made them myself.” His eyes would fill with excitement at getting a treat. A few minutes later, Jin would spot his little boy munching on a brownie in front of the stand. Seeing him, the boy would run up and hug his legs. “Daddy! The nice lady made this! Do you think she can make some more for us?” Noticing you, he’d come up, apologizing for any trouble the boy could have caused. “Oh it’s fine. He was very nice. Plus, I’m glad I could give him some of my new baked goods!” Jin, noticing how cute you looked in an apron with your hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, would smile. “Well…seeing as this little guy enjoyed your treats…you wouldn’t mind me taking some for the road?” “Sure! Take all you want! There are plenty!” Once he had a bag full of sweets, he’d start to walk away, before suddenly stopping. “Um…you wouldn’t mind if I asked for your number, would you? You know, just in case you had any new treats to try out. My son would be happy to taste test them. And I would always be happy to see you again.” Jin says with a shy smile and a light blush dusting his cheeks. With a shy smile yourself, you’d write your number down and hand it to him. “I’ll be expecting a call…” “Seokjin…Jin.” Im Y/N! It’s been a pleasure! I do hope I hear from you soon!“ With your friendly smile in his mind, he heads off again holding onto his boy’s hand. Although, him wandering off hadn’t been such a bad thing after all.

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your writing is so awesome!! How would revali react to his s/o saying they loved him? And how would he say it back??


-Mod Pinks

Being told I love you for the 1rst time (Revali)

  • Y-you.. what?”
  • It would happen when Revali and s/o were at home, and Revali was being a stubborn butt about getting into so much trouble.
    • Please, you clearly don’t remember who you’re talking to. This is me we’re talking about, I never get hurt-”
    • “ooooh you’re lucky I love you Mr. I-don-t-care-if-I-get-(name)-all-worried-again.”
    • “…Y-you…what?”
  • They honestly hadn’t meant to say it outloud, and they look at him all flustered and nervous because shit, this wasn’t the way they had wanted to tell him.
  • And this was not the way Revali had ever imagined it coming out.
    • He’s absolutely flustered, and tries to regain his cool, unable to look them in the eye
    • I… You’re…You’re lucky that I love you too…”

Excuse me but I think I have a crush on August

Thank you for making this majestic creature

first i wanna say im sorry i just saw this now cause i was playin a game in the living room LIKE A FOOL WHEN I COULDVE BEEN STARING AT THIS WONDERFUL DRAWING INSTEAD. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING HIM , my night has been made, and possibly (definitely) my whole week ?!?!? <3 <3 I adore your art style a lot so this just makes me all levels of happy /////// he looks so incredibly hamsum thank you so much, and im really glad you’re enjoyin him, its all i could really ask for ///////  

I know I’m going to type so much just to say one thing, but just saying Happy Birthday to you is not enough. Ever since you became my idol when I was 13, I have learned so much about how to be myself. You’ve taught me a lot to not be scared of who I am, and honestly that has made me into the person I am today. You’ve taught me it’s okay to be sad at times. You’ve taught me that it’s okay to be gay. You’ve taught me it’s okay to be myself. And goddamn, I cannot thank you enough for simply existing and doing what you do. You’ve had a huge impact in the lives of so many people, including me. I hope you celebrate today your 31 years of being alive. 31 years of talent. 31 years of beauty. 31 years of inspiration and love. I hope you truly know what you have done for many people in this world. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ❤️