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On VKontakte (

For those who don’t know what is, it’s essentially “Russian Facebook”. is a giant cesspit of stolen content. Even a quick Google search will lead to you a bunch of news articles about their issues with piracy. But I’m not going to be talking about pirated videos and music. I’m talking about stolen artwork. There are tons of it and does not make it easy to report it. I actually had to Google their DMCA form because you can’t find it going through their website. I tried to search “copyright”, “intellectual property”, “DMCA” in their help section and no results turned up.

Since they supposedly review these DMCA cases, they suggest that you contact the infringing party first to try to work it out. Sure, that’s fine. Except I don’t speak Russian. Also, it seems VK doesn’t really care about the poor artist who’s getting their art stolen. During my search, I’ve run into a few posts of people trying to get their art removed by going through the DMCA takedown process, only for VK to decline their request.

So they’re clearly not following through even though their terms of service don’t allow reposting without permission (posted both Russian and English):

7.1.2. Кроме случаев, установленных настоящими Правилами, а также действующим законодательством Российской Федерации, никакой Контент не может быть скопирован (воспроизведен), переработан, распространен, отображен во фрейме, опубликован, скачан, передан, продан или иным способом использован целиком или по частям без предварительного разрешения правообладателя, кроме случаев, когда правообладатель явным образом выразил свое согласие на свободное использование Контента любым лицом. Воспроизведение, копирование, сбор, систематизация, хранение, передача Контента с целью создания базы данных в коммерческих и/или некоммерческих целях и/или использование Контента полностью или в любой его части, независимо от способа использования, без согласия Администрации не допускается.

7.1.2. Except as provided by these Terms as well as by effective Russian legislation, no Content may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in the frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used in full or in part without the prior permission of the right owner, unless the right owner has expressly agreed to free use of the Content by any person. Reproducing, copying, collecting, systemizing, storing and transferring the Content in order to create a database whether for commercial and/or non-commercial purpose and/or using the Content in whole or its part regardless of the way of use is not allowed without the Administration’s consent.

I haven’t tried to report anything yet since I just found the DMCA page but it is asking for my passport number, which I’m not quite sure I want to hand over to a company that’s pulling this shady shit; even worse if I give them my information and they don’t even comply with my requests.

So I’m just stuck in this spot, cussing out these VK users, but not being able to do anything about it, which sucks. I’m probably going to ask a friend to help me with translating to have these groups remove my art. We’ll see where that takes me.

Oh, I have a favor to ask my Russian-speaking followers who use VK: If you find anyone reposting my art, please kindly let them know that it’s not allowed and to remove it. You can also send me the link too! Thanks ♥️♥️♥️♥️


Can I just rant about something?
Ok listen up:

Actually, Jamie Hewlett said himself in an interview with the Gorillaz official website he doesn’t mind about shipping. (Look it up yourself)
Honesty who gives two fucks? They are FUCKING CARTOONS. WHO CARES.
Do you really think Jamie and Damon have the time of day to care about what people are doing in their fanbase?
If seeing “gross” stuff turns you away from the fandom you are WEAK AS FUCK and probably shouldn’t even be on the internet.
I don’t usually pay attention to stupid vids like this, (I only watched like 30 seconds because your voice is so fucking annoying.)
But you aren’t the ruler of the fandom so if you see shipping, fetish art, ocs or whatever the fuck just get over yourself, stop whining and recognise that people have different opinions and views than you.
Every fandom has “shitty” people and they aren’t going to go away just because some self obsessed asshole wants to complain about them.
Honestly, grow up and let people enjoy things.
They aren’t breaking the law.
Ps: your video is probably more cringe than the content you are “critiquing.”

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there was a theory going around recently, that joji might actually be 23, not 24. which is kinda irrelevant bc it doesnt really matter either way. but joji is such cryptic bitch ass to the point where no one even knows his age lmao. what do you think about it?

where’s the basis for this theory outside of random unsubstantiated rumors started on this website….? this is the most irrelevant “theory” i’ve heard, what the fuck

i don’t think his age has anything to do with him keeping his personal life private (which he does a very good job of !!!), i just think it’s so irrelevant. people shouldn’t have to be like “yeah im 24” - unless they’re an influencer that has regular interaction with fans that are minors. since joji doesn’t interact with fans often i don’t see a problem with him not announcing his age ??? lmao

  • changing your icon on any other website: okay your icon is changed to exactly what you set it to for everyone to see.
  • changing your icon on tumblr: okay uhhh, it might show up sometimes for some people. but most people are gonna see your old icon and not even realize its changed. also sometimes your icon is gonna either be somebody else's icon or something you never even set it to. hope that's alright.

After New Zealand’s NewsHub website reached out to Lorde’s management, the onion ring account was immediately shut down. What kind of sick, twisted world do we live in where a famous musician can’t even rate onion rings in peace? That account was for her family and close friends, so they could see her opinion on onion rings. And she’s been deprived even that human normalcy. Paparazzi culture is a disease. 

What Stupid Thing Is Trending Now?

Some things about Net Neutrality being threatened that I haven’t seen many comments on:

- The OOOONNLY people benefiting from this possible rollback are corporate shareholders. 

- The removal of NN would result in few if any new jobs whatsoever, so any argument that it would help the economy is null and void (btw, we’re not actually in a recession anymore, in case anyone still thought that. The US’s economy, while it has plateaued in actual growth at about 2%, it’s actually pretty high in the business cycle.)

- Limitation and partisan censorship is a major concern (I lied that one is what everyone is talking about)

- In fact it will HURT online businesses, which will damage the small business sector in general.

- And last but not least: It is going to have a majorly negative impact on the education system. I just finished highschool in May and let me tell you, even rural schools are getting more and more technology and internet dependent. Students frequently, if not regularly, are sent home with online assignments. How can students possibly be expected to finish an online homework assignment if they can’t even remotely begin to afford internet? This is already an issue in rural and poor and POC dominated areas, and should Net Neutrality be removed and access to the internet be placed back into money hungry corporate hands, it will be an even more massive and far worse problem that will only perpetuate low education levels in these areas. what if their assignment requires research on a website that their partisan provider has decided to censor? You get a zero. Especially if you’re a college student that can’t afford another $150 a month just to get ok-ish internet speeds. 

- This gives me great concern for marginalized and outcast kids. The internet has been one of the very, very few places where LGBT+ and POC children and people in general can go and feel safe and accepted and loved and celebrated for how/who they are. Imagine that that’s the ONLY place you feel safe and okay and then that gets taken away from you. Early teen suicide rates are already high enough. 

This is all just a disgusting money grab by the GOP and other politicians who are invested in cable and cellular companies. Call or message your congressional representatives to oppose. Drown them in resistance. I’ve already found several posts with links that let you do that. 

I screwed up my first year of high school. To some people, it doesn’t look like it. But with a combination of mental illness, not amazing friends and a lack of discipline, I’m glad I barely remember that. But that screw up of a year taught me more than any high school teacher could. Now let me share these things with you. Just a warning, this will most likely be a chaotic rambling of everything in my head.

Mental illness is a legitimate thing do not accuse someone of lying about their mental illness. Don’t do it. You can blame a lot of things on how you were young and stupid, but the question is, are you still being what you call ‘young and stupid’? Now is that a good thing or a bad thing? Learn to laugh at yourself. You do that by putting yourself in weird situations. Walking around the city in a onesie and bright pink vans was a great time. It made me more comfortable in my skin. Own yourself. Simplicity is beautiful. Trust me. You don’t need to get smashed at a party when you’re underage to have fun, trust me on this, I’ve seen way too many incredible people screw up such a great part of their lives by getting smashed at parties and doing drugs when they’re barely 13. Don’t. Beauty isn’t everything, you’ve got a brain. Use it. Such a unique mind shouldn’t go to waste due to societal expectations. You’ve got a heart that’ll melt even the coldest of minds. Find your escape. Books, music, painting, whatever. The world can be overbearing, don’t let it get to you.

Put your all into everything. Don’t half arse anything. If you think you’ve done enough, do it three more times. Check out three more websites. Go through your flashcards three more times. Three is a magical number. What do you enjoy? Okay good, do it often. Who cares if you can’t exactly put it on your resume. Sexuality is a thing, respect other people’s and don’t be ashamed of yours. Do things, but for the right reason. Don’t do a certain co curricular only because it’ll look good on your resume, do it because you enjoy it. Don’t stop doing something because you think other people are better than you. Maybe they are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve.

You’re going to change. You’ll never be the same person again. And that’s not a bad thing. But always remember, your mind is a compass pointing you to your final destination. And your final destination is the place where you draw your final breath. And you can ignore it all you want, but you’re going to die at some point. So stop wasting today being someone who you don’t want to be or not growing into the person you want to be, because life is dynamic. To the point where it will end but we have no idea when.

—  I found this in notes, I wrote this a year ago and it still stands.

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can you guess a website that might be affected?

Sure, I run one! The Verge produces a ton of videos every day, and we put them on Facebook, YouTube, and our own internal player, with the expectation that everyone will have equal access to them. Get rid of net neutrality rules, and some of our audience might get YouTube videos for free from their ISP, while Facebook hits their data cap. Other customers might have our internal player run slowly but YouTube in a fast lane because Google struck a deal. Our business would change dramatically if we had to factor in the costs users on every different ISP would pay to see our stuff.

And the worst case is that one of our competitors might pay for fast lane access that we can’t really afford and start to win users because our site loads artificially slowly. I’m a competitive person and I want to win, but I also love that The Verge has to earn our audience against terrific sites like Wired and CNET every day. I don’t want to win or lose just because someone paid Verizon. That’s just icky.

A lot of the websites that will be most affected by rolling back net neutrality don’t exist yet. Right now, someone is building the next YouTube, the next Twitter, or the next Uber. And it has amazing, transformative features that none of us have even thought of yet.

But imagine what will happen if big ISPs can throttle or block their content partners’ competitors. That will create a major hurdle for any new player. If ISPs have the power to push us away from new players’ services toward those of their corporate partners, then users have less power to decide which services will succeed.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites that cater to an audience of Black, Latino, Arab and Muslim, queer and transgender, women and young people that may find themselves unable to pay enough to be heard. Online ethnic media and media targeting communities pushed to the margins of public debate have provided a needed respite from the scapegoating and stereotypes of mainstream cable news. Websites like,Very Smart Brothers, Jack and Jill Politics, the Root and so many more, too many to name, might find themselves unable to reach their audiences. Their websites aren’t the only ones that will be affected. Many of the start up companies like Etsy, Task Rabbit and more may find themselves unable to compete against older and wealthier companies. If net neutrality is repealed, the next website unable to thrive may be yours.


hurricane // panic! at the disco

“What’s so bad about reposting?”

“It’s easy to make gifs, who cares.“ 


And here’s why: 

  • Presumably, you’re reposting because you either: 

a) don’t have access to the video that’s gif’d because you don’t know where it’s from or you don’t know how to download it. Which already proves that making gifs is difficult because of the time spent video hunting and downloading. (You’d be surprised how hard it is to download videos from certain websites.)

b) don’t have access to photoshop, because you’re not sure how to download it, or you do have it but don’t know how to work it. Which again, proves making gifs is difficult because it’s more than just right clicking then saving as (which is what reposting is - so if you catch yourself doing this, stop!) You have to learn how to use photoshop to actually make a gif, and to actually use photoshop you have to know how and where to download it. Some people even pay for it, and it’s extremely unfair to those that do because something they essentially paid for is getting stolen from them.

  • Gifs are not even just about being able to do the basic load files into stacks or import layers from frames, whichever method of gif making you prefer. Nope. It’s about coloring as well, which makes your gif unique and different from someone else’s. People spend time making their gifs look nice in addition to spending their time looking for the right video and whatnot. 

So have some respect for people that do their best to provide you with pretty gifs on your dashboard to reblog >:( 

(No, it does not count if you repost someone’s gif and “give credit”, especially if the source is “it’s not mine but I found it on Google”. Tumblr made a beautiful function called a REBLOG. Use it. It’s your best friend.) 

Next time you say, “everyone reposts” or “they’re just gifs”, keep in mind making gifs isn’t actually as easy as some people belittle it to be! Try making gifs for yourself and see how hard it is. Really, try. 

(And if you’re thinking, “oh making gifs is so easy! I’ve tried it!” then it literally costs you $0.00 to make your own gifs and gain notes through your own hard work. Seriously. Stop taking credit for someone else’s hard work.)

Stopping reposts can happen if you take a step to stop yourself from reposting and letting others know why it’s bad too. If no one tells you what you’re doing is wrong, how would you know what you’re doing isn’t right? One by one, we can all eventually stop reposting because it’s very disrespectful to artists (yes, gif makers are considered artists too). If you want notes, earn them yourself just like how every original content makers do. And even if you can’t make anything yourself, don’t be mean. Support people’s works. 

(This applies to everyone that makes original content, fan art, fan fiction, graphics, etc. The steps in between to make them are different, but reposts affect all of us the same. Please stop reposting and respect the artists.)

Facebook Permanently Blacklisted Me From Their Site

My name is Aysha Bee, and I’m a 21 year old Black woman, Social Critic, and Motivational Speaker for people of Black Marginalized Genders.

Facebook has allowed racists, misogynists, and just flat out abusive people to harass me and report my Facebook page enough to the point that Facebook will no longer allow me to create an account on the website.

Facebook disables any account that I attempt to make on the site. They ignore all of my appeal letters. They won’t even tell me what the issue is.

I believe that they may have me blacklisted by using my name, my IP address, and my cookies to keep me from being a user. As I have tried several methods to gain access back to the website with no success.

It’s discriminatory because I should be entitled to my freedom of speech on their website no matter who I offend with my truth.

My experience as a Black woman matters.

My feelings are valid.

My passion is genuine.

My voice and the voices of other Black women who speak about misogynoir and other issues are worthy of being heard and amplified.

Facebook still hosts space for some of the most violent people I have ever had the displeasure of seeing, but yet they had no problem with permanently banning me from the website.

It is unfortunate because I built some amazing bonds on Facebook, as well as I was happy to provide a space for people of Black Marginalized Genders.

There are not many spaces that center people of Black Marginalized Genders 100 percent of the time with no exceptions, and I was serious about keeping that scene a reality. 

Now I am forced to move on from the connections that I made on Facebook.

I just hope that this will not go unnoticed.

Planet Lance

An Emperor kidnaps Lance to test and see if he is fit to be a paladin. The test inflict pain on Lance while at the same time testing his character.

-The first test is he has to stay underwater or they will hurt a little girl. (This idea comes from a fic I read but can’t remember the name to where Lance grows gills after he’s pushed in a lake and told if he comes back up they will kill Keith and Shiro)  

-The second test is he is whipped until he passes out or tells them the weaknesses of Voltron 

_He impresses the guard by continuing to tell jokes the whole time and by never showing he was in pain more than a small grunt or wince. The guard stops because he is starting to feel bad for hurting Lance and Lance comforts him and tries to make him less guilty

-The third test is he can escape or he can save the little girl from his worse fear. (Idk what his fear is going to be yet. Probably something to do with small spaces)

-The people of the planet are watching and recording the whole thing. They start to fall in love with Lance as he comforts the guard and then the girl by talking about how he has to make Keith and Pidge eat and sleep and how he helps Hunk when he has panic attacks and how he helps Allura and Shiro after their nightmares

-After the test the Emperor tries to apologize but before he can Lance says he understands and then he thanks the Emperor for looking out for Voltron

-The planet is smitten with the brave, and caring young boy

-He doesn’t tell the rest of the team. They just assumed he was with a cute alien

-They go back to the planet and its basically a shrine to Lance

-They sell Lance merchandise, have statues of him and even have a holiday celebrating him   

-The planet has advanced tech so they even have websites dedicated to Lance 

-Everyone is cold to the rest of the team because they think that they don’t appreciate Lance enough 

-The team is confused until Pidge stumbles upon a video of Lance going through the tests and what he said to the Emperor 

-Lance has been hiding in Blue and isn’t used to all the attention so he keeps crying because hes overwhelmed, happy and grateful

-The team buys as much merch as they can and surprise Lance

-The team wins the planet over by giving them pictures of Lance and telling them stories of all the times he’s saved them or just been awesome in general 

-The team starts taking care of Lance just as much as he takes care of them

-Everyone is happy

(I have been told the story I mentioned is called Fighting the surface)
lost control (m)

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pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: semi-crack, smut, sub! jin
words: 8,872
summary: you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to take control in the bedroom for once and Seokjin’s more than happy to let you do as you please…

a/n: I don’t even know what this is lmao. A mixture of comedy and smut, so I have fun !! Oh, and if you see the word mommy somewhere, don’t be alarmed, there is no kink of that name in this house !!!! Ooo and also, my anniversary has just past—I started this tumblr with a Seokjin fic so it’s only fair I write one to celebrate ONE whole year!! Love you guys, thank you so much for reading!!

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I know this is normally a SM blog. But this is serious.

I WILL NOT BE SILENT. NET NEUTRALITY IS A SERIOUS ISSUE. All it takes is a few seconds. It’s as simple as that. Send ‘resist’ to 50409 this system is super simple. When prompted for the message, just copy and paste what I have. Seriously, it’s a text message, I’m not asking for protests, or even to share this message. But your internet experience as a whole is about to be a lot different if Verizon and big names win.

Here is what to copy :
The FCC’s Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are extremely important to me. I urge you to protect them.

I don’t want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into “fast lanes” for companies that pay and “slow lanes” for the rest.

Now is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.

Censorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Moreover, under Chairman Pai’s plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don’t like. They’ll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can’t pay up to have their voices heard.

So I’m also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC’s existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai’s plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.

Thank you!

Literally every time I hear someone say that bullying is a form of abuse I feel this sense of relief wash over me. Like, validation. This person won’t think I’m being silly or it wasn’t that bad or I need to toughen up. It was actually a tumblr post that helped me admit I’ve been abused. Like, I’ve had a mental health professional confirm to me that it counts as abuse. The NSPCC lists it as a form of child abuse. The things I’ve been through fit with descriptions of abuse. But when you say that word, bullying, you never know what people will think it means. Because it’s used to mean such a wide range of things.

I wish we used the term peer abuse more. Because bullying is like, taken seriously one minute and made into a joke the next. And you’re not expected to still be profoundly affected by childhood bullying as an adult. School isn’t supposed to be traumatic. I feel ashamed because there’s this air around the topic like, it’s just kids playing games. It wasn’t even always just the kids, but it’s like I’ve internalised that attitude that I am the joke. I am a living joke and if I expect to be treated as a person, that’s even funnier.

And I see that on this website a lot too and it puts me on guard, because with some people it won’t matter if I’m sincere and reasonable and polite, they’ll figure out a way to make that a joke because all they want to do is laugh at others. And I mean some people I know rationally wouldn’t do that, but it still feels like there’s always a chance. That’s what it’s like constantly in my head. Say and do all the right things, say please and thank you and did you apologise enough times for existing? One wrong move and you could become a living joke again!