then went a bit off course

So I saw all the Short-haired!Oro stuff and the idea of a SakumOro Tangled AU popped up. Only, it only vaguely (very vaguely) has bits of the movie.

Oro didn’t get kidnapped and locked in a tower. Danzo offered him a lab for crazy experiments and off he went, to a lab hidden away from the rest of the world. Thing is, he didn’t tell anyone because SCIENCE!! awaited. Danzo didn’t really say anything either because he might get Oro to do some experiments on his prodding. For the Good of Konoha, of course.

Hokage Sarutobi soon realizes that his Science Obsessed student hasn’t been seen in a while and sends for him… only to find out he’s apparently been missing for a while. He sends out search parties and stuff.

Fast forward to years later, Hatake Sakumo steals the Kusanagi (Oro’s sword that he left for Plot) from the Kingdom of Konoha. He flees, and is pursued by a very angry Sakura (who plays Maximus the horse in this AU). Sakumo goes to hide in a very convenient bunker and promptly gets KO’d by an angry Oro whose nap was disturbed.

Sakumo wakes up strapped to an operating table and is interrogated by Orochimaru, who suspects him of being sent by Danzo to assassinate him or steal his research or something? Idk. Sakumo denies it and flirts with Oro because Oro is very pretty. This is where the Tangled movie plot kind of becomes obsolete and becomes more Anastasia. Sakumo recognizes Oro’s markings as the same markings as the pic of Sarutobi’s lost student. He believes that Oro was kidnapped and locked away in the lab and Sakumo, despite being a thief, is against the stealing of people so he tries to get Oro to return to Konoha. Also, the reward Sarutobi put on the return of an alive Oro would be nice.

Oro thought his sensei knew where he was all this time but was too busy to send word or anything. So he agrees to allow Sakumo to escort him back to Konoha, still wary because what if it was just a ploy to get Oro actually kidnapped? Oh well, he can take him. Or just leave it to Kiyohime (who plays a very deadly Pascal). So off they go.

Of course, then Danzo finds out that Oro is no longer in the Lab and sends ROOT agents to coerce Orochimaru into returning. The ROOT agents happen to ambush Oro at the same time as Sakura (Sakura doesn’t recognize Oro as Tsunade-shishou’s friend for Plot maybe?). Oro is of course annoyed by all the people popping up suddenly to kidnap him, cue SakumOro battle couple team up.

Stuff happens, Sakumo is injured in one battle, taking a blow meant for Oro. That settles Oro’s attachment to Sakumo and he patches Sakumo up after the battle. More stuff happens, idk. Somehow Sakura catches up to them and tries to take out Sakumo for the return of the Kusanagi because that was her shishou’s teammate’s sword. You mean, my sword as I am Orochimaru, intervenes Oro. Sakumo is simply… ah, escorting me back to Konoha. Well. Okay then. Sakura Joined the Party.

Then they enter a pub or something and Oro finds out about the reward for his return. Oro is miffed (I like that word okay? Miffed) and thinks Sakumo is only in it for the reward and proceeds to give him the cold shoulder.

Enter bounty hunters Kakuzu and… hmm Kisame? Sure, let’s go with Kisame. Sakumo’s also got a bounty on his head (White Fang y'all), though unlike Oro’s, doesn’t matter if dead or alive. Cue epic battle scene where Oro’s hair gets shredded by Kisame. Sakura, who was “scouting ahead” to give the couple time to work out whatever tension there was, returns to witness that sacrilege. Kakuzu and Kisame are defeated by an enraged Oro teaming up with the White Fang and Tsunade’s Apprentice. Again, Sakumo almost dies protecting Oro from a blow he was protecting Sakura from (because he knows Tsunade would be pissed at him if her apprentice was injured while in his presence). Luckily, Sakura can heal Sakumo while Oro scolds him and says he can take care of himself. Cue cheesy flirting from Sakumo and fond(???) exasperation from Oro. Now onto the two KO’d bounty hunters.

Oro wants to kill them both, but Sakura recognizes Kisame as a Mist Swordsman and that Queen Mei Terumi of Kiri would appreciate the return of a living Kisame. Kakuzu… Oro wants to dissect him. Sakumo points out his current lack of a nearby lab and the problems of carrying around a dead body. Oro counters with Sealing Scroll. Okay then. So Kakuzu’s dead and Kisame is being carried like a sack by Sakura as the group continues onwards to Konoha.

Kisame wakes up and is besotted by BAMF Sakura, who convinces him that Mist is better now and that he’d be happily welcomed back. Mei is a trustworthy, for a foreign ally, she assures him. Kisame Joined the Party. Against Oro’s wishes who still wants him dead and gleefully takes petty vengeance since killing him is inadvisable.

Danzo and ROOT confronts the group on the borders of Konoha, accusing them of treason via association with known traitors (Sakumo) and enemy nin (Kisame). Cue flashy fight scene which attracts the attention of patrols nearby. Danzo escapes, but ROOT is discovered as active. Sakura shuts down the attempted arrest of Sakumo and demands to see her shishou and the Hokage.

Oro is reunited with his team (yay), Kisame returns to Kiri and comes back to Konoha as Mist Ambassador (he just wants to see Sakura again), Sakumo is pardoned and offered reward, which he refuses and tries to slink away but Oro stops him.

You dragged me out here, you don’t get to escape and leave me behind to deal with all the idiocy of people.
Aww, Lovely, just admit you’ll miss me.
Against all logic, I will. So stay.

…Well. Okay then. That just happened. Here you go??

Sleepy Hance Drabble

I can’t post any doodles rn so how abt some drabbles???

Lance nabbed a blanket from off the shelf, slipping quickly behind Hunk as they both sat down on the mattress. “Here,” Lance said, “I’ve got you.” He wrapped the blanket so that both boys were covered and shifted Hunk so that his chin laid atop his friend’s head.

Hunk’s eyes crinkled a bit. “Do you think you could do that thing again - like how you did back at the garrison? I know it’s been a while but…”

“Of course!” Lance cleared his throat. “Just let me get warmed up first. Ahem! Ahem!” He went through a series of exaggerated vocal exercises while Hunk only giggled.

Eventually Lance began to sing, quiet but sure, and Hunk nuzzled deeper into his neck. The combination of his smooth voice and gentle vibrations caused his eyelids to droop, and soon enough Hunk was adrift in his own world.

Lance stopped only to smile and hold him tighter.

Thanks to the new episodes here’s some headcanons for my PERFECT MAGIC BOY:

  • Angus practices his magic on the base all the time, when he’s not doing investigations and hanging out with the other employees he’s doing magic
  • The first time Angus successfully casts a first level spell he is so proud of himself and he goes and shows Avi by disguising himself as a small Avi
    • Extra point: Avi is absolutely 100% proud of him and tousles his hair at least once and takes him to show Carey and Killian
  • Angus went looking around for some of Taako’s recipes and books and has tried making food from them. His food is never perfect and only just a little bit off but no one says anything and enjoys the slightly soggy cookies anyway.
  • Angus sometimes sneaks into the Void fish’s chamber because of course this curious detective boy wants to see this magical creature that wipes memories. Johan has found him, multiple times, sleeping next to the Void fish’s tank with a notebook FULL of scribbles about it and little sketches
  • Angus’ handwriting is actually super neat and pretty, like legible cursive
  • Angus’ only family is his grandfather, so there wasn’t anyone to really forget him when he joined the BOB but that’s okay since the people working on the moon are his family now

And the most important:

  • Everyone loves their small adopted detective boy
Selective Outrage (I stopped counting)

Yes, I know, that last bit is obvious hyperbole. Of course the Internet said something. Plenty of people are pissed off and rightfully so. Not only is banning the media from your events except for the ones that like you the textbook definition of censorship, but also a shining example of the behavior of a tyrant.

But you know who wasn’t pissed off at the media ban? All the people who lost their shit, waved the censorship flag, and went on a big tirade about how “Those no good SJWs are ruining everything!” in reaction to the other events described above. I find that both disconcerting, yet also amusing that people who lose their minds and cry ‘censorship’ whenever somebody who doesn’t think like them and isn’t them gets their way for a change, but when actual censorship is performed the people who railed, ranted, and raved against Target for not carrying a year-old game and tweeted ‘#buttgate’ over the Tracer thing all suddenly get suspiciously quiet.

Here’s the cold, hard fact. There’s a word for people who do such things. If you jumped on a high horse and burned SJWs in effigy because Japan didn’t localize a shitty volleyball game in the US but didn’t say a word over Trump cherry-picking who does and doesn’t get to report on his actions and speeches, you’re a hypocrite.

Have a nice day.

Movie Night

George loved scary movies and of course (y/n) hated them more than anything. So it took a lot of begging for (y/n) to agree to watch a scary movie on movie night. After she finally agreed, George put in the movie and took his spot on the couch, next to the already on edge (y/n). The movie started off relatively slow so (y/n) started to relax a bit, but after the first jump scare she was hiding in George’s chest. He just laughed and pulled her closer to him. The cycle repeated as the movie went on. After what had felt like an eternity for (y/n) the movie was finally over.
“Hey babe, the movie is over”
“If you think I’m going anywhere without you you’re insane”
“Awe it was just a movie” George teased.
“Yeah, a scary one”
“C'mon babe, let’s go to bed” He said as he scooped her up and carried her up to her dorm.
George laid (y/n) in her bed, tucked her in, and turned to leave for his own room.
“stay” (y/n) mumbled.
George pulled the blankets back and leaks down next to (y/n). She instantly relaxed into him and the two quickly fell asleep.
*the next day*
“(y/n) (y/l/n)” called Professor McGonagall.
George looked around the room, wondering why (y/n) wasn’t in class. He hadn’t seen her all morning, which was highly unusual. After class he decided to go down to the kitchens to get whatever scraps of breakfast he could and head up to (y/n)’s dorm. The door to the girls dormitories, knowing he had nothing but good intentions. He quickly went up the stairs and into (y/n)’s room, where thankfully, he found her fast asleep.
“Hey sleepyhead, I brought” but before he could finish his sentence the plate of breakfast was flung across the room and (y/n) was sitting up in her bed, breathing heavily.
“George!” she shrieked “you scared the hell out of me!”
George chuckled before saying “Sorry love, you missed breakfast and transfiguration, I wanted to make sure you were okay”
(Y/N) just nodded and scooted over, making room for George next to her. He sat down next to her, and before either of them realized it they were both fast asleep.

Ridge - Roadkill to shelf

WARNING !! This post contains photos and descriptions of dead animals, skinned animals, decomposition, maggots, and the general gory details involved with cleaning up bones.

I’ve gotten a couple asks about the methods I use to clean bones, so I thought I’d put together a quick summary of the journey of my female Badger, Ridge, from road to shelf. It’s not really a tutorial, but I have almost kind of written it like one - keep in mind this is just Ridge’s personal cleanup journey, and all the steps she went through while being processed (it’s pretty similar for all my roadkill though) It’s a bit garbled and I haven’t really clarified anything… Hm. Maybe I will put together a proper tutorial in the future. For now, this is Ridge~

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BAP: Skydive Has You Shook

Daehyun: Is so happy you liked it, a lot of work went into it after all. He’ll hold you and laugh softly when you get angry at Jongup for killing him.

Himchan: He is a wee bit shy in hte storm of your praise, but also very flattered and soon he budges and indulges in it.


Junhong: The happy look on his face is beyond perfect! He is so glad you like it as much as you do! He worked so hard yall.

Yongguk: He experiences so much relieve. Of course he has been worrying about your reaction. He has worked his ass off and your reaction makes it all pay off.

Youngjae: Is waaaaay too pleased with your reaction and will rub it in his members faces how his bf/gf was the shookest of all.

Overprotective Sister (Molly X Sister!Reader)

Characters: Molly X Sister!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Swearing, threatening (Poor Sherlock)


Request: Hello :-) can i please request Molly’s sister going mental at sherlock for the way he treats her and John finding it a bit sexy please?

Originally posted by elennemigo

You lived out of the city doing your job for the past few years. Your sister, Molly, was always close to you. You were her older sister and you took your role as an older sibling very seriously.

So when she texted you over the course of a few years, explaining her relationship with a certain detective, you started to hate him a little bit more each time, despite never meeting him.

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Well, the first thing Jounoichi could say that he say was that he didn’t let go of the railings as the elevator went down this time. Last time he did, it ended with him having a major bump on his head and not being able to do anything that day. Though that wasn’t the plan for that day, after a few days to a week, he finally decided to go see Sanzo again.

Though of course it was to talk about the cursed scar and the uncompleted trial. 

Though the only problem was that all the huts looked alike for the first few rows. Breathing in, Joey knocked on the second hut that was a bit farther off and shouted (at an acceptable level)

“Sanzo, I’m here!” 

Prompt: “Well, aren’t you cute.”

Character: Chris Beck

Warning: N/A

“Well, aren’t you cute.” Your cheeks were warm as was the rest of your body by the time the speaker was leaning against the bar besides you and you suddenly found your drink increasingly interesting…you’d never been very good at taking compliments or being able to handle people’s advances even when they were wanted. 

“T-thank you…” Your voice was always quiet, quiet as a mouse your mum had always said. Usually that put people off, but no, Chris Beck thought you were absolutely adorable and the fact you were so shy just added to that. 

You knew who he was of course, you both went to University together…he was one of the most attractive men you’d had the pleasure of being sat near in a lecture hall and that hadn’t changed one bit in the 3 years you’d known him…not that you ever talked to him, far too shy to do that. 

“I don’t bite you know…unless you want me to..” He liked teasing you, harmlessly of course, but he really did love the way you ducked your head, and sometimes the wide eyed look you’d get when he got a little too provocative. 

“Maybe I want you too…” But he wasn’t expecting that and neither were you. It had you gulping down your drinking regretting ever letting your mouth open. ‘Why did I say that? Oh my god, why did I say that?!’ 

“Guess I should finally ask you on that date then, huh?” 


“You, me, dinner…maybe i’ll bite you, maybe I won’t…” The teasing smile was still there, the crinkle around his eyes, the shine to them…but he was serious. He’d been meaning to ask you to dinner since the first week of University…and he never had…

“Uh…sure…uh…” You weren’t entirely sure what to say, what to do, or what was even going on…you’d made a terrible comment that should have had him running and instead the would-be astronaut was just grinning at you like he’d won the lottery.

“Friday, 7 o’clock i’ll meet you at your dorm” 

You know, one of the things I love best about the Tracy family is just how absolutely close they are. You know that no matter what happens, they’ll always stand by each other and take care of one another. And with all that fondness, you know it’s guaranteed that there’s been at least one point in their lives that they’ve ended up in a pile like a litter of puppies. (Scott totally started it this time by grabbing John and tackling Virgil, and everyone else just went along with it.)

I started this a week or two ago but was having a very hard time getting it done, and thanks to a headache and some determination, finally got it finished tonight. (At the expense of putting off homework for another night, oh well. ;3) It was nice to have something fun to draw the family doing for a change too. Also it makes the wait for Season 2 just a little bit less painful!

(With a special dedication of course to @flyboytracy, @sonatanotwo, @starman-john-tracy, @gordoncoopertracy, and @thelittlesttracy for being such wonderful RP bros. <3333333)


When the door opened, there stood a tall, tan and and athletic beauty. She has huge tits and a nice and big round ass. She greeted me and the fun began. I quickly got undressed. She took off her bra and I immediately began sucking on her rock hard tits. She has perfect sized and dark nipples which I loved. I played around with her melons for a few minutes and then began to explore with my hands. I peeled off her thong and began to play with her growing member. I couldn’t believe how hard and big she was. I went down and had a taste. One of the smoothest and largest cocks I have ever sucked. She began fucking my face which I surprisingly took pretty well…I could tell she really liked that. After 10-15 minutes of sucking she asked if I wanted to be fucked in her broken English…of course I did. I was a bit nervous due to her size. She had me on the edge of the bed doggy and covered and lubed up. A few seconds later and her monster cock was in my ass. At first I didn’t think I could take it and I had her slow down…after she loosened me up she went to town…she fucked me doggy for 5 minutes or so and then put me on my back…she re- inserted her cock fucked me and lubed my cock with her spit and jerked me to completion. One of the best orgasms I’ve had. I cleaned up and left. Overall a nice session. I could see why ppl felt rushed I just felt that she was running a business. Overall if your looking for a tall dom top with a huge cock, jenny is the one!

The Dragon and the Bunny.

Hana was relived to finally arrive on Hanamura after such a long boat ride on a fare, traveling from Korea all the way to Japan was very boring to her. Watching the seas for so long seeing nothing but water got dull pretty quick, all she could really do was play harmless pranks on the pilots and guards around. But even that got boring after a couple days!

Even though she was excited she arrived to Japan, she was honestly still a little intimidated. Being old enough to finally meet another semi-ruler was intriguing, but meeting one who is about 38 her made her feel a bit off. This Prince was probably more experienced with social skills and negotiating.

With a deep breath she opened the large door to the building, immediately being surrounded by Hanzo’s guards and blocking any sight of him. Two of her body guards unsheathed their swords as well, creating an ‘X’ in front of her to indicate not to touch her. Hana of course ignore them and went on with what she was going to say, unfortunately stuttering here and there as she was a little nervous.

“Uh… Hello! I was brought here for trading of something?”


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Last week I went to the concert alone and I took my hijab off for the first time in public and I felt absolutely great. Of course when I took my hijab off I felt little bit weird because I’ve never done it before but I knew people wouldn’t paying attention to me because they were so excited about the concert so I didn’t feel so anxious about it. I knew there wouldn’t be any muslims (or somalis) that’s why I took my hijab off. After the concert I put my hijab back on and went home. My mom was so mad at me because she was calling me and I didn’t answer her calls. (She thought I was sleeping lol) I came home after 11 pm. She didn’t want to let me home but my brother let me in. My mom yelled at me and this time I didn’t fight back but I defended myself little bit :D She said to me that I can’t go anywhere without her permission and I’ve to come home before 8 pm like little child. My brother comes home like everyday at midnight and my mom doesn’t care but I’m girl so I can’t go outside and come home late because something bad can happen to me and I’m gonna “ruin” her reputation because of that.

#3: make me. Fred Weasley for Crissy

Even though it wasn’t too cold out you had your Gryffindor scarf wrapped around you to hide the bruises that ran up and down your neck. Your friend Angelina went to move it off you until she realized why you were wearing it. She gave you a smirk and then focused her attention back on her course work.

        “Crissy, isn’t it a bit hot to be wearing a scarf?” the Weasely twins said at in unison.

You rolled your eyes at them and continued to scribble down in your notebook. Fred knew exactly why you couldn’t take of your scarf since he was the reason. He shot you a quick glance and raised on of his eyebrows. The two of them kept teasing you the whole time you were in the great hall.

        “Shut up already!” You hissed. You didn’t want to get in trouble for talking.

        “Make me Crissy” Fred responded. You took this as a challenge that you were going to win. You quickly closed your notebook and handed it to Professor Snape, before exiting the great hall.

As you were turning the corner to head to the common room, you heard fast footsteps heading in your direction. You turned around to see Fred running after you.

        “Seriously Crissy, aren’t you sweating under that? I mean, why don’t you show everyone that you’re mine?” He grinned as he ran his hands through his red hair.

        “Do you ever stop talking Weasley?” You said. You had moved closer towards Fred. Your faces were inches away. As he leaned in to plant a kiss on your lips you pulled away and headed into the common room.

Just as you stepped into the common room, you felt Fred wrap his arms around you and he spun you around. Without warning he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. As you walked over to the stairs you saw someone staring at you from one of the couches.

        “Granger” both you and Fred said in unison and then you proceeded to head towards Fred’s bedroom.

Your scarf was quickly wrapped off of you and you were now sitting on the bed. Fred’s lips crashed against yours and his hands were quick to get you undressed. As you unbuttoned his shirt, Fred started to kiss your neck. You flinched under his touch. His marks were still sore from the night before. He slowly leaned his body over yours, making you lay on your back. His hands started to wonder all over your body.

Both of your clothes were thrown all over the floor and the only thing you were thinking about was how amazing Fred looked hovering over you. His touch was soft but you could feel his hunger for you. Fred started to leave a trail of kisses down your stomach as he made his way to your clit. His tongue slid into you and your fingers ran through his already messy red hair.

        “Fred. Don’t stop!” you moaned.

I had a massive crush on Taylor Swift for a while. I was nervous about meeting her, but she was completely charming- I was a little bit smitten. Two years ago, my phone went off and my housemate looked at me and said ‘Dude, I think you just got a message from Taylor Swift.’ She had sent me a text asking me to star in her 'Style’ music video… And of course I said yes!
—  Dominic Sherwood on his celeb crush

[ @wherexdemonsxdwell - Bae Chunhwa]                                                                                          
↳ Being an idol and doing what he does wasn’t always easy. Park Jimin always gave his all on stage whenever he had to. On bad days he could have accidents as forcing his voice - slipping or tripping. Mostly all of these weren’t big issues he had to deal with. Jimin always was careful. But of course there had to be a situation where it might not be as lame as he always tripped. Him slipping off the stage having a bad fall made him end up where he was right now. At the hospital. 
It was thanks to his members that he knew what happened since the lights went out for him for a bit. Leaving him clueless in this spot. Both his arm and foot on the left side hurt badly. His entire head felt like it was about to explode and vision was blurry. The full package and him being scared of hospitals and doctors in general didn’t help at all. “Ah… I hate this place…” He whispered to himself clearly displeased in some way. 

dagger of the mind review, or basically me fangirling over Spock’s beauty

but no, really, can i talk about how gorgeous Spock is? i just saw ‘dagger of the mind’ the other night and when i wasn’t worried about poor Jim i was yelling ”he’s so pretty!” every time Spock walked by. also YES for that moment when the one female doctor is trying to suggest that her and Jim hooked up at the science lab Christmas party and Jim is like “no. nope. didn’t do that.” 

and Spock is getting pissed off and Jim gets off the transporter pad and is all like “i seriously am not into this woman spock, in fact i thought we went back to your cabin after the christmas party” and spock is like “of course, captain.” ok so that last bit didn’t happen, but this episode does go to show that jim is not a womanizer and it actually makes a good point about consent, and that being brainwashed to love someone is not love, just like Spock getting hit by the spores and making out with someone isn’t love. what really is love is after Jim has got back on board and suffered all this trauma and Spock is giving him looks of concern the whole time Jim manages to muster up a little smile for spock and says to head to warp one and Spock is just 

great episode, great episode, *rips a piece off Kirk’s gold tunic and wipes eyes*, theres so much hurt!kirk and protective!spock. also we see the first vulcan mindmeld and that was so amazing that spock does something so intimate (and with a mentally disturbed human which is really dangerous) because he has to save kirk. 

also i noticed all over again jim’s incredible long eyelashes. look at that little hazel eyed baby. 


Dylan o’Brien (Stuart = The internship) Imagine: Coffee Shop Girl

Stuart was a nerd at Google, you were the coffee shop girl, and sure you were only here because your father was one of the main investors in google and he had got you this job, but you were done taking his money. You were doing this because you wanted to prove to everyone that you could be self-sufficient and independent, although you were struggling you could manage. You had one of the rooms given to the interns at google but hey it was a place for free so you could save the money up from you job. You were also doing an Open University course in medicine so you had plans to go somewhere although right now you were stuck here but it wasn’t that bad; there was a cute new intern here at google.

His name was Stuart and he was one of those cute nerdy boys with glasses and Beanies, and you for one went weak at the knees when he showed his knowledge off and was a bit of an asshole about it. Although whenever he bought anything here he wouldn’t even look at you in the face, probably because he didn’t have time for idiots. I mean you were an idiot; you were a year younger than him working at a job you didn’t even get yourself. He had got this far and would probably go way further.

It was a normal day until you saw Stuart walk in accompanied by the two old interns you had heard about; they looked as if they were giving him a pep talk; either way he looked as if he needed one. Walking over to you he made eye contact with you which was probably the first time he had even acknowledged you and you couldn’t help but smile. “Hey can I help?” you asked sweetly trying your best not to smile too much. “Erm…” he began but stopping. “You’re the kid who got a job of her daddy right?” he spoke harshly his whole demeanour changing. “Erm I guess” you spoke looking down. “Thought so” he spoke hurrying off as the two older interns looked mad and ready to smack him hard.

Wow. That comment really hurt you. You were though, the girl who got a job from daddy, who could never support herself. You held in all in until your shift finished. It was about 10pm and you had just finished cleaning up when you let your emotions get the better of you. Leaning against the bar you sunk to the floor crying silently into your hands or so you thought. “Y/n?” a voice questioned; Stuart. “Oh hey” you sniffled trying to wipe away tears, “I didn’t think you knew my name” you spoke trying to hide the hurt he had previously caused you. “I am so sorry for earlier, look I came to find you, I didn’t mean to say that I panicked, I came to ask you out but I think I blew it” he spoke rubbing the back of his neck as he sat in front of you. Laughing you nodded “Kinda” he smiled at the floor before continuing.

“Y/n, you are in no way reliant on your dad y’know, just because he got you this job, he doesn’t work here for you, you put the effort in, all he did was make one phone call, you did the rest!” Dave exclaimed going to hug you, clearly feeling terrible for his actions. “Y’know, you’re not as bad as you first come across” you laugh as he raised an eyebrow. “So about that date?” he questioned chuckling, “Coffee?” you offered unlocking the counter as he nodded. “Oh yeah” he laughed.