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I’m writing a meta/theory about yellow glowing eyes in Voltron and what they mean, and I just realised that we see the Lions’ eyes glow yellow a lot, especially when they’re bonding with their Paladins. However, the only Paladin we’ve seen whose eyes have glowed yellow in response to a bond with the Lion… is Shiro.

Assuming the bond between Paladin and Lion is mediated by quintessence, i.e. “it is a mystical bond that cannot be forced” and “the quintessence of the pilot is mirrored in his Lion”… Shiro must have some kind of special affinity with quintessence for his eyes to glow yellow when he bonds with the Lion. There must be something special about him that causes his eyes to glow yellow like that, because we’ve never seen the other Paladins do it.

Bonus screencaps real quick… Hunk bonding closely with Yellow in the Ark of Taujeer:

His eyes are normal, but the Lion’s eyes are yellow:

Pidge bonding closely with Green in Greening the Cube, when she healed the Lion:

Her eyes are normal; the Lion’s eyes are yellow.

And finally, Shiro bonding closely with the Black Lion in the second frikkin episode of the entire show:

For that matter… we’ve still yet to see any other Paladin successfully see through their Lion’s eyes. Shiro’s ability to bond with Black so quickly and so closely, to the extent that his eyes glow yellow just like hers, seems to be a special ability. An ability that likely links to quintessence, given everything we’ve seen about how the Lions work and how they bond with their Paladins.

So yeah I’m not saying Shiro’s ability to do magic/manipulate quintessence is canon but… we’ve literally never seen any other Paladin do this. So uh… IT’S CANON.

{handy index of all my Druid Shiro theories and my other metas/analysis/theories}

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