then war becomes more and more likely


Politicizing Science Is Nothing New: It Happened To Ben Franklin

“But the “point effect” is more subtle. When there’s an electric field gradient, charges pool at the edge of a conductor. At a point, the charges reach a higher density than under any other conditions. More than perhaps two inches (5 cm) away from the tip of such a rod, the electric field around the top of the building becomes more dissipated. As a result, if there are many tall buildings around with lightning rods on them, lightning will be more likely to strike the ones without a pointed tip. The rod itself is more protection for a building if it does get struck by lightning, but the tip makes it less likely the building will be struck if there’s a better source around.”

You’ll often hear charges that science has become too politicized, but it’s the other way around. Science is our best way of drawing conclusions about the natural world, including how natural and human-caused phenomena work and interact together. When politics, biases, agendas or predispositions get in the way, however, they can derail actual knowledge and cause us to live in an inferior fashion. This isn’t new to modern times, but goes back at least hundreds of years, to Ben Franklin. Franklin, who invented the lightning rod, came up with the design that would save countless buildings from fire once that rod was applied. Yet the inability of many dogmatic people – including King George III of England – to accept the reality of the science led to a huge number of disasters and fires, many of which revisionist historians still try and cover up today.

The science doesn’t lie, and the safety and efficacy of modern, properly-implemented lightning rods is proof of that. But the story of how science was politicized way back in the 1700s is something we can all learn from.


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”

Getting a firm handle on the geography of Ancient Greece both answers and raises questions.

On the one hand, the logistics of all those huge military campaigns make a lot more sense once you realise that many of the great city-states were basically within walking distance of each other. In many cases, those logistics boil down to less “establish a supply train” and more “well, make sure you pack a snack”.

On the other hand, all those episodes where great heroes spend years lost in the wilderness or adrift at sea become more difficult to reconcile. It’s like… how can you possibly get that lost for that long? If you found a good-size hill to climb, you can practically see your destination from your starting point!

It is a puzzlement.

Several egregious abuses of luminosity layers later…

Rainbow Quartz! A really disorienting and gorgeous lightshow of a fusion, her every movement leaves afterimages and her voice has a siren-like ability to send people into a giddy, suggestible state. Despite her mannequin-like body, she moves with an unnatural sibilant grace. Her fingers and the tendrils hanging from her arms are able to take the shape of razor-sharp blades. She also has a very nasty bite and the ability to unhinge her jaw to sink those lovely gleaming teeth in. Greg got a very nice view of her in the ‘music video’ but let’s just say this is one beauty that most people during the war probably really didn’t want to see. 

I was seriously divided between giving her a more human-like face like Rose, and a more ‘beakish’ face like Pearl’s, so the idea is it can slide between them a little bit- when her jaw is unhinged her face configures more into a snout lined with teeth.

Rose’s “floral perfume” becomes an overpowering odor of lilies, and those who are not already inoculated by Rose or Rainbow will find themselves disoriented, blurry-eyed, and headachey. Overexposure results in weakness, delirium, and loss of consciousness.

The tendrils on her head resemble lily petals, but are in actually more like the tendrils of an anemone. Touching them yields a luxurious silky texture, and a prickling sensation that rapidly numbs the entire affected area for an hour.

Also, yes, she has an inordinate number of eyes. 

I am honestly really tired of this

This tag war between Transformers fans and Sherlock fans has went from 0 to 1000 and it hasn’t even been a full day yet, now I see everyone becoming even more angry. This war has to stop. It’s more stressful for us who are already tired of it.

The TFP tag is our home. It’s where we share silly Transformers Prime memes, fanart, funny gifs, screenshots, and edits for six, going on seven, years. The series may not mean much to you Sherlock fans, but it means a lot to us. It brought us to tears, it made us happy, it even inspired us to make hundreds of OCs, AUs and art for it because we love it that much. We, the TFP fans, are a family and the tag is like our giant home. We wish to keep this tag as it is because it is our only place for TFP, a home we had for years. To have other people suddenly flood it with unrelated stuff, then tell us to make a new tag, grow up, and make irrelevant points about why they should have the tag made us feel threatened. If someone did that with one of your tags, a tag that felt like home to you, wouldn’t you feel threatened, too?

As for those who say “it’s just a show about stupid robots”, Transformers Prime was a series that brought us all together because it was the best animated Transformers series in years. It had great plots for each episode, plots that even made older fans sit at the edge of their seats. There were twists that did upset us, character deaths that shocked us, yet it would make up for it by giving us new characters and even more interesting ideas. To any non-Transformers fan, it would seem Transformers Prime is only about two factions of alien robots that always fight each other, but TFP was so much more than that.

You may think an animated series isn’t a big deal, but it is especially with it being a 3D animated show. We never had a show so well animated with 3D and if 2D was hard enough, imagine what the TFP animators had to go through for their fans. This show holds a special place in our hearts and that’s why we made the TFP tag.

All this disrespect being tossed our way isn’t right. Just like the Sherlock fandom, we are a fandom that is relevant and deserve respect just like any other fandom. Assuming that a fandom is lesser than yours, not important, and doesn’t deserve any respect is just wrong.

I just wish everyone would come to a peaceful conclusion, and hope the Sherlock fans will see how much this tag means to us. The only reason we don’t want you guys to use it is because this is our home, our beloved home. Please respect that.

To the Sherlock fans who are being reasonable by suggesting that your fandom should create a different tag, thank you for being mature, and understanding why we are so upset by this.


Mark Hamill: “George has talked to me marginally about doing something at the turn of the century in the last trilogy but it wouldn’t be on the same plane of existence, if you know what I mean.”

Gene Siskel: “What it sounds like is he offered you a job to play a father of Luke Junior around the year 2000.”

Mark Hamill: “You’re a very clever man Mr. Siskel.”

Gene Siskel: “So first it looks like there’s gonna be a set of three more Star Wars movies that take place before the three we’ve seen, and then at the end of the century three more ending with Luke becoming a father. That’s the Star Wars experience.” (x)

Stevie’s letter to Judy Wong from January 21, 1980

January 21, 1980
Dear Judy
Bill Stumpeed (?) in Columbia. Kennedy won over Carter… In California, the wall collapsed, and many were killed. The Russians move slowly into Afganistan [sic], and today our hostages have been held for 78 days. It is a fearful time, it is becoming less exciting and more real. To many people of my generation…war does not exist. 

“War is something to believe in…,
there is no fear like the fear…of war”. 

I have started recording. Finally Rhiannon has begun. I am living in the ocean. My front yard is the sea. It is a treasure to be back in small rooms, where it is necessary to become closer with everyone, (because you are closer) and to remember that there are more things than just stars in her eyes; to make her own coffee. 

To Mick Fleetwood:

Since you are so cheap, I am sending the girls in the office $250.00 for Christmas. It’s only fair, don’t you think? 

Love, Katherine DeLongpre 

To the girls (Judy, Lynn, Gabi, Sharon, & Gabrielle: 

Since Mick Fleetwood is so cheap, here is $250.00. You certainly deserve more. I’m working on it. Knock yourselves out! 

Love, Katherine DeLongpre 

I love you all
for all the beautiful things…
that you do,
because it is done
from the heart.
There’s a heartbeat…
and it never really died.
Never believe…
that it doesn’t matter,
All I ever wanted,
was to know…
that you were dreaming.
You remain…
the poets…
in my heart. 

Love, Stevie.

anonymous asked:

Another interesting Fact for hinatatards, Every hinata moments is a sloppy second of Sakura one's.. 1) Sakura risks her life to protect sasuke & naruto in FOC & hinata risks her life (more like a suicide in her case) to protect naruto against pein..2) sakura tells sasuke to get his shit together in FOC & hinata tells naruto to get is Shit together in Shinobi war 3)sakura vows to become strong to protect her team mates in FOC & hinata vows to become strong for naruto sake in chunnin battle(cont)

And never forget this anon , their interwining the fingers was way more intimate and significant that al tose “nh moments together “And whats more it was sasuke who was searching sakura’s confort

officious-seeing-eye-bitch  asked:

I saw fanarts of Javik with cicada wings on his back, what do u think of that headcanon??

i’m 100% supportive of it and i always draw him with them :)

but they’re incredibly damaged from neglect and war ):

Me and my friend headcannon that the wings are kinda like us humans and the tailbone i guess?

 “having vestigial wing nubs that the reaper programmed back in would make more sense than completely adding something
like maybe the human equivalent of the collectors would have tails to strangle people with”

maybe the protheans used to fly at some point but it took thousands of thousands of years of not using their wings for them to become useless?

or maybe originally their very distant ancestors were megainsects :o

“back when earth had way more oxygen than it does now and was constantly on fire there was megafauna including giant dragonfliesso they were buzzing around and then as intelligence started developing and they did tools and stuff the wings weren’t as necessary, or as the climate changed wings weren’t as good of a thingso they went from flying to using them to boost jumps and dashes (kind of like chickens)and then since they were great at technology it became unecessary so they evolved out “ my friend’s the smart one 

also please imagine javik boost jumping like a chicken

anonymous asked:

Is anyone else finding the more they look at the hug gifs from episode 10 the more romantic they become? Like Carol's whole face and they way she's holding him in the second hug is like a scene from a period drama romance or an old war couple where the husband leaves, it's not the same bear hug as terminus it's more intimate, I see what the spoiler people meant now, also THERE ARE SO MANY MEN SHIPPING CARYL ONLINE is amazing :)

Could someone send me those reactions everyone is talking about? Cause I didn’t see any video and I want to see :(

She loves him so much 😭😭😭😭😭

Scavenger’s Hoard - Now on SoundCloud and iTunes!

Between us, @bastila-bae and I have taken another great step forward and got Scavenger’s Hoard - our podcast dedicated to Star Wars news, analysis and commentary - onto SoundCloud and iTunes! This means that it should now be easy-peasy to listen to the podcast on your preferred music device. 

We will still be uploading to YouTube as before, but this step is just about allowing people to access the podcast on a greater range of platforms.

If you would like to help us out, please do rate the podcast on iTunes! The more ratings we get, the more visible the podcast becomes!

Kylo Ren and What is Stopping him From Becoming Vader.  

AKA: These are your Final Steps.  What will ‘complete’ his training?

AKA: Super late night train of thought ramblings. 

When it comes to the wonderful world of speculation and the downfall of Vader to the Rise of Kylo Ren, we have to recognize the amazing amount of similarities between their ‘big crimes’.   While Star Wars does have a certain set of poetry to it, a part of me feel like maybe this is more that a coincidence.  

Now Vader has had much more time on the Dark Side, and obviously the extended Universe really expands on his crimes, but for the sake of this discussion, let’s keep it to the Movie-verse, because that is what most people will know when watching these films.   

I have little doubt Snoke is trying to create a new Vader, and has probably done his research on Anakin Skywalker, may it be from documentation left in the archives of empire, or visions in the force.  I have a feeling the Galaxy is one giant chess game for Snoke and he know’s every players move.  

He’s knows the recipe to create Darth Vader.   He knows just what pieces need to fall in order to create the perfect apprentice.  

So Let’s discuss the “Major Kills” of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the Movie Universe

-The Slaughter of the Sand People Village 
-The Original Jedi Massacre 
-The Murder of Obi Wan Kenobi

…and The Death of Padme Amidala (Yes, Anakin’s actions are what killed her)

Let’s simplify those crimes shall we?

- The Slaughter of a Villiage who had/took something of importance
- The death of the Jedi students
- The Murder of the ‘Father Figure’

Sound Familiar? They should.  These are Kylo Ren’s current standings as well. 

“You are afraid, you will never be as strong as Darth Vader”

Cause god knows his variants of these crimes aren’t done with nearly the conviction of Vader. 

But we have one more, the Death of Padme Amidala.  The person Anakin ‘loved’ more than anyone.  The one who he turned for.  Her very existence and his obsession with her is what drove him to madness. 

Snoke knows the new equivalent now.    

Padme and Rey may not have many similarities in terms of their characters or relationship to their respective ‘antagonist’, but Anakin and Kylo have very similar ways of approaching their ‘heroine’.   It’s immediate, It’s a unsteady, it’s infatuation, it’s reckless.   

But what drives that point home is what Snoke says to Kylo after the Interrogation scene.  “You have compassion for her.”   

He’s found the ‘Padme’.  
The word compassion is very important here, as it heavily references Anakin and Padme in particular.   (We have the “Don’t be afraid” Parallels as well)

“It looks like a reminder is in order, bring her to me, and I will show you the power of the dark side.” 

The next step.  The Final step really. 

We cannot deny Ren’s conflicted feelings for Rey,  where they are rooted we don’t know, but from the parallels between Poe and Finn, it is quite clear Ren approaches Rey much differently.

We know by the end of The Force Awakens,  it’s time to complete his training.  We know that Episode VIII takes place the second VII left off, we know Kylo makes it to Ach-to.   Is eliminating Rey that training?

This is the step that cannot be completed, though it could be easily accomplished, and no doubt will be attempted in the future.   Something will be different in this lifetime.   There is enough ‘Ben’ left where there was not enough ‘Anakin’. 

But there will be something different between the infatuations, and that is something Snoke will not expect.   Given what we know of Kylo’s character, I believe we will see his emotions develop passed “awestruck”  to true compassion and understanding.   Anakin was in love with the idea of Padme, he had made a fake world for them, and when she broke that illusion, she had to go away with it.  

While I think we will see Kylo desperate to prove he is stronger in the next film, that his dark side training had benefitted him, we can essentially assure that Rey will not die.   Kylo’s conflict has not ended with the Death of Han Solo, we are sure to see it live on in this trilogy.  We are sure to see it live on in the next generation cast, apart from Luke and Leia.  Kylo is a next generation character.   Some force, (or The Force) will stop this last step. 

star-crowned-prince  asked:

okay so i have this peter pan au where ben and hux were both lost boys and they lived there for a really long time but then one day something happens and they return to the regular world where they're adopted and ben is taken in by this supportive family who encourages his imagination but is still worried about this neverland while hux was taken in by a family that is caring but believes more in the sciences so they squashed that out and so they live their own lives until one day they are 1/?

taken away again and land in neverland. here they’re 18 and of course dont recognize each other and ben is the peter pan like person who is about fun and hux is a very serious captain hook type and after a while neverland takes a hold of them and they become more their parts and of course they battle each other and have their wars ben with his lost boys ahem knights of ren and hux with his generals and Lieutenants and underslings 2/2

This is so amazing, SO creative.

Just imagine Ben realising that it’s Hux, and Hux has no idea who Ben is, just an annoying leader of the Lost Boys who gets in the way of his trying to take over Neverland. They meet, battle (WITH ACTUAL SWORDS AHH) and it’s only when Ben says something that he used to tell Hux (like ‘sleep tight, Tidge’ or something) that Hux drops his sword and backs away, unbelieving that the boy he grew up with is now his enemy.

Be Careful Not Succumb To The Dark Side

Someone once talked about how the force was like the ocean, and the dark side is only bad because they become consumed by the power. So with the box giving us a new hairstyle and clothing I wonder if we’ll see more of Rey’s struggle with going Dark.

The interesting thing about the death of Drama Rising and the rush to fill the vacuum is that even before DR fell there were contenders to the throne. People who thought DR was too vague and demanded more direct naming and shaming, people who thought DR was too direct, and wanted more vagueness and neutrality. All fell to the wayside.

So watching all these new confession blogs crop up, watching them come like jackals to the corpse of a once vast kingdom, is very interesting. I have to wonder if any of them actually will fill the place of DR with any of the effectiveness. Or will they all become smaller confession blogs with distinct spins apart from the others? Alternatively, who will be the Oda Nobunaga that unites these warring states?

Interesting times.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: There's no way the wizarding world is sustainable in 2017. Modern day muggle world has too much surveillance, both good and bad, to let stuff like an entire secret civilisation of magic to stay hidden. Technology is becoming more and more advance every few months. The wizarding world is still uncomfortable with letting people invent new spells, there's no way they're gonna keep up. Besides, muggle technology, science and resources are enough to pose a serious threat to the wizarding world if a conflict breaks. If the wizarding world doesn't reach out to the muggle world soon, the ensuing Wizard-Muggle War could mean the end of either or both worlds.

Look, I know Hillary has lied and caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, but Trump lied in thirty seconds more than Hillary has lied in thirty years. He denies saying things that there is actual proof of him saying. He is feigning ignorance over things he’s said that are still on his Twitter and on videos. Donald Trump is a far angrier, hostile, and reckless person than Hillary Clinton. He is going to cause many, many more deaths if elected. He is going to keep lying.

I’m not of age to vote. I don’t particularly like either of them…but I really don’t want to grow up under Trump’s presidency. I don’t want more wars, I don’t want more racial division, I don’t want more hatred, I don’t want more violence, and we’re gonna get all of that tenfold if Donald Trump becomes president.

Crosshares Oneshot: Silence and Solitude.

Angsty crosshares one shot, if you fancy.


The city around Velvet rumbled with every second. Grimm still managed to make their way into the safe zone, and with so few huntsmen and huntress left in Vale, the safe zone was become more and more like a war zone.

And it wasn’t like Velvet could help. Since the white fang attacked Beacon, the humans had become terrified of any and all Faunus- huntress or not.

So here Velvet stayed, only venturing out at night where she could patrol the borders in the shadows.

Left behind during the day by what was left of her team.

Fox had been sent to a different safe zone due to a shortage of huntsmen there.

Yatsu was out there, somewhere- probably taking on a Goliath or something by himself. Stupid boy.

And Coco.. Well Coco was out there too.. Except, she wasn’t.

Velvet hadn’t seen her in months. She rarely returned to base, and when she did, it would only be to pick up rations or clean up a particularly bad cut. And she never spoke.

Her smooth, caramel voice had died along with her spirit, leaving behind a shell Velvet barely even recognised.

Velvet missed her friend, her leader, her.. Something. Each time Coco Adel came and left without a word, Velvet would break down into tears.

She’s broken her camera in hysteria after looking through old photos of the team, and finding one of her and Coco. They were both smiling in the photo- Coco even more so as she kissed the base of one of Velvets ears as the rabbit Faunus blushed.

Velvet crushed the camera between her grasp upon seeing that picture.

Now, she was alone. Without memories or friends, simply waiting for Coco to come back again.


It was passed midnight when a loud crash awoke Velvet from her fitful slumber. She traced the source of the noise to the back window of the apartment. There, she saw the black form of a Beowolf, and the short, slender form of her leader.

Coco had the Grimm’s neck under her arm, but it’s free claws kept swiping at her exposed back.

Still, Coco didn’t make a sound, and continued to grapple with the monster.

Instinct took over Velvet, and she instantly leapt into the air above Coco, spinning so that, when she landed, her boot made contact with the Beowolf’s head. Snapping it clean off.

Both girls chests heaved as the Grimm evaporated into the night air. Silence controlled the room, one could say nothing, and the other didn’t know what to say.

Velvet wanted to scream and shout in anger. She wanted to break down and cry. She wanted to take Coco in her arms and never let her go.

In the end, she went for the latter. Coco, weak from her fight, began to topple slowly to the cold ground. But Velvet swept in to catch the once strong girl.

Coco was limp in Velvet’s soft embrace, her rattled breathing drawing silent tears from the rabbit faunus’ eyes. Eventually, Coco’s breathing evened out, and her eyes fell shut. She was asleep.

For a moment Velvet just watched her leader sleeping in her arms. She looked so innocent this way. Her face, while cut and bruised, was soft, and made her look younger then she’d looked since the battle of Beacon.

“Oh, Coco…” Velvet sighed, brushing her fingers over the side of Coco’s jaw. “I’ve got you now.”

Slowly and gently, Velvet lifted Coco onto the only bed in the run down apartment. She groaned as Velvet laid her on her back, her eyebrows creasing. Velvet frowned, pushing Coco onto her side. Exposed then, were several deep, bleeding cuts up and down Coco’s pale, boney back.

Velvet gasped at the sight, her own breathing shaking as her fingers hovered above the cuts.

She closed her eyes for a moment, wishing for the ability to turn back time- wishing to be able to stop Cico from running away at the battle of Beacon. She couldn’t help her then. But she would now.

Soft as she could, Velvet lifted the blood soaked shirt up and over Coco’s slumped head. Then, the rabbit eared girl prepared a bowl of warm water.

Taking a deep breath, Velvet brushed down one of the cuts with a cloth soaked with water. This enticed a cry of pain from Coco, and caused her to slam her palms flat onto the mattress of the bed in an attempt to push herself up.

Velvet placed her free hand upon Coco’s shoulder, holding her in place.

“Shh Coco, you have to stay still alright?” She cooed, stroking small circles on Coco’s shoulder with one hand, and cleaning her cuts with the other. Gradually, the injured girl calmed, lowering herself back down, all while keeping an intense, dark watch on Velvet’s every move.

The pair stayed silent for a while after that. Velvet cleaning the lacerations in her leaders back, Coco grunting and wincing as her aura tried and failed to heal the cuts.

After what felt like a millennia, Velvet had finished cleaning the cuts, and Coco was finally allowed to breathe.

“The cuts were deep, they may scar a little.” Velvet started. “But we’ll keep cleaning them, just to help your aura out.”

Coco simply nodded along dumbly, rolling her shoulder with a wince.

“That is, if you’re planning on staying…” At this, Coco looked down. Velvet couldn’t hide her irritation at her leaders deafening silence. “Why won’t you talk to me? Coco!” She roared, her ears going back as she stood above Coco’s slouched, defeated form.

Coco said nothing. She simply looked up to meet Velvets gaze for a moment. For a fraction of a second, it looked as if Coco was about to reach up. Reach up and take hold of Velvet. But, alas, her hand fell back to her lap, and began to fiddle with the empty ammo belt coiled around her middle.

Velvet’s chest still heaved, but as she watched her once powerful friend build up her walls once again, her frustration fell away. Letting her arms drop to her sides, she let out a humourless laugh.

The Faunus ran a hand over her face, taking one last look at her leader.

“Do what you want, Coco. Let yourself rot. But I won’t watch you fall apart- I can’t.” Velvet whispered, turning towards to door out the apartment. It wasn’t till her hand rested atop the handle did she hear a sound behind her.

“Velvet…” A course voice, both foreign and familiar, broke through the silence.

Turning back around, Velvet watched as Coco pushed herself to her shaky feet, arm hooked under her ribs.

“Don’t..” Coco murmured shakily. “Don’t leave me..”

Silence loomed between them for a second, before Velvet let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, and all but ran over to her leader.

Strong arms wrapped around a broken body, as both their chests shook with tears of pain and glee.

Velvet buried her face into the crook of Coco’s neck, before muttering into her skin.


Velvet felt the dampness of Coco’s tears on her shoulder as she hugged her.

“Thank you.” Coco cried, placing her hand on Velvet’s cheek. Velvet covered this hand with her own, leaving in to rest her forehead upon Coco’s.

Months of torturous isolation from each other erupted as they kissed. Soft, tender and desperate all at once. Their chapped and cut lips danced together, memories of the others bodies reminding them of the girls they used to be.

Reminding them why they still fought.

Why they would always fight. Together.