then use them as trampolines

Creepypasta #474: Stars

You normally can’t really see the stars in the city. All the smog, lights… makes it pretty difficult. I’ve never been into stargazing anyway but my friend Gabi? She’s way into astronomy and all that stuff.

She didn’t major in astronomy but she follows it like a fiend. Every day there was some new story she would share with me, the most recent of them being about how someone told NASA to use a trampoline to get to space. There were other, more ‘science-y’ stories though, like how this “El Gordo” thing was apparently even bigger than they thought or how they found out more about “dark matter.” It’s a little interesting but like I said, not my thing. The interest would perk up and then fade away. After all, work is pretty demanding and I’d rather unwind with a new game being released than astronomy talk.

It was Gabi who told me that she had seen more stars lately around the house, and I noticed that she was right as I looked up one night waiting for the bus. You could see more stars. But with the price of gas being so high, it might just be that fewer people were driving. It wasn’t like you could see tons of them. Instead of seeing one or two, now you could see like ten or fifteen–really not much of a difference, but it was something.

But even with the few extra stars, Gabi craved crystal clear nights where every constellation could be seen in the night sky.

“Come on, come with me to Cherry Springs! Just one weekend!”

Not to be mean, because she’s my friend, but who goes four hours out of the way just to look at stars? Not me.

So she calls me two nights ago because she has off this week–lucky her right?–and is telling me how beautiful it is.

“So many stars out here and they’re so bright tonight!”

“Yay?” I was busy shooing my cat away from my uniform but even I heard the strange sound on the other end of the phone–a high pitched whirling sound, like someone had turned on some kind of industrial fan, those ones you had to shout over so people could hear you. “You alright? What the hell is that noise?”

“I-I don’t… I don’t know!” Gabi sounded afraid and now for the first time I was wishing I was there.

“What do you mean you don’–”

“There’s no trucks or anything! Nobody else is here and–and–oh my God!”

Her sentence was lost in the noise, but the scream that came after? That I could hear over the noise. So I got off my bed, raced to the house phone and called the cops–yeah I know, stupid because what can they do for someone four hours away, right?

Well, that’s not exactly true.

They patched it through to the “proper district areas” and I got to talk to Pam the dispatcher for an hour or so while she called the rangers. Apparently they were sleeping but they woke up and got moving when they realized that something was actually happening!

Here’s the thing: from what I’ve been told and pieced together from that information, when rangers got out to where she was–she had checked in and all that, it seems that nothing was there.

I mean nothing. Not her telescope, not her… nothing but her car that was parked near the main lot.

According to what the police told her family, the area she was at looked as if someone had burned all the grass–like a campfire gone wrong. But it was in a perfect circle.

No one’s seen her since and it’s not like it’s a huge amount of news to anyone–people get lost in woods a lot, lost hikers, searchers sometimes don’t find them…

It matters to us because we knew her, but like I said, it’s not something you’ll read about.

No one seems to care how it must feel realizing you’re the last one to have spoken to someone.

The only one to have heard her screams.

So why am I telling you this now?

Because I’ve been looking up at the sky a lot more now since she’s been gone, and I noticed something.

The stars are really bright tonight.

Credits to: Assonant