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Hearts and Heroes: A Markiplier Fangame

We’ve recently gotten quite a few new followers due to the wildness of recent positivity so we thought it might be a good time to promo the game once again! We also have just uploaded a new patch, updating some cosmetics and tweaking a few things here and there.

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Hi everyone!
So, I finally warmed up (sorta) and can feels my fingers again so I’m uploading some pictures to reply to my anons
- It seemed like they were filming a scene with the vixens. All the girls were there, including Vanessa, and them and the extras were all dressed in their cheerleading practice uniform.
- Mads, Vanessa and Ashleigh were there but we didn’t get to see them up close because they were filming inside and didn’t come to say hi (Totally understandable, it was 4° today and POURING)
- A BUNCH of girls (myself included) had tons of gifts for Lili. We gave them to a girl that does the background set decoration and she took them to Lili… there were SO many she had to get some help and she legit got teary eyes because they were all so super meaningful. (Lili is holding one of the gifts in Cami’s story and eating the dough one of us gave her 😂😂)
- Lili and Cami loved the presents and that’s why they decided to brace the rain and come talk to us
- Cami is a tiny precious smol bean and SUCH A SWEETIE. she was super funny and we talked about food for a while ( I owe her brigadeiros for next time I see her hahaha)
- Lili is just beyond amazing and I will post my emotional meeting with her later on. It was pretty emotional and I wanna do justice to how wonderful she is and describe things properly, so I’ll do that when I’m in a less hectic mindset.
And as always thanks to everyone that wished me luck and that congratulated me.. Love our little fam ❤

I’m watching Daesung’s Hawaii video (movie?? it’s 2 hours long lmao) rn and I have to pause like every 5 seconds b/c I can’t handle the cuteness, and his extra ass or how pretty he looks ;v;
Him going shopping for groceries?? Walking down the street?? Toppling over while attempting to put on diving fins?? Honestly never watched anything more fascinating than this. Did I mention how pretty he looks while doing all of this??

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Wyatt's house anon here! Please do share them! It's really interesting to see such different houses side by side!

Okeedoke, I’ll get it uploaded right away! Just a warning, when I was making sure the lot was ready for upload last night, I remembered why I haven’t played Sam and Arlene (and their neighbor, Morna) much lately - those rowhouse type lots can be really annoying to play! LOL. I eventually had to turn autonomy off because they wandered into each other’s spaces too much. The door-locking feature doesn’t seem to help much, especially with pets. :-p So anyway, just a warning, if you play this lot (or any of my rowhouse lots), either turn off autonomy or use a door-locking mod that works better! (I found one that I’ll link in the upload post.) Every time I play lots like this I get peeved again that we didn’t get a way to build our own apartments with City Living! Sigh.

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hey hi hello! idk if this has been answered already (if yes then i am really sorry) but who is that beautiful boi in yellow turtleneck from your "black eye" download? can i get him from somewhere, would you be willing to upload him? heh sorry to bother you again

hi!! first of all omfg thank u u like him, but i cant upload him,, thts dove, the main chara in a story im doing and also the dude that married my gen 2 heir!! so hes rly special 2 me and i dont really wanna share him, atleast not right now. sorry!!


so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!


compilation of squadmates laughing on the moon :)

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