then u don't know me very well

yo i love my boy kenny p but i would NEVER get upset with someone for not liking him????? like he’s a fictional character who we barely know??? i may see him one way and someone else may see him as something completely different and THATS OK!

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jaden i would die for u to do some art for #stormpilotweek2017

hahaaaa im very afraid i wont cuz first im not mentally equipped to handle a whole week like that *__* i’ve tried many a time but i know myself well enough… plus i don’t like, actively ship stormpilot like that. i think it’s cool(and i would do sommersaults if it became canon) don’t get me wrong i’m just not, that invested. 

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Are u not white?

im mixed. my dads family is moroccan and my moms family are ashkenazi jews, and theres a lot of discussion abt whether ashkenazi jews are white bc judaism is VERY hard to convert to and it’s more likely than not that my family has been jewish for centuries at least. my dads family are jewish as well–arabic jews.

so yes i know i look white and i do know the privileges that are inherent to my skin color and appearance. i dont call myself a person of color for that reason. i specifically identify with being middle eastern or broadly as mixed, but not as a poc. so ethnically and culturally, no im not white. and the reason i will sometimes separate myself from white ppl as a whole is bc regardless of whether or not jews are or are not white, we have faced enslavement, displacement, and genocide for millennia bc of our ethnicity. most ppl dont know this but antisemitism is not anti-judaism, it is specifically anti semitic ppl , which is what jewish ppl’s ethnicity historically is. a white goyim (non-jew) will not understand systematic oppression and the trauma of the extermination of a people the way jews do. that’s why i tagged that post the way i did–as a jew, even if i were full ashkenazi, i KNOW and have learned since i was a tiny ass kid what “white power” means. that’s what killed 6 million jews. thats why the global jewish population is 0.2%. two-tenths of 1% of the entire fucking global population. because white people killed us.

im sure you didnt mean this in an antagonistic way, it was a very simple question, but i just came from synagogue and there has been this heavy weight over us for weeks, months, because we know what this feels like. intergenerational trauma is real, it’s tangible. yall said never again and it’s happening again in the same fucking lifetime for some people.

anyways. yeah thats my answer

whispers i did a thing

it’s just a quick bunch of bullshit SORRY I KNOW IT’S REALLY BAD i’m so out of practice holy shit this is the first time i’ve used my tablet in like a year i’m lucky i had the patience to do 3 because it didn’t start out so well and i was getting frustrated

((and yes i know we are not all the same size they kept getting smaller as i drew them so you can actually tell i drew zinc last and julie first WHOOPS SORRY I’M REALLY BAD AT ART))

and clearly this isn’t all the people who did the thing but i got tired and i will have to try the others another day OKAY BYE

I never cease to get momentarily confused when I see Americans being like “it’s 100 degrees out it’s so warm”…..

Because to me, an European who use the Celsius system….. 100 degrees is the boiling point, so I’m like.

Yes. Yes it is warm. 100 degrees is very warm. You should be dead right now. Are u ok America.