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au where yato IS jesus

  • Yato grows a beard, somehow. everyone hates the beard
  • he develops this weird foot-washing ritual that he makes everyone participate in
  • every meal is uncomfortable bc Yato keeps insisting that “this is my body” and “this is my blood”
  • he keeps counting up his friends on his fingers, and when Hiyori asks why he says “I gotta reach 12. I gotta reach 12.”
  • makes Yukine go fishing with him. “for men,” Yato says.
  • smears mud on Kazuma’s eyes in the hopes of curing his bad vision
  • declares that Yukine is the Holy Ghost
  • habitually refers to Bishamon as “the whore of Babylon,” even though everyone tells him to stop
  • asks Hiyori if she will pour perfume on his feet, maybe, just once. Hiyori says she will not do that.
  • whenever someone does something that offends him he demands a kiss and calls them Judas for the rest of the day

Concepts Photos for Steampunk AU I’m planning~

Any opinions on if i should continue this?

(Sorry for the rough sketches <3)

yoo i was serious when i reblogged that voltron batman au o 3o i need lance in catwomans costume~ 

Vampire AU part 2

Ace wakes up almost every morning in a large bed, surrounded by two male bodies belonging to his clients. Ace would be given enough money in return for his sexual services and his blood. The young man would inevitably never say “no,” though at first, he had been very frightened.

But they had never hurt him.

With the money received, Ace could calmly keep his brother Luffy and even take him to a good doctor who had started treatment for his little brother’s illness.

Everything else had gone to a bank account in case something happened to him, or these men were to get bored of his presence.

He did not quite understand some of the actions of these men, but who was he to question his best clients so far?

Sabo would like to lean his head on his shoulder as he asked Ace to stroke his hair and Marco would enjoy hugging him from behind and putting his chin on Ace’s head.

This all seemed like a familiar routine with which the freckle was almost reacted to. It seemed even a bit nostalgic.

He had kept Luffy away from them. Although his “contract” was established to live in the mansion, Luffy would remain isolated in another part of the same building to avoid that he met with them. No matter how much they insisted they wanted to meet his beloved brother, Ace would not let them approach him, looking suspiciously, and trying to ignore that pang in his chest when they looked at him sadly.

He was grateful that they had not used that strange trance with him again. The first time he met them he had been very frightened and angry when they had admitted that they controlled his emotions.

But he did not carry his fury out on them; after all, they were too dangerous.

Ace sat on the edge of the bed, completely naked and collected his hair in a small pincer.

A gleam of brightness in his vision made him blink and then some strange images came to his mind.

A castle, Marco and Sabo screaming his name … a sharp spear piercing his chest … “thank you for loving me”

A heartbreaking scream left him, falling to the floor as he held his head and thick tears of pain fell from his eyes.

Immediately he felt two pairs of arms around him, lifting him back to the bed while they examined him from head to toe, looking for any wound that might cause such a cry.

“Are you ok, Ace?” Sabo asked in a panicked voice as he looked at Marco

“What happened?! Have you hurt yourself? “Marco held his right hand as Sabo held his left.

Ace was not able to answer. He was frightened after those visions of himself in those ancient clothes, of seeing his kind of death.

He was pressed against Marco’s warm chest as Sabo gave reassuring messages on his shoulder blades.

“ It’s alright … alright… was probably some nightmare” said Marco  “we’re here Ace … nobody’s gonna hurt you again”

Ace did not even think about that strange statement. He simply let them hug him to sleep.

When he woke up, he jumped out of bed immediately, running to the other side of the mansion worried about Luffy. It was past noon and Ace had not gone to see his brother, to give him breakfast, to give him his medicine …

Surprising, he found his little brother sitting comfortably in the living room smiling and talking to Marco and Sabo about himself while eating a generous portion of meat.

He was almost about to take Luffy away from them but reflecting on it, the boy had not been hurt and looked happy, identifying that he was not under some weird trance that the vampires could have put on him.

He decided to give them the vote of confidence, for now.

“ Luffy?”

“Ace!” The boy greeted fiercely, throwing himself into the arms of his brother, “Guess what? Marco and Sabo have told me a lot of stores! And they gave me meat!”

“I see that”  Ace smiled softly looking at his bosses

“ thank you very much” - he said with courtesy.

“it was a pleasure for us” said Marco

Sabo nodded in agreement.

They had been surprised by the child when he appeared before them, asking for something to eat. Sabo had been the first to offer him food and the happy child had filled his stomach by answering the questions they asked him with complete honesty.

They discovered that Ace and Luffy’s parents had died in a car accident, that their grandfather had disappeared and that they had fled from social service in fear of being separated.

“I know he sells himself,” he said quietly and the two vampires were puzzled, not thinking Ace would have let Luffy know that part of his work  “but I’m too weak to avoid it, I can’t do anything like that … you want Ace?”

He looked at them, as deeply as they ever thought a human could look, and they nodded after a bit of silence.

“ he is everything for us …”

“we don’t  want to lose him …”

Luffy was silent for a while, then nodded.

“You must take great care of him … someday I will be so strong that Ace will not need to sacrifice for me and I want him to have someone who can make him very, very happy.”

Before they could give an answer, Ace entered the room and the conversation was left there.

Ace started having strange dreams every night. In some, he would live happily in an ancient castle, gazing at the gleaming brightness of the moon, while Sabo and Marco would look at him with love in their eyes. In others he just … died.

He had begun to cuddle with his clients and even the sexual part had subsided, being replaced by loving touches and words of comfort.

“I’m scared …” Ace whispered one night  “ Is he going to kill me again?”

He didn’t know why he said it, but immediately Sabo and Marco embraced him tighter.

“Never,” said the older blond, “we’ll never let her get close to you”

“nothing is going to separate us this time”  Sabo promised voice firm.

One night while the two vampires were out, and they were only Luffy and Ace were in the house,  a mysterious man appeared in his room.

"You …” he said and suddenly his voice filled with rage “is it not enough for you to die once! Do you have to come back like a cockroach ?! I had come for the other two … but this time I’ll take care of eliminating you properly.”

Ace had tried to fight the man, but he was hit hard. Luffy tried to take the blows to protect his older brother, but was thrown against a wall and fell to the ground completely unconscious.

The freckled man was desperate.

At the same time that he was attacked, all the images that came in his dreams began to appear and relate to what was happening now.

Being alone at home, a mysterious man at the window, attacks, and finally death in front of … his lovers. It was happening again.

“Marco! Sabo! Save me!”

The man shouted with all his strength, as the spear went back to his chest.

“I don’t want to be separated from you again!”

A pair of black blurs smashed against the hunter. Marco and Sabo were grunting, their fangs at the ready and a thirst for revenge.

“You again!” Marco shouted. “We will not let you take Ace, never again!”

“You’re going to die this time!”

The brunette wasn’t very sure about what happened next. As he ran towards Luffy, the two vampires managed to get the hunter out of sight and Ace didn’t know what happened to him.

Not that he cared.

His little brother was fine after all and after a few minutes, Marco and Sabo walked through the broken door looking serious and concerned about Ace.

“Go with them Ace,” Luffy said. “I’m fine and they’re worried about you.

The freckled man threw himself into their arms sobbing.

“Ace … “  Marco wrapped his arms around him and Sabo.

“I was so scared! I thought I would lose you again!”  Ace sobbed, clutching to them as hard as he could.

“you … do you remember us?” Sabo whispered, too afraid to raise his voice.

“ yes … I had been having these dreams about our past life … but now I remembered everything … could you forgive me?  I have not been faithful to you in this life … “ Ace admitted,

“There is nothing to forgive. If we had found you before … if we had prevented Akainu from killing you …” Marco said eyes full of regret.

"Let’s just leave all that behind,” Sabo finished.

Ace would wait for Luffy to become a healthy adult and start his own adventures before finally surrendering to Marco and Sabo. Now that the hunter’s threat no longer existed, he felt calm. The two vampires always took care of him, and although it could be a bit exhaustive he would not change it for nothing.

“Are you sure, Ace?”

“ yes. I still don’t want to be a vampire again”  he smiled “just give me a little more time, okay?”

“Whatever you need love.”

“After all … we have a lot of time”.

The three of them smiled.


Yep, I think this is the end of this short journey~

part one . part two . part three .

Keith! When will my Life Begin animatic for the Klance Tangled AU!!

edit:sorry about the fire cracking up. I think it’s the gradient that’s causing the file to become a little corrupt. I’ll try to fix it and update it asap

edit edit: The song is a pitched down version of the original song


kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker


Stay by my side~ (Vitya’s Moving Castle!)

@caretaker-au is a very wonderful AU that manages to end with a cliffhanger every single page. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

PS: By the way, this is the filename for this fanart.


a stage manager and her crew


The Ruby Compass is the gem that the boys on the Chrono “kidnapped” Melissa for… “Kidnapped”, since she was totally up for the idea of going on an adventure. Shortly after being aboard, she was locked in a cell, though Milo and Diogee visited her the first night she was there. It was during that time that Milo told her who they were looking for: Melissa’s own inspiration and hero, Sir Orton Mahlson.

Zack on the other hand, did not want her on the ship, and was irritated that Milo shared some info on their mission with her.

Sort of the first interaction all three of them have together in the entire story. Milo hits it off really well with her, but Zack doesn’t. Melissa expected him to respond with a groan that she could stay, but he had more exhaustion in his voice than she had anticipated.

Mysteries aboard the Chrono, which Melissa is determined to unwravel.