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hello sweets!! I was wondering if you've done apartment!au for bts??? It's a bit much so can you just do maknae line for now?? Pretty please with a 🍒 on top,?☺️ thank u~


  • sweet boy with a sweet smile and a sweet personality and wow did i mention the word sweet???
  • he’s a little clueless to his popularity in the neighborhood like sometimes he’ll find notes stuck to his apartment door from some of the highschoolers that live in the building and they’re like love confessions like “jimin,,,,,,i like you so much!! let’s walk down the flower road together xoxo ~ secret admirer from the 9th floor”
  • and jimin is like “my neighbors are so nice to me, look at this note namjoon” and namjoon is like “,,,,,,,,,i don’t think this is ‘nice neighbors’ i think this person has a crush on you” and jimin is like oN me??? why would they have a crush on me 0000:
  • everyone in a 10 mile radius: because you’re the cutest boy in the world what kind of question is that
  • and jimin loves bright colors,,,,i think he’d have lots of yellow in his house,,,,,,like yellow curtains in his kitchen and yellow slippers,,,,,idk why he just seems like he’d want to have a really lively aesthetic going on
  • and he’d be neat ,,,, and would love having people over like he’d meet someone and in a day be like “you should come over sometime ^^” like he’s just a nice open person,,,,,,,it’s so refreshing
  • but he’s also a little shy around those he likes romantically which is why jimin always gets stuttery around you when you see him in the mornings and you’re like “hi!!!” and he’s like “h,,,hello,,,” and you always think he must be scared of you or something because he isn’t as upbeat and as talkative with you as he is with the other neighbors
  • and that makes you a bit upset,,,,,so you decide that you’re gonna prove that you’re a good neighbor by baking him a cake,,,,,,,,,the only problem is: you cannot bake
  • and when you’re done, and you’re sure you followed the recipe correctly, you can’t help but look at the cake as it’s slowly falling apart and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,this isn’t going to work,,,he’s going to think i hate him or something wlrgjsa
  • so you go out and you buy a cake instead and you knock on his door and when jimin opens it he’s like ,,,,,very surprised to see you and you’re like
  • “i know we don’t talk much,,,,and that’s rude of me neighbors should get to know each other so i made this,,,,,,,as a welcoming gift???”
  • and jimin is like “ive,,,ive lived here for over a year” and you’re like i k NOW,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,here 
  • and jimin takes it, his face gone completely red and he’s like thank,,,,,,thank,,,,,tha-thank you
  • and you’re like are you ok??? you’re redder than a lobster
  • and jimin is like iM FINE,,,,,,,,,,do,,,,,,do you wanna,,,,,,,,,,eat this with me,,,,,,
  • and you two end up sitting awkwardly at jimin’s dining table and jimin hands you a slice of cake with shakey hands and you’re like,,,,,,he seems so scared of me what do i do
  • and suddenly you’re like “im,,,,,,,im not mean” and jimin is like ????? and you’re like “i always think that you dislike me,,,,,but really im nice!! i think,,,,,,did i do something to scare you???” and jimin is like “nO,,,,,,nO,,,,,,it’s not that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down and tries to distract himself with eating cake but then he’s like “wait- is this,,,,,,,,,,,is this from,,,,,,the store down the block?” and you’re FRICK im caught and you’re like sorry i tried to bake one but,,,,,it came out bad so i bought one
  • and jimin is like you did all of this for me??? and you’re like YEAH i don’t want us to be neighbors that are cold with each other,,,,,,
  • and jimin kind of smiles sadly and he’s like “just neighbors,,,,right”
  • and you’re like wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you,,,,,,,,do you want something more
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,,realizing slowly that the redness in his face isn’t because he’s sick,,,,,,,,but omg park jimin has a c r u s h on you


  • the neighbor who you see at really odd hours of the night,,,,,like,,,,,,why is only getting home at 4 am???? is he ordering pizza at 8am???? what is his schedule 
  • would own like 40 dogs but the building has a no pets policy and it’s killing taehyung,,,,,,,,,he literally has to go over to his friends houses who have pets to get his daily dose of cuddling puppies otherwise he’ll get depressed 
  • the neighbors who have had a chance to speak with him all think he’s very,,,,,,,laidback and more than likely you’ll see him hanging around in the parking lot of the building skateboarding around or playing with strays that he feeds
  • and his own apartment is full of second-hand furniture he got from his parents and friends and he has posters up of like classic horror movies that are like peeling off the wall
  • and he used to play music outloud,,,but people would complain so he switched to just playing it through his headphones and pretending to like air guitar on his sofa 
  • and speaking of which,,,,,,he actually doesn’t have a bed because he was like what’s the point i can sleep on my couch or on my beanbag or on the floor,,,,,,,,taehyung literally doesn’t care is what im trying to say
  • his bedroom is just bookshelves (which are falling apart) full off old toys and cds and skateboards pilled up and baseball caps 
  • but it somehow manages not to be messy,,,,just kind of like very down-to-earth like him
  • and you know taehyung likes animals you’ve seen him wear shirts with dog faces like one five different occasions also he once rescued a kitten that was getting picked on by younger kids
  • and so when the landlord says she’ll be coming around to chat with you in your apartment about your new air conditioner you’re like “i need to hide my baby,,,,my angel,,,,,,,,my cat,,,,,,Mr. Tubs”
  • and you knock on taehyungs door hoping he’ll answer and to your relief he does,,,,,,,and you’re pretty sure there’s a noddle stuck to his cheek but you’re like “hey hey i know we don’t talk much but the landlord is coming up in five minutes and i need you to hide Mr. Tubs for me”
  • and taehyung is like whose Mr. Tubs and you like hand him the duffel bag and your cats head peeks out and you’re like “qUICK go inside ill be back in half an hour to get him”
  • and taehyung is standing there with your cat in a bag as he watches you run off
  • and he looks down and he’s like “hey Mr. Tubs” and your cat is like,,,meow who are you jokes jokes
  • but yes after you talk with the landlord you’re back to see taehyung and when you knock on the door you realize it’s open and when you step inside you see taehyung sitting on the floor of his living room, Mr. Tubs peacefully napping in his lap and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my cat likes him better than he likes me is taehyung Magical
  • and you’re like “heY hope Mr. Tubs wasn’t too much!!!!” and taehyung is like “your cat is awesome” and you’re like thank,,,,,you
  • and taehyung is like “do you think you can let him stay here,,,,,while he naps,,,,,,he’s just so nice” and you’re like ok they really did bond in this half hour
  • and you’re like “sure,,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,ill,,,,,go?” and taehyung’s like “no, you can stay if you want we can play like monopoly or something”
  • and you pull out the old board game from under a pile of what looks like notebooks and stuff and you open it and like half the pieces are missing but it’s whatever you and taehyung have a good time anyway
  • and he makes you laugh??? and like he’s so comfortable to be around because he’s so easy going
  • and you’re like ‘you skate right??’ and he’s like not well but you’re like pfft please id love to learn and taehyung’s like “yo ill teach you”
  • and you kind of blush a bit because he smiles so wide and he’s actually really handsome??? and before you know it two hours has gone by and Mr. Tubs wakes up only to walk from taehyungs lap and plop down into yours
  • and you’re like “ill take this rascal back home now,,,,so he can sleep in his bed and not on my neighbors” and taehyung laughs but he’s like bring him over again anytime and hey,,,,,,,tomorrow at 7 are you free?
  • and you’re like pm??? and taehyung is like no am and you’re like what who wakes up that early tomorrow is sunday and taehyung is like “well it’s a good time for me to teach you how to skate ^^”
  • and gdi you’re actually agreeing to get up early on a weekday because hey,,,,,,,,,,he is really cute,,,,,,,,,,


  • don’t even try to argue with me on this: jungkook collects actions figures and anime figures and those little nintendo figures,,,,,,,,,you know what i mean
  • has them like displayed on a shelf above his computer and gets really excited about packages because you guessed it: it’s a new figure
  • like he doesn’t have a bunch, he just gets the ones that are like of his favorite characters and also,,,,,,,,he seems like the type to own the soundtracks from his favorite games
  • and other than that,,,,,,like nothing matters to him
  • like he’s got his computer for gaming, and his bed for sleeping what else is there to life
  • uses his living room as a closet really like the armchair has clothes piled up on it and comic books 
  • he eats at a low table that he forgets to clean so when jin comes over he’s like “jungkook. look at this. look at these crumbs”
  • jungkook: “listen,,,,,,,mom” 
  • jin: “what did you say?”
  • jungkook: “nothing i said i was gonna go get napkins to clean off the crumbs,,,,,,,”
  • and the neighbors all think he’s cute and some1 once asked him if he was still in high school and jungkook was like,,,,,no,,,,,,,,,i graduated and the person was like oh my i thought you were 16
  • and jungkook wasn’t sure if he should be flattered or,,,,,,,
  • but also he kind of keeps to himself so he doesn’t have a lot of close friends in his building and you and him don’t really speak but one day,,,,you end up with a strange package at your door
  • and at first you think it’s that rice cooker you bought but when you open it you pull out this figure and you’re like wtf is a sasuke uchiha
  • and then you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,wait this isn’t mine
  • and you see jungkooks name on the box and you’re like SHIT I OPENED MY NEIGHBORS MAIL THAT’S A CRIME
  • so you quickly try to put some tape on it and make it look untouched but it’s so obvious you ripped it open but you’re like maybe,,,,,,maybe he won’t be mad he seems like a nice dude
  • so you take the package and you ring his doorbell and jungkooks like ??? and you’re like “this is,,,,,,,,yours,,,,,,,,i accidentally opened it but,,,,,,,,,,,,,i swear i didn’t break anything!!!!! sasuke is alright!!!”
  • and jungkook is like “god bless sasuke is alright” and you’re like “he looks cool is he from a game?”
  • and wow you know when you ask people who are super passionate about something and their eyes light up WELL
  • and before you know it you’re standing there listening to the subplot of naruto and sasuke’s rivalry and you’re like,,,,,,what is happening but 
  • jungkook looks so adorable listing off his favorite episodes that you’re like you know what whatever let’s talk about this
  • and jungkook asks you if you’re into any games/movies/shows and you’re like YEAH i have a few favorites
  • and you two are totally bonding in the hallway over geeky stuff but then you’re also like
  • “you’ve been holding that box up for like the last 45 minutes doesn’t your hand hurt??”
  • and jungkook is like “nah, i work out look!”
  • and he rolls up his sleeve innocently to show you his muscles and you’re like WOAH WHAT
  • and jungkook is like teehee my hyungs call me the ‘hulk’ isn’t that cute?? and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,ok he’s adorable but he’s also strong but he’s also funny but he’s also swole,,,,,,,,huh,,,,,,perfect dare i say,,,,,,,,,bf material
  • first date: binge-watching your favorite shows while getting to know each other better by playing 20 questions LOL 
Possible wip

Haha so this was something that I randomly thought of when I was talking to @ghoulnoace
and @kagabutt. I literally just wrote this out in 25 minutes and already my brain hurts. But I mean? Eh? Lol. Well, idk if I’ll actually continue this or not, but I’m thinking about it. For now, just have fun with this little bit XD


“This is Blossom Rose contacting Blue Panther. Do you copy?”

“Blue Panther on the scene. Target has been spotted and confirmed.”

“Acquire the target as planned. Blossom Rose out.”

Aomine never did understand how Momoi Satsuki, his childhood friend, even followed him into this path of life. He never actually wanted to be in this life, really, let alone have Satsuki with him. All Aomine Daiki ever enjoyed in life was basketball. He could play that sport for hours on end like it was second nature. The ball had become an extension of himself, being able to maneuver it in any direction and speed he so desired. However, times have changed now, and Aomine’s life just keeps getting more complicated by the day.

“Okay… Target: Kagami Taiga, age 24 - huh, same as me - red hair, red eyes, Japanese, 191 centimeters.” He stares at the back of his target’s head from the 4 story window. “How unfortunate. You seem to be like a normal guy, but you got somebody mad, and now they hired me - a skilled hitman with a death count of 25 per week. And I never miss my shots, no matter what angle.” Aomine readies his weapon of choice: the DTA SRS-A1. A traditional American weapon, perfect for his field of work. He has many other types of weapons, but this one in particular is best for a quick, silent kill. The target is set, and Aomine breathes in to pull the trigger.

“Lovely weather tonight, isn’t it?”

Aomine freezes. Who could have possibly sneaked up on him? When? He should have been able to notice. He turns around slowly and finds…his target? Eyes wide in shock, Aomine curses under his breath. There is his target, not even a few feet away from him, with a small silencer of his own, ready to shoot.

“How did you know I was here?”

“I have some contacts of my own. I was informed that I had become a target, so I stood on the lookout for any suspicious characters. You should really work on your scouting game, it’s pretty obvious to tell if I’m being followed.”

Aomine snickers at that remark. /This guy’s got some jokes./ He slowly reaches for his other weapon without being noticed and pulls it out. Both now have a gun pointed at them in close proximity. It’s completely silent, both waiting for the other to even dare make the first move. Aomine takes the time to examine his target’s face fully, and he realizes something. /Shit! He’s fucking hot!./ How can Aomine possibly kill someone who’s so good looking? He may be a hitman, but even he has his standards.

With a contemplative look on his face, Aomine sighs and looks Kagami straight in the eye. “Look, I have a proposal. You’re pretty fucking hot, and I really don’t want to kill someone as good looking as you.”

“Are you implying you could kill me if I wasn’t ‘hot’?”

“Shut up and let me finish! Anyway, how about we call a truce. I back away, you back away, and we forget about this night. No one dies, and we both get to keep our pretty faces intact. I’ll just let my people know that I lost you or something. I can be pretty convincing. So, how about it?”

Kagami stares at Aomine like he’s crazy. /Who the fuck does he think he’s playing?/ But the look on his face is dead serious. So, Kagami lets out a breath and resigns his weapon. “Fine. Deal.”

Aomine puts his weapon away and collects himself. “Alright, that takes care of that.” As he walks away, he stops and turns around again. “By the way, if you’re up here, then who was I looking at down there?”

Kagami raises an eyebrow, but soon realizes what he means. “Oh, in my apartment. That’s my brother disguised as me. We had known someone was coming to flush me out, so he played my part as a distraction so I could make my move. The rest you already know.”

Aomine seems genuinely surprised at this information. He’s surprised at how thorough Kagami seemed to be in developing his plan of action towards a hitman. “Wow, okay. Well, see ya.”

With that, Aomine descends the building he was perched on, leaving Kagami behind. “Blue Panther to Blossom Rose. Mission failed.”


“OI! Calm down, and stop using my real name over the communication. I’ll explain when I get back to HQ. For now, I’m going to take a nap.”

“Wait, Dai-chan, what do you-” Aomine effectively cuts her off, as he doesn’t feel like being pestered by Satsuki at the moment. /Great, how exactly am I supposed to explain my fake failed mission?/ He finds a quiet place to lay down, and takes a small nap, dreaming of a certain redhead that has taken his interest.

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I love your lists! If you happen to get the time for it, would you mind sharing some good babysitter!Killian fics? It's fine if that's not his actual job, but like if he's a friend or neighbor or something even who takes care of Henry for Emma sometimes. Thank you! You are so amazing to this fandom! <3

thank you anon! you’re a girl after my own heart. i’d love to talk off anon if you’d like. this trope is irresistible. writers, this trope is under-done and exciting!


Quite the Au Pair by @nowforruin [ Emma has never been one to ask for help – and she has a damn hard time accepting it when it’s offered. But the truth of the matter is, being a single mother is hard. When she places an ad for a nanny, he’s the last thing she expects - and exactly what she needs. ]

full-time and jealous by @thejollypirate [based on the prompt:  If you have time can you write a fic where Killian is the nanny and Emma is the single mom and he falls in love and maybe jealousy from his part but happy ending please?]

Killian babysits Henry

We Can’t Be Friends by FluentSarcasm [Emma Swan & Killian Jones have been best friends for over 15 years when she gets pregnant by her boyfriend Neal. When Neal dumps her and dies soon after, Killian steps in to help her raise Henry. Emma’s realization that she’s been in love with Killian all along forces her to admit that maybe she doesn’t want to be just friends anymore.]

For Once, Let Go by @whisperofgrace [ Modern AU. Emma picks Henry up from her long-time friend Killian’s house after her job has turned his short babysitting role into an overnighter.]

On Outstanding Roommates by @effulgentcolors [Based on this tumblr prompt: “you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, "i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married.“ ]

Not A Babysitter by @effulgentcolors [Based on this tumblr prompt: "i asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again”. ]

I’d love to see more nanny!killian fics, anyone got time for prompts?

Whom The Gods Favor (1/?)

I am in under the wire but proud to add this little offering for the Monster Hunter + Soulmate day of Fantasy Pretzel Week. I haven’t a clue if I will ever get more than this little bit down but @barpurplewrites encouraged me to go ahead and just write up what I could and I am glad she did because this was really fun and I really hope I get the chance to share the rest of the story with you guys. 

1.2k |  Rated: T | I’ll link archives if I ever finish it. 

Despite the wind and rain lashing the Irish countryside the small pub was warm, awash with light, laughter, and the smell of hearty food, it was quaint, too quaint, and as Emma Swan stood on the threshold she felt a warning run up her spine–not everyone here was human. She evaluated the room with the practiced ease of years dealing with the preternatural but there were no obvious signs of what she was up against, no dark spots, no color shifts, no shimmers indicating magic, no malicious, hungry eyes, staring back. A few patrons gave her a passing glance or a nod but none seemed to be overly interested in the soaking blonde in a red leather jacket and jeans. If she had been younger she might have ignored the warning but she had learned to trust her favor, had scars both physical and emotional to remind her that while the Gods were fickle their favors could always be relied upon, and so she kept her guard up–an easy task since she rarely let it down.

She strode to the bar and slid onto the stool. A short, bearded man approached her with a dour expression. Emma ordered a hot chocolate which earned her a huff. So much for the friendliness of the Irish. Not that Emma wanted to make friends, she was here on a job and once it was finished she would move on to the next one and the next. It was a good life, rewarding in its way as she used the favors the Gods had bestowed to help humans with their problems or with the more vile preternatural elements in the worlds. She wasn’t strictly a Hunter but had been known to kill or trap a monster when needed. She hoped, for Belle French’s sake, that there would be no creatures this time around.

When Belle had contacted her about her missing child Emma had wanted to refuse. When babies were taken they were rarely recoverable–eaten, used in spells, transformed, taken to another world, whatever it was the kid wasn’t coming back– and she told Belle to just accept her son was gone. But the woman was stubborn, full of a fire that Emma couldn’t help but admire, and not afraid to play dirty.  

“Don’t you wish your parents had tried to find you?” Belle had asked.

“How did you–?”

“I do my research. You were weeks old when they found you on the steps of the temple. You grew up in and out of foster homes, never knowing who your parents were or why you were left.”

“My parents abandoned me because I was Blessed,” Emma said darkly.

“Or you were stolen by a god and then blessed and your parents are still looking for you.” Belle shot back.

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I'm from X, you're from Y, here we are, come together

kill me please i have no idea what is that even, and i haven’t read it second time but i am almost sure it’s at least decent

how had i managed to write lutteo ficweek month before wtf i was too ambitious then

i kinda changed a little the prompt but i know i can so have fun

DAY 1: “Ok sleep well” “And how am I supposed to do that after what you’ve just told me?” 

I’m from X, you’re from Y, here we are, come together

“I hate you, you know?” She can hear snicker in her phone, and she rolls her eyes. Her friend is being hopeless again. Ambar is sitting on her bed with her laptop opened and scrolling through facebook newsfeed. It’s pretty late, but oh who cares, she can sleep later tomorrow since her classes are cancelled. This university seemed being such a good choice, yet she’s not sure now how will she manage until the end of term.

Of course I know, you tell me this for the third time during this phone call,” Matteo sighs slightly, “but I just want you to embrace this feeling, Ambar.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Of course she doesn’t. She is Ambar Smith, she never had crush, or been interested into someone more than just attracted to them.

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Any soumako fic recommendations? I'd appreciate it!

np! ive got a couple, lol :’D 

- When The Stars Align, by astudyinwhimsy. soulmate AU, very dreamy and cute. :’) i don’t often read soulmate AUs, but this was a reaaaal good one. 

- Unnamed, by tastewithouttalent. PWP, featuring soumako one night stand and bottom!sousuke, which im personally a big fan of. great characterization, great writing, great smut, with the tiniest dash of angst to top it all off. 

- close quarters, by popnographic, aka @radiodread (<3) roommate AU with broke friends, sousuke and makoto, bein adorable sexy dorks together. a must read. 

- 404 by moeblobmegane is another soulmate AU that’s FANTASTIC. a great example of a soulmate AU done right, and it’s adorably done soumako, to just add a whole new level of perfection to it. :’) 

- Image recieved by Trashness, aka @irrevocably-delicious, is an absolutely hilARIOUS texting fic that should be a required reading for anyone who likes soumako. so good. makes me giggle just thinking about it. 

- To the flower of winter, by aesopeau, is a soumako classic that’s p much 25 chapters of pure poetry. it includes yakuza!sousuke and paramedic!makoto, and i just about die every time i so much as think about the title, it’s so good. 

- I’ve known you before…, by wheelsablaze. Another soulmate AU, but much more lowkey on the soulmate aspect of it. focuses more on the fun lil plot. remember how i said i didnt read a lot of soulmate fics? well i wasn’t lying, soumako just happens to have top-tier soulmate fics that get the better of me. anyways…. real good fic including messy makeouts and scary video games

- Ever Blue! Iwatobi Music Club, by karumello aka @karumello. super cute band AU with slow burn soumako bein high school dorks. features both of them singing, so you know im gonna lovelovelove it

- and, of course, the legendary Future Earth, Future Sky, by Inky. the soumako bible, if you will. it’s unfinished, (and probably abandoned for good, as much as it pains me to say,) but boy oh boy what a fic. 57 chapters of A level shit right there. 

Really anything by cyancandy (@roseshell ) and Miss_Murdered (@miss-m-muses) and ishka (@iskabee) is gonna be hella good. Very trust-worthy writers who leave me shook again and again. next level shit w/ them, guaranteed. you should check out their blogs too, bec i know iska and miss-m both have soumako drabbles on their tumblr and roseshell’s got a greaaaat soumako dance AU under the tag :’D

ok, that’s all im gonna say now, bec im p sure that’s more than enough and im starting to feel guilty about tagging all these people :’) sorrryyyyyy

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hi if you're still taking valentine days prompts how about a royalty au where princess Cassandra falls in love with court painter Jake but her parents wants her to marry family friend, widowed King Jenkins of the Annex Kingdom (but he'd rather matchmake Cassandra and Jake instead)?

Okay SO
This was actually the first prompt I received but I left it until towards the end because I knew it would end up being a longer one. But then it got MUCH LONGER THAN I REALIZED (which is why it took four days to write, sorryyyy), and now I can’t bear to post it in the same multi-chapter space the others have been because I… want this labour of love to be seen… so I am posting it separately from the others. But holy shit, the further I developed this while I was writing the more I was like ‘wow this deserves to be a novel, there is so much here that could be done. I do not have time for that though’
SO without further ado:

The Princess and the Painter
Jassandra | 10 571 words (!!!) | K+

Cassandra sat on a bench in the garden, watching with a smile on her face while the royal painter worked. He liked to practice by painting landscapes of the palace gardens, and she loved to watch. She admired his work immensely, and she admired him even more.

Master Stone had come to work for the king and queen a few years ago. In need of a new court painter, they’d followed the rumours of a great talent hidden in the southernmost part of their kingdom. He was humble, even shy, and for some time could not be persuaded, but they requested that he come to the court just to do one portrait of the royal family. Once there, he met the king and queen themselves, as well as Princess Cassandra, and was given access to all the resources befitting a royal artist. By the time he was finished the family portrait – a great undertaking an entire year in length – he had been convinced that he should stay on as the official portraitist of the royal family. He would work for no one else, but he would be paid handsomely and allowed all the luxuries befitting of a man of his stature. He indulged few of them, spending his free time painting in the gardens or reading in the vast royal library.

It was while posing for the first portrait that Cassandra first took notice of him. He was quiet, thoughtful, and rarely spoke to her or to her parents directly, but there was an air of depth and confidence about him that caught her attention. Later it was in the library that he roused her interest, and she used to look up from the lessons she worked so diligently at to admire him from across the room. She knew so little about him, but there seemed so much to know, and she found herself fascinated.

At some point she had looked out a window and noticed him painting amongst her rosebushes, and, intrigued, she’d gone outside to have a closer look.

“May I join you, Master Stone?” she had asked, almost shyly. There were few people in her life at the palace that she hadn’t known since she was a child, and his newness and mysteriousness were unusual to her.

He seemed startled, and perhaps embarrassed, but he bowed respectfully. “Of course, your Royal Highness,” he answered quickly.

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12 + lirry :)

this is probably NOT what you wanted at all, but i hope you like it anyways! i know that zombie apocalypse aus are maybe a bit over done, but here i am with 1.3k (also i apparently cant write things unless they have harry crying to i apologize for that too lol)

for the prompt “having to put up holiday decorations together after a big fight”

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what if after alls said and done and Zarkon is defeated and blah, Lance refuses to return to Halfblood with the others because of how they treated him, so he goes to the underworld with Hades and Coran decides that the groups activity for their return trip is to write apology letters to Lance bcuz like hell they'd be allowed back in hell. (Also Lance going home to his family and just staring out at the ocean bcuz he doesn't want to make an offering or anything and Poseidon come to see what's up)

I kinda like the idea of Poseidon getting worried about him like he keeps an eye out for Lance at the winter solstice to ask why he hasn’t been in the ocean only Lance doesn’t show and so he asks Hades only Zeus overhears only the bear minimal of Lance’s mental state and assumes the worse: that Lance is on his way to becoming Zarkon 2.0

He’s not exactly quiet about his opinion either and Hades is not exactly happy about it and frankly Poseidon doesn’t agree either, he’s seen this kid close up and he’s not evil.  By this point Lance’s work as a double agent has also been revealed and he’s been patroned for his involvement with Zarkon and Hades is pissed Zeus is trying to use that against him anyway.

And frankly the gangs pissed too because Lance is their friend and they fucked that up so bad already the least they can do is to keep Zeus off his back about shit he doesn’t deserve and they’re about as quiet about their opinions are Zeus which is to say not at all.

Coran has to rush to their aid so they don’t get blasted by the king of Gods but he does admit he feels the same way (just he says it more respectfully).  Zeus drops the topic and everyone begins operation ‘lets get Lance home’.  it takes a lot of convincing on Hades and Lance’s mothers part and to get Lance to go back to camp, if only to see Coran again and when he does arrive he finds everyones set up a ‘we’re sorry we’re assholes’ party for him including a lot of apology cards, lots of food (including junk food from outside the camp), and his own laurel wreath (made by his friends and it was amazing).

I don’t know if it fits into the main story of the au but it’d be a nice langst with happy enough

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What exactly could Tywin have done better (if only one thing) to better ensure the survival of House Lannister/the "Royal Dynasty"? He lost Jamie to the White, then he was crippled. Cersei has a natural political aptitude, but her lack of education/training puts her in over her head. Tyrion is just not an option is Westerosi culture. And we'll the grandchildren are jokes. It's almost like he had no plan for after him.

Well, I think that’s the point. Despite how concerned Tywin is with building a lasting Lannister legacy, he didn’t do a whole lot to ensure that it would happen in the event of his sudden death. Maybe post-Rebellion he should have insisted that Jaime be expelled from the Kingsguard and reinstated as his heir. Jaime was still very young at the time, and I think there would have been less of a protest than what we saw in ASOS. 

But I think Tywin always believed the Kingsguard was Jaime’s rebellious teenage phase which he would eventually grow out of, and that there was plenty of time to win Jaime back, and in the meantime he let Jaime have his fun serving in the greatest knightly order in the land. 

Alternatively, Tywin might have remarried and fathered another son, but with Cersei’s strong textual parallels with Rhaenyra Targaryen, that might not have been a good situation to be in after Tywin’s death. 

Also, this post strongly aligns with my views on Cersei and Tywin and political training. 

Also, I disagree that Tommen and Myrcella are jokes. Given ten more years, I believe Tywin could have shaped Tommen into a very capable king, and I still think Tommen could turn into a good king if, well, he wasn’t doomed to die soon. Same with Myrcella. 

No character in-universe ever expected Tywin to be shot by his own son. Everyone thought Tywin was going to live for a very long time. In the normal course of events, if Tyrion had been executed or sent to the Wall, and if Tywin had lived for ten or twenty or thirty more years, and if everyone wasn’t about to invade and if ice zombies weren’t a problem, then Tommen would have grown into a great king, and Myrcella would have married someone and had children, and maybe Tywin would’ve even gotten Jaime expelled from the KG or gotten Cersei to remarry, and the inheritance of Casterly Rock would have sorted itself out. 

And I mean, if you’re reasonably healthy, do you expect to drop dead tomorrow? Do you have your will written up and all your affairs in order tonight? I don’t. I’m not the ruler of a kingdom that could plunge into chaos after my death, so it’s a little different, but how much are you planning for your death when you’re healthy and not super old? I think that’s one of the points GRRM is making. Death is coming, so live your life to the fullest, make sure it’s meaningful, eat some tasty food, don’t leave things unsaid or undone, cuz you never know when you’re gonna go. Death is coming. Pass me a hotdog. 

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Can I have a Drarry drabble/one-shot prompt please? If you want, I'll send you a link when it's done! Can be AU or canonverse or whatever, I'm not fussed :3 (Love the blog btw, spent hours on it yesterday... best accident ever)

Omg!!! Yes of course let’s see. How bout…
draco and Harry just. Doing muggle things?? Draco and Harry at the muggle zoo??? Draco and Harry at the muggle zoo???? Muggle bookshop? Grocery store? Using muggle currency????
Also thank you dear!!! You’re a doll❤️❤️

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Do you have the seventh part for the elorcan werewolf au done already? You left at a brutal cliffhanger and that's unacceptable

Mmm I have the first half finished for it but I’m still debating how I want the second half to finish ;)


Finally I’m done with this pic from the Mermaid!AU I’m doing. I wanted to color it because of the references of the oufits. So you guys see how they look,what shades I used. They’re standing in front of a tank  as they’re looking at one of the mermaids. Adler is in whisperer mode tho :’D I saved the process of this one so I’ll share. Whenever I use an overlayer with another color I just feel so sad cause all the pretty,bright colors disappear. Also I’m happy the way I re-designed Adler~

I’ll upload this on my dA with part 2 of the AU~ Hope you like it.
Art,Vadera belongs to me © @dreamer-rena-universe/ @dreamer-rena-artz
Adler belongs to © @kyuu-exorcist
Fennett belongs to © @aabahrwoof

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i watched this movie called "the road to el salvador" recently, and i just couldn't stop thinking about hajime, nagito, and chiaki starring as the main characters in it. my life is an endless circle of dangan trash, which for some reason i am ok with. what have you done to me kodaka.

im waiting for an au fanart


i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 

@caretaker-au is a very wonderful AU that manages to end with a cliffhanger every single page. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

PS: By the way, this is the filename for this fanart.