then they would flip a coin

When your friend has been committing acts far past your moral boundaries and now she intends to fight an all-powerful being in the slight chance she will win however she is more likely to get everyone killed so you agree on a coin flip to decide if she should leave and as it drops it dawns upon you she will twist the fortune in her favour and that for once in your life you’re seeing more perspectives past the good and bad = black and white narrative while debating if it’d be morally right to sacrifice her life in place of the others that would live.

GOT7 reaction they don't think you speak Korean so they say something sexual to you and you reply in Korean


“Are you butt dialing? Because I swear that ass is calling me” “I could say the same for you” Mark would them burst out laughing embarrassed that you understood him 

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“If I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head” “Not much sense you used a pick up line” “Um okay sooo you can understand me and why didn’t you tell me”

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“Those are nice pants mind if i test the zipper” “Sure go ahead I don’t mind “Wait you can understand me I have said so many pick up lines why haven't you said anything before

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“My magical watch says you’re not wearing any panties” “You are not wearing a watch though” “Wait..what..ummmm”’

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“Your ass looks lonely without my hands on it” “I could say the same” Youngjae would freeze before laughing “I knew that you could understand me”

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“Don’t worry, I played tetris as a kid. I can make it fit” “You said you didn’t know tetris” “Why why at of all the times you deiced to understand me now”

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“Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed” “Whats the first?” Goes blank turns around and drink water

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~Admin Rosie

When HiatusxHiatus is getting to you, and you’re doing a rewatch of YYH, and you realize that Hyori Ittai would look amazing with either cast. (I love all eight of them; Togashi-sensei please stop hurting my babies Q_Q)

幽遊白書で表裏一体!Someone’s probably already done this but welp. Figured I’d give it a go anyway; more practice for me! ああ、楽しかったわ。Was thiiiiiiis close to turning it into a GIF but I got lazy so maaaaybe some other day. In the far future. Flip a coin?

表裏一体, 指で弾くコインが宙に舞う
僕はいったい, どっちの結末願う?

▼Divination Bag▼

The divination bag is a method of yes/no divination. The bag is two different colors, usually complimentary colors or black and white. You use it by asking a yes/no question and flipping the bag up in the air(make sure you flip it in a way where it rotates a lot) and whatever side it lands on is your answer! Before you actually start using it, make sure you program it just as you would a pendulum. You do this by asking a simple and obvious question like “Are the walls [wall color]?” and whatever color it lands on is your yes color! its similar to flipping a coin, but I prefer it because the bag is personalized to you and has no negative energy from previous owners.


  • - Two different colored fabrics
  • - Thread/needles(or a sewing machine)
  • - Rice/beans/beads
  • - Herbs/sigils/crystals/etc of your choice(optional)

Step 1) Cut your fabric into the desired size(it can be as big or as small as you want)
Step 2) Straight stitch along three of the sides as shown in blue(do small stitches!)

Step 3) Whip stitch the edge along three of the sides as shown in blue

Step 4) Turn the bag inside out and fill it with beans/rice/beads and the herbs/crystals/sigils you chose(if you wanted to)
Step 5) Fold the open end into the bag and whip stitch it as shown in blue(do very tiny stitches!!)

You’re done! Now go charge it in the sun/moonlight for a day and its ready for use! I hope this isn’t too confusing!!

- Mod Faye

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Is there any way you can do a Clarke POV for "No One Can Lift the Damn Thing" please? (I was going through your fics and was listing all the ones I would want an Alt-POV for, and they all involved Bellamy as James Potter, wow I have A Type.)

I feel kinda bad calling this a Clarke POV but whatev I had fun I like social media AUs

Original fic and alt POV on AO3!!

Raven: Just got my invite to Finn and Ontari’s wedding

Me: Nope
Do you think they flipped a coin?
Or she just gave him an ultimatum?
You can invite one of your awkward exes
But only one
Choose wisely

Raven: Honestly, I’m guessing he never actually told his mom why we broke up
And given the choice between telling her he cheated on me and I dumped his ass
And just inviting me to his wedding
He invited me to his wedding

Me: Yeah, that’s definitely what happened
Are you going to go?

Raven: Yup
Got a hot girlfriend
I like his parents
And I want him to feel awkward about shit
Too bad he didn’t invite you

Me: I really don’t mind
I feel like I dodged a bullet

Raven: You could have brought Bellamy
Finn was jealous of him BEFORE he was famous for being hot
Imagine how much he’d hate seeing you guys together now

Me: You know, I was going to say Bellamy has better things to do than go to a wedding just to piss off Finn
But then I remembered this is Bellamy we’re talking about
So he’d probably do it

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In 1966 Walter Kelbach and Myron Lance, pictured above, went on a killing spree while they were both out of prison on parole. Their crime spree started when they kidnapped a gas station attendant, who was discovered the next day naked, raped and dead - having been stabbed five times. It was reported that during their first two murders, both involving robbery, abduction and rape, Lance and Kelbach flipped a coin to determine who would be the person to actually commit the murder. They would kill a total of 6 people during their spree, with it finally ending when they were apprehended after they entered a tavern in Salt Lake City and began shooting.

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If the riddler and the host got into a fight who do you think would win? (The stakes are they'll never wear their signature suits again if they lose)

if riddler was allowed his cane but neither got robots, riddler would beat the shit out of the host

if robots were allowed, protoype would snap the riddlerbots in half (assuming they are canon-compliant with this riddler) and would proceed to snap the riddler in half also

if it was a battle of wits it depends on the subject, the host knows more about movies than anyone else & could beat the riddler with his obscure movie knowledge but riddler has genius-level intellect on a wider variety of things

if neither of them got canes or robots and it was a fist-to-fist fight i’d say the odds are about as even as a coin flip

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What pick up lines would the GoM + Hanamiya + Imayoshi use?

[I’m making the assumption that you mean dirty pick up lines because they’re way more fun than ordinary ones hah]

Aomine Daiki: "Your place or mine? Tell you what? I’ll flip a coin. Head at my place, tail at yours.”

Kise Ryouta: “____-cchi, you’re the reason that god invented boners!” 

Midorima Shintarou: “T-That necklace you’re wearing would look better on my nightstand, nanodayo.” 

Murasakibara Atsushi: “Are you legs made from Nutella, ____-chin? Because I want to spread them.” 

Kuroko Tetsuya: “That shirt you’re wearing has to go, ____-san…but you can stay.” 

Akashi Seijurou: “Whilst it’s true that there are plenty of fish in the sea, you’re the only one I’d like to catch and mount back at home.”

Hanamiya Makoto: “You’re cute when you smile. You should do it more often. It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.” 

Imayoshi Shoichi: “Word of the day is ‘legs’. Shall we head back to my place and spread the word?”

@theravennest thanks for the prompt!

Alec usually didn’t do these jobs alone. Usually he had Jace on his left and Isabelle on his right, always filling uncertain situations with security and lots of sarcasm. Without them, he felt like he wasn’t really a Shadowhunter. Just some guy barging into a bar and acting like an asshole.

But Jace was still recovering from everything with Valentine. He was making improvements day by day, but he wasn’t ready to be back in the field yet. Isabelle was dutifully by his side through the whole thing and she’d won the coin flip to decide who would get to stay with Jace and who would have to take care of the trivial issue that the Clave was throwing a fit about.

Alec had briefly considered taking Clary, but then he realized that Clary would probably make the simple mission into a week long endeavor. The Clave was asking Alec to be admittedly a bit unfair, and while he could understand that it was his job and he had to comply no matter what his personal beliefs were, Clary probably would not see it that way.

So he was alone. And Magnus hadn’t texted back all morning.

He entered the Hunter’s Moon, checking again to make sure his sleeves were unrolled and covering his runes. Downworlders didn’t like Shadowhunters showing off too many runes.

He moved toward the bar where a girl was drying glasses with a vacant look on her face. She looked up, unimpressed, and gestured toward the bar stools with a jerk of her head.

“You’ll have to wait if you want to talk to Carlos.” She told him. “He’s with an important person right now.”

Alec raised his eyebrows. “Maybe I’m here to get a drink?”

“A Shadowhunter buying a drink at a Downworlder bar in the middle of the day.” She scoffed. “I thought I’d seen it all.”

Alec sighed and dropped to the stool. Jace was much better at handling people, knowing what to say and how to say it. Alec usually stood in the back and looked for escape routes.

Ten minutes turned into twenty and twenty into thirty before Alec finally stood up again. “This is time sensitive.”

It wasn’t time sensitive, really. He just wanted to get back to Jace.

“Well maybe you should come back when he isn’t busy.” The girl responded without looking up. “I’m sure you can occupy yourself by doing some more Clave chores.”

“Alright, fuck it.” Alec muttered, heading toward the swinging door beside the bar. She didn’t even try to stop him, just muttered something about this being above her pay.

He opened the door without bothering to knock and stopped short at the threshold to the room when he saw who the important person was.

“Alec!” Magnus cheered when he turned in his seat to see his boyfriend. “What are you doing here? Do you want a cocktail?”

“Uh,” Alec said eloquently as he forced himself to tear his eyes from Magnus and look at the man who was lounged in an office chair, “I have orders from the Clave to negotiate with Carlos Valdez.”

“Yikes.” Carlos exchanged a look with Magnus. “I think that would be me.”

“It’s definitely not me.” Magnus agreed. He winked at Alec and gestured toward the empty chair beside him. “I have no problem with sharing our appointment time with a busy Shadowhunter.”

Alec dropped into the chair and gave Magnus a small, tiny smile that was intended for him and only him. Carlos watched with raised eyebrows.

“So what did I do this time to incur the Clave’s wrath?” Carlos asked, grinning easily. Alec was supposed to be strictly professional and a bit cold, but this guy seemed nice enough and Magnus was watching, so Alec relaxed a bit.

“You’ve been purchasing a lot of expensive potions and ingredients through the Downworlder markets.” Alec explained. “The Clave just wants you to provide cause for why you need them. And receipts, so they can make sure everything has been legally purchased.”

Carlos listened to the whole speech with his chin propped on his fist, and silently he shifted his gaze from Alec to Magnus. Alec glanced over and saw that Magnus was avoiding eye contact, suddenly very interested in swirling his drink.

Alec was clearly missing something, and he wasn’t nearly as intuitive as Isabelle or Jace, so he was going to have to settle.

“What?” He prodded.

“Here’s the thing,” Magnus took Alec’s hand in his. Alec shifted in his seat. “Carlos here is a very loyal client of mine. And in exchange for guaranteed healing of his pack, he pays me in ingredients that I’m not able to acquire myself.”

“So the potions are for you?” Alec concluded. “Okay. Well, that’s fine. As long as you can come up with the receipts and reasons, the Clave won’t care.”

Magnus squeezed his hand. “No one keeps track of receipts, Alec.”

“No one.” Carlos reiterated. Alec glared.

“The Clave is going to get very suspicious if you can’t tell them who you bought all these mysteriously rare and possibly dangerous potions from.” Alec insisted.

“Well maybe,” Magnus said slowly, “the Clave would recall how I played an integral part in defeating Valentine and would settle for about twenty percent of the receipts.”

Alec squinted. Under any other circumstance this would be infuriating and annoying. But when it was Magnus, who grinned during the entire negotiation and ran his fingers over Alec’s hand and wrist, somehow Alec didn’t seem to mind.

“Seventy-five.” Alec fired back.

“Half.” Magnus challenged. He smirked at Alec, his eyes flashing with defiance. Alec took a deep breath. This was the kind of thing that Jace would do, break Clave orders and make a compromise. But at the same time, Jace always got away with it. And Magnus’ smile was making Alec’s pulse worryingly erratic.


Magnus beamed. Alec held out a hand to shake, which Magnus took and used to tug Alec forward so their lips could meet. They pulled away after a second and Alec laughed breathlessly.

“Nice doing business with you.”

Carlos leaned back in his chair, his eyes shifting between Alec and Magnus. “Is that how Shadowhunters seal their deals now?”

littlemunchkitty replied to your postHey I saw you talk about Pokemon… can I have…

I think Laito would honestly be a Water gym leader. Subaru would totally be a fighting type. You can’t tell me that that boy doesn’t look like a fucking mankey.

I can see it, I just really liked the thought of Subaru being a steel type for some reason… and Laito was hard because at first I wanted to make him a bug type but I had mercy and so I chose between water and rock and flipped a coin. That’s why I gave him a corsola to make up for it… if it it was a crappy make up. Plus come on Laito with a minior.

the cool metal glinted in the warm light as he flipped it between his fingers effortlessly , his charcoal hair , somehow managed to be tamed , though never perfect . he would always be a mess . the coin , now pinched between thumb and forefinger , shimmered for a moment , ‘ ah but i got this piece on the isle de muerta —– – & i’ve got the scars to prove it . ‘ 

Hey hey hey! Thanks for requesting 😊 Hope you’ll like these! 


  • It’s like the coin is now flipped to the other side. Dazai’s serious side is revitalised as he acknowledges the threat
  • If he could retrieve his ability, he would definitely use his mental capabilities to try. To him, his ability was one of his greatest assets after all.
  • If there was no way of returning his abilities, he would be slightly happy about it. His ability was one that was made to disintegrate, to destroy, to render someone useless in seconds with just a single touch. He thinks something like that would be better off gone.
  • Without his ability, he can’t be the Dazai he once was, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t still beat you with nothing but his mind.
  • He’ll bounce back to his usual self & tell everyone he’s fine as if nothing had happened after he has perfected his master plan to retrieve was formed in his head. But if it was impossible to retrieve, he would whip out the excuse of dreading over the lost of his ability to skip work, even when it has passed some time ago.  


  • He’d be devastated that his ability was no more. He would end up in a slight depression thinking that he was nothing more than a simple petite mafia now.
  • He would try his hardest to retrieve his ability. It’s top of the list in his priorities right now. He would not stand to be down graded any longer.
  • He’d fear that his executive position in the mafia would be revoked
  • Even without his ability, he’d still be the Chuya he is – Best martial artists and a strong sense of fashion. Just without him walking on the ceiling whenever he pleased. He’d come to realise this after some time and would come back to his senses again.


  • He’d be a complete wreck without his ability. His life depended on his need for his ability. Without Rashomon, he felt that he didn’t have value. He’d have no where to turn his pride and would definitely avoid clashing into Dazai lest he found out.
  • He will retrieve his ability back, no matter the cost.
  • He’d be really grumpy and angry during the time of his lost. He wouldn’t let anyone break through his walls to calm him down and assure him. Many would say he was lost forever, but only a few would stay and wait for him to come back to his senses.
  • If his ability is forever unattainable to him, he would be a very very different akutagawa compared to now. I wish I’m wrong about this, but I think he would have suicidal thoughts.


  • He’s thinking should I be worried or relieved that the man eating tiger is no more? The poor kid was terrified that he was known to terrorise people, destroy crops and possibly have eaten someone in the past.
  • But he realises that he can’t lose his ability even if he had to give up the chance of living a normal life. So he’d try his hardest to retrieve his ability as well.
  • He’d be sorry that he couldn’t do much to help the agency for the time being so he offers to help out with paper work, which everyone strongly agreed to let him help with that.
  • If his ability was forever lost, he would rethink his worth towards the agency and possibly try to run away again in hopes to lessen the burden. Once he realises he’s not going anywhere even if he wanted to, he would fit right in again with ease.
evilsapphyre replied to your post: evilsapphyre replied to your post: …

I was testing the waters, and flitring with Liam, and then I fell into Reyes Vidal…. not upset about this. ;)

Reyes is a major contender for Scott, let me tell you! By sheer force of will I resisted that wink while playing Sara. As for Scott, it’s right now a three way tie between Reyes, Cora, and Gil. I would feel mildly guilty choosing Reyes over Cora and Gil because I rarely actually want to play male characters. And since Cora and Gil are gated for male only I somehow feel that I’m missing an opportunity there. But if I decided to mark off Reyes that still leaves me with a choice between Cora and Gil. 

I’m going to have to roll a die or flip a coin, aren’t I?

BTS as Bodyguards

What would they be like as your bodyguards?

Jin – Physically he’d be perfect. Strong, broad-shouldered, keen eye. He’d put every effort into training and developing his skills. And there would be times he’d be deadly serious. But surprisingly there would be the other side of the coin when he’d be kind of goofy and you’d wonder how he could literally range to both sides of the spectrum. But it’d be charming that he was able to not let the job be his whole personality. Crushing on you he’d talk to you about various interests. Then if the stuff hit the fan he’d flip a switch and be scarily efficient, his whole focus on keeping you safe. After the dust settled he’d ask if you wanted to try his favorite snack. Expansion

Suga – Lazy does not apply to this man. However conservation of energy does. He’d watch everything around you, kind of like a lion overlooking the Serengeti. The slightest thing out of order would catch his attention. Yoongi wouldn’t react to every misplaced sound or sight, but he would be aware. If a threat did show itself, he’s not the type to handle it with half measures. Quite frankly he would unleash hell on their ass. He wouldn’t stop until the threat was decimated and there wouldn’t be enough left to bother you a second time. Even though he loves you deeply, he’d never reveal it through words. He’d express his love by being the best guard he could be and not letting anything hurt you. Expansion  

J-Hope – Despite his caring heart he’d have a ruthless streak when confronted with a threat toward you. He’s a very, very protective and loyal individual. He would have no problem taking the hit for you, sacrificing himself. Hobi has the heart, desire, and passion for the job. But he startles easily so having him carry a gun wouldn’t be the wisest choice. He would be super good at martial arts though. So the solution would be to have him as your last line of defense. Other guards may be assigned to protect the room or building but Hoseok would literally guard your body. Deeply in love he’d pine for you from afar, though he’d try to stop. If you wound up together he’d love and protect you fiercely because you are his world. Expansion

Rap Monster – Possessing a brilliant tactical mind, he’d be the perfect head of security. Imbued with an authoritative presence the other guards would naturally follow his lead. He’d be friendly most of the time but everyone on his detail needs to give one hundred percent. He would not tolerate half-hearted efforts when it’s your life on the line. As far as physically protecting you, he’d definitely step in but wouldn’t be the greatest fighter. His motor skills are a bit lacking. Despite his confident air he’d be shy about confessing. And the longer he waits the more awkward he would get. But he’d tell you eventually as he wouldn’t be able to hold his feelings in forever.  

Jimin – Although he is sugar sweet to you, when he switches to bodyguard mode he’s a force to be reckoned with. Athletic and strong it’d be hard for anything to get past him. Your safety would be on his mind all the time. If he wasn’t guarding you, he’d be training to improve his skills. But you wouldn’t know how hard he pushed himself because he wouldn’t tell you and he’d always have a smile. Once you found out and confronted him, he’d tell you hesitantly he couldn’t help himself because he loves you. It’d be a sad confession because he’d think you’d replace him. If you didn’t he’d be so happy he’d glow. You’d have to remind him about keeping up appearances in public and not get too affectionate. But he’d remain focused on your safety because if anything happened to you it’d kill him. Expansion 

Taehyung – I love TaeTae. But he would be the worst bodyguard ever. Although he’s intelligent and has a brave heart, he gets distracted easily. He wouldn’t have the focus necessary to continually scan his surroundings looking for danger without pausing to watch a moth that had entered the room. So he may start as one of the guards in training not handling anything strategic. Basically there as a warm body. You’d notice he was different from the others. Asking the lead guard about Tae you’d learn he was a great guy but not bodyguard material. You’d ask for a transfer to something more suited to him. But he’d end up surprising everyone when he happened to be there during an attack and risked his life for yours. He’d be the kind to not really notice you that way until he saved your life. But once he did, he’d be a gonner. Expansion 

Jungkook – He is a shy bun. But he is also strong, passionate, and dedicated. His life as a bodyguard might be a little rough in the beginning. But he’s a quick learner and would soak everything in like a sponge, quickly becoming one of the best. There might be times when a situation confuses him, but once he knows you’re in trouble he’d give his all. Anything coming for you would have to go through him first. It wouldn’t be long before he started gaining confidence in his abilities and get a little cocky. As for falling in love, he’d be sort of star struck by you. It wouldn’t matter how confident he became, confessing to you would be too difficult and he’d keep his feelings to himself.  ​


“… I am afraid to know what kind of comeback my curse would bring to whatever force is helping me right now…”

Eizen also thought he might’ve been drunk when the Coin Flip result happened since he just walked out of the Van Eltia Bar…

He shrugs it off and heads straight home where his sister was waiting.

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I appreciate the way you're handling this and I really hope your askbox doesn't end up hosting anonymous discourse. Keep up the good work

Thanks anon I’m trying!! Ive got a few messages that have been particularly leading like trying to bait me into an argument that I’ve ignored, but most of them have just been letting me know what’s up with the voltron fandom discourse and why some people find the ship in question uncomfortable. On the flip side of the coin I can understand the aggressive tone some people take if they thought adult/minor ships was something I supported (which I definitely do not!!) so I’m not upset at all and I’m actually glad people would be willing to talk to me about something I don’t know much about.

Batman #19
External image

Two-Face flipped his coin and discovered he had to use a water pistol from now on.

Batman has to keep Bane away from Arkham Asylum for five days while Alfred watches over Gotham Girl’s treatments from Psycho Pirate. So why does Batman lead Bane straight to Arkham after their fight last issue? Probably because Batman guessed Bane would go there even if Batman didn’t go there first. That Batman is a pretty smart cookie! And delicious, too!

For some reason, the inmates are wandering free in Arkham so Bane has to listen to each one rant as he stomps by. First up is Maxie Zeus who quotes Dante for some reason. Unless it’s Milton. Or Shakespeare. What the fuck do I know? It could be Dr. Seuss for all my literature degree is worth!

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Hiya, im the heir of time from mcfreakin's session, and me and the maid are kinda confused, isnt knight an active class? If I'm wrong feel free to correct me im really stupid when it comes to these things...

Oh! Right! My apologies… The truth is, the Knight’s passiveness/activeness has never been addressed in canon. Many people tend to class Knights as an active class due to the fact that they are usually on the frontline of battle, and appear to make their own decisions.

I tend to class the Knight as a passive class, because most of the knights in canon have needed motivation from another player in order to play the game properly. Dave is a good example of this, because of how often he needs Terezi’s input on his actions. One specific moment where this is most evident would be the coin flip, where Terezi flips a coin to see whether Dave should sleep now in order for him to god tier, or have him travel to the past to kill himself. Because of this, Terezi, and by extension Dave, created two seperate realities due to his time powers, therefore showing off the Knights ability to be an instrument (passive)  instead of an operator (active).

So I can see why you’d be a bit confused. Just keep in mind that my words do not come straight from the horses mouth, and many of my analysis, including session asks, are still just theories. Thank you for understanding.