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Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Epilogue)

Words fail to say how much I appreciate everyone who invested in this fic, followed it until here, left comments and asks, supported me and made me feel one lucky lady. I feel only love for you all. <3

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Epilogue – Tomorrow is Now

Edinburgh, 13 years ago

“Close your eyes.” Jamie insisted, whispering in her ear. “Dinna be a wee cheater, Sassenach. You’ll spoil the surprise.”

“I’m not cheating!” Claire declared, irritated. “I’m just worried I’ll fall on my face, that’s all.”

“Don’t ye worry.” She could hear the obvious smile in his voice. “I’d still love ye - even with a crocked nose.”

“How magnanimous of you.” She puffed, walking slowly with the guidance of his hand on her arm. “Are we there yet?”

“Yes.” Jamie surprised her by kissing her lips and then removing the blockage of her hands from her eyes. “Tell me what ye think.”

They were standing in an empty apartment, the big windows harnessing enough of the afternoon light to make the wood boards on the floor look like decadent fields of gold.

“It’s very…” Claire licked her lips, looking for an appropriate word to say, noticing his expectant demeanour. “Empty.”

“Ach.” He clicked his tongue and opened his arms, a big grin forming on his lips. “That is only a matter of buying the right furniture for it. But do ye like it?”

“I – yes.” She looked around, noticing the wide kitchen bench and the freshly painted walls. “It’s lovely, really. But why are we here?”

“Well,” Jamie hugged her by the waist and pressed his forehead against hers, his voice sounding like the sheltering roar of the earth underneath her feet. “I was hoping you could make it my home, if you married me.”


Edinburgh, 1 year in the future

“Lady Jane!” Joe thundered, as he saw her striding next to a patient’s gurney, accompanying him to the recovery ward after a long surgery. “I barely recognized you, girl! You look all tanned and sparkly. How was Jamaica?”

“Hot.” Claire laughed, watching the corners of his mouth twitch in a devilish grin. “I meant the weather was very warm, you naughty man.” Noticing that his smile didn’t fade away, but was only enhanced by significant movements of his eyebrows that made him look like a crazy cartoon, she smiled and conceded. “Well, that too.”

“I had no doubt!” Her friend laughed openly, sounding like an amused bear. “I have seen you with your Scot enough to know that, any tropical storm in the area, was probably caused by you two going at it.”

“Oh, stop!” She playfully smacked him in the arm, her cheeks throbbing with heat. “How is everything here?”

“Same old, same old.” Joe replied with a sudden strange attempt at nonchalance. “You haven’t been at the nurses’ desk yet, have you?”

“No.” Claire furrowed her brows. “I was a bit late this morning because of…reasons,” She ignored his smirk. “And went straight to the OR to the kidney transplant. Shall I go there now?”

“No!” The man said vehemently, grabbing her elbow and steering her towards the cafeteria. “I’m that hungry. Shall we go for some dinner?”

“It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, Joe.” Claire gave him a questioning look. “What are you trying to hide?”

“Nothing, LJ.” He shook his head, patting her shoulder in a reassuring manner. “You know my stomach didn’t come with a built-in clock. I’m more of a “eat whenever you’re hungry” type of guy.”

“What is in the nurses’ desk that you don’t want me to see?” She halted and crossed her arms, offering him a disarming look, suitable for young children misbehaving with their soup. “Spill it, Joe. We both know I’ll find out soon enough.”

“Fine!” Joe threw his hands in the air in a gesture of surrender. “I was just trying to spare you. But please, Lady Jane, you need to keep it cool. I’m sure he had the best possible intentions…”

Before Joe was able to complete his sentence, Claire was already sliding past him and marching in the direction of the nurses’ area. As soon as she became visible making a turn on the corridor, two nurses jumped from their seats – they had been whispering with their heads together, looking at something – and stood like two soldiers on a parade, their hands hidden behind their backs, blushing madly.

“So,” Claire smiled pleasantly, taking off her surgical cap and brushing the mad riot of curls, eager to finally be wild and free after so much time in confinement, like eels on a barrel. “What is going on here?”

“Doctor Fraser.” The younger nurse saluted her, looking slightly out of breath. “So good to see you. How was your honeymoon?”

“Fine, Nurse Hawkins.” She nodded, tapping her fingers on the counter in an evident display of impatience. Both nurses looked at her hand like disciplined cats, fascinated by the repeated movement. “There seems to be some kind of disturbance taking place here. I want to know what is going on.”

“LJ…” Joe started, trying to block her vision from the nurses. She gave him a look so dark and dangerous that he immediately retroceded to her side.

“Let’s hear it.” Claire repeated, glancing at the nurses under her lashes and placing all her imaginary coins on the beat of Mary Hawkins breaking in seconds under pressure – too bad it was only the casino of her mind, because it was a smashing jackpot.

“We were just looking at it, Doctor Fraser.” Mary explained in a high pitched voice, slightly stammering. “We meant no disrespect. It’s a beautiful work and such a good cause.”

“Give it to me!” She demanded, reaching out with her open palm. Slowly but surely, Mary Hawkins delivered her the source of all the ruckus.

It was a calendar commissioned by the Fire Department, sold to raise funds for a new Burn Centre and to support the widows and children of fallen firefighters. The calendar was illustrated with photographs of gorgeous men in the corporation – and front and centre, occupying almost two thirds of the cover, was James Fraser. He had been photographed sitting in a chair of the headquarters, naked from the waist up, the suspenders of his loose equipment trousers falling along his hips. His hair was tousled and he looked like he had just arrived from a massive fire, finally relaxed and at ease – except his eyes were playing with the camera, teasing of his secrets, undoubtedly igniting other flames on the belly of any woman looking at it.

“Oh.” Claire said in excitement, her finger absentmindedly caressing his exposed chest. “It’s finally out!”

“You knew about this?” Joe asked, gobsmacked. “That your husband is featuring in a steamy calendar, which probably will be the erotic fantasy of every female in the Edinburgh area?”

“Of course.” She raised a brow. “Who do you think took the photo?”


“Hmmm. Don’t stop!” Claire moaned, her toes curling in pleasure. “That is definitely the spot, Jamie. Keep going!”

“Hmpf.” Jamie snorted from the other extremity of the bed, skilfully massaging the sole of her foot. “Yer wee noises are making my cock ache, Sassenach. If it’s really yer foot ye want me to massage, best ye stop.”

“Again?” She smiled lazily, watching as his knuckles applied pressure on her battered points. “We did it this morning, already. And twice last night.”

“It’s fortunate there’s not a limit to it, then.” He bit her big toe making her yelp, as his hands went on to rub her calf. “Even when I’m still inside ye, I’m already missing ye.”

“How many love letters did you receive today?” Claire asked, nudging him with her free foot. “I’m expecting the mailman already knows your name by heart.”

“They are more lust letters.” Jamie sighed, letting go of her leg and stretching next to her in bed, playing with her curls. “About a dozen or so. Apparently there is another man called James Fraser in this area who has been receiving some by mistake – he is sixty and dinna understand why all of the sudden so many women were sending him photos in their undergarments and making indignant advances on him by mail.”

“Lucky man.” Claire laughed. “May your success serve him well.”

“Ye ken what day is it today?” He stroked her small, pointy, ear and temple, gluing their bodies together.

“I do.” She kissed the tip of his jaw, feeling the small stubble prickling her lips like fresh grass. “Fourteen years ago we were married for the first time.”  

“Aye.” He kissed her mouth, tasting her lower lip, the pressure of his teeth just enough to make her moan against him. “I have a wee present for ye.”

He retrieved a small package from his nightstand and she unwrapped it, kissing him amidst the confusion of paper and ribbon. It was a custom made blue surgical cap, clearly designed for her, with a forget-me-not embroidered on the side and underneath it, printed after his own handwriting, the words “Da mi basia mille”.

“It’s beautiful, Jamie.” She said in a husky voice, a knot forming on her throat – it was always disarming to realize how much he knew her and appreciated her. “I - I have something for you too.” Claire added slowly.

“Aye?” He smiled, so tender and alight that her body was immediately blazing just to see it. His eyes shone blue and knowing, with a hint of mischief hidden in the deepest pools of blue sea.

“You know, don’t you?” Claire realized, their noses almost touching - their eyes so close they could plunge into each other without taking another breath. Slowly, like a dance learnt in another life and scripted into their DNA for permanent remembrance, their hands entwined - silver wedding rings meeting like titans clashing together.

“I know, mo nighean donn.” Jamie nodded and his hand came to rest solid and sure on her stomach - cradling the tomorrow they had lost, fought to earn again and hoped for with all their hearts.


Who is this lady?

We have seen her before.

… I think…

I have been really inactive due to school and work and just general sickness. Expect new content soon… I have some surprises in store you.

Things Furia Can’t Stand



swearing  /  profanity.  being  petted.  certain  colours.  nail  biting.   quiet  environments  or  people. loud  environments  or  people.  slang  usage.  mumbling.  tapping.  knocking.  rocking  back  and  forth.  humming. twiddling  of  thumbs. nails  on  a  chalkboard.  hedonism.  off-key  singing.  obnoxiousness.  overconfidence  and/or  cockiness.  crying.  shyness.  scratching.  proper  grammar  /  formal  speech.  not  chewing  with  their  mouth  closed.  belching.  unshaven  /  unkempt  people.  poor  hygiene.  yelling.  certain  smells.  religious  people.  non-religious  people.  zealots. hypocrisy.  arrogance.  ignorance.  defiance.  racism.  prejudice.assumptions  being  made  about  them.  rumours.  arguing.  infidelity  or  cheating.  backstabbing.  routines.  gluttony.  laziness.  procrastination.

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Jackson Imagine - Blushing

A/N - A cute little anon requested fluff~ I loved the prompt for this one so I had a lot of fun writing it! I hope you all enjoy it and keep on sending me your requests.

You were sat at home with your boyfriend, Jackson, having a regular lazy day together. Jackson was watching something on tv and you were scrolling through your phone absentmindedly. It was a normal for the two of you to stay in during this time of year since it was so cold. Because of the cold, it meant you often had dry and chapped lips - which wasn’t fun when you wanted to kiss Jackson. Beside you, Jackson had pulled out some lip balm, as if he could read your mind and wanted to torture you, knowing how much you needed it. He caught your eye and teasingly winked. 
“Want some lip balm, jagiya?”
“Please, Jackson.” He smiled and leaned in, kissing you strongly. The kiss had caught you by surprise and when he pulled away, your cheeks were blushed pink. Jackson giggled at your response, loving the effect he could have on you. 

“That wasn’t quite what I meant, Jackson,” you said shyly, still reeling from the loving kiss he had given you. 
“I know. But I love making you blush like that, it’s so cute.” Naturally, his comment made you blush even more and Jackson wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him in a tight hug. He held you like that and kept saying how cute and adorable you were, stopping to kiss you every now and then. Feeling playful, you pushed Jackson away not realising that he was on the edge of the sofa. He fell back onto the floor, laughing at your worried reaction. 
“I didn’t think you hated my kisses that much, (Y/N),” he said breathlessly from laughing. 
“Well now you know,” you responded, wanting to tease him now you knew you hadn’t hurt him. You jumped off the sofa and climbed on top of Jackson, your knees locking his legs in place. Leaning down you kissed his nose and this time, Jackson was the one to blush bright red.
“Look who’s blushing now,” you teased, giggling from your spot on top of him. You watched as Jackson’s face changed to a cheeky smirk. Within a second, his hands were on your waist and he was flipping you over. Now Jackson was the one pinning you down and he had such a smug look on his face. He leaned down to kiss you, this time with much more passion in it. This time, he wasn’t trying to make you blush. He just wanted to kiss you for his own pleasure. His lips moved in sync with yours, loving the feeling of how soft they were. After a short while, you broke away from the kiss to catch your breath. 
“You’ve definitely got some of my lip balm on you now.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, can I ask for a hedcanons about blind Ignis, where his s/o helps him shave? (Well, sort of how it will respond that it will cut its accident partner due to lack of experience, and things like that?)

Hey nonny! I hope you like it! ❤️ #DomesticLife

“Come on Iggy! Just let me do it!” You press him

It’s been a while since Iggy had gotten a proper shave and this was all because of his eyesight. He wanted to do everything himself but he knows as well as you do that he can’t, it’s taken him some time to adjust to his disability but not to accept that there are still some things he can’t do on his own. Accepting your help meant admitting defeat for him but much to your own surprise, he relented when you asked.

Shaving is a lot harder than what people make it out to be. You thank the gods that Iggy couldn’t see anything because if he saw the mess you were making, he’d surely disapprove. Everything was going quite smoothly until you nick him. He winced as blood oozed from his face.

“Oh no! I’m sorry Iggy!” You say in a panicked tone, you reach for the cotton ball on the counter and place it on the cut.

“Ah, it’s quite alright, darling. It happens even to the best of us.” He smiles “Now, let’s inspect the job you’ve done.” He puts his hand up to his face stopping every once in a while at some parts that have patches of hair left

“Well, if you ask me, I don’t think it’s that bad! I mean…. so what if you’ve got an uneven shave and really, it’s my first time doing this so…” you trail off feeling defeated that you couldn’t do such a menial task

“Well, I think it looks perfect.” he says putting his hand on his lap as he flashed you a genuine smile, you feel your stomach flutter as he reaches out to touch you.

“Oh Ignis Scientia, what in the world would I do without you?” You wrap your arms around his neck and give him a peck on the lips.

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Guzma with a Chaotic Good s/o who drags him to bed because "I swear to Arceus if you pull an allnighter again I will chain you to the bed" and just genually Aggressivly Cares

Sounds a bit like me :3c

* Guzma never knew that being both caring and aggressive was a thing until he saw it in you. At first he found it funny and cute. To him it’s like having another Plumeria around.

* When you first tell him that you’ll literally drag him to bed, he thinks you’re bluffing. To him, there was no way you could make him go to his bed. He was proven wrong though when you literally started dragging him to his room, surprising him that you’re actually doing it. 

* He’s learned the hard way that you’ll do this every time he stays up really late, dragging him to his bed and laying with him so that he gets some sleep. He’s gotten used to you doing this by now and sometimes he’ll do it on purpose so that you two can sleep together.


Sometimes Liam has to reach over and touch Travis because things get too much and I relate 100%

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit