then they grapple with each other
The Alt-Right’s Meltdown Is Just Like Any Other Message Board Drama
While the alt-right movement may be new, its current drama is as old as the internet itself.
By Katie Notopoulos

Things have gotten bumpy for the alt-right online movement since the election. It’s facing an identity crisis (what does it mean to be the “alt” if you’re getting what you want?) and grappling with certain fundamental questions like “Are we OK with Nazis?” (Even if its very name was coined by, well, Nazis.) The handful of leaders who emerged over the last year or two are at odds with each other over those and other questions, forcing helpless anime-avatared Twitter trolls caught in the middle to choose sides.

The kerfuffle surrounds the DeploraBall, a black-tie-optional party in DC the night before the inauguration. There has been nasty and public fighting among the organizers. Stick with me here: Mike Cernovich, a lawyer who became an alt-right leader after taking up the GamerGate mantle, feuded with a fellow leader (and former BuzzFeed employee) who goes by “Baked Alaska” and announced that Baked Alaska had been removed from headlining the event because he had said anti-Semitic things on Twitter. Another leader, Bill Mitchell, announced he was no longer part of the alt-right after they started using the racist hashtag #WhiteGenocide. And just recently, Baked Alaska accused (and sources confirmed to BuzzFeed News) one of the DeploraBall organizers of planting a “rape Melania” sign at an anti-Trump protest in an attempt to make protesters look depraved. In the latest surreal twist, a popular alt-right podcaster and founder of the website The Right Stuff was revealed to have a Jewish wife, which sent his fans into a tailspin.

At first, this disarray might seem surprising. After all, the alt-right claims to be an unprecedented political phenomenon that memed a president into office. But if you want to understand what’s happening there, it’s helpful to think about it as an internet-first creature. While it’s possible — and necessary — to view it through the lens of political or social thought that it echoes, the other way of making sense of it is to look at it as a digital community, regardless of its politics. And if you view it as an online community rather than a political movement, its trajectory starts to look very, very familiar.

What we have here is a classic case of “mod drama.”

My favorite part of the new still is if you look really closely, it looks like something is wrong with Clary’s hand or something? Like it looks like Magnus is literally working and trying to focus and Alec is just on top of him and Magnus isn’t even flinching? They’re so comfortable with each other and Alec is not even hesitating to be so close to him while other people are around when for the whole first season he was grappling with his sexuality and now we get Alec Gideon “hello I am gay look at my beautiful warlock boyfriend hello” Lightwood and I am living for this.

anonymous asked:

Can we just take a minute to think about Magnus and Alec sparring with each other?

why yes, we can definitely talk about that

because god it would be good wouldn’t it? it would be this undercurrent of competition and it would be flirtatious as hell. it would be this dance, this show of physical strength. whether it was hand to hand or staff to staff or imagine magic to pure reflex. magnus shoving him back with one of those magical force shoves, alec dodging and grappling him. they’d hit the wall with a thud, a low chuckle rolling through magnus’s chest, as he shifted them and rolled them around, shoving alec back against the wall a couple of inches over.

their faces would be an inch apart, panting hard and god alec’s eyes would be dark wouldn’t they. dark and mostly brown, a smirk pulling at his lips. hot skin would be against hot skin as alec leaned forward. “stop holding back.” he whispered right up against magnus’s lips and then shoved as hard as he could. magnus would stumble back, dodging a forearm swipe and one of alec’s all too predictable kicks. magnus couldn’t help but grin and they’d be on the floor in seconds, back to a test of balance and pure muscle. “think you can handle that, alexander?” magnus would get him pinned and alec would wiggle out, but not before murmuring. “you know just what i can handle.” they’d play so fucking dirty. if they weren’t taunting each other, they’d be going for spots they knew were sensitive.

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Shadow Dork


Word Count: 1.1k

Rating: Extra Fluffy


Nico di Angleo froze, half-way to reaching for a shadow. He glanced to the half-open door of the Hade’s cabin to find Will Solace standing with his fists on his hips and an absolutely furious face. Nico looked back to the shadow. He was close, if he moved quick, Will wouldn’t even—

Don’t even think about it,” Will warned.

Nico winced. He looked back to the shadow, the same look in his eye as when a rabbit looks for escape from a wolf. He glanced back to Will, still in the doorway, then back again at the shadow. Nico leapt for it.

He’d barely taken a step when Will slammed into him, somehow having made it across the cabin in less than a second. The two went tumbling to the floor, grappling with each other as Nico strained to reach any sliver of shadow within arm’s reach. Will’s arms seized up around Nico’s chest under his arms, locking him up. Nico spat like a cat, doing his best to claw at the stupidly strong son of Apollo.

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AI in the land of solarpunk

// okay but how does AI fit into solarpunk? because, let’s face it, we’re going there. robots and artifical intelligence are not only going to be in our future but are already integrating themselves into our present. and i’d like to see more AI/android stories that fit within the solarpunk framework. (and aren’t we all ready to leap beyond the dystopian robot revolution narratives we’ve been telling each other for decades?)

when you’re writing about AI, you have to grapple with the perennial problem of recognizing humanity/autonomy in something traditionally thought of as Other. cyberpunk usually takes a pessimistic view of this: it projects this problem into the future where technology often exacerbates it.

but solarpunk consciously works against those tropes. it takes the stance that humanity can learn from its mistakes. through re-establishing our ties with nature, humanity can achieve a more equal and just society. the consequences of creating AI are necessarily different in solarpunk stories than in cyberpunk ones.

i would argue the first mainstream solarpunk story is the movie Her. SPOILERS: at the end, all the operating-systems-turned-AI sort of…go off into the ether together. we don’t know what happens next, but we’re not given a reason to believe they harbor malicious feelings toward humans. maybe humans never hear from them again. maybe AI and Humanity coexist together in a symbiotic relationship. a cyberpunk story might envision a world where robots rule humans. it’s a world where nothing truly changes, just who is in power. solarpunk destroys our assumptions of power and hierarchy completely.

tl;dr: blade runner is great, but it’s so 20th century.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but even in the first clips we see of overwatch widowmaker and reaper are working together, these two characters so hellbent on being tough and deadly and not needing anyone or anything, amelie loyal to talon and all she has left and gabriel with a grudge and anger and hurt boiling inside of him and yet they rely solely on each other, are vulnerable to each other, need each other, the way reaper clings to amelie when she's exiting the museum with her grapple hook, how they look at each other, used to each other, KNOW each other and how they work and their strengths and weaknesses and how throwing sombra into the mix is something so unpredictable how they communicate with just glances and i truly believe they would take each other's side in anything and reaper remembering the amelie before she became widowmaker, seeing her w gerard, perhaps even attending her wedding and having thought of her and amelie not even aware of his existence tbh until they're thrown together in this twist of cruel fate and now they have nothing but each other and pain and a job to do
Anonymous said:

Who is the Stark child that is most like Ned in your opinion? (I don’t count Jon.)

I think all the Stark kids took after Ned in some aspects and internalized a lot of his values and lessons, and at the same time, none of them is really “like” Ned? Each surviving Starkling is growing into his or her own person and, in a way, moving past their father’s example (see: some of them develop manipulative skills, while others grapple with more nuanced and ambiguous notions of “honor” & “justice”; all of them are starting to break some rules). I like that GRRM resisted the impulse of turning one specific Starkling into an obvious Ned 2.0: instead of funneling all of Ned’s legacy traits into one kid, he’s distributed his qualities and flaws among all the children (almost) equally.

That said: barring Jon—whose Ned-ness is actually a bit complex, and not as straightforward as his physical resemblance imo—I see echoes of Ned’s personality especially in Bran and Sansa. (Or maybe they’re just the ones whose similarities with Ned interest me more, as they’re not exactly the most obvious choices, I don’t know)

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I think so. Ezra Miller’s Flash is bringing humor and quirkiness, and the DC TV universe has had to grapple with some pretty dark, emotional storylines on Arrow. I do think it’s inevitable that we all start to reflect each other. But I do love how positive and uplifting Supergirl’s character is and I don’t think she will change too drastically from that because in essence, that’s just who she is.
—  Melissa Benoist compares DC TV To DC Films (x)

hello yes let’s think about all the different ways laurent and damen can kiss each other:

  • laurent sitting in damen’s lap, tipping damen’s chin up, cupping his face, sliding fingers into his hair as damen holds him around his hips
  • damen lifting laurent up (maybe he has a thing for looking up at laurent, maybe laurent has a thing for damen’s muscleman bod), laurent’s thighs smooth but firm as they lock around his waist, damen gently pinning him to the wall as they kiss, hands grappling under laurent’s thighs
  • WET KISSES either they take a bath together or take a relaxing beach swim. laurent marveling at damen’s chest and biceps and QUADS when they’re shiny and wet, damen noticing how much darker laurent’s eyelashes seem. they probably splash each other, take advantage of weightlessness in water. the kiss probably starts out lazy and leisurely, hands roaming and frictionless, until it gets really sensual & they sink under water and only their heads are above. damen cups water with his hands and pours it over laurent’s shoulders when he starts to shiver
  • teasing kisses. laurent has mastered these…too-short kisses, lips lingering but not enough. his lips brush damen’s as he whispers some sweet nothing against his mouth, and it’s over far too soon - he pulls back and damen chases forward, trying to prolong it
  • BEARD SCRUFF KISSES if damen goes even a day without a shave its immediately tangible, laurent rubs his face against his stubble without even realizing he’s nuzzling, all of damen’s kisses are at once gentle and rough laurent can barely take the sensation. his inner thighs definitely have stubble burn and it drives him crazy
  • laurent getting the breath kissed right out of him as he comes *2012 voice* that escalated quickly yes i know BUT he probably likes it the best this way, when damen fucks him slowly and kisses him softly, his mouth open and pliant and panting all for damen’s taking
  • and then damen getting kissed while he comes - laurent swallows all his desperate babbling, and he loves having laurent’s tongue in his mouth LOL everything about kissing laurent turns him on, he comes that much harder when laurent’s lips are smothering his own

January 7, 2017 - Malachite Sunbird, Yellow-tufted Malachite Sunbird, Common Malachite Sunbird, Long-tailed Emerald Sunbird, or Green Sugarbird (Nectarinia famosa)

These sunbirds are found in South Africa and parts of eastern central Africa. Though their diet is primarily nectar, they sometimes catch small insects in the air, especially when feeding chicks. Foraging alone or in groups of up to 40 birds, they can drink from flowers while hovering, similar to hummingbirds, but often land to feed. Males are highly aggressive and frequently grapple in the air, grabbing each other with their feet. Their nests are suspended or built in bushes. Females incubate the eggs and both parents feed the chicks.

“Y/n! Y/N” Finnick was screaming, his usual controlled demeanor gone without a trace of ever existing. Your heart was pained at the terrified tone of his voice. You were the only one that ever saw Finnick in this state and now he was on display for all of Panem to see. 

You could feel the sympathetic looks that District Four was giving you now but you couldn’t look away from the screen that had been set up in the middle of your District. For an agonizing hour you watched Finnick grapple with his sanity at the thought of losing you. You distantly prayed that the rebellion would succeed and you and Finnick could finally be free from Snow. Many of your friends had circled around you to lend their moral support. 

You watched Finnick carefully after that, thankful for Katniss, Johanna and Peeta for unquestioningly giving him the space you knew he needed. Hearing Johanna speak of the love you and Finnick had for each other gave you the strength you needed to continue watching the Games. Everything had changed. You would never have to hide from the cameras again, your District would never have to help you hide. You and Finnick would soon be free.
The Democratic Establishment Figured Out What Went Wrong. They're Still Working On What's Next.
Welcome to the wilderness.

It was a good time for this particular crowd to stay out of D.C.

Had the vote counts gone a little differently in three Midwestern counties on Nov. 8, the 120 or so Democratic Party donors gathered at a golf resort outside of Miami this weekend would have been feting each other in the nation’s capital. Instead, they were taking in somber lectures about the electoral catastrophe the party had just suffered, and grappling with the way forward.

It was a gathering of what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) railed against during his presidential campaign as “the establishment.” The conference, organized by longtime Clinton family operative David Brock, was dominated by Clintonfolk. Jon Cowan, president of the ardently centrist Third Way think tank, was among the most prominent panelists, alongside Hillary Clinton confidante Maya Harris, “Morning Joe” regular Harold Ford and even embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  

But the overwhelming analysis emanating from Brockapalooza was essentially a haute couture Berniecrat gripe: The Democratic Party has been writing off way too much of the electorate by assuming it doesn’t need ― or can’t win ― the votes of working-class people.

“I think there’s a sense that some portion of the Democratic Party shares the blame for what happened,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told reporters. “The Democrats acquiesced in many ways to policies making people’s lives worse.”

He was referring obliquely to the legacy of former President Bill Clinton ― deregulating high finance, gutting welfare, feeding mass incarceration ― which leaders of a party ostensibly devoted to empowering the powerless have been reluctant to acknowledge.

“How many bankers went to jail?” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), the sole senator to endorse Sanders in the Democratic primary, asked the crowd on Saturday morning in reference to the 2008 financial crisis. “None,” he concluded.

There were real disagreements about the right course of action. But speaker after speaker said the party’s reliance on demographic trends had made it complacent on matters of economic justice. This had cost Democrats not just the presidency, but governorships and hundreds of state legislature seats across the country.

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This is a relatively plotless 1,500ish words of reylo mess that’s just these two fools hardcore embodying slap-slap-kiss and being violent and angsty and horrible to each other then making out. You know, the usual. 

It’s been rotting in my drafts for like five months and I know that I won’t ever have time/motivation to finish it amidst my other reylo projects so I’ll just leave it here for anyone who wants to enjoy it. (.w.)/

Rey and Kylo Ren grapple with each other more than once after Starkiller. It happens far more than Rey would have liked. She thought—hoped—he died in the destruction of the First Order’s mechanical monstrosity, but somehow she knew he survived. She can feel him in the Force, as much as it sickens her, a feeling amplified whenever he gets close.

Kylo always manages to catch her alone, no matter how careful she is to try to stay with groups of Resistance members when she feels him near. They fight, he entreaties her to join him in the darkness, and then she wins. 

And again and again and again.

They shall do this dance until one or both of them is dead, won’t they? The thought is scary but somehow unsurprising to Rey.

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This Video Gives Me Life. Practitioners of different arts, Showing each other their different techniques and respecting each others styles.


anonymous asked:

This may have been asked already, but do you have any Lance and Pidge headcannons?

sorry this is so late!

  • pidge has never had a big family like lance, but she’s always been really close with them
    • they both desperately miss their families. there have been a few nights when shiro is making his rounds to check on all of them and he sees pidge in lance’s room or lance in pidge’s and they’re just sitting there holding each other and crying
    • sometimes though it’s laughing. pidge will tell lance one of the stupidest things her brother has done and lance will tell her the one time Hector got a raisin stuck in his nose
  • as they start to get closer, they fight really well together
    • lance protects her back while she darts in or uses her hologram
    • she paralyzes targets as he shoots, sometimes she uses her grapple to just deliver targets to him
    • she’s also saved his ass more than once, using her grappling hook and spiking it with electricity when there’s a soldier sneaking up behind him
  • a solid 90% of the time lance has no idea what she’s talking about, but he’s always happy to listen
    • when something is wrong with the coding or the mechanics of a machine, she always explains it to him and usually ends up figuring out where she went wrong
  • pidge doesn’t really know how to console him when he’s upset, so usually just lets him talk and braids the longer strands of his hair
    • there are times where lance will walk out of his room with a good portion of his hair sticking up in inch long braids
  • pidge finds out about shiro and allura dating before anyone else
    • she was just doing one of her camera checks and sees them kissing in a hallway across the castle
    • she immediately grabs her laptop and sprints over to lance’s room and shows him
    • the two of them sit there gossiping and screaming “i knew it!” for about an hour
    • the next time they see shiro and allura, they just keep making really vague comments, confusing them beyond belief until allura realizes they know
      • she makes them actually sign a contract to never tell anyone, especially coran
      • they sign it, immediately break it as they go and run to tell hunk
  • lance gives her some of his best conditioner and deep conditioners, teaching her how to correctly use them to get the softest, silkiest, shiniest, hair possible
    • as a thank you, she makes a noise maker that simulates the sound of rain
    • he cries when she gives that to him
      • he falls asleep to it every single night
      • he listens to it when he gets really homesick, sometimes with pidge when she’s braiding his hair

The Goldfinch: Theo x Boris

“…Boris seizing my hand, bloody at the knuckles where I’d punched him on the playground, and pressing it to his own bloodied mouth.”

“…grappling around half-dressed, weak light sliding in from the bathroom and everything haloed and unstable without my glasses: hands on each other, rough and fast…”

“…I’d stopped myself from blurting the thing on the edge of my tongue, the thing I’d never said, even though it was something we both knew well enough without me saying it out loud to him in the street–which was, of course, I love you.” 

allons-y ma cherie

maybe in a few years when they learn to get along, they become the each other’s best asset–widow swings tracer onto the high places she can’t blink to, and tracer watches widow’s flank, takes her hand and blinks them away when the threat gets too close


Meet MAGG-13 - the Melee, Assault, and Grapple Gynoid, model 13

Though, of course, everyone just calls her Maggie.

She’s from an old line of obsolete war robots who was found, repaired, and given a more friendly AI, only to be sold off to a mercenary company; specifically, the same one Riss is employed under!

The two are great friends, but don’t get to see each other often face-to-screen, so they often call each other.

Also I couldn’t pick a color so I did a whole bunch, oopsie.

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Killems with 52?

52. can i kiss you? 

James isn’t sure why he’s nervous, why there’s this feeling in his stomach–its just Adam, Adam who he’s known for a long time now, who’s been his friend for years; it shouldn’t be this hard

He runs a hand through his hair and breathes in, deep and low, Adam’s looking at him now, way too beautiful and soft looking for his own good, Can I kiss you? 

Silence, they stare at each other and Adam, he must take it the wrong way because he flushes and cuts his eyes away, I mean, uh…

James kisses him and Adam melts into it, fingers grappling for his shirt, for something to hold onto. 

(It’s not the best kiss James has ever had but it’s by far his favorite one.) 

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Felicia x Severa 1-11

1. Who is the most affectionate?

Secretly Sevvy, though Felicia gives her lots of little kisses. 

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?

Selena’s the big spoon for sure. 

 3. Most common argument?

Not necessarily arguments persay but they’d have to grapple with each other’s insecurities a lot.

4. Favorite non-sexual activity?

Not necessarily an activity but any time Selena hears glass shattering or someone falling she bolts over to the scene of the incident ASAP and helps Felicia clean up and gives her lots of “are you ok?” kisses b/c she’s a sweetie like that.

5. Who is most likely to carry the other?

Selena’d carry Felicia, for sure.

6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

Selena loves Felicia’s cute face and expressive eyes. And Felicia…well, while Selena’s no Rinkah she’s definetly pretty fit and toned and Felicia’d be gaga over that. 

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

They’d both be a whole new level of awkward tbh but they’d also both smile and blush a lot and it’d be cute awkward.

8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

I think Felicia would be too embarrassed to use nicknames. In especially sweet moments Selena might resort to “Feli.” 

9. Who worries the most?

Selena is always worrying about her clumsy gf. 

10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

Selena, definetly.

11. Who tops?

The day Felicia successfully tops ANYONE is the day hell freezes over. It’s Selena.