then they grapple with each other

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duuuuude zach werenski is a BEEFY BOY. SWOLE AF and dylan LOVES it. dylan's strength isn't anything to sneeze at, but he loves how big zach feels when he holds himself over dylan and pins him down with all that muscle. he can't help but to kiss and bite at zach's muscles while they're screwing around or even while they're cuddling bc zach's thickness is just so amazing and dylan can't help but to worship it, even just a little bit

I always called him beak boy but I guess he’s also beef boy now. They probably start out playing around in D-Boss’s basement, playing ball hockey or whatever, and it starts out innocent but they start grappling with each other when one of them cheats, or when the chirping gets to be too much. Zach manages to pin Dylan to one of the walls (and Dylan maintains that he let him, bc Zach couldn’t do it that easily if Dylan were really resisting). And then they make out because why play ball hockey when you can make out instead

Our DM regrets everything

So our level 7 party was hired by a king to get an object from a dragon’s lair in exchange for an items that was part of one of our party member’s personal story quest. We got into the blue dragon’s lair, killed it’s children, then waited ambush style for it to get home. The fight basically went like this:

DM: The blue dragon flies into its lair

Party: Surprise Round!

DM: Yup… Surprise Round

Sorcerer: Hey, do you two want 150ish hitpoints and to hit like a fighter twice your level?

Bard: Sure

Fighter: Sure

Sorcerer: I use twin spell to cast polymorph on both of them. They’re both giant apes now

The party proceeded to beat down the dragon while one giant ape beat on it and the other grappled it to the ground. We then leveled, got 100,000gp each, and got magic item loot from the dragon’s hoard. Our dual-classed Arcane Archer Kensai Monk (basically Zen archer for 5e) got the Oathbow.

A few encounters later, our party is now level 8. As a level 8 party of 7 characters we decide to fight the Pit Fiend in front of us instead of run away. Here’s how that fight went:

DM: The Pit Fiend hasn’t noticed you yet.

Party: Surprise Round!

DM: Yup… Surprise Round

Sorcerer: Who wants to be giant apes?

Bard: Sure

Fighter: Sure

Sorcerer: I do the thing.

The party then proceeds to fight the Pit Fiend. The Pit Fiend knocks the bard out of giant ape form and knocks him unconscious, and the fight is getting pretty rough. That’s when our SuperArcher decided this had gone on for too long…

Archer: So it’s taken 5 rounds of great apes, paladin smites, chromatic orbs, and oathbow shots right?

DM: Yup

Archer: Alright. This combat is taking too long. Action Surge, Sharpshooter on all four attacks, that’s 22, 23, 21, and 21 to hit?

DM: They all hit

Archer: That’s 1d8+3d6+15 four times… 

DM: *proceeds to close his Monster Manual and start folding up his DM screen*

Archer: That’s 112 magical piercing damage total.

DM: You all triple level… yay…

It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 2/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match!

Word Count: 1,314

A/N: I really love how this is turning out :) Enjoy it, guys!

Part 1

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Impossible. It was impossible. There was no way. This really wasn’t Captain America. The person behind the screen was not Steve Rogers. There wasn’t. And so, you voiced it.

“It’s not him.”

Peter scoffed, nudging your side. “You don’t know that.”

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prompt: andreil + emergency room visit

(this is a sequel to THIS ‘I think there’s someone in the house’ fic!)

The paramedics hammer on the door, and Neil looks up, teary-eyed, from where his face is pressed into Andrew’s damp hair. He’s feeling for his breath with the back of his hand, waiting moment to moment for Andrew to die in his arms, silently like he does everything else. Urgency keeps stunning Neil all over again, hysterical defibrillators. The EMT’s are calling out through the wall, muffled but calm.

It feels unthinkably wrong, their absolute evenness and ease outside his door when his life is an exposed neck and Andrew’s death is the whirring blade of a saw.

He realizes that he has to get up to let them in, and it seems as impossible as it would be for Andrew to spring up and answer the door himself. He feverishly wants them to crumple the door to splinters and be inside already. 

It’s a herculean effort to ease Andrew to the ground, like he’s gritting his teeth and cutting off his own leg. He touches Andrew’s clammy face briefly but he can’t bring himself to try and slap him awake. He props Andrew’s bare feet up on the rim of the bath so the blood will flood towards his head, at least.

He feels untethered to his body when he stands, a helium balloon with its usual weight passed out on the bathroom floor. He falls into the wall immediately, adrenaline neck and neck with exhaustion.

He finds his way to the front door without his mind’s help. His head is in the bathroom with Andrew, and he knows that no matter what happens it’ll be there for a long, long time.

The next time he blinks, a man in uniform is holding his biceps and peering down at him seriously.

“—sir? Sir, are you hurt at all?”

“No,” Neil says, lips numb. “Bathroom. He’s in the bathroom. He’s bleeding to death.”

He turns, easily slipping the paramedic’s grip. There’s a procession of them, hefting a gurney and a couple of kits, and they’ve brought all the cold from outside in on their heels. They’re such a foreign object in their warm, messy apartment — uniformed, official, and precise.

It’s deadly, walking in and seeing Andrew spread out in his boxers, blood oozing through his t-shirt from his loose stitches, pale enough to match the porcelain. Neil’s seen enough corpses to recognize what they look like. 

He falls heavily to his knees and puts his head directly to his chest, listening, tears slipping hotly over the bridge of his nose.

“Please,” he slurs. His heartbeat is a tentative thud, a knock from an unexpected guest. “Help him. Now, help him now.”

“We’re going to try our best Sir, but you’ve got to get out of the way,” someone says gently.

He topples backwards onto his hands. It’s a cramped space, and he knows it would be easier if he waited outside, but he also knows he’d rather die than leave them alone with him.

The first guy kneels down and takes Andrew’s pulse, and Neil shakes his head. They’re too slow, time is feeding directly into a wide open drain.

“He needs an IV. He’s two litres down, at least. You’ve got to—“ A petite woman puts a hand on his shoulder and he shrugs her off violently. “No! You have to listen to me.”

“We know what we’re doing,” she says. “Are you an MD?” She eyes him doubtfully, gaze flitting from his scars to where her colleagues are taking vitals and cutting through Andrew’s clothes.

“Yes,” Neil says wildly. “And he needs an IV. Possibly two. Large-bore, normal saline. He’s not getting any oxygen, and he’s been like this for as long as it took you to gather your meager response team.”

She purses her lips, but she’s a professional. He can see her repressing her anger and it infuriates him. He feels like he’s crashing, over and over again, and he’s watching someone daintily pump the breaks.

“He’s right,” one of the EMT’s says distractedly. “We’re gonna need to get some fluids started, he’s in hypovolemic shock, sats below 50.”

“You want to tell me what happened?” one of the men asks.

“No,” Neil says as evenly as he can manage, reaching out to graze Andrew’s cold fingers.

“Did you do these stitches?” the woman asks, pulling at Andrew’s skin to get a better look at them. He suddenly sees how they must look to them, sloppy and angry red. Neil bends her arm away without thinking about it.

“Don’t touch him,” he snaps. He could break her arm and it would make him feel better. He drops her, disoriented by his own violence.

“There’s no need to be antagonistic,” the first man says. “We don’t want to have to remove you.”

“You really don’t,” Neil agrees. “You won’t succeed.”

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Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

Welcome to Andover… where superpowers are common, but internships are complicated. Just ask high school nobody, Jessica Tran. Despite her heroic lineage, Jess is resigned to a life without superpowers and is merely looking to beef-up her college applications when she stumbles upon the perfect (paid!) internship—only it turns out to be for the town’s most heinous supervillain. On the upside, she gets to work with her longtime secret crush, Abby, who Jess thinks may have a secret of her own. Then there’s the budding attraction to her fellow intern, the mysterious “M,” who never seems to be in the same place as Abby. But what starts as a fun way to spite her superhero parents takes a sudden and dangerous turn when she uncovers a plot larger than heroes and villains altogether.

Far From You by Tess Sharpe

Nine months. Two weeks. Six days.

That’s how long recovering addict Sophie’s been drug-free. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone believes was a drug deal gone wrong - a deal they think Sophie set up. Only Sophie knows the truth. She and Mina shared a secret, but there was no drug deal. Mina was deliberately murdered.

Forced into rehab for an addiction she’d already beaten, Sophie’s finally out and on the trail of the killer—but can she track them down before they come for her?

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Sibling Abuse in ACOTAR

I am writing this post to deal with the misconceptions about what constitutes sibling abuse in the ACOTAR fandom. When replying to this post, it is very important to keep the discussion polite and respectful. Please also consider that the trivializing and belittling of this subject can have a negative impact on survivors of this abuse who are reading your comments. I would also request that we leave other characters out of these discussions, especially if they have no bearing on the topic. When using information from one of my sources, I will use a number that I assigned to that source. A separate post with information from different articles will be posted and tagged “sibling abuse sources”, and labeled by the same numbers. I will also be using direct quotes from ACOTAR. I am writing this post in between different school and regular work, so I did not have time to detail the parental abuse (mostly in the form of neglect) also found in ACOTAR. I will only touch on it and its tie to the sibling abuse. If needed, I will do a post on other familial abuse later. I am a survivor of familial abuse – both parental and sibling. Unlike Feyre, the abuse I suffered was physical as well. When reading this post remember that I have a lot of experience with this topic, and that others who read it and your comments may too.

           Family violence is awful in all its forms, but is usually depicted inaccurately with men as just perpetrators and women solely as victims of abusive family acts. This study’s findings indicate that there are no gender differences related to surviving sibling abuse or perpetrating emotional and physical abuse among siblings (3). There are three factors to consider when defining sibling abuse - perception, intent, and severity. Perception refers to how each sibling sees the interaction. If one sibling involved in the sibling relationship views the behavior as abusive, there is a dynamic beyond normal sibling rivalry (3). Intent refers to what a sibling hoped to accomplish through an action or behavior. When sibling abuse is present, the intent of the perpetrating sibling is primarily to cause harm. Severity is related to the duration and intensity of the sibling behavior. As severity increases there is greater chance that the sibling relationship is abusive. Perception, intent, and severity exist within three primary categories of sibling abuse: psychological, physical, and sexual (3). Psychological abuse is typically not recognized by parents and is often dismissed as normal sibling rivalry. This type of abuse includes belittling, intimidation, provocation, destroying possessions, and torturing/killing pets. Psychological abuse is different from “normal” behavior based on consistency and intensity. Examples would include words and actions expressing degradation and contempt that have an impact on the sense of well-being (insecurity and self-esteem) of a sibling, such as daily harassing statements like, “No one in this family cares about you and we would all be happier if you were dead” (3).

           The most prominent perpetrator of sibling abuse in ACOTAR is Nesta. There are numerous words and actions found in the beginning of ACOTAR that support this statement. One of the most prominent instances, was this exchange between the sisters, “What do you know?” Nesta breathed. “You’re just a half-wild beast with the nerve to bark orders at all hours of the day and night. Keep it up, and someday—someday, Feyre, you’ll have no one left to remember you, or to care that you ever existed.” She stormed off, Elain darting after her, cooing her sympathy. They slammed the door to the bedroom hard enough to rattle the dishes. I’d heard the words before—and knew she only repeated them because I’d flinched that first time she spat them. They still burned anyway.” The last insult she told Feyre is almost identical to the example given by Source 3, “No one in this family cares about you and we would all be happier if you were dead”. The text shows that Nesta had said similar hurtful statements before, and said them knowing that they emotionally hurt Feyre. By analyzing this exchange with the three aspects of sibling abuse in mind, this exchange is clearly psychologically abusive. Feyre clearly perceives this as a verbal/emotional attack, and the words Nesta use greatly wounds Feyre emotionally. Nesta’s intent in this situation is also clear – she is seeking to hurt Feyre. Nesta is looking to wound Feyre for her disapproving of Nesta’s possible marriage proposal. Nesta uses this specific phrase because she has used it in the past and knew it had hurt Feyre’s feelings. The last aspect of sibling abuse, severity, is also evidenced by this exchange. Nesta has used almost those exact words to hurt Feyre before, and she actively looks for ways to wound Feyre emotionally, as evidenced by more quotes found from the book.

           More exchanges that reek of abuse found in ACOTAR include, “… so you can have enough time to paint your glorious masterpieces.” She sneered at the pillar of foxglove I’d painted along the edge of the table…” In this quote from Nesta, she is knowingly and purposefully mocking the only activity Feyre enjoys – painting. Her sneering at Feyre’s work also highlights just how sarcastic Nesta’s words are when she called Feyre’s painting masterpieces. Sarcasm on its own is not abuse, but when paired with Nesta’s actions (like trying to hurt Feyre’s self-esteem and pride of her artwork) shows that Nesta has the intent to emotionally wound Feyre. And Nesta succeeds in her attempt to belittle Feyre’s art, “I drowned the urge to cover up the painting with my hand. Maybe tomorrow I’d just scrape it off the table altogether.” Nesta’s next psychological abuse tactic is to humiliate Feyre in front of their father and other sister by exposing Feyre’s sexual activity and trying to use it to shame her. “She added with a small smile, “At least I don’t have to resort to rutting in the hay with Isaac Hale like an animal.” My father let out an embarrassed cough, looking to his cot by the fire. He’d never said a word against Nesta, from either fear or guilt, and apparently, he wasn’t going to start now, even if this was the first he was hearing of Isaac.” The role their father plays in allowing and propagating the abuse will be discussed later, but is seen in this quote. It is also interesting his potential “fear” of Nesta. This is an example of an abuser humiliating their victim to elicit shame in the target of their attacks. As will be discussed later, lowering a victim’s self-worth and increasing their shame is a tactic to gain power over them. Sex shaming an individual on its own, while hurtful, is not only abusive. But when the other factors of the situation are considered, it adds to the narrative of daily abuse Nesta bestows on Feyre. When analyzing this situation with the three sibling abuse factors, perception, intent, and severity, it is easy to see that Nesta is being abusive again in the text.

Siblings who resort to bullying view it as a means to exert power, often in response to the fact that they have been victimized by parents, older siblings, or someone outside the family (1). The aggression of the perpetrators can be a means of getting back at a favored child and releasing the anger stemming from their own abuse or an attempt to claim a sense of mastery over the trauma of their own abuse or situation. The aggression can also be a form of mimicry that is reinforced by other aggressors in the family (1).

The whole power dynamic of Feyre’s family is entirely turned upside down. The father no longer has control or power over his children, and they are left to grapple for it between each other. His lack of control is seen not only in how he never tells his children what to do or reprimands them for their treatment of each other, but also in the ways Nesta looks to use his painfully injured leg against him, “His simply carved cane was propped up against his chair—a cane he’d made for himself … and that Nesta was sometimes prone to leaving far out of his reach.” Nesta is malicious in her behavior towards him, and while it is understandable for her to be angry and hurt by his negligence, it does not give her the right to lash out at him and Feyre. No human is perfect, so occasional outbursts would be understood, but her consistent and calculated actions against the members of her family show that the situation they have grown up in has affected her enough to use abuse tactics to try to regain power in the situation. The following quote from the book is another instance of her seeking to claim power from the others, “From beside my father, Nesta snorted. Not surprising. Any bit of praise for anyone—me, Elain, other villagers—usually resulted in her dismissal. And any word from our father usually resulted in her ridicule as well.” Anything that could help lift Feyre’s sense of self-esteem is instantly destroyed by Nesta. Nesta is almost certainly in pain, and she is looking to make sure everyone not only stays that way – but hurts more than her. Some might argue that Feyre is the one with the most power in the family, since she is the only provider and source of food and money. There might be credence to this, if it weren’t for two things. First, Feyre would never withhold food, or money for survival necessities, from her family in order to control them. Second, it is possible that one of the reasons Nesta resents Feyre is because she is the sole provider (Nesta could change this by trying to help support the family, but doesn’t) and used psychological means of taking any power that Feyre might have. An example of this can be seen in the following exchange between the sisters, “Nesta picked at her long, neat nails. “I hate chopping wood. I always get splinters.” She glanced up from beneath her dark lashes. Of all of us, Nesta looked the most like our mother—especially when she wanted something. “Besides, Feyre,” she said with a pout, “you’re so much better at it! It takes you half the time it takes me. Your hands are suited for it—they’re already so rough.”” Nesta will eventually chop the wood, but she did not do it prior to the book starting when Feyre originally asked her to, and most likely only does it to try to curry some favor with Feyre before they head to the market, which will be addressed later. In this exchange, Nesta is using what, at first glance, looks to be a compliment, but is really intended to insult Feyre. First, Nesta offered an excuse not to contribute to the family’s survival, then she compliments Feyre’s ability to chop wood, and followed it up with a compliment that Feyre had an affinity for wood chopping – since her hands were rough. This is, of course, an insult since Nesta believes that manual labor which impacts the hands is a task only poor people – people lesser than her – should do. Her belief is evidenced by the perfectly kept state of her own hands and fingers. Feyre, the provider, theoretically should be able to demand help from her family. But she at most offers empty threats, since she promised her mother that she would care for them no matter what. If Nesta did not chop the wood, Feyre would have eventually done it. This is a fact that Nesta knows and exploits. That is why Feyre does more than the bulk of the work needed for the family’s survival. These, along with other exchanges in the book, show that Nesta is using psychological abuse to claim power from her family.

           Several studies over the past three decades found data which shows that sibling abuse is pandemic and can have fatal results. One study found that as many as 40% of children in the United States engage in physical aggression against siblings, and as many as 85% engage in verbal aggression against siblings on a regular basis (1). Many factors, such as the severity and intent of an act by one sibling and the emotional impact of that act on another sibling, is used when determining if an interaction is abusive. Negative sibling relationships are characterized by fear, shame, and hopelessness. Negative relationships indicate that some form of abuse is occurring (1). Examples include ridicule, which involves both words and actions that express contempt and degradation, which deprives the victim of a sense of self-worth. The sibling who can exacerbate fear gains control in the relationship through minimizing the other’s self-esteem (1). Emotional abuse includes numerous and often cruel forms of abuse, such as belittling, intimidation, scorn, provocation, destroying possessions, and torturing/killing pets.

As discussed earlier, Nesta is looking to gain control from the other family members through contempt, degradation, belittlement, scorn, and goading. This is evidenced yet again in the following excerpt, “My sisters had gone quiet, and I looked up in time to see Nesta crinkle her nose with a sniff. She picked at my cloak. “You stink like a pig covered in its own filth. Can’t you at least try to pretend that you’re not an ignorant peasant?” I didn’t let the sting and ache show. I’d been too young to learn more than the basics of manners and reading and writing when our family had fallen into misfortune, and she’d never let me forget it.” Nesta is belittling how Feyre provides for the family by insulting her appearance after hunting and bringing home food. She is also purposefully picking at Feyre’s insecurity – the fact that she was never able to learn to read and other skills the upper/middle class have in their society. Examining this interaction with the three factors of sibling abuse in mind, Nesta is yet again abusive. Perception – Feyre feels the “sting and ache” that Nesta’s words create in her. She is emotionally hurt by her sister yet again. Intent- Nesta is looking to undermine Feyre’s accomplishment in killing a deer and looking to use a known insecurity to hurt Feyre more. Severity – the text states that Nesta has used illiteracy, manual labor, and lack of education to mock Feyre before, and this is yet again another instance of her calculating what the best words to wound Feyre are in that situation. Yet another example of Nesta finding ways to exert control on her family members is seen here, ““Take those disgusting clothes off.” I took my time, swallowing the words I wanted to bark back at her.” Some might argue that Feyre is abusive as well, and while it is important to keep in mind that all interactions are seen from Feyre’s perspective and might be biased, Feyre’s intent is also very clear. After Nesta negatively orders her to disrobe, she feels the insult in the order, but tries to keep her anger inside her and not lash out. That is not a commonly found trait in abusers, and Nesta certainly doesn’t display it. When angered, Nesta instantly lashes out, and looks to find ways to severely hurt those who she is upset with.

The family environment is an important factor in sibling abuse because sibling abuse often is a reflection of behavior that has been witnessed or experienced within the family. The family is an interdependent unit, and the actions of one family member have an impact on all the other members. Conflict over the number of emotional and material resources available, and how parents handle it, heightens stress among siblings. Children are at greater risk of sibling abuse if their parents are unavailable to meet the children’s needs and are unable to help them to resolve sibling tensions (1). Experts on sibling abuse have proposed that maladaptive parental behavior and dysfunctional family structures play key roles in fueling sibling abuse. In a study conducted by Wiehe (1997), the normalization of abuse by parents was found to be a key factor in the severity and frequency of abuse between siblings (1). It’s been proved that an abused child may inflict abuse on a sibling because they are modeling the actions of their parents.  Some victims of severe sibling abuse have reported that their family environments were toxic. Wiehe (2000) reported that some victims have “described the atmosphere in their home as a ‘battleground.’ A culture of violence developed for all family members living in this culture”. Raised in such an environment, children learn to survive through intimidation and cruelty. Families who live in chaos are at risk of sibling abuse. Chaotic and disorganized families move from crisis to crisis, and it seems that no one has control. Parental stress and overburdened caretakers are two factors that result in the assignment of parental responsibilities and tasks to children. It has been shown that there is a strong link between lack of parental supervision and the frequency and severity of sibling abuse (1).

The father in ACOTAR is neglectful to the point of abuse, which will be discussed in a different post in the future. His emotional unavailability, inability to / lack of trying to provide for the family, and refusal to protect the siblings from each other all display his neglectful abuse. The chaotic situations the family endures – losing their mother, losing their fortune, moving to a hovel, watching their father beat, living without parents who provide for them – all deeply impact the sisters. All of them are hurting, and this leads some of them to turn to abuse to deal with the issues. “But at least Nesta didn’t fill our heads with useless talk of regaining our wealth, like my father. No, she just spent whatever money I didn’t hide from her, and rarely bothered to acknowledge my father’s limping presence at all. Some days, I couldn’t tell which of us was the most wretched and bitter.” The losses this family has faced has brought them all low and filled them with pain, but it seems only Feyre is looking to actively improve their situation.

Some families promote the development of alliances at the expense of other family members. When this happens, an unhealthy triangle develops in the family structure. Triangles are not always bad. However, when rigid rules and patterns are established in the triangle, problems may arise. When this type of triangle exists in a family, resolution of emotional problems is often prevented (1). 

There is an unhealthy trio in the house – and Feyre got the short end of it. Nesta and Elain are the most bonded, and Nesta actively looks to undermine and cause Feyre pain. Instead of Elain trying to heal the rift between the other two sisters, she takes Nesta’s side – even though Nesta is predominantly cruel. This unhealthy partnership, the support of an abusive individual, and neglectfulness to the point of abuse along with the father, all show that Elain is not innocent when it comes to sibling abuse. Textual evidence of this will be provided and analyzed in a different post. Nesta also psychologically abuses Elain – but to a much lesser extent than Feyre. This again, will be covered in a different post. This post has grown too long, and so it will continue to mostly focus on the sibling dynamic between Nesta and Feyre.

           According to the National Family Violence Survey, the rates of sibling abuse “make the high rates of other forms of family violence, such as parents abusing children or spouses abusing each other, seem modest by comparison”. Even with the high incident rates, sibling abuse is the least reported and researched form of abuse (4). Emotional abuse may include verbal intimidation or name calling, degradation, insults, and threatening or completing acts of violence (4). The differences between sibling violence and abuse are that violence showed reciprocal aggression between siblings, and abuse was a result of one sibling exerting power over the other. Capsi defined sibling abuse as, “unidirectional hostility where one sibling seeks to overpower the other via a reign of terror and intimidation and reflects an asymmetrical power arrangement” (4). When assessing psychological abuse, questions related to emotional aggression can be used. These include, “what is happening that hurts your feelings?” and intent “[insert example from student’s story], did this happen accidently or on purpose? What tells you that it was ‘on purpose’?” Questions such as these will likely elicit concrete descriptions of the behavior between children (4).

           There is another source of power found within families – money and material items. Feyre is the provider of the family, the one who risks her life to hunt and bring back game. The animals can be used for a few purposes, for instance, some parts will be used for food, and other parts sold for money. Feyre, the main/only real source of income for the family should be able to decide how the money is spent. This right is undeserved and should be revoked if the provider is selfish and wasteful with the family’s funds. The book shows that Feyre is neither. Instead, her sisters are the selfish ones when it comes to money:

“I’d love a new cloak,” Elain said at last with a sigh, at the same moment Nesta rose and declared: “I need a new pair of boots.””

“I kept quiet, knowing better than to get in the middle of one of their arguments, but I glanced at Nesta’s still-shiny pair by the door. Beside hers, my too-small boots were falling apart at the seams, held together only by fraying laces.”

“She drew out the two syllables of my name—fay-ruh—into the most hideous whine I’d ever endured, and Nesta loudly clicked her tongue before ordering her to shut up.”

“I drowned them out as they began quarreling over who would get the money the hide would fetch tomorrow…”

           Why should either Elain or Nesta be given the funds the hides would earn? Neither of them hunted the animals. If they weren’t being selfish, they would be discussing the ways to use the money to best provide for the family – every member. Instead, they bicker over which one of their unhelpful and lazy selves should spend the money for their own individual benefit. Clothing is of course a necessity, but Feyre’s clothes are in far worse a state than their own, partly due to her physical activities she performs to provide for them. Since she is the youngest, it is also likely, though not specifically stated, that she got the hand-me-downs over the years as many younger siblings do, especially in poor households. Yet the siblings who did not earn the money argue over how they will spend it. Many abusers are willfully ignorant of their selfish behavior and how it affects others. Other abusers, as is likely in Nesta’s case, also selfishly seek to use money they have or haven’t earned as a power ploy. Nesta, who constantly points out Feyre’s shabby and poor appearance, has no doubt noticed the differences between their apparel. She certainly knows that Feyre’s are in a worse state, but still seeks to better her own wardrobe at the cost of her sister. Though Feyre earned the money, Nesta is trying to take away Feyre’s power to use it.

Physical and emotional sibling violence are one of the most common forms of violence against children and the consequences of physical and emotional sibling abuse can affect children and adults. Research has found children and adolescents who have experienced sibling violence to have experienced mental health, loneliness, psychological problems, and poor peer interaction and behavioral problems (2). Violence against a child, regardless of, is still violence against a child, unfortunately sibling violence has been mostly ignored in child welfare. Children and teenagers who had experienced sibling aggression reported higher mental health issues than children who had not experienced sibling abuse. Children who were victims, and perpetrators, of sibling abuse were found to be more likely to end up in abusive romantic relationships later in life (2). Both the victims and the perpetrators of emotional sibling abuse tend to have significantly lower levels of self-esteem as adults than do nonvictims (1).

The unhealthy dynamic that Feyre and Nesta grew up with was rife with the possibilities to become a selfish and psychologically unhealthy individual. Nesta had considered an engagement, which implies a prior attachment/relationship, with a man who would most likely be abusive. Feyre did end up in love with a romantically abusive partner, Tamlin. Tamlin was not just abusive towards her, but also arguably to Lucien. All sisters were unlucky enough to live in a situation that can create abusers, but only one sister did not show any indications of being abusive – Feyre. Unfortunately, she was romantically involved with an abuser, but thankfully got out and found someone who would not abuse her for the first time in her life.  

Almost all interaction between Feyre and Nesta in the beginning of ACOTAR is Nesta trying to emotionally hurt Feyre and purposefully lower her self-esteem. When reading the book, it is important to remember that Nesta has been treating Feyre that way for years – not just the few days the readers see. Feyre has been living in a hostile environment, one that Nesta inflames, for years. She has suffered emotional and mental trauma at the hands of Nesta’s psychological abuse.  

Abuse is abuse. Siblings are fully capable of abusing each other, and do so in ACOTAR. Nesta’s later actions in no way erase her abusive behavior. Future actions do not change past ones, but can begin to try to make up for it. Some abusers can and will look to protect their victims from outside threats and dangers besides themselves. Some abusers will love and care for their victims. Some abusers will do nice and kind things for their victims. Some abusers will even change their behavior. But none of it, none of it, will in any way lessen or erase their current or past abuse. Some readers don’t think Nesta did anything wrong. Some don’t want an apology from Nesta, and think it would be out of character, in that sense, they would be right. It is out of character for abusers to apologize for their behavior. But that does not mean the abusers don’t need to, or shouldn’t, apologize for their actions. Or be held accountable for them.

In order for an abuser to deserve forgiveness they need to recognize their actions as wrong. They then need to meaningfully apologize. Lastly, abusers would need to change their behavior and keep it that way. Then they would not fit the criteria for an abuser any longer. Simply stopping abusive actions do not undo abuse, erase it, or mean a person no longer deserved the title of abuser.

Nesta was an abusive sibling. The fact is that she actively sought out ways to hurt her sisters continually on a daily basis for years. The problem isn’t just that she wasn’t unconcerned with other’s feelings, it was that she calculated ways to hurt them. Whether she still is, or is not abusive is not what is being discussed in this post. Nesta’s character is an excellent opportunity for the author to show how an abuser can grow and change and be redeemed.

Personally, I will never enjoy reading about Nesta’s character. Many of her actions in ACOTAR are nearly identical to many of my brother’s. Her treatment of Feyre is very similar to some of the ways he treated me. I can’t read parts of the book with Nesta’s character and not be reminded of my brother. It is certainly possible for Nesta to grow and change, like my brother could, but even if they do, I would still not want to read about, or associate, with them. Many readers who have not suffered through sibling abuse will have no problem reading and enjoying Nesta’s character, and there is no problem with that. The problem is only when readers erase negative aspects of a character, and claim there were no misdeeds done by characters they like.

There is nothing wrong with liking a strong, willful, sarcastic, uncaring character. There is nothing wrong with liking a morally gray character. Or a villain. Many do, including myself. The situation only changes to being not okay when people refuse to acknowledge a character’s misdeeds and mistreatment of others. Everyone can have problematic faves, the only problem arises when fans refuse to acknowledge their fave’s problematic behavior. We are all capable of critical thinking and liking complex things. There is no reason to blindly pretend a character has no flaws, or that the flaws aren’t harmful to others. We can still love characters, flaws and all.

Again, I ask that only polite discussion takes place on the subjects of abuse in the fandom. There is no reason to write words that can be construed as hurtful to people who have suffered sibling, and other, abuse in the past. Please remember that survivors could be reading anything you post and say. I am tagging everyone who liked/reblogged a post I saw earlier stating there was no sibling abuse in ACOTAR. I am not looking to call anyone out, but only to shed light on a very prevalent and harmful form of abuse that has been swept under the rug far too many times.

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What If one of the fakes had a high school reunion or something like that and just took the crew and it somehow ended in a shoot out with the cops.

Let’s just be clear, it’s not a pride thing. Geoff has never cared what people said about him, not outside a professional sense anyway; he knew exactly who he was, what he was capable of, even before he’d taken an entire city to its knees. So it’s not that he felt the need to prove himself, it’s just that there’s something particular about high school trauma, isn’t there? Something that lingers, even when it shouldn’t, something that emerges from even the most upstanding adults when thrown back together for a reunion, the bullies and the bullied, all desperate to show what they’ve become.

Geoff’s last high school was nothing like he’d ever been to before, a snobby upper-crust hellhole he was only in because his Ma’s third husband pulled some strings, and the other students were quick to point out just how much he didn’t belong. Between the tattoos and the smoking, the lazy looks and slow sneering drawl, it was always all too easy to label Geoff a loser, a drop out, trailer park trash everyone knew would be washing their cars one day. Never mind that he scored higher than most of his cohort even when skipping more or less every class, never mind that he is possibly the most well-read crime-lord in the country, back then he had an image and teenagers are relentless. Not that Geoff was all that phased even at the time, only a year or so away from the day he picked up his first gun and never looked back, but it’s the principal of the thing.

So when an invite forwards through from an email so old he’d forgotten he’d even made it Geoff has to laugh. Then pause, consider, hatch an utterly ridiculous idea, and laugh some more. Because he might not care, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy ruining the night for all the pathetic stuck-up nobodies he went to school with; rubbing your success in everyone’s faces is what reunions are for, after all. The fact that it has a theme, that it is masquerade of all things, really just cements Geoff’s resolve to drag his crew halfway across the country into one of the strangest nights of their lives.

Everyone knows the option to bring a guest to these events is, in reality, the offer to bring a romantic partner, singular, but it isn’t technically stated. There are no rules barring Geoff from RSVP-ing for 7, so that’s exactly what he does. Sure he receives a few increasingly less polite emails suggesting he’d been mistaken but he doesn’t even bother opening them, doesn’t try to clarify that he is bringing his friends, his family, not his entire harem. Let them talk; they’d do it anyway. Plus, it’s not like the Fake’s aren’t all entirely too pleased with the suggestion, cackling hyenas who spend the next few weeks laying it on thick, batting their eyes and blowing Geoff kisses, picking out increasingly absurd meet-cute stories to tell his scandalised classmates. Between creating new identities and playing dress up in masks and suits they couldn’t be happier.

Masks or not they catch every eye in the room when they make their entrance and why wouldn’t they; Geoff and his unusual request must have been the talk of the rumour mill and identity hidden or not clearly this must be Geoff, it’s not like anyone else brought along 6 dates. As stage whispers hit a dull roar it’s obvious no one was prepared for what they were seeing, perhaps imagined instead stained tank tops and a string of strung-out baby mama’s, not expensively tailored suits and an attractively refined entourage. Paying the noise no heed Geoff swans into the room with Jack looking elegant on one arm, Gavin at his most Ken-doll glamorous tucked under the other, flanked on either side by Ryan, Michael, Jeremy and Ray, all dressed to impress.

Shock and jealousy aren’t good looks on anyone, let alone rich brats turned elitist yuppies, so Geoff’s classmates behave just as poorly as he’d anticipated, years and newfound maturity doing nothing to stop the tittering laughter, the sneers and judgmental looks, fake pleasantry and condescending questions. But then, his crew didn’t exactly play nice with them either.

Ray and Jeremy immediately beeline to the food table and bar, respectively, and each set themselves up and settle in for the night; loud, obnoxious and tactlessly talking about everyone around them. When asked about themselves or their relationship to Geoff they’re both frustratingly vague, Jeremy chattering away without saying much at all and Ray simply staring people down until they can’t bear the tension.

Michael and Ryan set off together to explore the room but quickly separate to accommodate their vastly different methods of surveillance. Ryan skulks into the background, ducking numerous attempts to catch his interest in favour of fading into unlit corners and empty nooks, frightening the life out of anyone trying to slip away for some private time. Michael, on the other hand, seems determined to be the life of the party, cheerfully making conversation only to laugh in the face of every so-called achievement, ruffling feathers and causing major offence wherever he goes.

Gavin slinks off like a man on a mission and doesn’t come back for over an hour, offering no explanation for the absence beyond a dangerously self-satisfied smirk. His work becomes obvious soon enough anyway, once the yelling starts; Geoff’s two main high-school tormentors, mentioned only in passing stories over the years, simultaneously having huge, public, relationship-ending blow ups with each of their significant others. What are the odds? Across the hall Gavin laughs, all tinkling glass and sparkling charm, smoothly working the room like Michael’s mirror opposite.

Jack stays at Geoff’s side all night, hackles raised into something abnormally cold and unimpressed any time someone comes up to speak to them, protective instincts in full force no matter how often Geoff claims to be unaffected. He fills her in on all the worst gossip about those who approach, and as the night progresses and general unease begins to spread Jack mellows, sinking back into something sweet and mocking, somehow even more unsettling playing docile arm-candy than she was rabid guard dog.

Throughout the night the Fake AH Crew remain a key topic of every casual conversation; they might have been regardless, even this far from Los Santos no one can get enough of their scandals, but with the huge heist pulled just last week there was no way to avoid it, everyone has their two cents, their praise and condemnation. It’s too funny, the whole crew killing themselves trying not to break character, to laugh or correct or manipulate the conversation but all their self-control is well rewarded in the end.

Half the room removed their masks less than an hour into the night; too difficult to eat and talk and drink in, too vain to keep their hard earned looks covered, so it’s not at all strange when the Fake’s start to follow suit. Jeremy and Ray start it, the newest member and the one caught on camera the least often, casually dropping their masks mid-conversation. They each get a confused squint or two, a double glance, a few individuals trying to place them, remember how they’d met before, why they were so familiar.

Next came Gavin and Michael, having goaded each other out onto the dance-floor they were playing as much as they were moving to the music, laughing and grappling and generally making a bit of a scene. They snatch off each other’s masks as they play and the looks double, because alone they’re each distinctive but together, together, people have seen those faces together, somewhere they’ve seen them and so often together..

Last is Jack and Geoff, more graceful than their counterparts and moving with far more purpose they reveal their faces in the centre of the room and, like a party trick, they instantly catch the whole room’s attention. Out of context, in ones and twos where they don’t belong, the members of the FAHC could be mistaken but no one in the country would fail to recognise Ramsey and Patillo, the kingpin and his right hand, rulers of the most well-known gang in the US. And here they stand, casually mingling at a high school reunion.

In the calm before the storm the crew gravitates back towards one another, can almost see the cogs turning around them, the lightbulbs flickering on in a slow ripple spreading out across the room, disbelief and the first hint of horror swirling together as people start unconsciously reaching for their phones. As Ryan slips back out and wanders over, the last still masked, always masked, the chatter seems to crescendo then crash into something still and almost silent as a room full of entitled trust-fund babies recognise their own terror.

Finally uncovered and flanked by his family Geoff’s grin creeps across his face, slow and violent and more confirmation than anyone needed as he lets the oppressive tension sit for a long moment, arms spreading out to his sides like a magician revealing a clever trick before he breaks the silence; Surprise motherfuckers.

Guns are pulled from jackets and from there it’s all running and screaming, no honour or courage, just a stampede for the exits to the sound of cackling laughter and the occasional aimless pot-shot. The Fake’s aren’t looking for lives, not worth the hassle really, and this job certainly has no monetary reward beyond the wallets Geoff’s filthy little thieves have no doubt absconded with, but the fear in the air is delightful and even the sound of incoming sirens can’t ruin the mood. If anything it only hypes them up further, all savage grins and ramping excitement as they make for doors, reloading their weapons and pumping themselves up for a whole new police force to terrorise, Geoff’s magnificent little miscreants.

On the way out they pass a wall of yearbook photos, blown up large and captioned with names and all the old superlative awards. Ryan stumbles to a halt and snorts, snatching one off the wall and tucking it into his jacket to take back to the penthouse, though not before flashing the Lads a glance at that all too recognisable face, sending them into peals of screeching laughter as they pour out into the night. Geoffrey Fink; Least likely to succeed. 

anonymous asked:

Could you do a one shot where wolfstar are locked in a cupboard and end up really awkwardly admitting their feelings? (Lily and James may or may not have locked them in)

“Stop yelling in my ear.”
“Move your –”
“Fuck Moony, get off my lap.”
Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were in a Compromising Position. An Awkward, Close Quarters Position that neither intended to get into. One that their friends – ex friends as Sirius had eloquently screamed at them through the tiny cupboard door – got them into.
The two boys had casually been walking down the abandoned corridor on their way to Charms together like any ordinary day. Sirius had been explaining his new prank that involved a box of pixies and Bellatrix Black’s bed when the next thing they knew, they were shoved from behind into the cupboard and locked in by two pairs of hands.
“We won’t unlock this cupboard until you’ve figured your shit out,” was what Lily and James had told them on the other side of the door. Their protests and curses went unheard by the smug couple.
And now they were a tangled mess of twisted legs and clumsy hands and frustrated groans. Grappling each other to try to get out.
“Why is your face so bloody hot?” Remus felt a hand cup his cheek.
“Erm, because there’s too much body heat in such a concentrated space.”
That was a lie. And Remus knew it. He was blushing like a schoolgirl for the sole reason that he had been in Sirius’s lap mere seconds ago.
Sirius Black’s lips are two inches from mine.
Another wave of heat filled his face and he squeezed his eyes shut. Have some self control, Remus.
“So, er… figure our shit together, eh?”
Remus mentally face palmed himself. He was so lame.
Sirius shifted slightly until they were leaning against opposite walls, legs pressed against each other. The temperature seemed to rise by a few degrees. In the dark, Remus could make out only his glimmering eyes and wicked smile. He twiddled his thumbs as they sat there quietly, unsure of what to do next.
“What do you suppose they mean by –”
“We’re sick of dealing with the sexual tension between you two. Stop being stubborn bastards!” James yelled from outside. Lily hushed him, and she slapped his chest hard. Remus could practically hear James pout. And he continued anyway. “It means you bloody idiots are in love!”
Sirius’s grin disappeared and they both stopped breathing. Remus’s heart pounded loudly until it was the only audible sound in the small space. His mind was racing, question after question piling up.
How does James know?
When did he find out?
Did Sirius know?
…Sirius is in love with me?

He must have muttered the last one to himself aloud because Sirius was softly saying, “Yes.”
His head snapped up to meet those midnight eyes. Any amusement before was gone and all that remained was tenderness.
“Remus John Lupin,” he began tentatively, “I have been in love with you ever since you gave me that bit of chocolate after I broke my arm in that duel with Snape fourth year. I have wanted to tell you ever since the morning after that one full moon on your birthday. I have wanted to kiss you ever since you slow danced with me at the Yule Ball. I love you, everything about you.”
Word after word, Remus’s walls crumbled until all that was left was his heart that beat solely for Sirius. Words that he had been waiting for ever since first year. Words that wrapped around him and squeezed tight. Tears rolled down his cheeks.
He bit his lip, staring at this boy who had been his friend for seven years. The same boy who came into his bed after every full moon, the one who wore eyeliner and leather jackets, the one who shamelessly flirted with him constantly. The boy that loved him.
Before he could take a second to contemplate it, Remus closed the space between them and cupped Sirius’s flushed cheeks in his hands. He smoothed his thumb over his rough jaw, savoring the feel of his skin under his finger.
“My universe,” he breathed, before crushing his lips into Sirius’s.
They kissed and kissed and kissed in that cupboard to the hoots and hollers of their friends, never once breaking apart from each other.
Remus smiled into Sirius’s lips.
“I love you too.”

Sorry, I stabbed you. (Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested by: @kms1303

Summary: 4. “I don’t even see your face, Red.”
6. “Hold up! You want to tell me you put a costume on and fight crime at night, too!?”
35. “I’m sorry I stabbed you. I love you.”
You and Jason are best friends, but what you don’t know is at night you are rivals.

Warnings: non?

Note: (Y/A) = your alias

You ring the doorbell and wait. A pack of bear was in your one hand and a bag of fast food in the other.
Your back was aching from last nights fighting, your shoulder was throbbing still and you just really wanted to see your best friends and do normal things.
Red Hood had interfered in your businesses again and this time you just couldn’t let him get away with it.
The problem was that he was skilled and if it wasn’t for your body amour your collarbone would be shattered now.

He opened and his face softened up immediately.
Jason’s eyes were two pale blue crystals, sparkling and shimmering as they looked into yours.
He seemed tired, though. That was nothing new to you since he did all the time.

“That’s exactly what I need,” he said with a small grin tugging on his lips and pulled you in a quick hug, wrapping his massive arm around your shoulder.

You winced.

“What happened?” The softness was wiped from his face, now replaced with alertness and concern.

You walked in and sat on the couch. “I got up at night and ran right into a wall. You know me.” You hated lying to him, but Jason would freak out if he knew what you did at night. He was overprotective through and through.

Jason frowned, noticing something was off about your statement. He decided to not dwell on it and believe you.
You were his best friend, his soul mate, you would tell him what really happened if there was the need to.
Jason knew you hated to worry him.

You laid your head on his shoulder and he took a sip of the beer. “If you want we can just go to bed and sleep some more. I’m tired.”

“That’s why they call us friendship goals.” He chuckled and grabbed you, carefully throwing you over his shoulder.

You giggled and your insides tingled at how effortlessly he did it.
Jason carried you to his bed and carefully laid you down.
It was a good choice to wear sweatpants after all.

You loved his bed. The smell of him lingering in the sheets. This musky, fancy cologne scent which was almost like a drug that calmed you down and made your heart race all at once.

He wrapped his arms loosely around you and you let him devour you entirely.
It wasn’t weird to cuddle. You and Jason actually did it quite often. It was just platonic.

Well, Jason wished it wouldn’t be, but he could never tell you.
He was already scared you would just leave one day due to his moods, he won’t give you more reasons.


You put the last guy out and felt a shift in the air. Your turn around and were able to duck from Red Hood’s punch in the last second. “From behind?! That’s hell of an asshole move.” Your mask was changing your voice, making it come out darker.

“I said stay out of my business!” He growled.

“No? I was the one telling you!” You yell back frustrated. Was he too stupid to just back off. “Go to another part of town, asshole! This one is mine!”

You got ready to fire your grappling gun, getting out of there, but Red Hood grabbed you by the throat and pinned you against the nearest brick wall. Your tiptoes just barely touched the ground.

“Listen, I have people in this part of town I need to keep save,” he said in a low voice.

“So do I.”

It all would be much easier if you’d knew you were talking about each other.

“We get along or you back off!” He tightened his grip.

You laughed darkly. “Is this supposed to scare me?” Your eyes mentioned down to his hand on your throat.

“What? Is it turning you on?” You could hear the frown, knowing you achieved what you wanted. He was irritated.

“I don’t even see your face, Red.” You grinned. He was standing too close, not noticing and you could kick him right in the balls with your knee. Yes, it was an asshole move.

Red Hood let go of you and you grabbed him by the neck of his leather jacket and smashed him head first into the brick wall.

You heard his helmet shatter, but before you could do anything else you felt a knife slice through your shoulder and pin into the wall behind you.

“Ah!” You shouted in pain and squeezed your eyes shut.

“You know what I like about shoulder wounds?”

Your eyes tear open and your face got pale. “Jason,” you said in a gasp. The pain was forgotten, pushed to the background. Your stomach crunched.

“Okay, what?” He was like frozen.

“Oh, my god.” You looked at one of his pale blue eyes. Your mind was racing and now pieces were falling together and you couldn’t understand how you never noticed.

“Lady, what are yo– (Y/N).”

You pulled your mask off, breathing heavily.

“Oh, god.” He let his guard down completely and pulled the remaining helmet off his face, dropping it on the ground. “(Y/N). Oh.” He looked at the knife sticking in your shoulder and panic floated his body. “Oh, god. I’m sorry I stabbed you. I love you. Oh, shit.” He pulled it out, carefully, but quickly.

You hissed in pain and sank to your butt, staring at him.
Jason got something out and put it on the wounds. You figured it made the bleeding stop.
Then he sat beside you and silence took over for a long moment.

He was the first to speak again. “Hold up! You want to tell me you put a costume on and fight crime at night, too?” It was beyond him how he couldn’t notice. He should have today. Your shoulder was hurting because Red Hood hit (Y/A) there yesterday night.

You just nodded. “And you? Did you mean it?”

“That I’m sorry?” He met your eyes. He was freaked out. “Hell, yes I am.”

“No.” Your face softened. “That you love me?”

He considered his options. He could deny it, say it was meant in a platonic way or tell the truth.
But he couldn’t loose you. He wouldn’t survive that.

Jason opened his mouth, but you spoke first. “I love you.”

His face moved forward, saying “excuse me, did I hear right?” without moving his lips.

You moved forward and peaked his lips once. “I love you, Jason.” You repeated, looking up in eyes that seemed to race over your face, trying to make sense of your words and actions. You knew it was risky, but it would come out sooner or later.

His face relaxed and he moved towards you and kissed you passionately. His lips moved against yours until they were swollen and numb.
Jason’s hand was resting on the back of your neck, making electricity run through your body.
The pain in your shoulder was barely there in that moment.

The Past and Present

“Uncle Wilford! Uncle Wilfo~ord!” A little dyed red head and a pretend crown bobbed around a table corner to meet a lounging pink mustachioed fellow of considerable silliness looking at a very sharp knife. The two children looked quite excited and the man’s interest was piqued. He smiled, mustache lifting slightly, and waggled his eyebrows.

“Well then, Yan and King, whatcha need, hm?” Wilford put away his knife, sitting himself up and over to get down to the pair’s level. Yandere presented an old Polaroid picture, looking quite excited. Wilford recognized it immediately furrowing his brows and lightly taking it from the child’s grasp. “Where’d you two find this?” His dark brown eyes never left the photo.

“Yan and I found it in the attic when we were looking for Rufus!” King answered with enthusiasm. The peanut butter on his face dripped down onto the carpet, and normally Wilford would ‘punish’ him by giving him the tickle fight of his life. But the man was currently lost in memory with a small half smile on his lips. He suddenly looked up, eyebrow raised.

“Who’s Rufus?” Wilford looked between the two, a little bewildered.

“He’s a squirrel,” Yan answered. Wilford nodded, looking around the room like something was watching him. He lifted the picture, smiling at them both.

“Well this certainly was a find. I thought it had been lost,” Wilford clicked his tongue, lifting the photo for further examination. “I wonder if Dark still remembers this…” King suddenly snorted. Wilford looked down at him. “Got somethin’ up your nose, your majesty?”

“No!” King giggled into his hand, getting peanut butter all over it. “Why did uncle Dark look like that?” Wilford looked at the photo.

“You mean his sense of style has changed?” This remark got an outburst of laughter from the two. Wilford chuckled, himself. “Well, I would think it was because he wanted to keep up with the ‘aesthetic’ of being,” Wilford rolled his eyes and lifted his hands to form quotation marks, “'Darkness’. Really it was just him brooding,” Wilford shook his head. “He was certainly odd, still is. You know he still wears those band tee-shirts?” The kids looked shocked. Wilford was practically bubbling with laughter.

“How come we’ve never seen them!!” Yan shouted, King nodding in vigorous agreement.

“It’s because he thinks he can keep it a secret. But ol’ Wilford Warfstache has known him much longer than anyone else here! And no secret of his is safe with me. Here, I’ll prove it. Follow me.” The pink mustachioed man stood up, beckoning the children to follow him out of the room and into the large halls of the building they all shared. Wilford brought his knife back out, smiling like Yan and King after being slipped some candy.

“Oh Darkie~

“Wilford how many times–”

“Yeah, yeah! Just come over here! I think I’ve finally figured out a solution to taking over the channel,”

Oh really? Why do I not believe you?”

Just come here!

A flash of metal and a small pop of buttons had the entire hall in pause and silence. A soft ringing began to sound itself off, but it was long forgotten when the sounds of laughter filled the halls. Dark’s teeth were grit and he looked very angry. His hands were gripping his dress shirt to try and hide what was underneath, but it was too late.

“I told you he still wore em!” Wilford grinned, laughing along with the two children. They were practically rolling on the floor. Dark’s eyes flashed to Wilford.

“Is this the game we’re going to play?” Dark suddenly smiled, folding his hands behind his back to reveal even more of the shirt. His eyes were narrowed. “Then I suppose the children would like to know that your mustache has literally taken years to grow?” Wilford’s eyes widened and suddenly the two were grasping the other’s clothing, glaring daggers at each other.

“That’s not true!”

“Oh really? Then what would happen, say by some accident, it was suddenly shaved off tomorrow? You could easily grow it back, right Wilford?

“You better not, emo boy!

I am not an emo!






“You two are dorks” Yan said. He and King both grinned.

“But you’re our dorks!” They both ran forwards, hugging the two men that were still grappling each other.

“Don’t touch me”

“Maybe a little love is what Brood needs, kids” Wilford grinned. Dark snarled.


Inspired by a post I saw about Dark still wearing band tees

matt and aaron thoughts

what if after neil and aaron switch dorms, aaron actually starts to open up? and who better to open up to than sunshine and daisies matt boyd?

  • it was rough at first
  • the first thing aaron ever said to him inside their now shared dorm was “we’ll never be friends. we’re just roommates. don’t think i’m here to be another neil josten to you”
  • matt was taken aback
  • he never once thought aaron would be that to him
  • he was hoping he’d finally get to know the rumoured “better half” of the minyards
  • matt knows nothing about him but he’s been trying for years

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This Video Gives Me Life. Practitioners of different arts, Showing each other their different techniques and respecting each others styles.


jupiter-saturn aspects ♃♄

i’ve always loved how the glyphs for jupiter and saturn seemed to be inverses of each other; jupiter is lady luck, wherever it occupies comes naturally, it does not need a ton of focus on its own, but for that reason, it is lazy. putting energy toward your jupiter is how you can truly unlock its riches. saturn, on the other hand, is a looming threat. it requires great focus and is quite emotionally taxing, since it teaches you important life lessons. jupiter expands, saturn restricts. 

jupiter conjunct saturn: success seems to come slowly, but then all at once. may perceive oneself as a late-bloomer, but reap lasting gains for waiting. individuals with this placement might try to balance over-achieving with exerting the lowest possible effort, and the two playing on each other can be quite confusing and stressful. 

jupiter square/opposite saturn: grapples endlessly between the ends of optimism and pessimism, faith and dismay, ambition and skirting by. as saturn is the malefic, it can tend to hold more control of a square, necessitating the native to work hard to access jupiter’s potential rewards. i notice certain emotional shortcomings with the square, whether it be depression, anger, or other mental problems. this can be strain from these two entities battling. the square aspect embodies more of the struggle, while the opposition may embody more going back and forth between the two, embodying the extremes of each.

jupiter trine/sextile saturn: when these two planets are working well together, this may indicate a greater ability to put effort towards the future than the previously mentioned aspects. this might indicate the assistance of others in achieving your goals, like luke skywalker had obi-wan. those with this placement may not feel so strongly the limitations of time, and the fleetingness of it; rather, they may appreciate that things come in time and plan/invest accordingly.

jupiter inconjunct saturn: your greater benefic and malefic are completely at odds, indicating a vast struggle between the two archetypes. this will be exacerbated by their house placements. this can indicate a propensity for overexertion, swamping yourself with responsibilities and then realizing too late that you have bit off much more than you can chew (squares too, to an extent). this is because there can be over-confidence with this placement, a feeling of “only i can do this” in regards to a task. 

anonymous asked:

if you could Reboot DBZ how would you go about doing it?

OOOOOOOO now this is something I can really sink my teeth into 

1) I’d make the humans useful again

In DBZ after a while all the humans became outclassed by the saiyans and never caught up. And I hated that. Let them learn the Kaioken and spirit bomb or let them find some Saitama way to train and power up so that they can at least fight on par with a SS2.

2) I’d give the characters their own unique abilities

In DBZ when ya get down to it,  EVERY Major FIGHTING CHARACTER Basically has the same set of skills

  • All can fly
  • All can Shoot energy blasts
  • All have Super Speed
  • All have Super Strength
  • etc

Even though DBZ is my favorite show of all time What I like about shows like Naruto, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho etc etc is the fact that each of the characters is badass in their own right with their own set of skills unique to them. With DBZ besides the characters who can regenerate all the ki attacks could Easily be replicated or learned. Anyone can learn Krillins destructo disk the same with the kamehameha. So I’d find a way to make the powers different in some way. Honestly I find it kind of a cop out that everyone in the universe has the exact same skills.

3) I’d Make the Super Saiyan forms all look VASTLY different from one another.

Okay, Real talk the OG Super saiyan form looks great. Gold Hair, Emerald eyes, Awesome. But when you get to the later forms its kinda hard to distinguish besides lil things. Gohan SS1 and 2 are perfect cause you can easily tell them apart

But for someone like Vegeta or gohan in high school, you can barely tell if they transformed or not unless they have electricity around them. I’d make it so that Every single transformation looked Awesome in their own way and  very very different from each other. I mean like it be something epic Probably like their body glows. Also I’d change SS3 cause I dont like that design

4) I’d bring back the Martial Arts aspect to the show.

As the characters became more powerful in Z, the martial arts aspect went down tremendously Every fight became

  • Rapid Fire punching and kicking
  • Blast Here Blast there
  • Screaming and power up
  • staring
  • flash backs
  • Charge
  • On the Next episode of Dragon Ball Z

Compare that to the fights in the original Dragonball and early DBZ

where you see every kick, every punch, every grapple they have to do to outwith their opponent. I miss that. Again I love DBZ and can watch this

but I’d prefer to see something more skill based.

5) Give accurate descriptions of their powers and abilities

As most DBZ fanboys say, how can anyone fight these people who blow up planets with fingers. Give us actual charts. Goku can shake the entire earth when transforming into SS3, and punch with 40 tons effortlessly but Akira Toriyama has gone on record saying there were many times he had forgotten how powerful he had made the characters. There are times the characters are running like theyre jogging when they should be there in a flash. IN DRAGON BALL THEY COULD MOVE FASTER THAN THE SPEED of light at the first tournament! A great example of this is Trunks flying to Bulmas house from Kami’s lookout in the Buu saga to get the dragon radar from her parents. Trunks is a Goddamn Super Saiyan who can move faster than the speed of light. It really should not have taken him long to get to that house with his speed and its not like Buu could sense him yet. I’d go the comic route and give full feats of what they can and cannot do. 

Thats all I can think of right now but if I have more thoughts Ill reblog it and let you know

anonymous asked:

hi hello bonjour hi, I love your blog so much and lately I've been reading a lot of fics in your mate tag and i was just wondering if you have any specific fics that focus around a bonding bite or a mate bite?? that would hecka rad if you did. thank youuu ily alll ❤️❤️

here’s some

The Shop by Stiles_Hale_38 (1/1 | 5,707 | NC17)

The shop is run specifically for werewolves. Werewolves need mates, and Peter is just a man trying to help some wolves out, so, he sells omegas, little omegas, young omegas.

Derek, Peter’s nephew, has never taken interest in the store or any of it’s purchases. Sure he’s looked around, but never found anything, that is until Peter calls him in for help renovating. The minute Derek walks in, he catches a scent, and with a little searching, he finds Stiles, and knows he is the one, and he doesn’t care how much he costs.

Unexpected Mates by Kleineganz (1/1 | 3,965 | NC17)

Derek scents Stiles when they were paralyzed together at the Sheriff’s office, and it sets in motion something in their biology that they cannot control.

Wrapped in a Dream by wolfcloaks (21/21 | 34,577 | NC17)

He finds him in the middle of the clearing, mouth grappling with a foreign tongue, alabaster skin damp with the remnants of prior rain.

He’s absolutely beautiful, Derek thinks, this creature, this boy.

Soulmates AU w/ dream sharing, magic!Stiles, alpha!Derek and a touch of A/B/O

Saudade by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek (1/1 | 21,213 | NC17)

After Derek’s departure with Braeden, Stiles begins having difficulty dealing with the effects of the Nogitsune and Nematon. He calls Derek to come get him and Derek shows up to take Stiles away from Beacon Hills. They set off across the country on a road trip with no destination in mind, finding themselves and each other along the way; and something Stiles never thought he’d get the chance to have with Derek.

My favorite part of the new still is if you look really closely, it looks like something is wrong with Clary’s hand or something? Like it looks like Magnus is literally working and trying to focus and Alec is just on top of him and Magnus isn’t even flinching? They’re so comfortable with each other and Alec is not even hesitating to be so close to him while other people are around when for the whole first season he was grappling with his sexuality and now we get Alec Gideon “hello I am gay look at my beautiful warlock boyfriend hello” Lightwood and I am living for this.

Most Wanted News

Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team. Got any suggestions for future blog posts? Let us know!

Last summer in August, Choices launched with three titles – The Freshman, The Crown & The Flame, and Most Wanted. They represented three distinct genres, each an experiment with what was possible for different styles of storytelling in our game. From the start, Choices was envisioned as a sort of bookstore with an ever-growing selection of books spanning different genres.

Since then, Choices has grown, adding quite a few more books to its shelves. But what happened to Most Wanted? Good question. This is what I can tell you right now:

You’ll meet Sam and Dave again. The story will continue. Most Wanted ended on a cliffhanger, and like you, I really want to know what happened to [insert major spoiler here]. I’ve definitely asked the Most Wanted writers before, but no dice, it has remained a well-kept secret. (Usually, I can get spoilers out of the writers. The finale of Endless Summer: Book 2 is going to blow your mind, just FYI.)

While there are plans to continue Most Wanted, we don’t know when the story will come off hiatus. Before Choices launched, our focus was on adding to the game’s book selection. To do that, senior writers from each of the first three books were assigned new books to lead. Senior writers are our most experienced writers, and they know how to get new books off the ground. The Most Wanted team in particular was made up entirely of senior writers. Since last summer, the Most Wanted writers have gone on to lead Endless Summer, LoveHacks, and other unannounced projects, where their knack for mystery, comedy, and vivid characterization come into play once again.

As Choices grows, we’ve grappled with how exactly to balance our current books with brand new ones. That balance is something we’re still working on, and we’re grateful that all of you have stuck with us throughout, sending us encouraging messages and tweeting hilarious gifs come Wednesday. (I haven’t seen this much Spongebob since middle school.)

To sum up: Most Wanted is on hiatus right now, but it isn’t forgotten. It will always be near and dear to us, and we plan to return to the story. When it continues, we don’t want to, as Tyler from The Freshman would say, half-butt it. We want to do things right. That means it may be a while, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

So what’s happening now? The teams behind each Choices book are busy with the new chapters you see released every week and other books that are works-in-progress. It’s always great to hear from all of you, and we truly appreciate your feedback. Because of awesome fans like you, we have plans for books with more main character customization options and all-new storylines. This summer is going to be an exciting one!

If you’re loving Choices and want to see more of it, keep playing and tell your friends! Your overwhelming support, incredible fanart, positive comments, and yes, laugh-out-loud gifs are what motivates and inspires us. We’ve got big plans for the future, and we hope you’ll be right there with us.

And if you want to get in contact - to just say hi, give us your feedback, or ask questions - there are several ways to do that (here’s a quick summary). The two best ways are via the Choices app, or messaging us on Facebook. We love hearing what you have to say and getting to know all of you. Weeks later, I am still amazed that one fan named her baby after an Endless Summer character (like, whoa, that’s cool).

When I write these posts or respond to fans, I find myself saying thank you over and over again – and it always feels right. After all, you are what makes all of this possible. So thank you for reading, and thank you for playing Choices! Until next time…


Being An Avenger Would Include
  • Clintasha trying to teach you how to fly a quinjet
  • Taking the jet for joyrides when you finally master it (and then getting scolded by Steve because he’s such a dad)
  • Trying to lift Mjolnir when no one’s looking
  • Stealing Steve’s shield and sledding down the stairs
  • Taking advantage of your relation to Anthony Edward Stark and occasionally going shopping for things you don’t need
  • But you donate a lot of it too, and Tony doesn’t mind
  • Having sleepovers with Wanda and Nat in some random place in the Tower since it’s so freaking huge
  • Playing guitar with Wanda
  • Practicing ballet with Nat
  • Having a tower-wide prank war
  • Trying on Tony’s suit
  • Eating poptarts with Thor
  • Everyone loving your cooking
  • Having movie nights
  • Everyone fighting over sofa space on said nights
  • Adopting weird animals (”Y/N!!!! WHY IS YOUR KANGAROO IN MY LAB ALSO WHY DO YOU HAVE A KANGAROO?????)
  • Running with Steve in the morning (”Listen, Cap, not to mess up your routine or anything but can we please move the run to six and not five?”
  • Stealing one arrow a day from Clint’s stash and waiting to see how long before he notices
  • Using Bucky’s metal arm for darts (”I’m gonna try to hit the star, okay?”)
  • Learning cool science things from Bruce that you use to prank Tony with because both of you love him but are also very done with the guy at the same time
  • Learning various fighting styles from T’Challa
  • Steve helping you learn to draw
  • Singing in the car with Bucky and Sam while Steve tries to focus on driving
  • Always being the one to come up with the best party ideas
  • Having an obscure social media page where you just record all the Avengers doing dumb things
  • You have millions of followers on that account
  • And then Tony finds out
  • But everyone’s pretty chill about it except for Steve because of that one video where he’s singing Fergie songs
  • Attaching ribbons to Mjolnir just before missions so Thor would have to carry it around
  • Always bringing snacks on missions “just in case”
  • Clint and Tony eating all you snacks
  • Helping Peter with homework
  • And in turn he teaches you how to *swing from buildings*
  • With ropes and grappling hook guns of course but it’s still fun
  • Switching out Tony’s coffee with decaf and watching him burn
  • Brading Thor’s hair because that’s just who you are
  • Messing around in Tony’s lab and almost releasing a dangerous virus across New York
  • You and Pepper sharing annoying Tony moments
  • Bruce joining in
  • Steve and Natasha too
  • Screwing around with Steve when it comes to modern technology
  • “You press the home button to take a photo,”
  • Having each other’s backs during missions
  • Always patching each other up
  • Even when a mission goes south or ends badly, the team can always count on you to crack a joke or lighten the situation
  • The Avengers all loving you for your quirks and fun personality
Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader- Drugs Make You Do Weird Stuff

You sat atop one of your favorite gargoyles that were in Gotham, enjoying the view and cool wind brushing against your face.  It was a fairly quiet night after you ended Two-Face’s attempted robbery, and you finally had a chance to relax and enjoy something for once in the chaotic city you lived in.  Every since you came to Gotham, your stargazing turned into light watching because of all the light pollution the city causes.  Every now and then you would take a break and drive to a national park and camp out, but you hadn’t done that in over seven months.  For some odd reason, Batman and his family decided that you were an excellent ally to depend on.  You guessed that meant to be available 24/7 in their terms, but after a few curse words you made an agreement to be available whenever you were on patrol, which was almost every night for you.  You had taken a liking in a certain man in a bat suit, but you still had no idea who he was.  It didn’t really matter you hadn’t seen his face yet, but you were in love with his actions and words more than his looks.  He was wearing a bat themed suit for crying out loud, but that didn’t mean you didn’t see anything you liked in that tight suit.

“(Y/S/N), we need your help,” Batman stated through the comm with a grunt.  “We’re having trouble dealing with Poison Ivy.”

“I’m on my way,” you responded and stood up, pulling your mask down on you face.

You pulled out your grappling hook and jumped, free falling from the building until you shot the hook in the direction of Batman’s signal.  Poison Ivy was easy to spot by the screams and grunts from the civilians and vigilantes that were fighting against each other.  You guessed Poison Ivy was using some type of mind controlling pheromone or something related to chemicals and plants to have them under her control.  Speaking of Poison Ivy, she was speculating the whole battle while tucked safely out of reach on a huge plant.  You pulled out your gun and checked the cartridge for tranquilizing darts, which were still loaded from the day before.  Once you checked the darts, you pushed the cartridge back in the gun and took aim, shooting a few in Ivy’s direction.  You quickly placed the gun back in its holster and grappled over to Ivy, grabbing her before the plant platform fell apart.  Once you landed on the ground, you dropped Ivy on a plant and wiped your hands off.  You looked around for the Bat Family, but only had visual on Robin and Red Hood.

“Hood, watch her ass,” you ordered and ran past him.

You quickly sprinted through the sea of confused civilians until you found a beaten and bleeding Batman on the cement.  

“Shit,” you muttered and ran over to him, pressing your comm.  “Batman is down.  Someone send the Batwing or whatever the fuck you call it.  He’s hurt, probably has at least five broken bones and lost over half a liter of blood.  I can’t count every drop, but someone do something before I even consider carrying him to a hospital.”

“The Batwing is on its way,” a british voice said through the comm.  “I suggest you join him in there, I may need assistance with his wounds.”

“Understood,” you said and looked over to the approaching plane. “You so owe me big time after this, Batsy.”


Once you arrived to the famous Bat Cave, you helped an elderly man, who was the owner of the British voice, haul Batman onto an operating table.  When you were finished, he shooed you out of the room and shut the door, leaving you alone in the Bat Cave. The fluttering of bat wings and running water was all you heard during your time waiting for the man to finish fixing up Batman.  You didn’t know whether or not if you should stay or leave, but your gut told you to stay until they kick you out. After what felt like hours, the rest of the Bat Family arrived through the entrance to the cave on motorcycles.

“How’s he doing?” Nightwing asked, approaching you quickly.

“Don’t know, the British dude kicked me out,” you shrugged and nodded over to the door, “but from what I can hear, he’s fine.”

Nightwing nodded and walked over to Robin, who was watching you from afar.  When he noticed that you were looking at him, he looked away and started a conversation with Nightwing.  You sighed and took off your mask, stuffing it into one of your compartments. Once you put your mask away, the door opened and the man stepped out wearing bloodied scrubs.

“He is fine, nothing that surgery and medicine can’t fix,” the man said.  “Oh, and he wishes to speak to you.”

You raised a brow at the man before trudging over to the door, taking a deep breath before entering the room.  When you entered the room, you were shocked to see a half naked Batman on the operating table.  There was an I.V. connected to his right arm, putting some type of pain killer in his system.  What worried you most was that he didn’t have a mask on, which you wouldn’t complain about.  He had raven hair and a scarred muscular figure, well, from what you could see from where you were.  You approached him cautiously, but that was thrown out the window when he sat up slowly and looked over to you.  He instantly wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close, making you let out a little yelp.

“I’m so glad you’re alright,” he said in a slurred voice.

“Are you alright, Batman?” you asked him, trying not to fumble your words.

“M’fine now that you’re here,” he responded and snuggled into your side.

“I’m glad you think that, but-”

“Are you going to leave? But I love you…” he drawled on.

You instantly stiffened when he said those three words.  He loved you?  Was it the drugs talking or did he actually feel this way?

“Did you not know?  Oops.”


“It’s Bruce,” he interrupted.

“Okay, Bruce, how about we talk when you’re all healed up and not high on drugs.”

“Okay,” he slurred, “but you’re staying here.”

You sighed and joined him on the bed, “Fine, but you better not suffocate me to death.”

He hummed in agreement and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you up against his bare chest.  It felt kind of weird to cuddle with the Dark Knight with his family outside the door, but it also felt nice that he loved you, too.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but even in the first clips we see of overwatch widowmaker and reaper are working together, these two characters so hellbent on being tough and deadly and not needing anyone or anything, amelie loyal to talon and all she has left and gabriel with a grudge and anger and hurt boiling inside of him and yet they rely solely on each other, are vulnerable to each other, need each other, the way reaper clings to amelie when she's exiting the museum with her grapple hook, how they look at each other, used to each other, KNOW each other and how they work and their strengths and weaknesses and how throwing sombra into the mix is something so unpredictable how they communicate with just glances and i truly believe they would take each other's side in anything and reaper remembering the amelie before she became widowmaker, seeing her w gerard, perhaps even attending her wedding and having thought of her and amelie not even aware of his existence tbh until they're thrown together in this twist of cruel fate and now they have nothing but each other and pain and a job to do