then they become friends and somehow end up on an adventure and they kiss

Klance Recs #3

Tidal by  noero ( PG-13, 1.6k)

Summary: Although Keith may not consider himself a theorist, he figures the impulse that fuels his own inertia is the only force that can stop Lance’s aimless velocity. They just fit. Far be it from him question the laws of nature. [Pining!Keith]

String Theory 
by noero (NC-17, 4.3k)

Summary: The prospect of piloting the Red Lion had excited Lance at first, even if the mere thought of abandoning the Blue Lion made him uneasy. In hindsight, that should have been his first clue that something was bound to go wrong. Omnipresent robot lions were usually right about these things. [Soulbond, Black Paladin!Keith]

by noero (NC-17, 3.2k)

Summary: Their relationship had always been backward like that, needing to turn left before they turn right. They go up just so they can come back down and one step forward for every two steps back. They’d been running in circles so long that they skid the turn when they try to stop. Everything is urgent and feverish.

Alternately, the one in which Lance is handsy and Keith just really wants to kiss him. [Friends With Benefits] 

by noero (NC-17, 5.2k)

Summary: The funny thing about falling for someone is you don’t even realize you’re falling until you hit the ground.

It just happens that when Lance falls, he hits hard.

Best Laid Plans 
by agrestenoir + ErinNovelist (PG-13, 2.5k)

Summary: “If by dream, you mean your worst nightmare, then yes, sweet Paladin.” Lotor’s voice was soft and saccharine as he crept closer Lance, lips pulling into a twisted, cruel smile. “I am the vengeance my father seeks, the fear you feel in the nights, I am—”

“Batman,” Lance whispered.

“Lance,” Keith whispered. “Please don’t antagonize Zarkon’s son.”

Or: Lance and Keith get captured. Lotor is a Diva. There’s kissing, and somehow they escape too, but who’s really here for that?

by mackerelmademedoit (R, 101.8k)

Summary: When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people, he never thought that it would end in anything but irritation and misery on both sides. He certainly never imagined that it would be a useful asset in team Voltron’s fight against the Galra Empire. Now if he can just keep his feelings in check, they might actually have a chance at defeating Zarkon.

Needless to say, when he’d wished for a ‘bonding moment’ with Lance, this wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind. [Mental Link/Soul Bond]

by corydalis (PG-13, 10.3k)

Summary: It starts like this: Lance looking up at the scoreboard only a few days into his Garrison training and muttering to himself, “What the hell kind of a name is Keith?”

Or, Keith and Lance fall in love. Eventually.
DAY 2: love // hate [Enemies to Friends to Lovers]

Like Devo 
by surveycorpsjean (NC-17, 8.3k)

Summary: As rival jammers, they’re rough, skating around the rink, giving bruises, bloody noses, broken ribs and snapped fingers-

But when the cops show up, Keith grabs his hand and yanks Lance into the storm drain.

And thats how they start dating. [Roller Derby AU] 

by manamune (Light R, 106.8k)

Summary: When Keith crashed his Lion into a Galra warship in order to stop it from destroying a solar system, and more importantly, his friends, he was fully prepared to die for it.

What he didn’t prepare for was to wake up in an alternate universe where he and Lance were dating. [Time Travel/Alternate Dimension]

by seabear (PG, 25k)

Summary: Lance spends a lot of time wondering about his place in the universe. And his place with Keith. Oh, also there’s a heist and some fake dating. [Heist, Fake Out Make Out]

The Outfield 
by EdgarAllenPoet (R, 22.9k, WIP)

Summary: "The first time Lance meets Keith, Rihanna’s “S&M” is playing in the background, which Lance thinks is incredibly ironic considering where they are. Also, Keith’s naked.“ [BDSM AU, Safe; Sane; Consensual, WIP]

equations for a falling body 
by csoru (R, 25k)

Summary: “So, good news,” says Lance, voice a little strangled. “I seriously doubt that’s a killer neurotoxin. Or knockout gas.”

(Keith, Lance, an alien drug and an enclosed space, and what happens after.) [WARNINGS: Non-con drug use, non-con branding, dubcon]

Shut Up and Dance With Me 
by wittyy_name (R, 132k, WIP)

Summary: Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.

Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.

With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn. [Dancer AU]

Trouble’s Making Everything All Right by Mytay (R, 44.4k, WIP Series)

Summary: Two Paladins become two rough and tumble mercenaries, donning their leather coats and gun holsters, righting wrongs (while committing a few heists of their own), and fighting to get off this bleak, crime-filled planet.

Also known as Lance and Keith’s Space Cowboy Adventures. [Space Cowboys, Canon Divergence, WIP Series]

Far Away From Nothing 
by Ikira (NC-17, 12.5k)

Summary: When Lance is the last of the paladins to be recovered after their separation through the corrupted wormhole, everyone is a little concerned for him, considering how much Lance likes to be around people. Surprisingly, Keith seems to be the most concerned of all.

But that concern quickly shifts to flustered preoccupation when Keith finally finds Lance and discovers that his time living on an uninhabited jungle planet have wrought some changes in the Blue Paladin. Some really nice changes. Turns out there are no barbers or hair stylists in the jungle, and Keith? Is unexpectedly okay with this. Really okay with this. Oh boy. [Hair Kink? Hair Length Kink?]

The Games We Play 
by Lys ap Adin (lysapadin) (NC-17, 3k)

Summary: Lance likes games.

Through a lot of trial and error, this is what Keith has learned: the more random and casual Lance is being, the closer Keith needs to be listening, because it means Lance is trying to tell him something important. [BDSM]

From the Ruins, We shall Rise 
by (R, 18k, WIP)

Summary: This is a tale of two countries finding peace, a tale of a jealous emperor, and a tale of how a team was put together to save these two countries from their doom.

The kingdom of Altea seeks peace with its Galran Empire neighbor, but the tyrannic Emperor Zarkon refuses to let Altea flourish while his turns to sand. It takes a prince, a general, a hitman, an inventor, a smith, and a guild of assassins to ensure that peace will reign throughout the continent of Cygnus. [Dragon Riders/Fantasy AU]

 by lovetheinkstains (R, 12k, WIP)

Summary: Keith has a death wish and his entire department knows it.
Running back into the flames of cleared buildings as if he’s looking for a way to die a hero.
The way his detective friend did.
But the EMT with the pretty blue eyes hasn’t given up on him just yet.
And oddly enough… neither has the dead detective… [Firefighter/EMT AU, Mystery, WIP]

 by InsominiacArrest (NC-17, 4.6k)

Summary: Lance starts to get hot and bothered by the fact Keith sometimes gives out congratulatory ass slaps, and it becomes an issue when they start dating and it’s hard for Lance to ask for what he wants. [Spanking]

from the mouths of liars 
bycsoru (NC-17, 7k)

Summary: “Dude,” says Lance — foolishly, because it means he has to breathe and now if they get sucked out into the vacuum of space, he’ll suffocate — “Are you mutating? Is this going to be the kind of deal where you get all messed up and turn into a horrible monster?” [Galra!Keith, Friends With Benefits, WARNINGS: slightly dark fic, Dom/sub undertones, body horror, consent issues and not entirely healthy relationship, under negotiated kink]

Her Happy Beginning

A little Lieutenant Duckling fic, vaguely inspired by this post (it sparked the original idea at least) for the lovely @the-reason-to-sail-home. Thanks to @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for reading this for me!

On AO3

Some people wait a whole lifetime for their happy ending. Others find theirs sooner and yet find themselves bored and wondering, is this it? Princess Emma of Misthaven is luckier than most. She finds her happy ending at just six years old.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

“Who dares trespass on the fearsome Captain Hook’s ship?”

Emma freezes at the rough words despite the evidence of all her senses clearly showing that she is far from harm. In a forest, in fact, not more than a few miles from her family’s summer home and miles away from the sea.

But, in all her six years she’s never known anyone to take such a tone with her. People usually don’t when they talk to a Crown Princess. She should know that this is but a game of make believe, but she’s a lonely child and not used to playing games. And so, these words are enough to strike fear into her heart.

“Oi! Are you deaf or are you defying the Captain, lass?”

The voice comes from much closer now and she jumps, unsure of what to do or say. Instinctively she raises her hands in surrender and turns to face the pirate.

Keep reading

taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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Jeff Atkins - Request #2

Okay Forrest off your writing? PERFECTION BABE! And second do you mind is you do a Jeff imagine where the reader is an introvert and extremely shy and throughout his relationship with her he pushes her out of her shell,he encourages to speak up and mingle and go to parties and all that cause he is really social

Originally posted by cynicalsunset

You had met in summer school the summer  before sophomore year began. He had flunked out of math and because you had no social life, you tutored at the school. Somehow, the gorgeous, drool-worthy jock started to like you and by the end of summer session, you two had become inseparable and he had asked you to be his girlfriend.

The only problem was - you were complete opposites. Jeff was very outgoing. He had a ton of friends, went to parties, participated in events, always wanted to go out and meet new people and have crazy adventures.

You on the other hand weren’t so exciting. You were extremely shy. You had three close friends. Your ideal Friday night was throwing in a bath bomb and soaking in the tub while reading a book. You rarely spoke to people you didn’t know. You liked watching shows like Law & Order and trying to solve the case before they did.

Polar opposites.

So when the school year began, you were nervous as to how your relationship with Jeff would transpire. Over the summer you two were in your own little world but in school, there would be other people in play. You knew Monty - of course - because that was his best friend, but other than that you didn’t know his friends at all and they only knew you as “the girl Jeff ditches us for all summer.”

“Hey gorgeous” Jeff smiled, approaching your locker.

 His hands wrapped around you in a hug and he placed a kiss on your lips before leaning against the locker next to yours.

“Hey.” You blushed, still not accustomed to the public display of affection he loved so much.

 “So - will you come to the game tonight?” He asked as a nervous expression took over his face.

You froze at the question, biting your bottom lip before lifting your eyes to look up at him. “I - I don’t know Jeff - I “

 “Come on, Y/N. It’s the first game of the season.” He cut you off. “Besides, you’re like super hot and I want to show you off. Is that so wrong?”

You blushed again, lowering your head to hide the redness in your cheeks. No - it wasn’t wrong, it was just different. Jeff was incredibly popular and that crowd was way to intimidating for your liking.

 “Well….” He poked your sides, making your giggle.

 “Okay.” You gave in. “Okay fine.”

“Really?” he asked, raising in brows in disbelief that he heard you correctly.

 “Yes, really.”

 “Good, then we can finally get some one on one time. I promise.”  

 You could hear the cheering from the gymnasium echo down the empty hallways of the school. This wasn’t the first time you were there after hours but it was certainly the first time you’d been there to attend a game. A game in which you’re boyfriend was apart of.

“Goooo Tigers!” The cheerleaders yelled as you dragged your feet to walk through the gym doors.

 Stepping in further you saw Jeff dribbling his way down the court. He seemed to spot you right away, his eyes lighting up as they landed on you. Mid-dribble, he blew you a kiss causing everyone to stare at you before a three pointer and everyone cheered in unison.

 You smiled, lowering your eyes to the ground as you made your way to the bleachers to take a seat. Though you loved knowing you had his attention, you hated the fact that now everyone else was looking at you.

 Sheri took a seat next to you, taking a breather from cheering while the game was going on. She smiled wide and bumped her shoulder against yours in a friendly gesture.


“Hey.” You replied, unsure of what she was going to say.

You knew Sheri because everyone knew Sheri. She was head cheerleader, organized a bunch of school events, always did good in class - yet the fact that she even knew you existed blew your mind.

 “So you’re the little darling Jeff never stops talking about.”  She  smiled.

 Jeff never stopped talking about you?

 “Well I can only hope.” You replied with a kind smile that mimicked hers.

 She laughed and held her hand out. “Well I’m Sheri. I wanted to introduce myself. When I found out Jeff had an actual serious girlfriend, I was super excited to say hi. Y’know these boys track record with women. They never stick around long enough but I’m so happy he’s found someone he likes so much!”

You smiled, nodding your head, you really weren’t one for small talk and she seemed like she could go on forever.

 “Sheri - get back over here!”

 The cheer leading coach yelled over at her. Sheri jumped up, not missing the pep in her step as she smiled down at you.

“It was great meeting you!” She waved back as she ran over to the rest of the team.

 Alex took a seat next to you, averting his eyes from Jessica who was cheering tonight.

 “Hey.” He said.


 Alex was cool, you always talked to him in class and waved when you saw him in the hallway.

 “What’re you doing here?” He asked. “ I never see you out.”

You shrugged, taking your eyes off the game to meet his. “Promised, Jeff I’d watch the game. What’re you doing here?”

 “Promised Jessica I’d watch her cheer. She made it seem a lott cooler than this.”

 Looking over at the cheerleaders waving their pom poms you laughed. “Yeah, it doesn’t seem all that exciting.”

The buzzer went off and Liberty won by 10 thanks to Jeff and Zach. You clapped and cheered along with everyone else before Alex said goodbye to go over to his girlfriend.

Jeff ran over after one last talk from the coach. He wrapped his arms around you, spinning you around as he kissed you. With your arms wrapped around his neck you laughed, hanging onto him.

“You won!” You smiled as he put you down.

 “See - it’s cause I got my lucky charm with me.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss you again. “Now let me grab my bag and I’m all yours for the rest of the night.”


“What’re you doing tonight?” Jeff asked, throwing his arm over your shoulder as he caught you walking down the hallway.

 Books in hand, you shrugged. “Nothing why?”

“Monty’s throwing a party and you’re going to be my date.” He smirked, looking down at you.

 “A party? I - I don’t think so babe. It’s not really my thing - “

“But it’s mine.” He stopped walking to stand in front of you. “Come on. I love hanging out with you. My friends are dying to meet you. We’ll have a few drinks, mingle a little bit, then we’ll be out.”

 His big blue eyes looked down at you and he stuck his lip out in a little puppy pout that you couldn’t resist. With a deep breath, you nodded.

 “Fineeee.” You let out in a whiny tone. “But it’s your job to save me from any awkward conversation.”

 “Deal.” He laughed leaning down to kiss you before you two started walking again.

 The closer you got to the front door of the house, the more nervous you got. This was Jeff’s crowd. These were his people. You had to make a good impression. Although, it didn’t look like it would matter that much since you could smell the liquor coming off everyone’s breathes the second you walked inside.

 How in the hell Jeff convinced you to show up - you had no idea. You hated parties. Hated the concept. Hated the crowds. You barely knew anyone.

 Still you kept your word, walking through the crowd with Jeff’s arm over your shoulder, claiming you as his. A few people chanted his name and he laughed, holding you closer until you got to the kitchen.

“Beer?” He asked, walking up to the keg.

 “Please.” You nodded, letting your eyes wander to see if there were any familiar faces in the crowd.

 “Look who finally made it!” Monty’s voice cut through the noise as he approached us with open arms.

 Jeff handed me the cup of beer before hugging his friend with a laugh. Monty hugged me after and through his arm over both of our shoulders while he walked us to the backyard .

“Alright, now we can finally get this shit started. Guys look who’s here!”

 Your eyes widened realizing you were about to be thrown into the lion’s den without any warning. Justin Foley and Bryce were the first to notice. Their lips curled into smirks as Monty walked us over.

 Jeff gave them all half hugs while you stood awkwardly behind until he turned back towards you. “Guys - I’m sure you know by now. This is Y/N. Y/N - this is Zach, Toby, Justin, and Bryce.”

 “Hey.” You did your best to put a confident smile as you gave a small wave.

 “Well now I know why Jeff’s been hiding you -” Bryce smirked, circling the two of you to take a better look before Jeff pulled you close.

 “Why’s that?” You asked, not liking the look in his eyes.

 “Cause one of us might want to steal you from him.”

 “Dickhead.” Jeff shoved him, half-playful, half-serious.

 Bryce laughed, and Zach shook his head. “I know you, you’re in my communications class right.”

 “Uh, yeah. I think so.” You nodded.

 “Oh you’re here!” Sheri’s voice interrupted them. “Yay! Come on! I want to introduce you to the girls!”

 “Go.” He smiled, “Have fun. Sheri’ll take care of you.”


 She took your hand to pull you away.

Later that night, Jeff had decided to walk you home. After a few drinks, driving seemed out of the question and the two of you walked hand in hand down the street.

 “Tonight wasn’t so bad was it?” He asked, taking his eyes off the night’s sky to look down at you.

 “No - I guess not.” You shook your head. “Just nothing I was used to.”

“We’ll sometimes you gotta break out of your comfort zone babe.” He smiled. “They all really liked you. I knew they would.”

He brought your hand up to his lips to kiss it and you smiled wide, your cheeks hurting like they usually did when you were with him.

 “It’s called a comfort zone for a reason though.” You returned.

Originally posted by tiiffanym

“Yeah well you’re not 90 and for as long as you’ll stay with me - we’ll be trying new things together, deal?”

“Ok. Deal.” You smiled, leaning up to kiss him.

 A/N: I didn’t proof read but I might later! Lol so please excuse any errors. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have any requests, Please feel free to inbox me. :)

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Prologue

gif creds to Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: A soulmate!AU based off of Jungkook’s cute thought from an anime that when you hear bells ringing as you pass each other means that is the person you’ll marry/be with.

Member(s): Jimin x reader, Jungkook x reader

Genre: angst, fluff, soulmate!AU

Word count: 1673

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: Hello peeps! So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to write a soulmate!AU…AND WELL. Here it is! I hope some of you will find interests in reading this, I’d greatly appreciate. Also, thank you to Admin Jifairy for helping a homie workout this story and thank you to my proof readers

Keep reading

pantheasblessing submitted to wearepjocrazy: Crossover AU Where Annabeth Chase is the Doctor and Percy Jackson is her companion. I don’t even know how to begin to write it, but maybe a better writer than me would like the idea.


Deep breaths

Where do I even start?

How about with a disclaimer. It’s been 2+ years since I have watched Doctor Who. My memories are shot and very limited, so a lot of the information I will be using is Out of Date, no flames okay? Also, I am not making her the Doctor, I am making her a time lord though


Annabeth was only on her second regeneration when she met the man

It was some time in 1950, a New York City paper boy with eyes like she’s never seen before

And an attitude unlike any other

He was only 15 at the time, bicycling down the city streets throwing rolled up paper at people’s windows. He ran straight into her TARDIS, which was in the form of a police box. Annabeth had chosen the disguise to reflect on the most famous Time Lord of All - The Doctor.

He broke down the doors and flew into her just as she was leaving for 2011. The snarky black haired boy demanded she take him back home. Unfortunately, they were stuck for some reason.

Percy was his name. Percy Jackson. She couldn’t find any records of him, she wasn’t interested in finding them anyways. They spent a year together, traveling from the dinosaur ages to a human colony 6.7 million years out from his birth-date, then she dropped Percy off in 1951 on his 16th birthday.

3 years later, she came across him again. Only it was 1976. He was 18.

By this time, Percy had a nickname for her - Wise Girl. She had complained about the name, Time Lords were not restricted to the gender roles most species were, but Percy pointed out that she could always change it to Wise Boy or Wise One later on.

He’s in a bakery, paying a loaf of bread, when she ran into him.

Annabeth was shocked. She dragged Percy off into a corner alley and demanded how he got there.

“Dunno, I just… kinda stopped ageing, I guess. Or, like, really slowed down. I’ve been 18 for at least a decade.”

Then some explosion/invasion happened and they were off again. This time he only spent a few months with her, then she dropped him off back where she had found him, in that small bakery

A couple of years passed again, and she landed in the roaring 90′s. A man stopped her while she was pursuing a serial killer.

Percy hadn’t aged more than a week. He recognized Annabeth from the news, he knew her just enough to know what she was here for.

“What is going on with me?” He sounded desperate. “My little sister just passed away and I have barely aged 3 years since I’ve met you.”

Annabeth couldn’t answer him. She had no idea what was happening to him. There was no council to consult, she was on her own.

She told him to wait while she went back to her TARDIS to go to a library. She spent a hundred years researching, travelling all over the universe. She could find no answers.

She landed in 2017. A man was on the news documentary. A man people called ‘a god’, someone who has been the same age since 1951.

She tracked down Percy. It was hard, he had disappeared off the grid, but she found him in North Nebraska.

Despite the 20+ years that had passed, Percy had only aged a half a year. His hair was bleached white, his skin a darker tan, in attempts to hide from the media.

“Well? What did you find? What’s wrong with me?”

Annabeth couldn’t answer that. She asked him for samples, tons of them. Hair samples, skin samples, blood samples, even semen samples (At this point, Percy wasn’t going to argue about that.)

Her results came back with 100% human. It made no sense.

Percy told her that he couldn’t keep living like this.

She knew only one thing to do.

She took him into her TARDIS and they set off again

This time, they traveled for a thousand years. He aged as quickly as Annabeth did - which was painfully slow. They had other companions come and go - A couple of teenagers named Jason and Piper who were from 2000′s Los Angeles, a brother and sister from 1920′s Italy, a half goat man named Grover who was from a far distant planet near the end of space and time, a girl with electric blue eyes who had been Percy’s old friend in the 1950′s, a boy with fire abilities from a mechanical planet that had died off before Earth formed, a hunter who looked like a Persian Princess from Ancient Greece, so on so forth. 

Annabeth even felt confident enough to tell Percy her birth name. He elected to call her Wise Girl instead, since it ‘sounds cooler than Annabeth’. 

They both looked 25 when Annabeth realized what was happening.

They were soulmates.

She waved the silly idea off. There was no such thing as soulmates… right?

Then they came across some magicians in Ancient Egypt. Magic wasn’t real, it couldn’t be, but they were surrounded by a magical layer of reality she had never heard about with gods and magicians.

She flirted with the idea a little. He was aging at the exact same rate she was, if you excluded the first 3 or so years.

She looked 18 when she met him. He was only 15 then. 

Annabeth kept silent about it. She needed more data.

They landed in 2100 C.E., and met a boy who could shape shift and a girl who could summon illusions from mid air. They were some experiments of a sub-cyborg race that had branched away from Cybermen. They were kidnapped and poked with needles, then somehow managed to escape.

They didn’t have names, so Percy dubbed them ‘Frank Zhang’ and ‘Hazel Levesque’

The four defeated the cyborgs and freed nearly 70 kids between the ages of 4 and 19 years old.

Frank and Hazel tagged along with them as they traveled through time. He was 13, she was 10. When they were 18 and 15, Annabeth confronted them about her suspicions of Percy’s aging problem.

“It could be? Who knows, you two seem so happy together.” Hazel told them

Percy connected Jason and Piper and they were more than happy to keep Frank and Hazel in their ever growing household of former companions. Jason inherited all his dad’s money, a huge 3.7 billion dollar net worth, and Piper suggested this become a retirement home for former companions.

Annabeth’s first kiss with Percy was on his ‘30th’ birthday, in a super volcano operated by a criminal mastermind on a planet somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. Percy disappeared shortly after that.

Wise Girl was guilt ridden. She should have been the one to turn off that machine, not him. She hadn’t been wise enough.

She went to the Grace mansion and collapsed there for a few months.

Then a man with green eyes showed up at their door a few months later, bewildered.

“I landed on some… paradise planet where they brainwashed everyone. Oh, by the way, this is Calypso.”

Annabeth slapped him, but was relieved to have him home.

But she was jealous of Calypso. Percy and her seemed so… attached. Like… dare she believe this - lovers.

Wise Girl stole some of Calypso’s cervix DNA, only to come across this weird thing.

They were brother and sister. Fully related.

But Calypso wasn’t from the right time frame. She was from 2003 Earth’s C.E. She was full blooded Ogygian. 

She confronted Calypso about this. She shrugged. “Magic, I guess.” the caramel haired girl said. “Who knows.”

Annabeth didn’t know. It was driving her crazy.

Percy invited Calypso into the TARDIS and then they were off again. 

Calypso was their first companion to die. It was in New New York, when she fell off of the 500th floor of the New Empire State Building. 

Percy didn’t come out of his sleeping quarters for months

Annabeth went in to comfort him and…


Tumblr is filled with 12 year olds, I can’t tell you the details

But nine months later, the Grace mansion had their newest resident - A little girl named Rose

Rose Tymaina Jackson

Percy loved her with all her heart. But…

She aged normally.

As the two time travelers went on their adventures, they ironically lost track of time. The next time they saw their daughter, she was off to college.

“I still love you, I understand you couldn’t be around, with work and all.”

Jason died shortly after

Slowly, as the two newly weds grew distant, their old companions got picked off. 




Rose was the last to die - and invasion of weeping angels had caused her wife to be sent back to the 1800′s and she died of broken heart syndrome.

Percy and Annabeth didn’t know until 80 years later.

They were older, much older now. Easily over 2500 years for Annabeth and about 1900 for Percy.

The Daleks came

Percy had the issues of an old person’s - He looked 70 and felt like 90. The lazr caught him in the back and he went down.

Their companions weren’t their to help them. They gave up on companions after Piper died. The Grace mansion was now a time hole, sucked into a room in the TARDIS, never aging.

Annabeth got him to the Mansion just in time to patch the wound up, but Percy was already loosing his life.

“I don’t want to lose you.” Annabeth cried.

“It’s okay, Wise Girl. It was a fun ride.”

He closed his eyes, his beautiful sea green pearls. Annabeth closed hers too. 

Then something strange happened.

A gold glow Annabeth was familiar with filled her body. She opened her eyes.

“No. No no no please no. Just let me die.”

She changed. She grew younger. Her hair turned bright red and frizzy, falling down her back. Her skin grew lighter, much much lighter. Smoother, but also covered in freckles.

She looked in the mirror and green eyes, serpent green ones. She was a ginger.

Then something was glowing silver in front of her.

Percy began to change too. His hair turned to a dusty blond, his skin smoothed out into a softer tan. He grew in height, his features changed.

Annabeth’s new mouth hung open and Percy opened his eyes.

“Who… who are you?” His eyes were the same sea green. Annabeth teared up.

“Wise Girl… Annabeth… You…”

“Annabeth?” He whispered. “You look so…. red….”

She let out a laugh. “You look 15 again.”

“So do you.” 

“You’re a soulmate.” She whispered. “We’re tied forever. I’ll live with you till the end of time.”

He laughed. His voice was different.

And that was okay.

She dubbed him ‘Seaweed Brain’. He started to switch between ‘The Red Dare’ and ‘Wise One’

They were happy. They went back to the counsel room

“Where do you wanna go?”

Percy pondered something for a moment.

“How does the 50th Superbowl sound?”

“Gods hope you never change.”

They were off again

Man or Beast?

Ok so I wrote a post about wanting fanfic of Dan Stevens growling, and lamenting that I would have to write it myself.

So I did. I couldn’t bring myself to go too far, so its mostly suitable for work.

But I definitely had to address how that growl made so many of us feel. It started as a small drabble and ended up as 6 pages of Belle trying to come to terms with Adam and the confusion I thought would be inevitable after his transformation. Then adding desire and that growl to the mix…well…hopefully I did ok lol






The full moon was high overhead as you tossed and turned in the bed that had so quickly become your own. The past weeks had been a whirlwind of adventure, perhaps a little more than you had really been prepared for if you were completely honest with yourself. You had suddenly become the heroine of your own romantic novel, complete with magical creatures, villains and a handsome prince and the reality was somewhat more overwhelming than you would admit to.

The noises from the castle outside the sanctuary of your room had long since ceased as your friends old and new took to their beds. No longer dusty, dark and crumbling, the castle was a sight to behold…vast in size and rich in design. The inventor part of you revelled in the beauty and form of your home, but a small part you almost missed how it was before. By no means did you resent the broken curse that had removed your friends from their household prison. Your heart swelled to see them happy, to see Chip running with dog, Lumiere dancing with Plumette and to witness them all enjoying their freedom. There was so much love in the castle, there always had been to a degree but it was so open now.

No, what you missed was the quiet, the solitude of your weeks here with only those few for company. When your time was spent in books or conversation and the days stretched in contentment as you learned so much about the inhabitants of this incredible place.

Now it almost seemed as though people swarmed all over and you felt both happy that all was well but a little selfish in wishing the castle and its inhabitants were still just…yours. You scolded yourself for your thoughts, you had never been a selfish person and you weren’t now. But a feeling of….something….you couldn’t put your finger on it. Something was off.

It was the Beast, no you corrected yourself, Adam. He was Prince Adam now, human, handsome, wonderful. So why did you feel this way? So uncomfortable in the place you felt to be home. So tense and awkward when you were with Beas….Adam!

That right there, that was what was bugging you. Mere weeks had passed and in that expanse of time you had been practically assaulted, held prisoner, discovered magic and curses, escaped from an angry mob, discovered your mother’s fate and fallen in love…with a beast…not a man. So much to take in and come to terms with. The death of Gaston and the transformation of Adam notwithstanding.

It was the Beast who had gifted you the library, who had thrown snowballs with you, had danced with you in an enchanted ballroom. His heart was the one that had touched you, it was his arms you had dreamed of when you felt alone and when you had been standing in that broken old windmill, staring at the broken pieces of your childhood it was him you had looked at and thought of home.

Since the night the curse was broken a new factor had to be taken into consideration.


In the moments after the curse was broken you had felt it and given into it. Your heart knew Adam and the Beast were the same, but your mind was having trouble coming to terms with these new feelings. Your heart skipped a beat and your breath caught whenever you caught a glimpse of the man but you almost felt unfaithful, your mind’s eye still seeing your Beast. It didn’t help that you had barely seen him in the last few days, either. There had been no moments of privacy or conversation. No touches, no kisses. Just being in the same space but not together while he worked so hard to put everything to right again with the village and himself. After so many years of misery and darkness you knew he was trying to adjust as you were. You also knew somehow that he was aware of your struggle, or at least of your distant feeling. His blue eyes radiated patience and a little hurt when he looked at you.

Throwing off the covers you paced to the open window, looking out into the night, pensive and anxious. You loved him so much you thought your heart would swell and burst in your chest and you ached every minute of the day for him. Prince or Beast you wanted to feel safe in his arms, needed him to drive away this empty feeling you had when he was out of your sight.

A celebration was planned for the next day and the final preparations kept you busy till late afternoon. The castle was spotless and stunning, everyone was dressed in their best finery and Adam had spared no expense, no doubt remembering the parties that had helped to set the curse in motion initially. You stood in front of the mirror in a stunning white dress, almost not recognizing the figure staring back at you. Alone for a few minutes you sucked in a deep breath as tears pricked your eyes. Perhaps a good cry was what you really needed, a release of all the emotions built up inside you. Forcing deep breaths you managed to fight back the threatening torrent, there would be time for tears later.

A knock at the door drew you from your thoughts and you couldn’t hold back the gasp or shiver that escaped when Adam walked through.

He came up short a foot inside your room, his lips curling into a smile and his eyes running over you in a way that made your toes curl and your stomach flip.

“Beautiful.” he whispered, stepping toward you.

You felt your cheeks turn red as you lowered your eyes to focus on the bright blue of his coat rather than his eyes.

You wanted him to crush you to him, to tell you he was still him, still your Beast, that everything was going to be ok. Instead he walked over to your bedside and picked up the book laying there.

“This again, really?” he snorted as he held Romeo and Juliet and for a second you heard him. You imagined him rolling his eyes dramatically as he had done before and a tiny laugh slipped out. Glancing up, you looked at him flicking through the pages, really looked at him for the first time since that night. As he scoffed at this and that you saw the line of his mouth, turned down at the corners the same as the Beast, his shoulders rolled with the same motions and for the first time you realised he even carried himself the same way.

Your gasp was audible and he rushed over as you sank to your knees.

Your head had finally caught up to your heart. Adam was the Beast, the Beast was Adam and a flood of emotion rushed through you.

“Belle! What is it?” his voice surrounded you and despite the higher pitch you couldn’t understand how you had failed to hear that it was the same damn voice. How could you have been so foolish, and so blind?

“Adam. Beast.” you murmured into his coat as he gathered you into his arms.

“Ahhhhhh, I see.” he whispered against your forehead, pressing his lips gently to the skin there.

“I’m so sorry. I was so confused and so..”



“I understand, it’s not an easy thing being human again for me either, I’m having to remember how to manage a lot of things differently.”

His fingers sat beneath your chin, tilting your head so you could look him in the eyes, the same eyes that you had so loved before. His lips curved in a soft smile as his fingertips brushed across your cheek.

“I’m sorry too. I’ve been absent for days, so consumed with trifling things that I thought I needed to get out of the way so I could just be with you without interruption. I sensed you were struggling and I should have simply hidden us away from the world like I wanted to.”

“I was wishing things could be like they were before….when it was really just us here. It was selfish but I thought that if we could just be alone then I could come to terms with what I was feeling.”

‘You fell in love with a Beast.” he smiled softly, “Then suddenly you had a man. Truth be told I would have been surprised if you came to this easily.”

“I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and the whole thing would never have been real. Even now I wonder if he was real and it breaks my heart to even think that.”

“Oh Belle, my love.” he took one of your hands in his, leading it to rest over his heart. You could feel the strong, steady beat against your palm. “Do you feel that?” you nodded. “That is the beat of his heart, as well as mine as they are one and the same. He was as real as I am now and like him, this heart beats only for and because of you. You saved him, saved us from an eternity of loneliness and pain. He is still me and I am still him, only the outer shell has changed.”

“I know that, my heart knows that, my head needed some time to catch up. I missed you, him, us.”

“I’m a fool.”

“True.” you both chuckle. There is was, that same camaraderie and humor, the easiness flowed back and you felt comfortable again sitting on the floor in his arms.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight again, I promise.”

“Even if I’m reading Romeo and Juliet?”

If his eyes had rolled any harder they would have left his sockets. You couldn’t help but laugh hard as he over acted his dislike.

“What is it with you and that book? There are so many better things to read.”

“It’s the book that brought us together.”

He stopped rolling his shoulders instantly. “How so?”

“When you were laying in your bed and I was talking about Shakespeare and you acted just like you did now. It was the first moment I really saw you, not a Beast, or a cursed Prince, but you, stripped down and honest. It was from that instant that I began to fall in love with you.”

“Well then.” he leaned down, gently pressing his lips against yours. “I guess we shall have to get every copy we can find.”

“Even one in Greek?” you chuckled.

“Especially one in Greek.”

There was cheering as you descended the staircase to the ballroom minutes later. Your smile was wide as you looked out at the human faces of the people you loved and some who were starting to come around to a better way of thinking. Adam lived up to his promise and never left your side, one hand always touching you in some way. Watching him like this was like seeing him for the first time, you didn’t think of him now as either man or the Beast, he was simply Adam and you loved him. The evening flew by in a whirl of music and light, a sensory overload with him as your center, your anchor. You were happy.

Later you watched him laughing with Cogsworth, his blue eyes flashing and his teeth shining. There was that breathlessness again, the feeling that came when your very fiber acknowledged how gorgeous he was, and that he was yours. Your eyes watched his long fingers sliding around a goblet and your mind’s eye responded with an image of them tracing patterns over your bare skin.


You shook your head to clear your thoughts as you realized someone was speaking to you. Before you turned your head you caught Adam’s glance over the rim of his glass, a piercing, almost predatory look that made you realize he had guessed the nature of your thoughts. Your cheeks burned as you turned away to address your companion, feeling his eyes on you.

A hand came around your waist suddenly causing you to jump.

“I believe this is our dance, my love.” he smirked, taking your hand and leading you out to the floor.

For a time you moved together, only your hands touching, yet somehow even that small caress seemed so much more. You knew what this was, welcomed it. The feeling of being swept away was intoxicating and you felt almost drunk as you both moved through the steps of the dance.

“Are you feeling ok?” Adam’s tone was knowing and assured.

You tried to fight through the fog to any semblance of control over yourself.

“How would you feel about growing a beard?” It was meant to be a teasing comment.

His eyes flared as he chuckled then fixed you with a stare.

He growled.


While smiling.

Actually growled, deep and with feeling.

A wave of heat shot through your body, head to toe, your heart hammering in your throat and your stomach at once. Your knees turned into rubber, buckling under you and only a quick thought let you stop before you hit the floor.

His smile was still in place as he brushed his lips across your hand, gently tugging you back into a standing position. One look at his face showed you he had missed nothing. You couldn’t look away as the dance drew to a close, his gaze held you in its grip, his smile never wavering. The music stopped, signaling the end of the ball and for several minutes you were distracted by goodbyes and thank yous.

No one would let you help tidy things up and slowly everyone made their way to their beds, leaving you alone in the ballroom.

Or not.

The candles had been snuffed and only the light from one candelabra remained, moving slowly out of the shadows toward you, in Adam’s hand.

For a moment you wondered if perhaps this was how a rabbit felt when it was being stalked by a wolf. You felt like prey.

You liked it, enjoying the shiver that ran up your spine.

“Come.” He took your hand and directed you up the stairs and towards the East wing.

You climbed in silence, the only light coming from his candles, his thumb tracing circles over the back of your hand.

Your heart beat so hard and fast that you were sure he could hear it, his smile told you he knew exactly the state you were in.

The door to your chamber loomed in front of you now and he let go of your hand, moving to stand behind you. As your fingers grasped the door handle he spoke, his voice low and gruff.

“I’m afraid I have to break my promise to you Belle.”

He stood so close that you could feel his breath on the back of your neck as he leaned down, his lips pressing against the bare skin of your shoulder.

The breath rushed from your body in a whoosh.

“I have to let you out of my sight for the night.”

No he didn’t, you thought as his mouth trailed toward your neck.

“Why?” you managed to sigh, unconsciously pressing your back against his chest.

“Because, my darling girl…” His teeth nipped at your neck, causing you to moan. “If I keep you in my sights tonight, I’m likely to eat you alive.” You felt his small laugh before his open mouth closed onto your neck, his tongue sliding across the spot he had nibbled at.

“Adam.” Your arm snaked up, your hand sliding across the back of his neck, holding him against you.

“Say my name again.” His voice was raspy and beastlike, his tongue tracing the outline of your ear.


He lifted his head, pressing his nose against your cheek.

“I like that, hearing my name on your lips.”

“I love you, Adam.” Your heart swelled.

“I love you too, Belle.” he whispered roughly before covering your mouth with his own.

Where before there had been tenderness and wonder, now there was passion and want, desire and need. His tongue slid across your bottom lip and your teeth before tracing along the length of your own. With a moan, stifled by his kiss, you responded in kind, your every nerve ending buzzing as your lips and tongue learned the shape and feel of his mouth. Another growl rumbled in his chest when your teeth caught his bottom lip, nibbling and licking as he had done to your neck.

In that moment he wrenched himself away and you turned sideways, facing one another, both breathing heavily, wide eyed and wanting.

“I have to say goodnight, Belle.” he managed to pant, his eyes blazing.

“I know.” You whispered. “I don’t want you to.”

“God!” he groaned loudly, stepping forward.

The candlestick was set on the floor before he pounced, the length of his body pressed against yours as the door held you up. His fingers tangled in your hair, pulling it loose from its pins, his lips crushed against yours, hard. Your arms wrapped around his torso, crossing over his back, holding his as close as you could. His chest rumbled as lips met and tongues danced.

Here was the Beast.

Long minutes passed in rapture as Adam practically devoured you, lips teeth and tongue blazing hot trails down your neck and across your collarbone. You felt your lips bruising and swelling but didn’t care. Only this mattered. Only him. You wanted him closer, aching with a need you didn’t yet know how to express or even quantify. Your back arched of its own accord, pressing your body closer to is.

“We. Have. To. Stop.” Adam panted against your neck.

You nodded, but made no move to unwrap your arms from around him.

He laughed softly, sliding his hands from your hair, his forehead against yours.

“I want nothing more than to follow you inside that door.”

“I know.” Your throat was dry and your voice sounded so hoarse you barely recognized it.

“When we are married.”


“Very soon.”

He pressed his lips against yours gently, before taking a step back, your arms falling by your sides. You watched him pick up the candlestick.


“Goodnight, my love.”

You waited until even his shadow had retreated before opening the door, finally sliding into bed moments later, arranging the pillows and quilt to imitate his presence beside you.

Somehow you knew that in another part of the castle he was doing the exact same thing.

You ran your fingers over your swollen lips, before closing your eyes with a smile.


Words for a Weekend - Quantico Chapter 8

Dear everyone who asked - this has been a really loong time coming and I’m sorry for that! I debated for an age whether to do one long ending post or to subdivide into the end of Saturday and Sunday as the finale. In the end it divides best here. I have Sunday mostly written and am very excited and hopeful you will enjoy the ending and will try to get it up by the end of the week. This is a shorter chapter. But I like how it came out… I hope you will too.

Monday Night is Laundry Night || Tuesday Night is Taco Night || Washout Wednesday || Three Acts on a Thursday || First Thing Friday || Friday Night by Headlight || Sunrise Saturday || Words for a Weekend || So Long Sunday

Saturday Afternoon

Scully wakes, confused but comfortable, in a room with white curtains, afternoon sun and a sea-scented breeze. She can hear the nearby ocean roaring, and while her current prone position hides it from her gaze, she’s not complaining about the view.

Through an open french window she can see Mulder, bare to the waist, with his skinny ankles poking out from plaid flannel pants that look childhood soft and are at least four inches too short. He’s looking seawards, his shoulders sloping and relaxed and the sun is catching gold flecks in his hair that glimmer like his eyes did when he pulled her and the blanket close at 6am and kissed her to sleep. Scully stretches extravagantly in the crisp sheets and, slipping on his shirt, pads over. She is pleased when he doesn’t hear her, too lost in his own private world to expect her arrival until she announces it by running her hands over the warm relief of his abdomen and stepping in to press her lips to his shoulder blade. Wordlessly he invites her into his happy place, spinning her in front of him to look out over the water, and she melts into the space between his body and his arms, fitting and filling a vacuum that could have been created to her exact measurements. For a few moments there is silence, stillness in the face of the endless, immense battle between land and sea ahead of them, and neither of them thinks about how easily their battle ended, how giving into one another feels somehow like a victory rather than a concession.

Even on the edge of paradise though, reality has a habit of creeping in, and as Mulder’s fingers hover possessively in the grooves of her ribs, Scully can’t help but wonder what this means beyond the present. Downstairs in a still unopened bag, the weighty tomes of her future lie unread, the unpaid balance of the last gamble she took. Her training at the FBI is barely underway and yet here she is, leveraging a precious free weekend against another unknown, investing in another instinctive choice.

She’s not aware of her shoulders stiffening, or the way she is chewing her lip until Mulder softly says.


Scully turns in towards him, her eyebrow already forming the question she hasn’t yet worked out how to verbalise and he doesn’t hesitate to caress her cheek, to reconnect them while he begs her,

‘Don’t think yet. Not today. You’re a brilliant scientist and I’m a conspiracy obsessed psychologist. We can both reason our way out of anything… but I don’t want to. Not yet. Be unreasonable with me. Just until tomorrow.’

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Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hi capitu! Can you rec me some really funny Drarry fics? Thank you! I love your blog! xxx

Dear Anon friend, thank you so much! <333 

And oh my god, longest list ever! I’m sorry! So many fics, and on top of that I tent to ramble about each fic! (So sorry about that!!!!!) ^^ But I’m pretty sure these will have you laughing in no time.

Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo by who_la_hoop (PG-13, 26,1K)
Summary: It must be a vision brought on by eating cheese sarnies too close to bedtime, Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy can really be standing on his doorstep, calling himself a Toilet Supremo, and expecting Harry to buy not only this unlikeliest of scenarios, but also a new loo.
My notes: Draco is selling toilets. In fact, Draco is determined to sell Harry a toilet, and Harry is certain Draco’s been cursed into selling toilets. And he’s going to save him (while going along with the whole thing). It’s every bit as hilarious as it sounds.  

The Four Ds of Apparition (or: Destination, Determination, Deliberation, and Dicks) by @eidheann & @firethesound (NC-17, 36,6K)
Summary: After transferring to the Apparition Department, Harry’s life becomes one big dick joke. And all his friends are arseholes. So is Malfoy, but what else is new? AKA Harry Potter and the eighteen twenty dicks.
My notes: Oh my god, how one goes explaining this fic? There’s no—I’m going to try. Harry was transferred to the Apparition department and then there are dicks, dicks everywhere. :D Harry’s being harassed by all of them. And then there’s Draco who has to analyse all these dicks for Harry. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s because it is!!! :D

Aural Gratification by birdsofshore (NC-17, 10K)
Summary: Harry’s not gay – he just likes listening to exciting stories about Aurors. It’s not his fault that the narrator’s voice is so smooth, so expressive… and really rather hot.
My notes: Birds has written some of my all-time fave stories, but this one just might be my favourite. Harry is super into audio books, and he’s bought an Aurors audio book, only then he realises it’s a dirty audio book, and the narrator’s voice only makes it worse, or better, depending. It’s perfect and funny and sexy. A lot of funny.

A Portrait of the Artist by @firethesound (PG-13, 5,3K)
Summary: When Harry Potter, reclusive artist, finally agrees to an interview, Draco can hardly believe that he’ll be the one to do it.
My notes:  That’s right! Harry is an artist, and for the first time he’s giving an interview, to Draco, and share his art. And oh god, nothing can prepare you or Draco for what Harry’s been creating. The hilarity of this fic should be warned. ^^

Potter’s Parselprostate (and the Chamber of Secrets) by @dictacontrion (NC-17, 17,4K)
Summary: Hogwarts’ future depends on Malfoy’s texts. Too bad the key is up Potter’s arse.
My notes: This is another fic that, how you explain it? :D It’s insane! And crazy good. OKAY. Harry is only able to speak in Parseltongue while is prostate is being stimulated. And Hogwarts needs to close the Chamber of Secrets and Draco found the texts that need to be translated, which means he needs Harry to translate them. You see where this is going, right? Yeah, it goes there. :D

Tooth Fairy Fights and Wisdom Teeth Wars: Draco and Harry’s Great Big Dental Adventure by ICMezzo (NC-17, 12,9K)
Summary: Harry never had a visit from the Tooth Fairy when he was a boy, but now that he’s had his wisdom teeth pulled, he’s tempted to try again. He knows it’s silly. Obviously it is. Ridiculous, really. But then, sometimes it feels nice to believe in a little magic.
My notes: Jesus, this fic. Draco is a Veela (with wings!) and he’s looking for a job. You know what job suits him perfectly? Being a Tooth Fairy. Are you laughing yet? It gets better, because Harry loses a tooth and decides he should do one of those things he never got the chance to do in his childhood. And the grumpiest Tooth Fairy shows up.

It Never Occurred to Me That I Would Fall in Love With a Frenchman by lamerezouille (PG-13, 6,5K)
Summary: Harry kisses Draco in a public place. All hell breaks loose.
My notes: Aw, this fic. It’s not only hilarious, it’s super sweet, too. Harry and Draco are together, they kiss but it just so happen the Dursleys see them, and then for reasons known only to Draco, he’s pretending to be a Frenchman through that meeting and later on when they have dinner together. It’s actually incredibly lovely, this fic. And funny.

“Merlin, FINE. You can be Harry Potter for Halloween.” by 606 (PG-16, 2,6K)
Summary: That one where Draco and Scorpius run into Harry Potter (rather literally) in a London convenience store and their Halloween takes an odd turn.
My notes: Short but hilarious. Scorpius wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween. And then Draco and him run into the Real Harry Potter. :)

A Series of Unfortunate Events by plotting_pen (NC-17, 25,3K)
Summary: Harry Potter has a tendency to show up whenever Draco’s in trouble. Draco’s not quite sure he hates it as much as he’d like.
My notes: ~Somehow~ Draco always ends up in the craziest and most dangerous situations, and Harry is always there to save him. Lots of smut, and lots of fun. Guarantee!

Angel Wing by almosttherenow (NC-17, 8K)
Summary: Draco really did pick the wrong time to enter the kitchen. It lost him seven precious months, his looks, and his mind. Still, it could’ve been worse - in the end, it probably saved both he and Harry’s lives.
My notes: This is a crazy story. Somehow (you’ll learn how!) Draco got turned himself into a goose. An ugly goose, and Narcissa calls for the life debt Harry owes him and demands he takes care of Harry while Draco is a goose. Truly fantastic.

How Harry Potter Became a Pervert by faithwood (NC-17, 10K)
Summary: Though others didn’t, Draco had believed the article.
My notes: The link will lead you to the series, just start at the bottom. And this fic starts when Draco goes looking for Harry to settle the pesky business of the life debt. Only, he does this after he read an article reporting just what a pervert Harry Potter is. Promising, yes? Awesome.

Ring of Fire by IvvyMoon (NC-17, 4,6K)
Summary: Draco gets a tattoo.
My notes: As the summary says, Draco gets a tattoo, only the tattoo is around his arsehole and it’s burning his sex-partners. The Healer who will help him is Harry Potter. I don’t think I need to say more. :D


One Night At The Club by faithwood (PG, but NSFW)
Summary: Well, it’s a club fic.
My notes: This is a bonus. It’s not a fic, it’s… ohmy GOD. It’s a ~fic~ told through emoticons and it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see. I had to include it. 

A True Fan and Former Classmate

I wander around the musical festival trying to pass the time. I’m here for one person and one person only… Jay Park. Yes, there are over a hundred artists playing today but I only want to see him perform. Plus I don’t know any of the other artists here, so there’s that.

I’ve been a fan of Jay’s since his 2PM days, long before AOMG was a thought. While Jay was my bias then I like the Jay of today a thousand times better. He’s more of an individual, his name is know in both Korea and in the States because he has gotten so successful.

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DAY6 Jae| Boyfriend AU

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I love Jae so much, he’s so funny!  Tbh this didn’t take that long for me to write, I kinda just sat down and wrote almost all of it in that one sitting haha.  Enjoy!

Slightly NSFW!


  • Essentially the super duper goofy and lovey dovey couple that everyone lowkey hates cause they’re just too cute together and in love like everyone wants this kind of relationship.
  • You think that you’re stealing his glasses all the time to annoy him, but in reality Jae places his glasses strategically so that you have the opportunity to use them. He just thinks you look all adorable when you wear them, and HE KNOWS that he looks adorable looking all pouty when he pretends to be mad at you. 
  • Loves seeing you in his clothes *flannels cough cough* but doesn’t so much obviously give them to you to wear like he does when he sets it up for you to steal his glasses. 
  • If you walk out of the bedroom the morning after and you’re only wearing his flannel be prepare to go back right where you came from, all of a sudden he’s been reenergized, screw breakfast. 
  • Doesn’t mind a girl that curses, in fact he thinks it’s super cute and funny when you do so. 
  • boyfriend that acts sassy and goofy, but is actually super caring and would cut off his arm for you if you asked him. 
  • Milkshakes and Italian ice kind of boyfriend. 
  • Lucky charms cereal and lilies on anniversaries. 
  • Really into calling you things like babe and sweetheart, but if you hear him call you baby girl you know he’s in the mood and should be expecting some love making soon. 
  • ,,, also expect lots of playful name calling: Chicken Little, and Dumbo. But he loves you it’s all in good fun. 
  • Carelessly walks around the apartment in his underwear, like once you had friends over and he woke up and went to the kitchen for something to eat, and your friends got a better look than you would have preferred. 
  • Surprisingly easy to manipulate so that the situation can be in your favor. 
  • Example: “Babe let’s watch a movie, that new avenger movie is finally on demand.” 
  •  “Hm, I was really hoping that we could watch something else tonight.” *runs fingers up his chest* 
  •  “What are you thinking? Harry Potter? A horror movie?” 
  •  “How about something more gentle? There’s a new rom com that I have saved.” 
  •  “But babe…” 
  •  “Can’t we just watch your movie another time?” By this time you’d be whispering in his ear and Jae would be putty in your hands. 
  •  “I guess we’re watching some sappy romance tonight! If you make the popcorn I’ll scoop us up some ice cream!” 
  • Jae’s very affectionate and he doesn’t like to hide it. 
  • , dammit this boy will full on make out with you in front of all the other boys, maybe even go far enough that there might be a little groping going on. 
  • Butt >>=<< Boobs, he doesn’t prefer either, but boy can he grab your ass hard. 
  • Sex with Jae is actually really interesting and fun! He’s pretty much down for anything as long as you are, and is very generous in bed. 
  • Your safe word is Zeus’ Thunderbolt btw. 
  • While Jae prefers to be in control for the most part, he doesn’t mind switching it up every once and awhile and having you tell him what to do.
  • The only struggle is with his glasses, he needs the to SEE, but sometimes they make it harder to kiss you and just get in the way of things overall. Sometimes he thinks that he should just get contacts specifically to use while he has sex with you lol. 
  • Doesn’t really like serious sex, he thinks that’s how couples get into intimacy slumps. He’ll go out of his way to make you laugh while you’re making out, or even when he’s balls deep inside of you, Jae just loves hearing you laugh and tbh it’s also a little but if a turn on to him knowing that you’re not only feeling the pleasure but also having fun while doing it!
  • I can see Jae prematurely saying “I love you.” Like he kind of blurts it out one day and it takes you by surprise but you know it’s heartfelt, and even though it may be too early in the relationship for you to say it back to him, you still kiss him hard on the lips to show him that you feel the same.
  • Drunk karaoke, singing/screaming Don’t Stop Believing together and the people in the apartment next to yours bang on the wall.  
  • “Knock knock” 
  •  *waits for answer but gets none* “Knock knock” 
  •  *silence again* 
  •  “You’re supposed to ask ‘Who’s there?’ babe.” 
  •  “Jae I swear to god, it’s 4am shut up.” 
  • Jae always has so many date ideas up his sleeve, so your outings together are always adventures. 
  • Couples painting classes! Hiking up a mountain! 
  • Going to the zoo!
  • Horseback riding!!!
  • A wine and cheese tasting in the middle of nowhere in the countryside?!
  • Now Jae is no Sungjin, I’m pretty sure his alcohol preferences aren’t so lavish, I’m pretty sure he’s perfectly content with just a shitty beer in his hand.
  • Really goes out of his way to impress people.
  • Knows nothing about sports but always tries to watch big games on the TV because who knows who he’s going to meet and maybe need to impress with his invested knowledge of American football or Soccer?
  • , and goes all out for it too, like he’ll dress up wearing a sports jersey and have you invite all the boys over and make wings and whatever, and you’re there just like “Hey Chicken Little! Your American douchebag is showing!” (Not that he’s being a douche he just wants to impress people cute baby) 
  • For your first year anniversary, Jae took you to the most romantic restaurant he could find, a small joint with the lipstick lips of all the lovers that come through on the ceiling, you two graciously add to that, and it was so sweet and the food was so good that you continue coming back for each of your anniversaries.
  • (This is actually a real place in New York City if you are interested! I’ve been there before and it was really yummy!!! Too bad I don’t remember the name of it lol!)
  • Together you two actually do a lot of volunteer work together, in particularly at the local animal shelter.
  • It started off just as a hobby for both of you, and as a way to give back to the community while also making all these animals lives better, but then it kind of morphed into a slight obsession for both of you.
  • You’ve gone through all of your stuff gazillions of times looking for things to donate like towels and old blankets. You’ve called up all your friends asking to donate either with a physical donation or by joining you guys to walk a dog or something! And though all your friends are more than willing to donate because it is a good cause, enough is enough you know?
  • Anyway, there are always a lot of really cute animals going in and out of the animal shelter, kittens and puppies galore, but one day there is this small German Shepard mix puppy there, and you two just immediately fall In LOVE with her!!! She’s just so precious!
  • Do you see where I’m going with this?
  • You and Jae adopt this puppy and name her Cali (short for California for obvious reasons), and she is such a joy to have in your lives.
  • Cali loves to jump up on the couch with you two while you’re in the middle of a cuddle session, and just lay on top of both of you. This habit unfortunately continues as she grows up much bigger, and even as an adult dog she’ll try to climb over you guys on the couch and it’s such a mess.
  • Jae walks around your apartment wearing these huge headphones that are almost obnoxiously large and you always have to scream for him to hear anything.
  • And normally this would make you upset and frustrated, but you understand that with Jae music is not only his passion but his work as well, so he always needs to somehow be connected to music.
  • Loves to serenade you with his guitar, sometimes he’ll try to form a little band together, with you on the tambourine, and it’s always a disaster but it’s a happy one. Always ending in laughs.
  • Though Jae may love you with all his heart and body he doesn’t see the need to marry you so quickly. He’s very happy with his current situation and doesn’t see marriage as something that needs to happen immediately. After all you guys are living together and still so young, what’s the rush?!
  • Not that he has any plans or whatever to break up with you in the future or that he can’t see you as someone he can marry, he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, but maybe you guys aren’t ready for a big step like that while you’re still so young. 
  •  That’s not saying that he doesn’t know exactly how he is going to propose to you, where, when, the position of the moon in the sky, he’s got all this down to the socks that will be on his feet. Jae wants everything to be perfect when he finally asks the question.
  • Overall Jae is just a super sweet and goofy boyfriend that thinks the world shines just for you, and you’re his muse, the reason why he can push himself to become a better performer.  He loves you so much.

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Alright, so I have Ideas™ about a convoluted Moulin Rouge Laurent/Crime Lord Damen AU, so bear with me, bc I’m probably never going to write this.

Um, TW: Violence, prostitution, the Regent being gross via implied CSA (but I’ll try to go into minimal detail for that), anything else let me know oh but Laurent!Satine doesn’t die so there’s that at least. Also a warning bc this was written in the early hours and has not been proofread at all.

Okay, so I’m real into Dual plots, so we’ll start with Damen, who is in this crime empire of some sort, I don’t know a lot about organised crime but the Akielos family is a Big Deal. So they make most of their money from the usual stuff: ‘protection’, drugs, etc. but they also have a name in prostitution, but the high-class kind. Their escorts are perfectly trained and come in all shapes and sizes etc, and in return for giving their lives and bodies (and most of their earnings) to the Akielos Family, they get to choose their own customers. So it’s shady, but like, not as bad as it could be. youtried.jpg

Except, our boy Kastor isn’t happy with being swept to the side and Damen being the inheritor so he’s been trying to get a following of his own (and Jokaste is helping him, but more bc she’s one of the escorts and she knows beauty runs out eventually and she’s got to move up in the world or get thrown away eventually. And Damen won’t marry her, so yeah, Kastor). And then surprise! Theomedes dies suddenly and totally mysteriously like wow, he was so healthy, how did that happen? (Murder!!). 

And Kastor is all: Suprise, bitch! This is a coup @ Damen, but he manages to escape with his life bc Jokaste has feelings of remorse and gives the poor guy a hand. So then it’s like the Crime Family equivalent of a civil war, Kastor’s got half the territory loyal to him, Damen has the other half, shit is going down.

Anyway, so at this point, it’s basically just mayhem: Damen’s trying to reason w Kastor and keep things together, and Nikandros is like, “We need to expand our territory,” so they can beat Kastor and regain control. 

This leads Damen one night to Vere, the notorious burlesque club that happens to one of the places Damen wants to take over. 

(Now time for a readmore, bc this is just the prologue, baby, it’s time for Laurent’s story)

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Manorian Baby Headcanons

Manorian baby Headcanons Because I’m obsessed and unashamed (If you want any other ship or Headcanons just ask because I ship like everything due to my apparent addiction to pain)

Feysand Nessian Rowaelin


-So pregnant Manon. Terrifying before, unfathomable now.

-She found out after she goes to ride Abraxos and he starts smelling her all weird like and then refuses to take her flying. She’s like ‘this is your fucking job take me flying you shit’. The next day she realises that she is very late and whoops that’s what happens when you have unprotected sex with a man that you can’t keep your hands off.

-She’s happy but nervous. She can’t help but think about Asterin and her baby and how she lost it. She stopped the practise of exiling witches who’s witchlings died as soon as she became clan leader, but she’s not nervous about that. She’s nervous about telling Dorian they were going to have a child just to break his heart if it didn’t make it.

-Dorian finds out its in the most mundane way possible. Like an 'oh yeah I’m pregnant btw’ over dinner.

-He doesn’t say anything for a good 5 minutes. Just stares at her.

-Then he starts crying.

-Then he runs to tell Chaol because this is one of the biggest moments of his life and wait he should probably go talk to Manon first.

-So Manon is this piece of work complete Bitch to anyone who even dares to come near her while she’s carrying not just the heir to the throne of Adarlan but also the heir to the Blackbeaks. Except for her thirteen of course.

-Even Dorian was wary of her for a total of 5 minutes before he realised he was being an idiot and went up to her and kissed her harder than he ever had before.

-Asterin is a blubbering mess when she finds out and is so excited and insists on having a baby shower but Manon is like 'I’m only a few weeks pregnant that is excessive and I’m right thanks see ya’ but then reconsiders when she thinks about what happened to Asterin and why she is so excited and decides that Asterin can do this one thing.

-As Manon gets bigger it’s gets harder and harder for her to sleep. She’s awake constantly which effects her more than she would like. Eventually her and Dorian find the perfect position to sleep in (her slightly on her side with her arms around him and him being on his back. He also plays with her hair which she denies she like but the girl lives for it seriously).

-Manon knows that they’re having a girl. There is no question about it. She’s a witchling and her eyes are going to be fully gold just like her mum.

-Towards the end of her pregnancy her and Dorian start receiving baby gifts from all across Erilea. Dorian happily opens them, storing away what they’ll use (like unnecessarily fashionable baby clothing curtesy of Aelin) and donating the things they don’t want (“why the fuck did they send us a cat?! We don’t need a cat. Feed it to the Wyverns.” “We’re not feeding to the Wyverns my Love I’ll just give it to Nesryn for her family farm.” “If you insist but I bet Abraxos would love it.” “We both know he’s far more likely to become best friends with it darling.”)

-Dorian is thrilled to be having a baby. He misses having a family and hopes that he’ll be a better father than the King ever was.

-He’s also a tad nervous because it’s not like he’s had the best father figures to look up to as he grew up. His father was Shit, Chaol’s father was an idiot. He wants to do the best for his child but he doesn’t know what the best is.

-Manon is fierce when it comes to continuing to be independent despite the fact that she’s pregnant.

-She’s with her thirteen planning a reconstruction of the wastes when there’s a sharp pain through her abdomen. She tries to ignore it (she’s knows that she has most likely gone into labour and it can fucking wait she’s not due for 2 weeks and she has work to do) but can’t when she starts bleeding. A lot.

-She’s taken to a healer straight away by Asterin and she’s screaming for Dorian and where the fuck is Elide she said she was going to be there for the birth to help her and the pain is waaaayy to much and she passes out.

-That’s how Dorian finds her. In a small cottage of the closest healer, any colour to her already pale face gone. Dorian nearly can’t walk in. It looks like she’s dead.

-But it takes a lot more than that to bring down Manon bloody Blackbeak.

-When the birth is over and Manon is resting after losing so much blood, Dorian has some time alone with his precious baby girl.

-She’s colourless except for the rosy redness to her cheeks. Even her hair was as white as the moon. Except when she opens her eyes, Dorian is shocked to see one is startling gold, and the other is a crystalline blue

. -He knows his baby girl is going to be a heartbreaker, but it’s doesn’t matter because he’s never letting any boys near her anyway.

  -everyone is a bit on edge to see how Manon handles being a mother, but like everything she does, she is a total badass at it.

-She also cries, for the first time in years, when she gets to hold her daughter for the first time. She can’t stop telling how much she loves her and how she’ll always take care of her no matter what.

  -Dorian is a better father than anyone could’ve expected. He takes to it so naturally.

-Dorian likes to walk her around (never in a stroller he always carries her) and introduce her to his employees, but also to the people of Rifthold. As much as he loves Manon, his people were still a bit nervous about the extremely powerful witch, but somehow their strange little family makes perfect sense to everyone.

-he got an awful lot of reminders that “your highness, in no way am I trying to impose, but don’t you think it’s time to ask her to marry you?” Ah yes he should really get around to that.

-When the baby is 8 months old she starts to walk. However, she likes to do it when people aren’t looking so no one really realises she’s doing it. She’s being babysat by her Aunty Nes and Uncle Chaol when she just wanders off without them noticing and manages to get all the way to the Wyvern yard. Chaol freaks out and tells the guard instantly to start looking for her because oh my gods he lost his best friends child.

-When she’s found she is snuggled up with Abraxos sleeping after her big adventure.

  -Despite the blunder Manon still lets Chaol near her child. As long as another responsible adult is there of course.

  -In his daughters whole first year, she never sleeps away from Dorian. The war only ended a mere year before her birth, and he’s too nervous to let her out of her sight incase something happens.

-so behold his shock when he comes home to Manon telling her Asterin has taken the Bub for a night and if she has to go one more day without having sex with the love of her life she’s gonna lose it.


-When there done the sun is coming up and Dorian can’t think of a better time to propose to her.

  -She says yes.

reminiscence pt. I

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1971. Y/N stood on the bustling train platform, the clamour of screeching owls and the hustling of luggage making her quite dizzy. Children and parents were bumping into her tiny frame continuously, in a hurry to say their goodbyes. Teary eyed mothers tousled their little one’s hair, reminding them over a hundred times to write letters, do well at school and make friends. Like most other first years, Y/N nervously clutched the handle of her trunk, a little scared yet a little excited, ready to leave her daily life behind, for the world of wizardry and witchcraft.

That was 6 years ago. Y/N (L/N) was now in her 6th year at Hogwarts; a proud Gryffindor, a thriving student and an amazing friend. Her first year had been splendid and she had made acquaintances quite easily, almost immediately befriending another scared, red-headed muggleborn on the train. Lily Potter. Their friendship had blossomed, and in time, the two of them grew very close to a certain group of unruly, fierce, clever boys. The Marauders were her best friends; looking out for Y/N all the time, always accepting and understanding. Their small family felt like home, a happy, safe place where nothing could ever go wrong.


It was way past midnight. Y/N lay on the plush, vintage mattress in the Gryffindor common room, the warm light of the fireplace making her skin glow like liquid gold, warming her up from the inside. The smell of hot cocoa pervaded through the cozy room, the atmosphere growing soporific, making her drowsier by the minute. She had come down to try and work on her potions essay, but the book strewn carelessly across her lap and the empty pieces of folded parchment were a clear indication that no studying had been done that night. In her defense, Lily, the marauders and a few of her other friends had sauntered down as well, and the endless gossip and laughter was obviously distracting. Y/N was at the border between sleep and awake, her mind wandering off to recall happy memories as she gazed at the faces of her smiling friends, people who had grown to become extremely important parts of her life.

She thought about her first two years, when the boys had just begun talking to her and Lily, and how their friendship grew with every little prank and argument. Come third year, Y/N had written to them all summer, sharing secrets and stories, describing the muggle world and her small daily adventures. Studying became of more importance from that year on, and late night cramming sessions led by Remus in the common room, with cups of coffee and chocolate frogs had become a regularity. It always somehow watered down to them laughing and talking into the wee hours of dawn, falling asleep amidst their books, completely exhausted. She would never forget their simple game of truth or dare towards the beginning of fourth year, when she had jokingly dared Lily to kiss Remus, and the pair had shyly complied, earning an outraged, quite over-dramatic reaction from James, who had stormed out of the room. It was the first time the group was made aware of his little crush on Lily. It was the first time Y/N had properly talked to her about boys, giggling and blushing profusely at the mention of every other attractive lad. It was the first time she had come to realize that Sirius Black was absolutely gorgeous.


Sirius Black. Though Y/N adored and cared for all her friends equally, the charming young man always held a special place in her heart. He had always been the first to tease her when they were younger, and the first to wipe her tears. He stood up for her, yelling at anyone who dared to make even the smallest negative comment. As 13 year olds, barely into their teens, the two had often sneaked out of bed to climb up to the astronomy tower, where he had confided in her, telling her everything about his family. (Y/N) had held him close, stroking his hair and whispering words of encouragement until he calmed down. After the girls had found out about Moony’s condition, they would stay up on those few nights, waiting for the boys to come back. She had tended to his wounds, worry etched on her face every time he winced or groaned. She had been there to witness all of his escapades, his seemingly never ending loop of courting and then breaking countless girls’ hearts. She had stood with Remus, laughing and reprimanding Sirius for his foolish antics.  She had watched him go from one girl to the next, and had poured her heart out to Lily, tears pooling in her eyes.

She thought of one of the infamous Gryffindor Christmas parties, thrown by the seventh years who had managed to sneak in bottles of firewhiskey and boxes of chocolates. Having fought with Sirius just that afternoon, she had brought Regulus along as a date just to spite him. Much to her dismay, he had brought along one of his fangirls, who wouldn’t stop swooning over the dark haired boy, making her blood boil. Both Sirius and Y/N had spent that entire party, glaring at each other, definitely not having a good time. Their ego got the best of them, and they wouldn’t dare admit how much they wished they had spent that night with each other. It was the first time Y/N thought there could be something more than friendship there.  

She smiled as her most secretive, cherished memories surfaced; the few nights she had spent tucked into his arms. Usually after a thrilling Quidditch game or after studying for hours, the two would find themselves pressed closely against each other on the couch, her hands in his soft hair, his hands rubbing warm circles into her lower back, their legs a tangle of limbs. She loved every version of Sirius, but that version was her favourite. Vulnerable and kind, making her feel loved and protected. He would whisper soft nothings in her ear and intertwine their fingers, making her heart race faster than usual. Of course in the morning, the two would play it off as just two friends cuddling, much oblivious to their own feelings.


Her reverie ended as Remus softly said goodnight and kissed her on the forehead, shuffling out of the common room. Y/N sat up as well, deciding it was finally time to turn in. Her sleepy orbs scanned the room, a barely visible smile absentmindedly creeping onto her lips. James and Lily were cuddled up on the couch, and Y/N  let out a small laugh, already hearing Lily’s excuses stating she had been coerced. Molly and a few other girls, were sat on the rug, conversing through whispers and smiles, eyeing a group of seventh year boys at the far end of the room. Peter had fallen asleep on a nearby armchair, his legs flung over the edge, a book lopsidedly covering half his face. She picked her things up, stacking her books neatly, while standing up and stretching slowly, her smile freezing as her eyes landed on a certain male.  Sirius was nestled snuggly in a large chair, a random girl curled up in his lap, whispering something in his ear, making him elicit a soft laugh, a little twinkle visible in his eyes. Y/N swallowed hard, her jaw set as she abruptly walked out, catching the dark haired boy’s attention.  As she stormed up the stairs, misty teardrops cascaded down her cheeks, her mind swimming with contempt for herself. What was the point in pinning after him for so long? He had unknowingly broken her heart so many times. It wasn’t even his fault. If only Y/N could pluck up the courage to tell him how she felt. If only she had could stand out, make him notice her, make him fall for her just as she had fallen for him, fallen for his obnoxious laugh, his warm eyes, his compassion and his chivalry. If only he knew. She had tried, she had tried to make it obvious to him, with her long hugs, random kisses on the cheeks, her little sighs every time he did something adorable, her little frowns every time he prowled after another girl. But what more could Y/N do?

What if he was her Romeo but she just wasn’t his Juliet?

Winter and a Brand New Fairy Tale

Jason Todd X Reader

Word Count: 1438

AN: This is the final part 

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You name him Lincoln; it was your grandfather’s name. He had been a strong man, who had survived several wars, and built your family’s company from the ground up. He had been a strong man, and some part of you hopes that the name gives your son some of that strength. He spends over a month in the NICU, and you’re there every day.

You spend the days talking to him, telling him who you are, and about Jason. The entire time that plush Tiger stays there watching over little Lincoln. Jason stops in before work, during lunch, and after work. It’s the longest month of your life, but you’re rarely alone. Bruce’s wife is a big comfort, she’s been through what you’ve gone through, when Faith was in the hospital.

You get to know the other mothers in the NICU. Some of the babies are even smaller than Lincoln. It breaks your heart. Over time, Lincoln starts to improve. He gets bigger, and stronger, and at the end of the month he’s allowed to go home.

          Jason refuses to drive over ten miles per hour on the way home. When you reach the manor, the rest of the family is waiting, and all ready to hold him, but you’re not really sure you’re ready. You make everyone wash their hands twice, before letting Jason’s mother hold him first. She coos at the baby, while Bruce hovers behind her, smiling at your son. You begin to relax as the night goes on.

          Over the next month you settle on a routine. He’s been bottle fed his entire time in the NICU, so you choose to continue with that. You also decide to use cloth diapers. You quickly find that going all over the manor to get certain things during the night is a pain in the butt. The little stuffed tiger, however, becomes his best friend. He likes to chew on the tiger’s ear.

          After several months, as you begin to loosen up a bit, and become more comfortable as a mother, you and Jason discuss moving. You love living with the family. You love having that support system, but at the same time you can’t help but feel as though it’s time.

          Neither you nor Jason have really had your own home, and you’re kind of ready for that experience. The two of you tell the family at dinner several weeks later. They’re sad, but they understand.

          Jason’s mother babysits while the two of you go searching. You end up finding a townhouse that you like. It has a decent backyard, in a decent neighborhood, good school district, and it’s not too far from either of your jobs. You put in a bid, and you get it.

          Jason’s entire family pitches in when it comes to repairs and decorating. They help paint, install appliances, and they turn the basement into a second cave. It holds another computer station, and Jason’s suit, and somehow, you’re not entirely sure how, they’re able to create a tunnel for his bike to exit through. You don’t really question it, you just take Lincoln out to lunch, with Bruce’s wife, and Faith.

          When the house is done you and Jason officially move in. The first thing you realize is that it’s much quieter than the manor. After all it’s just the three you, and Lincoln hasn’t exactly reached the point where he’s yelling and running through the house. You return to work, and Lincoln begins going to work with Jason. He stays in Wayne Enterprises daycare with Faith.

          A member of Jason’s family is almost always over, especially after patrol. You typically catch them raiding your fridge. You welcome the company, and you usually make the trek to the manor at least once a week. Sometimes, Alfred comes over after dropping the master and mistress of the home off at work. He holds Lincoln and tells your son little stories.

          One of your brothers eventually reaches out. He comes into the gallery and just starts talking. He’s quit the family company, and is starting his own business, a book store. He tells you about the woman he’s seeing.

The most important thing though, is that he apologizes. The rest of your family still wants nothing to do with you, but you’re excited to have your youngest older brother back in your life. He gets to know Lincoln and Jason, and you do your best to make sure he doesn’t eat only fast food.

You and Jason have been together for about two and a half years when Lincoln’s first birthday comes around. You hold a big party at your house. It’s freezing outside, and you choose to make s’mores in a fire pit outside instead of having a birthday cake. Lincoln gets a cupcake to smash.

That night after you put Lincoln to bed, you can’t help but study your soulmate as he cleans the kitchen. He’s handsome, and you can’t help but love that one white streak. He’s pure muscle, and eats everything in sight. He still surprises you at least once a month, and you know that as soon as the weather is warm enough you’ll be back on the bike together.  

          He seems to sense you staring at him, and the smirk confirms it, as he turns to you and says, “See something you like?”

          Smiling, you walk to him and wrap your arms around his neck. Going up on your tiptoes, you kiss him, and his arms wrap around you. When you break apart the two of you begin swaying together even though there’s no music. You can’t help but think of those old Disney Princess movies, only your prince is so much better than anything they could create.

          In his arms you feel safe, and secure, yet you know he’ll support you in taking the occasional risk, and as you feel him slip a ring on your finger and whisper, “Feel like taking a chance on me?”

          And you say, “Every time.” You know you’re about to engage in an adventure so amazing no one could possibly have told the story before.

elivent  asked:

Hi! Can I ask you to write something canon compliant about FS moving into their double bunk or their new apartment?

Hi @elivent! Thank you so much for the prompt! This one turned out a bit different, style-wise, but I hope it’s still what you were looking for.

Here is day three of my week long celebration of my blog anniversary! A huge thank you to everyone that’s sent in prompts - I now have enough to post one each day this week, so keep an eye out for them! 

As always, enjoy!


The first time they move in together, they’re nineteen, fresh out of the Academy and in a hurry to become SHIELD’s top scientists. There’s about a week between the time they graduate and when they’re set to start at Sci-Ops, so the hunt for a decent flat and the actual moving in are done within just a few days.

It’s not much, a space just big enough for the two of them, and most importantly, it’s a fifteen minute walk from the Sci-Ops facility (the key deciding factor, really). They don’t have much between the two of them, and it isn’t long before they’re unpacked and suddenly this is what they call home.

Things aren’t always easy – though they’ve been attached at the hip for the past two and a half years, they’ve never lived together and there’s an adjustment period. There’s arguments over who gets to shower first or who’s turn it is make dinner that night, Jemma is eternally frustrated by the dirty laundry Fitz seems to leave everywhere, and Fitz can’t stand the fact that there only ever seems to be ridiculously healthy food in the kitchen.

But, at the end of the day, they’re still together, and after watching friends and partners at the Academy assigned to separate SHIELD facilities after graduation, they understand how lucky they truly are.

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Addiction-Part 1

Castiel x Reader (fem) Request

Word Count:1,450

Warnings: Light angst, and a leading up to smut, but mostly just sweet fluffy stuff

Request from @mycuddlycorner: “ The idea here was, that [Chosen character] loves them. Okay. So they get jealous if anyone goes to the reader. But the 2nd hunter is their best friend. So reader doesn’t take the flirting of their BF seriously, but [CC] and BF both know their feelings to Reader. And neither of them intend to be just friends.” I am going to try and stay true to the request as much as possible, but sometimes these things just take on a life of their own, ya know?

When Castiel was human, he experienced a vast assortment of emotions. It wasn’t so much the feelings themselves that were new to him, though. Cas had experienced plenty of emotions as an angel. No. What shook Castiel was the intensity at which he felt, and he assumed that when he regained his grace, all would be back to normal. And he wasn’t entirely wrong. All feelings subsided to normal angel levels…..except when it came to her. When it came to her, it was as if he could burst from the intensity at which he felt. When it came to y/n, he burned with desire. She ignited his entire being with life and purpose. But there are two sides to every coin. The indescribable bliss he experienced when he touched her was equally met with a possessive jealousy when someone else did the same. And it was becoming increasingly difficult to conceal these feelings. The flutters he felt when she looked up at him, the gripping anxiety that consumed his mind when she was in danger, the comfortable contentedness that enveloped his senses when he smelled her hair, and the vicious jealousy that reared when Sam or Dean got too close. 

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Remus Lupin x Reader Headcanons: Through The Years

Prompt: That Marauders thing was heckin’ adorable. Can you do something like it where the reader ends up with Remus? If not that’s okay!

I got carried away

Requested by: Anonymous

Year One:
The marauders are slow to warm up to you, Remus most of all. He’s wary of you but he doesn’t know why. All of this changes after you don’t go home for Christmas break and you and Sirius become close friends. If You’re a friend of Sirius, you’re a friend of him. James and Peter have small crushes on you, and he can see why. He won’t know for years but he’s been smitten with you since January of first year.

Year Two:
Remus ends up being your partner in three classes. Not that you’re complaining; hes incredibly nice and although you’re smart too, you know he will make sure the two of you have your assignments perfect. You’re just worried because he’s quiet around you. This all changes, between classes and going over the logic of your friends pranks, the two of you become close, even closer than you and Sirius are. You also become friends with Lily, which means now you have another good friend, except this one isn’t in detention constantly. The Marauders have definitely made a name for themselves.

Year Three:
You and Lily hang out more often, which means you stray from the guys quite a bit. It takes a lot of effort to balance both friend groups, but being Remus’ partner in classes again helps to maintain this. The boys walk you and Lily to and from class, because they miss you and so James can talk to Lily. Remus has a crush on a Ravenclaw and you don’t really know why but you don’t like it.

Year Four:
You find out about their animagus plans and join in without telling them. How dare they try to keep you out. You surprise them all and they end up loving it. Your two friend groups become closer and your friendships with them become even closer than you though possible. Remus starts dating said Ravenclaw and you become tense when he’s around. You have no clue why. Lily swears she knows why, and despite your questioning, she never tells you.

Year Five:
You and Remus aren’t potions partners anymore. He realizes how much he misses alone time with you. There are no more all nighters or library dates or sneaking into the kitchen because you both forgot to feed yourselves. He realizes now that he likes you. Sirius flirts with you constantly because he has noticed this change in Moony. While he’s jealous, he’s hopeful because you never flirt back.

Year Six:
You and Remus are lab partners again. You notice he’s gotten a bit more toned over the summer and he grows facial hair now. You, Lily, James, and Remus all go to the others for romantic advice without realizing you’re all asking each other. Sirius found the two of you snuggled up on the floor with at least four empty bowls that once held chocolate ice cream. He won’t let you live it down. Remus deals with his first heartbreak. One drunken night, Peter dares you to kiss. He doesn’t leave your side for the rest of the night and you’re on cloud nine.

Year Seven:
You have pictures of your friends and adventures hung in your dorm, though you spend most nights on a makeshift sleeping bag in their room. Somehow around February you start waking up in Remus’ bed. Though you don’t talk about it, some nights you kiss. Nights where you all get drunk and sit in a circle and just talk and joke are your favorites. Remus asks you around graduation if you’d ever consider moving in with the marauders if they got a house, and you ask if you’d share a room. He laughs and says “of course I’d share a room with my romantic partner.”
This is the first time he ever mentions it, but he thought you had been dating since February.

Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!

Safe Haven

NOTE: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all of you beautiful beings! Accept this story as a sort of Vday gift from me to you. I have been sitting on this story since October, revisiting and editing it nonstop. And while i was never really sure that i wanted to post it, M encouraged me to think about it. And so, we finally decided on putting it up. It may not be great, or even good at all and i apologize for that. All in all, enjoy your day and hopefully you all enjoy the story!

 ~~R, xx

Members: Chanyeol x Reader

Type: Fluff[?, maybe, still not sure]

Word Count: 2,833

-Admin R

Originally posted by iyeolie

“It’s just a bench. Why do we have to sit at that particular one? There’s plenty of others around here,” your friend says to you, motioning towards the numerous benches that lined the park’s pathway. The pathway is lined with trees spaced out just enough for a bench to fit in between each tree. Little yellow daisies trailed along the bottom.

Little did your friend know, this particular park bench was the one thing that was truly special to you. You quickly drag your friend along by the arm once you see the couple that was previously occupying the special bench leave. The two of you walk down the pathway, passing a few vacant benches until finally, you both reach that particular bench and sat down in a soft silence.

You let the silence wash over you, closing your eyes, taking in the feeling of the gentle wind kissing your face, and breathing in the cool brisk air around you two.

“Do you miss him?” your friend asks, breaking the silence.

“Yes.” You say calmly, eyes still closed absorbing the air around you. “You know… I actually come here a lot when he’s gone.” You continue, “this is where some of our best memories took place, believe it or not. This was the start of it all. Right here on this bench,” you shifted in your seat. “And I like to come here whenever I feel empty… or frustrated… or happy…”

The wind stops, you open your eyes and turn to your friend, “when I am aching to go back in time and relive some of the best memories, even for a moment, I come here, to this bench.”

This is your safe haven.

You begin to tell your friend about the real relationship between you and Park Chanyeol.

It was an autumn afternoon, cool brisk air and fallen leaves of orange, reds and yellows coated the park. You were sitting there on that very bench a year and a half ago. Earbuds in, listening to your music and taking in the scene of the park. All felt right in the world, according to you. It wasn’t often that you would find yourself here for no simple reason, but that day you needed somewhere to go and just breathe. So, there you sat. On that bench, letting go, enjoying the moments passing by and then plump.

You felt someone sit next to you. Turning your head to face the person that interrupted your peace, you saw a guy staring back at you. Your eyes scanned his figure, taking notice of his soft, smooth skin, his pink chapped lips and his warm eyes matching the color of his dark brown hair. He was looking back at you with a smile covering his face from ear to ear. His presence struck a chord in your heart, one that you never knew your heart could even play.

“Hi.” He says to you, his deep voice filled your ears, sending goosebumps all over your body. Just like that you were swept up off your feet, ‘hi,’ so simple. But it was enough to send butterflies through your body from head to toe. Normally you wouldn’t be in the mood to interact with strangers, especially not with one that uninvitedly interrupted your peace. However, feeling content at the moment you decided to just go with the flow. He introduced himself first, following him you tell him your name, his eyes never leaving yours.

“What are you listening to?” he asks, realizing you still have one earbud in. You were listening to a song by an artist that you were sure he wasn’t going to know. No one ever knew when you told them. But you decided to indulge him anyways and he listened intensely to every word you said. His almond shaped eyes still never leaving you when you spoke.

He was genuine, sweet, and he seemed eager to be in your company. The two of you ended up talking for almost an hour on that bench, the people all around you moving fast. But with him, time froze and it was just you, him and that bench.

“Ah, Y/N, you have such a beautiful mind, and you speak so wonderfully. I want to see you again.” You felt your cold cheeks turn a light shade of pink as you blushed at the sweet and honest compliment.

“Would you let me take you to dinner?” he asks, this time his smile exposed his pearly white teeth, which shone a light in every dark corner of your being.

You continued telling your friend about how you two first met. You took your friend back through time with you, letting them experience the moments you treasured most. The memories that had been locked away only for you and Chanyeol were now being opened up. Your friend listened to your recounting of the memories with the occasional sounds of admiration leaving their mouth. You opened up to your friend on that bench and let them inside your mind. You needed someone to know the feelings you had for Chanyeol.

A few days passed and it was the night of your first date with Park Chanyeol. He picked you up at your apartment, stunning in his light grey buttoned down shirt paired with simple black pants, matching the color of his shoes. He took your breath away, simply standing there at your door. He appeared to be taller than you had remembered, and he smiled softly at you as he admired the way you looked in your dark blue dress with your hair swept over to one shoulder. His mouth fell slightly open at your beauty and you giggled shyly at his loss for words.

“You look good, too.” You say, easing the nerves between you two. Chanyeol giggles.

“Shall we?” He asks, extending his hand to you. And so you two were off, heading to a little bistro.Dinner was far better than expected, you both finished your meals and shared stories of your most embarrassing moments over dessert with time freezing yet again for you two.

Leaving the restaurant, you thought the date was over but Chanyeol intertwined his fingers with yours, a perfect fit, and led you further down the street, passed his car. You were simultaneously curious and anxious. But curiosity got the better of you and you followed along happily. As he was guiding you to a new destination, he started talking with you more about his profession and how he loves being in a music group. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting but he wouldn’t have it any other way. You listened to him speak with his heart and admired how his eyes somehow managed to shine bright even in the darkness of the night. You both stopped in your tracks and you realized he ended up leading you to the bench where you two had first met.

There you both sat and admired the way the park looked at night under the trails of dimly lit lamp posts mixed with the moonlight. Chanyeol reached his arm around you and you slid closer to fit by his side. The air was cool but he was warm.

“You know, Y/N, if I asked you to climb that tree right there and scream with me, would you do it?” he asked. You looked at him, trying to figure out if he was serious or not. He looked at you with a childish grin glued on his face. He got up and the next thing you know you were in a tree yelling into the night air. It was absolutely ludicrous but oddly enough, it felt so right. He stopped to look at you one more time.

“I don’t know how, Y/N, but you look incredibly beautiful.” He says to you.

“It’s because there’s not a lot of lighting out here, so you can’t actually see how absurd I look at the moment.” You respond jokingly. He leans forward, mere centimeters from you, his eyes scanning every inch of your face, you felt your heartbeat rising. He’s beautiful, you thought to yourself.

“Hmm, yeah. You’re right.” He says and lets out a laugh as you hit his shoulder. He pouts and you giggle at his puppy dog face.

“You know, that’s not how you get brownie points with your date, by agreeing when they say they’re not beautiful!” You say, letting out another laugh. Chanyeol then cuts off your laughter with his finger over your lips. He leans forward again and his fingers now rest on your chin, your heart begins to flutter. The familiar rush overcomes you as your stomach swirls inside. He lifts your chin and leans closer to you as his soft lips meet yours. Chanyeol kissed you with such passion, it left you feeling numb. You kissed him back as you wrapped your hand around his neck, pulling him in closer. His tongue grazed your bottom lip and you parted your lips, allowing him entrance.

Never in your wildest dreams, would you have thought that you would have a date ending with a kiss on top of a tree in the late hours of the night. But sure enough, there you were.

Park Chanyeol was the one to give you such adventures.

You can feel your friend gushing over the sweet memories. “With Chanyeol,” you say,  “life’s a long rush of adrenaline. But through the rush, he always managed to make me feel safe and secure, no matter how crazy it may have become.” You continue to share more memories with your friend. Some good, some bad, all real.

It’s now been a few months and your relationship with Chanyeol has been a mess of adventures and mishaps, all of which you wouldn’t change for the world. You were lucky enough to meet him at the time when he was in the off months of his career and now he’s telling you how it won’t be like this much longer. He’ll have to leave, and the atmosphere around you two turned serious. When he leaves it won’t be for 5 days or a week, it will be for months. You knew it was bound to happen soon, being the rational person that you are you didn’t let yourself get too worked up over it. This was a part of dating Park Chanyeol, and it’s a sacrifice worth making. But despite all of that, it still pained you to think about going months without seeing him.

His touch, his smell, his lips, his presence will all soon be nothing but faded memories after a while.

“Jagi, what are you thinking?” he asks you, as you lay with your head in his lap. His long firm fingers grazing through your hair sending beautiful chills down your spine. Remember these moments, you think to yourself.

“I’m thinking about how I’m going to be able to get the snacks from the top shelf when you’re gone? No more midnight snacks for me, I guess.” you say jokingly, trying desperately to make light of the situation. He giggles and squeezes your arm with his other hand.

“I’ll bring all the good snacks down for you, Y/N. We can’t have you sleeping on a hungry stomach every night.” He responds lightheartedly.

Chanyeol gets up from the couch and goes toward the stereo, he puts on some music and grabs you by the hand. “C’mon, Y/N. I bet I can dance better than you to this song.” The two of you danced and sang along to all of your favorite songs, making the best of that moment. You treasured every awkward dance move, every accidental fall, every note sung out of tune.

You especially remembered the moment that ended the night with you both on the living room floor, clothes thrown carelessly to the side. Your bare bodies breathless and intertwined with each other, remember these moments.

Now he’s gone on tour and all you can think of is how big and empty your small apartment feels without his presence. Some days are better than others. Communication is kept to a minimum, and sometimes the two of you miss each other by mere seconds on phone calls and video chats. But on the days that you actually catch each other, they’re spent showing each other things you bought, read and simply telling each other about your days.

Sometimes, on the evenings when you come home and your small apartment seems to have emptied itself, you find yourself at that park bench where you two first met.

It’s just a bench.

You feel yourself beginning to feel heavy as you begin to share the recent memory of your relationship.

You and Chanyeol never fought often. Communication and understanding was always present between the two of you. But that didn’t mean there weren’t days when you two would have disagreements. You both hated it when you fought, but you two were always able to find a way to end it with an incredibly lame joke, causing the both of you to laugh out all of the anger. This time was harder. The two of you were arguing about something you can’t even remember and your voices reached a level of loudness that neither of you had ever expected to hear from each other. This lead to many meaningless words exchanged at each other. But at the moment they felt necessary. Both of your hearts were broken, both of your bodies tired from the rush of anger flowing within you two. It was the day before he had to leave and this was the last thing you two wanted to be doing. Having had enough, Chanyeol stormed out of the apartment in the middle of the night.

An hour had passed and you figured he went back to the dorm where he lived with the other members. You grabbed your coat and went for a walk to clear your head, you absentmindedly wound up at the park, walking towards that bench. As you walked closer you noticed someone sitting there, you were about to turn around until you recognized the dark figure. It was Chanyeol, sitting on the bench, head in hands as faint whimpers left his mouth. You sat next to him, wrapping your arms around him and caressed him as tears left your eyes.

“Y/N, I don’t want the last memory we have of each other before I leave again to be like this.” You felt the same way, but all you could do in the moment was tighten your grip around him and let the silence wash over the two of you. That night was exceptionally hard. You both returned to your apartment, shared a few kisses and held each other tightly on the sofa watching some late night re-run. Still heartbroken and tired from the events of the night, you both ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, you awoke to an empty apartment and a note from Chanyeol.

“Y/N, our flight was moved to an earlier hour. I didn’t want to wake you. I will see you in a few weeks and I will call when I land. I love you, jagi. -pcy.”

“So it’s been two weeks, and he’s still gone. We keep missing each other and I haven’t been able to talk to him. I came here, hoping he can feel me calling for him. Lame, i know. I keep wishing he would come home and hug me, or hold me… anything.” Your heart starts to grow heavy. “I keep hearing his voice saying ‘hey jagi, I’m here’ … I don’t know, I just miss him.” You sit with your friend in silence for a moment and through the silence you try remembering his touch, the smell of his cologne, the sound of his laugh, you just try to remember him.

And that’s when you feel a touch on your shoulder. It’s familiar, the warm hand gripping you, giving you a little squeeze. Your heart flutters as you come to the realization. You turn and see him standing there. His almond shaped eyes looking into you, his pink chapped lips smiling from ear to ear, and his soft pale skin complemented by the sun’s warmth existing right before you. ‘Park Chanyeol’

“Surprise, Y/N!” He says as your eyes lit up, a big smile forming on your cool face looking back at your boyfriend. You instantly got up and embraced him into your arms.

“What are you doing here?” You ask with so much happiness and shock.

“I left the trip early! They will be fine without me. I needed to see you, Y/N.” He says and flashes that beautiful familiar smile, exposing his white-pearled teeth. Chanyeol sits next to you on the bench and embraces you into his arms. You breathed in his scent, tightening your grip around him. “I love you.”

It’s just a bench.

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